Test – Toyota Prius (2023): up to 86 km in 100% electric, the new Toyota Prius hybrid with great autonomy has finally a price

The new Toyota Prius hybrid with great autonomy has finally a price

Prius Lounge (from € 51,500)

Test – Toyota Prius (2023): up to 86 km in 100% electric

Hybrid of the people for a quarter of a century, the Prius has today more upscale ambitions, by imposing a rechargeable hybrid motorization, even more efficient but much more expensive. At the same time, the ugly duckling has turned to reveal a much more attractive look, but less favorable to habitability. What is Toyota’s commercial strategy ?

In 25 years of career, the Prius has evolved enormously over the generations. Pioneer of hybrids at its launch in 1997 in the guise of a compact without character, it quickly adopted the extraordinary silhouette which contributed to its success from the second generation in 2003. A minivan -like sedan, which puts everything on aerodynamics at the expense – clearly admitted – of design.

Toyota then goes so far as to surf the image that begins to stick to his skin. With the following generations, now rolling in Prius becomes a militant act . Such a cleavage model, not to say ugly, allows you to clearly display your ecological consciousness !

That said, the Prius did not immediately adopt the rechargeable hybridization, integrated into the range in mid-carrier of the third generation in 2012. Today we are witnessing a real 180 degree turn. The new Prius has a dynamic look and is only offered in rechargeable hybrid in Europe ! But what happened ?

Toyota Prius

The full prius family

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The Tesla recipe ?

So look at this sporting silhouette ! The proportions are graceful, the details are subtle, no eccentrism comes to spoil one of the profiles. The fifth generation of Prius clearly makes you want. We are far from the pragmatic taxi that we all have in mind.

The Prius 5 seems to agree to make some compromise to please. With her 5cm lowered pavilion (1.41m) and her stretched wheelbase all the more, she sports a slender silhouette (4.60m). Its widened 22mm routes reveal generous hips based on beautiful 19 -inch rims. We think we dream !

Do you want more ? Strengthening of his 4 -cylinder 2.0 atmospheric liters of 152 hp coupled to an electric motor of 163 hp, the new Prius now develops a combined power of 223 hp (against 122 hp previously)…

And this dynamic spirit is confirmed on board ! The driving position is low and the windshield is very tilted. We are mainly surprised by the steering wheel of small diameter which recalls the I-Cockpit of Peugeot . Not ideal for all templates, but certainly profitable for driving sensations.

Toyota Prius

The small raised instrumentation block adapts to the compact size of the new steering wheel. The rest of the furniture is very refined, thanks to the 12.3 -inch multimedia system which occupies a central place

Thanks to WLTP standards !

But why then Toyota abandoned the hybrid motorization on which she built the success of the model ? In fact, it is only in Europe that the Prius is only offered in rechargeable hybrid. And the reason is simple ..

The rechargeable hybrids are no longer entitled to the ecological bonus since December 31, 2022. On the other hand, it is the technology most advantaged by the WLTP standard . And we are talking about here more, since their consumption and CO2 emissions are calculated by circulating 2/3 of the time in 100% electric.

Result, the new Prius displays a mixed consumption approved of 0.5 l/100 km… and CO2 emissions of 11g/km… which said ridiculous ?

Toyota Prius

With such a profile, we don’t have too much illusion about habitability in the rear seats. Rightly, because the right to lower your head to access the cabin ..

Champion all categories

But beware because the Prius is certainly advantaged, this does not detract from its qualities. In fact, it could well represent the new reference in the category. The objective announced by Toyota: reconciling the efficiency of a 100% electric model, with the ease of use of a hybrid model. With now 223 hp under the right foot, it could also reveal a new driving pleasure, which will not appeal only to the followers of extreme ecoconduite.

Thus in terms of new features, the Prius has a battery of now 13.6 kWh (compared to 8.8 kWh before) allowing no less than 86 km of autonomy in 100% electric with the 17 -inch rims. A new record in the category. Even if the figure falls 72 km away with the 19 -inch rims of our test model with the Lounge finish.

At the same time, this 30% more compact battery now finds its place under the rear seat, thus releasing more trunk volume (only 284 liters). A beautiful virtuous circle. But that remains the capacity of a simple city car, not that of a family format sedan.

Toyota Prius, an ever more successful 5th generation – Turbo test of 10/09/2023

Toyota Prius

With 284 liters, the trunk volume is that of a city car

And in practice ?

La Prius offers three driving modes: EV (100% electric), HV (hybrid) and Auto. During our test carried out in the Hamburg region in Germany at the wheel of the high -end version, we have traveled 65 km without consuming the slightest drop of petrol in EV mode. The power is then limited to that of the electric motor, or 163 hp. But it is more than enough to ensure pleasant operation, thanks to the maximum torque available without latency . Whether in town or on a fast track.

Note that under exclusively urban conditions, Toyota claims that it would be possible to travel up to 98 km (with the 19 -inch rims). It is also possible to recharge the battery with the heat engine via the “load” mode.

But the most interesting concerns the continuation. Since when the battery is empty, the rechargeable hybrid technology then works like that of a classic hybrid, thanks to an energy reserve combined with an excellent regeneration system.

Toyota Prius

We also have a B mode which strengthens energy recovery and the sensation of engine brake. Practical, but we would have preferred the presence of driving pallets !

Thus, after a hundred kilometers on a mixed course in hybrid mode, consumption was established around 3.7 l/100 km . Once the battery is emptied, the score has stabilized at 4.5 l/100 km after an additional fifty kilometers. Very reasonable for a vehicle of almost 1.6 tonnes.

Finally, remain the sensations of driving. And good news, Toyota has managed to erase or even erase all the defects inherent in this type of mechanics. With the increase in power, the right foot is lighter, and the E-CVT box is thus more discreet. Performance at 0 to 100 km/h should be explicit: 6.8 s… it is the time of a small sportswoman. Even in the event of a fast track, skiing and tuning sensations of the transmission are clearly attenuated.

We also note that management becomes more communicative by gaining in consistency. Even the behavior gains in precision thanks to the center of low gravity and a better calibrated depreciation. Firm enough to contain the body movements, without harming the comfort . Even with our low -waisted tires, the Prius remains delicate on a distorted or damaged road.

Toyota Prius

The photovoltaic panels installed on the roof allow – according to Toyota – to recover up to 9 km of autonomy per day

Explosion of prices

Remains the price. And there it is a real blow. The New Prius starts from 43.900 euros. It takes 46.500 euros for the design finish with 19 inch rims. And no less than 51.500 euros for the lounge in particular equipped with the solar roof.

Prices up more than 3 to 4.000 euros compared to the previous generation (in PHEV version). Which places the facial model with the VW Golf Ehybrid (46.775 euros) and Peugeot 308 Hybrid (47.470 euros) offering a warmer interior, especially through more rewarding materials. At this price, we should expect premium services, in every way. But this is not the case.

Toyota Prius

With a load capacity of only 3.5 kW, a complete recharge requires no less than 6 hours ! Toyota should have at least proposed as its competitors an optional 7.4 kW charger authorizing access to fast charging stations

Technical sheet title

Model Try: Toyota Prius – Lounge finish

Dimensions L x W x H 4.599 x 1.782 x 1.430
Mini / maximum volume of the trunk 284 liters
Wheelbase 2.75 m
Unloaded weight 1.545 kg
Heat engine displacement 4 cylinders – 1.987 cc (152 hp)
Electric motor Permanent magnet synchronous (163 hp)
Total combined power 223 CH
0 to 100 km/h 6.8 s
Battery capacity 13.6 kWh
100% electric autonomy Up to 86 km (72 km in 19 inches)
  • – Look
  • – 100% electric autonomy
  • – Performance
  • – Prices
  • – Volume of trunk / habitability
  • – Charge capacity

The Prius has clearly changed its face ! As pleasant to look at than driving now, she is more exclusive and loses a little of what made her salt: rationality. Its rechargeable hybrid system holds its promises, but at what price … not such inflation will surely become unacceptable for the customers of Prius Full Hybrid, whose price started from 30.950 euros. The latter will thus have no choice but to orient themselves towards the models of the lower segment (Yaris, C-HR, Corolla) if they want to stay at Toyota…

The new Toyota Prius hybrid with great autonomy has finally a price

  • 1/5The Toyota Prius is available from € 43,600
  • 2/5Unlike the current (in blue) offered in classic hybrid version and rechargeable hybrid with two differentiated styles at the end level, the new Toyota Prius will only be deliverable
  • 3/5The New Prius takes up the solar panels
  • 4/5The New Prius develops 223 CH combined
  • 5/5The new Toyota Prius is exclusively rechargeable hybrid
  • 5/5The Toyota Prius is available from € 43,600

This model interests you ?
The new Toyota Prius hybrid with great autonomy has finally a price

Toyota opens the orders for his Prius to three levels of finish. Not surprisingly, the imposed rechargeable hybridization increases the prices.

Those who ordered a Toyota Prius hybrid rechargeable in 2022 must say to themselves that they made a good blow by looking at the prices of the new generation, which finally arrives at the Japanese brand configurator. Indeed, in 2022, the high -end of the Prius IV Phev arrived at just over 43,100 €. It is still insufficient to afford the first prize of the new Prius which arrives today in the catalog. Toyota has chosen to renew three finish levels with a first price at € 43,600. It is a great inflation compared to last year’s prices, but you have to take everything into account: The new Prius has a much larger battery (12.6 kWh, against 8.8 kWh before), a more powerful engine set and equipment that progress. And then, certain equipment such as the solar panel roof is now standard on the highest level of finish.

The Prius exceeds € 50,000

From the first level of finish, the Prius 5 is generously endowed!

The entry ticket is therefore now at € 43,600, but the second level requires “only” € 2000 more with a slightly more aggressive style. However, it will be necessary to deal with the 19 -inch rims probably less comfortable and degrading the overall efficiency, an important criterion on a Prius. For those who would like a generously endowed, It will be necessary to plan a sacred extension since the high -end exceeds for the first time in the history of the Prius the € 50,000. But unlike its predecessor, the solar panel roof is standard, while it was an option at 3000 € before.

Prius Dynamic (from € 43,500)

  • 17 -inch alloy rims
  • Black fabric upholstery
  • 8 -position electrical adjustment driver
  • 3.3 kW on -board charger
  • Cleaning rear view camera
  • Front and rear parking radars
  • High definition 12.3 ” tactile color screen
  • Heated front seats

Prius Design (from € 46,500)

  • 19 -inch alloy rims
  • Rear spoiler
  • Black fabric upholstery
  • Steering wheel
  • Electric opening tailgate
  • 3.3 kW on -board charger
  • Fixed panoramic roof
  • Heated front seats
  • High definition 12.3 ” tactile color screen
  • Instrumentation combination with 7 -inch “head high” vision

Prius Lounge (from € 51,500)

  • Alloy rims 19
  • Black synthetic leather upholstery
  • 8 -position electrical adjustment driver
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Heated rear seats
  • Photovoltaic solar roof
  • 360 ° vision system
  • 3.3 kW on -board charger
  • High definition 12.3 ” tactile color screen

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