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Tesla News September 2023

If the brand produces only 100 % electric cars, it is also renowned for the luxury it offers. With prices oscillating in 80,000 and 100,000 € for the majority of models, it is not reserved for all audiences. The “Model 3” is nevertheless more “accessible”, with a basic price located around 35,000 dollars .

Tesla: models, news, tests, photos, videos

Renowned for its 100 % electric, luxurious and sporting models, Tesla is a very young brand in the automotive world. Recognized for the performance and autonomy of its cars, the brand quickly became a reference in the all -electric field.

Tesla: A story only ten years old

If Tesla was created in 2003, the first automobile by the name only left factories . If he is not the founder, it is Elon Musk, a South African engineer who took the reins of Tesla . The name of the brand pays tribute to Nikola Tesla, an American naturalized scientific engineer, renowned in particular for his research in the field of electricity . First of the name, the Tesla Roadster displays a range of 370 km for a top speed of 212 km/h. At first reserved for the American market, the first copies were then presented on the old continent and aroused great interest from many celebrities (Albert de Monaco, singer Bono, George Clooney, and even former champions F1 like Damon Hill. )).

Tesla’s advantage is that it produces its own storage systems (batteries) . Elon Musk believes in it firmly and diversifies by creating the PowerWall, a battery intended for homes that can develop up to 10 kW and recharging with the electricity produced by photovoltaic panels.

Even if the company has been in deficit for a few years, Elon Musk would have “twitted” in July 2018 that the company had produced 7,000 cars, including 5,000 copies of the last “Model 3”, in the space of only a week .

Tesla models

Tesla’s production seems to go well, because the young company is already in its 5th model. But Tesla does not intend to stop there. It even plans to extend its production to a semi-trailer, a pick-up and a future small SUV derived from its model 3, which will be baptized Model y.

Current models:

  • Tesla Roadster: first model of the brand;
  • Tesla Roadster II: improved version offering greater autonomy than model I;
  • Tesla Model S: 100 % electric luxury sedan;
  • Tesla Model X: Tesla’s first electric SUV;
  • Tesla Model 3: Compact sedan that wants to be more “affordable”.

Tesla and sport

Tesla launched himself very early in the competition, becoming in 2013 world champion of the manufacturers FIA alternative energies with her roadster, then again in 2017, in the new energy category, with a Tesla Model S .

But the Tesla models produce such a craze that a competition exclusively reserved for the brand will soon take place.

Tesla’s specificities

If the brand produces only 100 % electric cars, it is also renowned for the luxury it offers. With prices oscillating in 80,000 and 100,000 € for the majority of models, it is not reserved for all audiences. The “Model 3” is nevertheless more “accessible”, with a basic price located around 35,000 dollars .

The particularity of Tesla is that it also has its own charging stations. The famous “superchargers” are distributed homogeneously worldwide and make it possible to recover in record time a few hundred kilometers of autonomy, which allows the owners of Tesla to ride almost without limits, knowing that the starting autonomy is already very comfortable.

Small Tesla glossary

Tesla generally uses a letter to name its models, except for its first roadster and the last “Model 3”:

  • Tesla Model S: sedan;
  • Tesla Model X: 7 -seater SUV;
  • Tesla Model Y: future compact SUV.

Symbols of performance and luxury, the Tesla models have, despite the difficulties of the firm, conquered their audience. Celebrities and other businessmen found in the brand a way of standing out by participating at the same time in the protection of the planet.

Key points to remember on the Tesla brand:

  • The brand produces only electric models.
  • Tesla models are renowned for their performance and autonomy.
  • The brand has only produced vehicles since 2008.

Purchase assistance tips

It is possible to know the auto rating of all the models in occasions manufactured by Tesla thanks to the Turbo auto coast calculate the car rating.

Do not hesitate to check the cost of car insurance to compare the various insurance quotes before the purchase of your new or used Tesla.

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