TEMU opinion | Read the merchant opinions of, what does Temu, this Chinese giant of low-cost shopping that is launching into France?

What is this Chinese low-cost Chinese shopping giant that is launching in France

Based in Boston, Temu was actually launched in September 2022 by a holding company which operates its Chinese “sister application”, the online sales platform Pinduudoo.

Temu opinion

Quite correct. I ordered prices several times ..

I have ordered prices for all competition several times. The products I bought were diverse, peeling it with the unbalanced vegetables, dress, jewelry, scraper for cats, etc.
Everything was delivered relatively quickly (about a week) and the quality was correct. at the same time at these prices there. But it is well worth all the usual shops. No scams for the moment as far as I am concerned.

Date of experience: September 24, 2023

Our 2022 transparency report is available

I made 6 orders as a rule ..

I made 6 orders as a rule The controlled equipment is of good quality. The deadlines are always held. But on several occasions the interior boxes of the package was torn apart because they do not break their heads the objects ordered are packed in plastic paper and not in a box. For the rest no worries

Date of experience: September 07, 2023

Updated 20 hours ago

For those who are still septic

For those who are still septic, download the application and put this code 454974948 in the search bar for the items, you can earn vouchers of 40 or 70 € ! TEMU is a great app and I really like to place my orders on it to discover new items.
In addition they are always good qualities and in accordance with the descriptions.
I will return an order very quickly 🙂

Date of experience: September 20, 2023

I recommend 100 %.

I just placed 3 orders with them. I have already received the first and I am completely satisfied. Unbeatable price, good quality. I can’t wait to receive the other 2 past later but which are already shipped. Frankly, I recommend 100%.
Small flat, the items are packed in a plastic bag and very tight. But I had no problem. But let’s not forget that the delivery is free. It’s really really great.
I think I recommend again soon because they have such a choice!

Date of experience: September 08, 2023

Orders arrived quickly/..

orders arrived quickly/ be careful because some items do not adapt . Too small bore diameter grinding disc . Sweight to loosen the non -compliant grinders/ discharge of dispensement for non -compliant dischoker. For the rest of no worries .

Date of experience: September 06, 2023

Consider its customers ��

Company that makes the effort to satisfy its customers.
First erroneous order, reimbursed entirely in a few seconds ��
4th order with specific request to accelerate delivery, the package must arrive around 10am by Chronopost. It was no later than 26 ��
Commitment to compensate during delays ��
Some large companies should take an example. Temu understood everything ������

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

Carried out an order for the first ..

Carried out an order for the first time and fully satisfied, quick sending, all the items were in accordance with nothing to say, therefore we placed two other orders with several items ! We’ll see

Date of experience: September 21, 2023

Really at the top !

Several orders to date and never disappointed. A cat bowl arrived in poor condition, Temu reimbursed me almost immediately. I don’t understand negative opinions. As far as I am concerned, so far I am very satisfied with my purchases on the application.

Date of experience: September 09, 2023

No delivery made

No delivery to date .Their proof of delivery is bogus it is annotated delivered at garage pérols sur Vézère except that I live at 3 barsanges low commune of Pérols sur Vézère .So do not order it is in my opinion a fraudulent site or at least the deliverers are dishonest

Date of experience: 05 September 2023

Largest e-commerce scam

Largest e-commerce scam. The list of negative points is long:
– very poor quality commands products
– products arriving in dechirees boxes and certain missing products
– experience made on more than 100 orders and surroundings 250 products
– And the worst, the positive opinions of Trust Pilot are 98% all cans

Date of experience: September 24, 2023

Thieves in every way more you ..

Thieves in every way more you get closer to the more goal you get away from it when he tells you free gifts the more you share their app and far get a point to have your gifts you just give visibility to an app that needs it But you would not win anything ..
I said the same thing in customer service someone saying physical behind a computer that takes you for a stupid by getting out of automatic messages by ignoring everything you can tell them
Too bad we can’t put 0 star
Do not waste your time with these thief there is nothing to win

Date of experience: September 24, 2023

Incompetent and fraudulent service

I turned to this customer service because several sums had been fraudulently debited. They have given me no explanation, no refund was made. Customer service is designed so that you abandoned as soon as possible.
In addition Temu signals negative comments in order to make them disappear.
Keep your money

Date of experience: September 08, 2023

I ordered a lot of things on TEMU and ..

I ordered a lot of things on TEMU and frankly I am very surprised by the quality of the items whether for the house, my little dog or outfits. who in store cost a fortune. I recommend this site without hesitation

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

Well done

Good morning
I made more than 35 orders still arrived in less than 10 days, it’s no less than 200 objects with very good good quality satisfaction and a serious after sale.
I read negative items with no certainty on this site, so I put this comment to restore a positive experience I am 64 years old and thanks to Temu I can offer my children my grandchildren what I have never been able to have and the pleasure of buying like a rich even with a small retirement.
Of course there is a percentage of customers who can be disappointed and their comments remains credible.
But see Temu scam articles etc but it mentally mentally mentally in competition is allowed.
It’s not 5 stars I put 10 and zero for these infect items.
I sign here an independent and sincere customer.

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

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I bought short leather. é a short leather jacket at ..

I bought a short leather jacket with bourgogne -colored zipper . This jacket has arrived today but surprised it is not at all in leather but in 95 % polyester and 5 % charter. I think it would be good to display the right information.

Date of experience: September 23, 2023


The prices are attractive, but the offers of free products are pure scam. Invite 2 friends to have your free gifts. And in the end you have to invite 7, and it still doesn’t work. Is based on a pyramid system, without any rewards. I don’t even know how an application that has misleading business practices can still exist. The products are the same as on aliexpress.

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

Make you

I have already pointed out that this is a scam site. Today the press has just talked about it. Do you get good comments. Fortunately I did not place an order of a large sum..

Date of experience: September 08, 2023

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Purchase regularly on TEMU.serious…

Purchase regularly on TEMU.seriously fast same object as in France.And less expensive well wrapped.never had any worries.Those who criticize stores in France are more complicated for returns.Regarding the quality of the fabric.If you want good quality buy chanel we are not happy with this site

Date of experience: September 13, 2023

Updated 2 days ago

To those who are still septic

To those who are still septic, download the application and put this code 454179701 in the search bar for items, you can earn vouchers from 40 € to 70 € !
TEMU is a great app, and I really like to place my orders and discover again items.
I would return to an order very quickly 🙂

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

Hello, Thank You For Shopping With Us and Sharing Your 5-Star Experience! We are so glad you’ve been enjoying your experience so far. Customer Satisfaction is of the utmost importance and we are constantly working to improve our service quality. If you need any assistance, please message us through temu.Com Gold Tumu App Live Cat. Best Wishes, Temu Team

HAZARD ! False comments, this site is a scam

These false comments discredit Trust Pilot: how the moderators of Trust Pilot can continue to publish these comments 100 % slums ? . This site is a scam, nothing exists . The DGCCRF is in the process of intervening, but the instigators are abroad . HAZARD

Copy of an article published in the press:
Amazon sellers complaints are multiplying while actors on TEMU no longer hesitate to copy paste their listings to better sell copies at a much lower price
Solicited by Amazon sellers exasperated, Towa Boots in touch and refuses to remove the images and texts
The practice, however, clearly impacts the turnover of sellers who are victims – but also customers who are most often found with a non -compliant product
TEMU continues to make a box in France and elsewhere in the world. The application, halfway between Wish and Shein offers various items at unbeatable prices. All with very attractive discounts, up to -90%. The application is linked to Pinduduo, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in China. But when she had a good press so far, a scam, and the minimum reaction of TEMU questions about the practices of the company.

Date of experience: September 24, 2023

What is Temu, this Chinese low-cost shopping giant that is launching in France?

The TEMU shopping platform is deployed in France. With new problems related to frantic consumption and the collection of personal data.

In the United States, it has become the most downloaded application of the App Store in front of Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat. TEMU (pronounced “ti soft”), the low-cost e-shopping application is launching today in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, announced The Reuters agency. It was already deployed in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

As with its competitors Shein or Wish, there is everything at derisory prices: flower jackets for 4 euros, eyebrow scissors for 89 cents, garden dwarfs, men’s wigs, accessories to decorate its fangs. or cowboy hats for hamster.

The E-Shopping Temu application, a Chinese version of Pinuduodoo, is launching into France

Concerns about data security

Based in Boston, Temu was actually launched in September 2022 by a holding company which operates its Chinese “sister application”, the online sales platform Pinduudoo.

However at the beginning of April, the application of Pinuduoduo, which has become very popular in the United States, was pinned by cybersecurity experts, which warn its ability to spy on large amounts of data. Once installed, the Pinuduoduo app is able to monitor activities on other applications, control notifications, read private messages or even modify the parameters of its 750 million users.

As in the case of Tiktok, the question of the place of data storage remains as crucial, China with a law which requires companies to allow access to their servers at the request of the authorities.

Consumer race

The site encourages to buy with large reinforcements of discount at less than 90%, ephemeral promotions, but also online games allowing to win gifts – which do not seem available in the French version of the application consulted by Tech & Co.

If Temu manages to break its prices, it is by shipping directly from its Chinese warehouses and buying directly at low cost to more than 11 million suppliers and partners, figure quoted by a spokesperson for the application cited by Cnn.

In total, the total gross value of the platform goods has climbed $ 3 million (around 2.7 million euros) in September to more than $ 192 million (the equivalent of 175 million euros) in January, according to the Yipitdata cabinet, quoted by Reuters.

While the sites offering articles at a lower cost and quality are increasing, the arrival of TEMU on the French market therefore encourages a more general questioning around a more sustainable consumption.