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Tesla Model X

The Model X shares the same battery system as the one available in Model S. The battery capacity is estimated around 100 kWh for the “Great Autonomy” version, which is now approaching 600 km of autonomy in WLTP cycle cycle.

Tesla: Large price drop for Model S and Model X which pass a symbolic threshold

Tesla has once again lowered the price of its cars in Europe. This time, it’s the turn of the Model S and Model X, which tumble under the symbolic bar of 100,000 euros. And it might not be finished yet.

Everything seems to go for the best for Tesla. The firm, which remains the world’s number 1 electricity in front of Byd and Volkswagen could largely exceed its sales record last year in 2023. Even if the predictions announced difficult months due to the very rough Chinese competition.

A strong fall

But if the American manufacturer knew how to get his head out of the water after a complicated year in China and the United States, it is notably thanks to the high price reductions operated on his cars. It had started in the least in January on its Model 3 and Model Y then the firm had reoffended in April. Which had made it possible to make the sedan and the SUV eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros.

But what about Model S and Model X, which are always very expensive with a price above the 100,000 euros mark ? Well they too had the right to a good fall in prices in March, but first in the United States. Enough to worry Tesla’s competitors, such as Ford or Xpeng, while the prices of the brand’s cars fell up to 20 % in a year.

And it’s still far from over, when Elon Musk said it was still possible to go further. Precisely, the Chinese site Cnevpost informs us this Friday, September 1 that the manufacturer operated a sharp drop in prices on its large sedan and its SUV with doors falcon. A fall up to 21 %, For the latter, which goes from 1,058,900 to 838,900 yuan, or 134,388 to 106,467 euros.

And good news, the Middle Kingdom is not the only one to take advantage of this incredible price tumble. Indeed, a quick glance at the online configurator confirms to us that France is also concerned. So much so that the two cars now pass under the symbolic bar of 100,000 euros. Which unfortunately still does not make them eligible for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros.

More affordable models

From now on, the Tesla Model S Dual Motor, which plays the entry -level role is displayed from 94,900 euros, against 106,490 euros before. At the start of the year, the sedan even cost the trifle of 113,990 euros. A strong fall for the latter, which also concerns the Plaid version. She now requests a check for 109,990 euros, against 138,990 euros last January.

Of course, the Model X is not outdone either. The electric SUV, which will have to deal with the arrival of the Volvo Ex90 and the VF9 vinficent now costs 99,990 euros, against 121,990 euros before. Which corresponds to An incredible tumble of 14,500 euros For the version equipped with a Dual Motor all -wheel drive. But the Plaid version also benefits from this reduction.

The latter, whose power exceeds for the memory the 1,000 horsepower mark only requires 114,990 euros from customers. A few months ago, Its price was displayed from 134,490 euros, Or a fall of 19,500 euros. Unheard of, which should still make his competitors shudder. But the manufacturer could still drop the prices of its cars in the future, thanks to a new manufacturing method.

In addition to their declining price, the Tesla Model S and Model X benefit from another advantage. And for good reason, all of the body shades are now free, Which is not the case on Model 3 and Model Y. But it is not excluded that it changes a little later.

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Configure your Tesla Model X vehicle or ask for a free trial.

Tesla Model X is the third model of the American electric car manufacturer. This 100% electric SUV is based on the same platform as the Model S and is distinguished in particular thanks to its very specific doors and its real places.

History of Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is a 100% electric SUV which can accommodate up to 7 people on board, with their luggage. It is presented by the manufacturer as ” Faster than a Porsche 911 and more spacious than an Audi Q7 »».

Its marketing started in the USA in 2015 and the first deliveries in Europe started in France in early 2016.

Tesla Model X “falcon” doors

The Model X can accommodate 7 passengers, and has a new door opening kinematics for this. The doors open up, withdrawing so as not to take too much side space. This is one of the peculiarities of the car that is most talked about !

While we would have thought that these doors were going to disappear with the serial model, the boss of Tesla decided that they would equip the serial model, which gave engineers a hard time. Nevertheless, it has become a real asset of the electric SUV.

Battery and autonomy of Model X

The Model X shares the same battery system as the one available in Model S. The battery capacity is estimated around 100 kWh for the “Great Autonomy” version, which is now approaching 600 km of autonomy in WLTP cycle cycle.

The Plaid version, the most extreme, will close the 550 km in one load thanks to a battery of approximately 120 kWh. The engine and the battery are guaranteed 8 years, unlimited mileage.

Version WLTP autonomy
Great autonomy 580 km
Plaid 547 km

Tesla Model X motorization and performance


Model X engine is similar to that of the Model S. The SUV is only available in four -wheel drive. It is more the acceleration that differs, while the top speed of the electric SUV stands around 250 km/h.

  • Great autonomy : The Dual Motor all -wheel drive makes him reach 100 km/h in departure stopped in just under 4 seconds, since this version also rests on the diagram of an axle engine.
  • Plaid : The acceleration of the Plaid version is much more impressive with 2.6 seconds to perform 0 to 100 km/h. This version will also require specific wheels and rims which will be available for the end of 2021, when it was put on the market.

Tesla Model X recharging

The Tesla SUV in charge

Tesla deploys a network of ultra-fast charging stations, called superchargers, which allow you to recharge a very quickly model. If the first customers were able to benefit from the “life” superchargers, the new ones must now pay charging costs according to the countries. In France, the price of supercomposes is set at 0.24 €/kWh.

Initially limited to 120 kW, the load power of Model X was enhanced at 200 kW in April 2019. A power which is however only compatible with the v3, third generation superchargers. On the other superchargers, the maximum tolerated power is 145 kW.