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TeamViewer (32bit) 15.25.8

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Teamviewer is a understanding remote access, remote control and remote support solution, applicable to almost all desktop and mobile platformms.

TeamViewer is a safe and free software that can be used for desktop sharing, remote control, online meetings and file transfer. This is a comprehensive and secure PC Access Application. The software is designed to allow employed to collaborate seamlessly through their computers.

TeamViewer is a software for any situation that combines various applications in one cost-effective solution. It is easy to use. TeamViewer Provids A Scalable Remote Access Solution So that multiple people can work together on their computers. The Software Provids a Virtual Alternative, So Team Members can have brainstorming sessions and meetings without having to gather anywher in person.

Key features:

Remote support Provide Instant Remote Support for Customers and Employees

  • Provide Temporary Support for Customers and Employees
  • Custom Branding of the Application
  • Integrated Service Case Management and Integration of Major Service Desk Systems
  • Leave a note on the remote computer
  • Integration of Mobile Device Management and Other Applications

Remote Access Access remote pcs, mobiles, and servers – or work from home

  • Permanent Access for Unattented Devices
  • Videoconferencing and collaboration with teamviewer meeting
  • Black Screen for Private Remote Access
  • Secure, Flexible File Sharing
  • Remote Printing for Windows and MacOS

Mobile Device Support Support for mobile and commercial grade devices-anytime, AnyWherere

  • Share your screen on iPhone and iPad
  • Transfer Files Securely and Manage Transfers in the “files” app on iOS
  • Move to Mobile Connection
  • View System Diagnostics in the TeamViewer Desktop Application
  • Cat via text, take screenshots or control processes on supported devices

Download the latest TeamViewer version for Windows

By installing and using TeamViewer, you accept our end user license contract (Cluf) and our privacy policy.

Current version: 15.45.4

  • Version 14
  • Version 13
  • Version 12
  • Version 11

TeamViewer Quicksupport

If you wish to receive assistance:

TeamViewer Full Customer

If you wish to provide assistance:

TeamViewer Host

If you want to configure access without remote user on a device:

TeamViewer MSI Package

If you want to deploy TeamViewer in your environment:

TeamViewer Meeting

If you want to join or start a meeting:

Illustration for the Web Team again Remote client

Start with the brand new web customer

With TeamViewer Remote, you can now connect without any download. Start in a few seconds with the new generation of the most reliable access and remote assistance solution in the world.

TeamViewer for Windows


Teamview is a free and feature-packed Remote Access Software Program That Lets People Share Their Screens with Other Devices. The Remote Management Suite that is accessible during sessions include cat messaging, audio calls, communication video, etc. TeamViewer is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Mac, Google Chrome, Linux, Microsoft Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP), and Raspberry Pi Operating Systems on Tablet, Computer, Laptop, and Mobile Devices.

Is TeamViewer Safe?

Teamview is a safe Software Program to Download and Install. You’ll want to ensure that software is correctly configured to avoid privacy-related from that make the system susceptible to security risks. To begin the remote control session, the person that is sharing their screen needs to provide an Id and password To the other person to connect.

TeamViewer Advises The Community To Never Grant Access to People Who Are Strange or Cannot be Trusted. If the teamviewer Host and expectation are familiar with each other and the intentions for the connection are understood, then Remotaly Connecting Together is tracking. Those using this program can promptly ending Any session to safely leave the situation.

How do i start a teamviewer session?

You’ll have to download the TeamView Freeware to Remotaly Connect With Other People. During the Download Process, an initial Window Will Appear to Ask If you want to proceed with a a Custom, Default, OR One-Time Use Installation. The ‘Run Only’ Option Can Assist Users who We Privated To Use TeamViewer for A Special Occasion and May Not Need To Access the Platform after the Event.

The Setup prompts users to determine if they will be using teamview for Commercial gold non-commercial purposes, gold. After these options have been chosen, a ‘license agrement’ awaits at the bottom of the window next to the ‘Acquis – Finish’ button. To ensure that the Premise of the Application is COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD, You’ll WANT TO READ The Agrement Before Confirming The Terms Are Acceptable.

A LOADING WINDOW WILL POP UP to Display Progress. Once Installed, The TeamViewer Image Will Be Located On The Desktop Screen. You just need to double click on the icon to access the user interface. The Information Needed to Begin A TeamViewer Session is Located in the Middle Two Panels: ‘Allow Remote Control’ and ‘Control Remote Computer’.

Under the ‘Allow’ Heading, Users can locate their individual ID and Unique Password. To grant people access To the Device, you’ll have to give them Those Two Pieces of Data; To enter into another person’s Equipment, you’ll need to input their data into the ‘partner id’ bar within the ‘control’ section section. Before Clicking on the ‘Connect’ Button To To sync With the Device, you can choose Either the ‘Remote Control’ or ‘File Transfer’ option.

How does the teamviewer work?

Within the User Interface and During A Session, you can access solutions offered by teamviewer. Additional tabs sit Along the Left Panel Within The Ui, Including: ‘Remote Control’, ‘Remote Management’, ‘Meeting’, ‘Computers & Contacts’, ‘Chat’, ‘Augmented Reality’, and ‘Getting Started’. While connecting with another person, a status bar will be visible.

The Remote Desktop App Will Place The ‘Home’, ‘Actions’, ‘View’, ‘Communicate’, and ‘Files & Extras’ Tabs in the Upper Portion of the Screen to Access During the Meetings. The Dropdown Menu Options Begin Within The ‘Actions’ Section. The Community can click on the first button to imitate the session.

The ‘Remote Interaction’ Region Houses The ‘Send Ctrl+Alt+Del’ Button To restart The Computer. The ‘Participants’ and ‘Information’ Panels concluded the Capabilities within the ‘actions’ tab. Within ‘Participants’, users are able to guest Additional expects into the meeting. The Next Tab on the Status Bar is the ‘view’ section which is categorized by the labels: ‘scaling’, ‘Quality’, ‘Monitors’, ‘Performance’, ‘View options’, and ‘Full Screen’.

You’ll have to choose which scale The SHOULD Show on the Screen: ‘Best Fit’, ‘Original’, and ‘Scaled’. If People have Two Monitors to Use, then they can select the Dual Monitor option within the ‘monitors’ section. More Aesthetic Options within the ‘view’ dropdown menu include resolution quality, full-screen capability, etc.

Desktop collaboration support

Within the ‘Communicate’ Option on the Status Bar, The Community Can Make Calls Through The Internet or by Telphone in the ‘Conference Call’ Segment. Similar to the TeamViewer Offering Called Blizz, people can do cat and video Gatherings. The chatbox is commonly used to share links, codes, etc.

The Ability to annotate On the Screen can from the useful in Educational, Personal, and Professional Online around. Select the prefered medium to use from with the blue pop-up window. The Marks Made on the Screen can be viewed by Both users.

The Final Dropdown Menu is the ‘Files & Extras’ Area with the Segmentations: ‘Print’, ‘VPN’, ‘Screen Recording’, and ‘File Transfer’. You can select ‘Activate TeamViewer Printing’ to do Remote Printing. You can also Easily Take screenshots and record the session, or perform Transfers During the meeting to provide documents to the other party.

Is Anydesk Better Than TeamViewer?

Anydesk and teamviewer are Both free to use. Both Remote Support Apps Have Clean and Easy-to-Navigate User Interfaces. The Two Programs Are cross-platform and compatible with the same operating system. Chrome Remote Desktop, Logmein, Gotomypc, Splashtop, and Zoom are comparable software options. Aside from Gotomypc, the aficorementioned platforms are free.

Chrome Remote Desktop, Logmein, Gotomypc, and Splashtop Let People Interact with Each Other on Two Different Pieces of Equipment. The Titles Chrome Remote Desktop and Logmein Focus On self-service Functionalities whereas anydesk, splashtop, gotomypc, and teamviewer target more Corporate around. Zoom is a Popular Freeware Program for Video Calling and Screen Sharing, Useable in Both Personal and Professional Settings.

Feature-flood freeware

You can download teamviewer to perform interactive Tasks: Printing, Quick Support, File Sharing, etc. The Cross-Platform Application Can securely Connect Handheld Devices and Computer Or Laptops Together. While the Company Profits from Provviding its Service to Commercial Businesses, the non-commercial version is free for personal use.

What’s new?

You can visit the formal website to read the Software Updates, Privacy Policy, Product Description, Solutions, News, etc. TeamViewer Developers are consisted of the free and paid platforms.

  • Cross platform
  • Remote Printing
  • File Sharing Capability
  • Optimizes Productivity
  • Available in multiple languages