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Who will dare to pay € 43,000 to order his Tesla Roadster

Apart from the couple of 10.000 nm and the presence of three electric motors, Tesla does not give any indications as to the power of its future sports.

Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster, second edition, is a supercar planned for 2022. Completely electric, it would be able to make a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds, a top speed of 400 km/h and a range of 1000 kilometers. Its sale price begins at 172,000 euros and a Founder Edition is available at 215,000 euros.

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We almost forgot that the return of the Tesla roadster was scheduled. Here he is getting a place between two semi-trailers on the scene of reveal of the Tesla truck (to which we return in a moment), in front of the public in delirium and with shock arguments. He establishes himself today as a machine with mind -blowing performance, much more than his relatively wise design in the face of the supercars he intends to challenge, with his 3 electric motors (1 at the front, 2 at the rear in all -wheel drive of course) and its some .. 10,000 Nm of couple announced, an insane value which one wonders how it is calculated. For comparison, thermal cars or even a standard model are clearly below 1,000 Nm.

Technical characteristics

Regardless, Elon Musk says in an amused tone, of course: the new roadster will accelerate stronger than anything that exists, and again, “This is only the basic model” he adds … with barely 1.9 s to go from 0 to 100 km/h (he even says on stage 1.8 s !) She indeed broke a record. Let’s add another record figure, 8.8 s for the “Quarter Mile”, This value so important in the USA where dragster races over this distance are so popular. And it’s still a record. This is what copiously make 4 people sick at once – this roadster is indeed a 4 -seater, or rather a “2+2” like a Porsche 911, with a real trunk. Fortunately, they can breathe fresh air thanks to the Targa transparent roof, with a removable part. But it will be better to close it to make a speed point at… 400 km/h !

Price and launch date

Figures worthy of a Bugatti Chiron which will not fail to impress the future buyers of this car planned for 2020 (without production delays, etc.). They can already order a Founders Series to $ 250,000 (1,000 copies), or reserve a “normal” version for $ 45,000, deducted from the total price of 200,000 dollars.

One More Thing : the roadster receives a battery twice as large as that of Model S and X, with 200 kWh, which gives him a Announced autonomy of 1,000 km In cruising speed on the highway, around 110 km/h in California (and not by driving at 30 km/h). Enough to enjoy her new toy before a well -deserved break.

Who will dare to pay € 43,000 to order his Tesla Roadster ?

We do not yet know the French price of the new Tesla supercar which will arrive in 2023. But you can order one, provided you immediately pay € 43,000. Almost the price of a new model 3.

The range of Tesla has grown considerably for a few years. While the Model 3 is always sold like hotcakes and the SUV Model makes an excellent start, the large models and models will soon return to the catalog in France in improved versions. As early as 2023, the Tesla range will also be reinforced by the incredible Cybertruck pick-up and the overpassing supercar roadster, which could well beat a bugatti chiron in acceleration.

We are still waiting to know the French price of this Tesla Roadster, but it is already possible to order it on the brand’s website. Provided to make a first payment of € 4,000, then a second of € 39,000 in the following ten days.

€ 43,000 when ordering

Remember that the total price of this new Tesla Roadster could approach or exceed € 200,000. But if the performance announced by Elon Musk (0 to 100 km/h in approximately 2 seconds, maximum speed of more than 400 km/h) are verified, it could be an unbeatable price-performance ratio among cars of sport.

Tesla Roadster (new)

Tesla Roadster (new)

Configure your Tesla Roadster vehicle (new) or request a free trial.

Revealed in 2017, the New Tesla Roadster will offer almost 1000 km of autonomy and a top speed of 400 km/h. In France, count a price of 172.000 € to acquire the basic model.

Design of the new roadster

While the first version of the roadster, which marked the beginnings of Tesla, was based on the Lotus Elise, this new version has completely new bases.

Inspired by the brand’s models, it seems bigger than its predecessor with a size that seems close to the Tesla Model S whose chassis it could share. Configured in 2+2, the roadster has a removable roof.

Motorization of the new roadster

Apart from the couple of 10.000 nm and the presence of three electric motors, Tesla does not give any indications as to the power of its future sports.

In terms of performance, the manufacturer announces to be able to beat the best supercars with a 0 to 60 MPH (0-96 km/h) shot in less than two seconds and a 0-100 MPH crossed in 4.2 seconds. At maximum speed, the new roadster is given for 400 km/h. What have fun on circuit.

New Tesla Roadster battery

With a capacity of 200 kWh, the battery on board the New Tesla Roadster announces up to 800 miles of autonomy, or almost 1000 kilometers.

In terms of recharging, Tesla has not yet given much but it is assumed that this new roadster will accept much higher than that of current supercomposes. He could notably access the future Megasseurs network that the manufacturer intends to deploy for its future Tesla semi.

Functionality of the new roadster

Autopilot, dedicated application… If Elon Musk did not give much information about the features of the new roadster during its presentation on November 16, 2018 in California, it goes without saying that this ultra high -end model will be entitled to the best of the brand.

New Tesla Roadster Prize in France

At Tesla, excellence will obviously have a price and this new roadster will be much more expensive than other models of the brand. In France, its sale price begins from 172.000 € and it will be necessary to pay 43.000 € deposit if you want to book it now.

Limited to 1000 copies, a special series “Founders Edition” is also offered for a rate of 215.000 € in France. In this case, full payment is required to validate the order.

US Price Price in France Amount to be paid for booking
Tesla Roadster – Basic version 200.$ 000 172.000 € 43.€ 000 (4.000 € + 39.000 € within ten days that follow)
Tesla Roadster – “Founders Edition” 250.$ 000 215.000 € 25.€ 000 (4.000 € + 211.000 € within ten days following

Marketing of the new roadster

First announced for 2020, the New Tesla Roadster should not arrive before 2022 at best. Asked about the arrival of the roadster, Elon Musk said he wanted to give priority to other projects, including the launch of the Cybertruck.

New Tesla Roadster: the main characteristics

Acceleration 0-60 MPH 1.9 sec
Acceleration 0-100 MPH 4.2 s
¼ mile acceleration (402 m) 8.8 sec
Top speed 400 km/h
Couple 10.000 nm
Autonomy Almost 1000 km
Places 2+2
Transmission Integral (three engines)
Starting price 200.$ 000
Amount to be paid to reserve 50.000 €
“Founders Edition” Prize 250.$ 000
Amount to be paid to reserve “Founders Edition” 250.000 €