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YOUR TEAM. Your rules


As a member of MyTeamspeak, you are also aware of all our new features and you will have the opportunity to try our new products before anyone!

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Teamspeak Package for Yunohost



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Teamspeak 3 app for yunohost

Teamspeak 3 Server

Is in dev

Install Teamspeak with Yunohost

Installing Guide

  1. App can be instaled by yunohost Web-interface admin or by Running Following Command::
 $ sudo yunohost app installa https: // 

Upgrade this package:

 $ sudo yunohost app upgrade -terbose example -u https: // 

This package is non-free:

By Installing this Application You Accept the Terms of Use specific to this Application! NEITHER THE PACKAGER NOR YUNOHOST CAN BE HELD Responsible for Any Misuse of this Application or Failure of Your Server. You Thereby Accept the Risks of Using Your Data.

This package is non-free:

By installing this application you accept the conditions of use specific to this application ! Neither the package nor yunohost can be held that can be unable to be unusual of this application or a server failure. You therefore accept the risk of use of your data.


Teamspeak Package for Yunohost

YOUR TEAM. Your rules.

Take advantage of an exceptional clarity sound to communicate with your teammates, whatever the platform they use, with military level security, without latency, and with optimal reliability and availability.

Free download

Why myteamspeak ?

Myteamspeak is not the favorite solution for professional gamers by chance.

It’s true, we offer the best vocal quality on the market. Without forgetting military level security, ultra-faible latency, the consumption of the most small resources of all VoIP software and the default 3D sound sound.

As a Teamspeak user, we know that you demand the best.

What makes the uniqueness of Teamspeak is that you keep control.

Unlike other solutions, we are not forum to use our centralized servers. We do not collect personal data in order to resell it. We do not impose anything on you, whether in terms of aesthetics or functionality.

It is you who choose. We let you decide.

Teamspeak ® . Your team. Your rules.

Teamspeak ® . A proven solution that deserves your confidence.

An exceptional VoIP solution. Teamspeak ® provides crucial communication solutions to some of the largest names in the sector.

The All-New Teamspeak

Now in beta!

  • All-New Responsive UI
  • Focus on Privacy and Security
  • Global Messaging Secure
  • Unparalleled Audio Quality

Features that speak of themselves

Unparalleled vocal quality

Take advantage of communications of absolute clarity, without latency, thanks to our integrated functionalities of automatic microphone adjustment, reduction of background noise and echo elimination.

Confidentiality at the heart of the product

Teamspeak is designed to respect your privacy. We do not have access to your vocal or textual data and no registration is required.

Unparalleled security

Integrated military level by default. With TS3, you can activate AES encryption for the whole server, or even for specific channels.

Sophisticated permission system

Stay master of the smallest detail thanks to our powerful hierarchical permissions system, the best of the market. Decide who can speak, who can join canals, and much more.

A striking surround sound

Total immersion in the game thanks to the positional sound. Listen to your teammates in a 360 ° sound panorama, which gives you the advantage to prepare your next assault.

Decentralized infrastructure

You may be assured that your privacy and your safety are protected. Teamspeak ® can be hosted anywhere. Literally anywhere. You are not forced to use our servers and we do not collect data concerning you.

Mobile connectivity

Send orders even when you are AFK (far from the keyboard). Thanks to our Teamspeak ® applications for Android and iOS, you will never be far from the action.

Surprising display during the games

Keep your eyes to the action with the Teamspeak ® official outcome display system, supplied by Overwolf. Quickly go to Teamspeak ® vocal commands, see who talk and receive notifications and messages when you need it most.

Limited personalization

Appropriate Teamspeak ® and personalize your customer according to your favorite style thanks to plugins, sound and icon kits and themes included. Choose from hundreds of add-ons created by the user community or create yours.

Totally scalable

Lead conversations in small groups or large-scale conferences involving thousands of participants thanks to our sophisticated customer-server architecture.

Optimized file transfer system

Maximize your online collaborative experience. Store and easily share files with your community without having to configure firewall.

Textual conversation

Need discretion? Thanks to the Direct Messaging Functions or Textual Conversation as a team, you can get your message across without transmitting a sound.

Free download

What is mymyteamspeak?

Myteamspeak is our cloud -based service, which allows you to synchronize your servers, your parameters and your preferences between several devices and in all ease.

Whether you are AFK and want to return to the action from the action from your mobile or you constantly change a machine, Myteamspeak allows you to easily keep your access to the Teamspeak 3 server at hand, ready when you Most need.

Get access to thousands of Teamspeak 3 add-ons and configure the interface you need. You can then synchronize your personal style on all of your machines, effortlessly.

As a member of MyTeamspeak, you are also aware of all our new features and you will have the opportunity to try our new products before anyone!

  • Synchronize your server access in all health.
  • Very simple multi-peripheral configuration
  • Access thousands of add-ons, skins and vocal kits.
  • Take advantage of new features in preview.
  • Get exclusive special offers MyTeamspeak.

Discover MyTeamspeak for:


Safety, online features and military level encryption of Teamspeak ® make it the ideal solution for the internal communication system, in closed circuit, of your company, and offers you the assurance that your data and your conversations are completely safe, secure and private.

Click here to find out how Teamspeak ® can help you!


Do you need a reliable, secure and fully customizable communication system that is transparently integrated into your game or application ? It’s your lucky day!

Click here to learn more about how SDK Teamspeak ® 3 can enrich your application or game.

Teamspeak (customer)

Teamspeak is private software. You might prefer a free solution such as Mumble for example.

Teamspeak is audioconferencing software on the Internet (voice on IP network). It allows people to be discussed in channels, with other users. The public targeted by Teamspeak is essentially players, who can use the software to communicate with other players from the same team, in multiplayer games. More complete description on Wikipedia

This documentation explains how to install the customer software under Ubuntu.


Have administration rights, if you want to take version 2.
Have a configured and activated Internet connection.


Installation from the command line (terminal) is no longer available since version 14.04

Since the binary

To install the Teamspeak 3 client, go to the official website download page, and download the customer adapted to your hardware architecture (32 bit or 64 bit).

In a terminal, position yourself in the file directory, then make it executable:


will check the integrity of the file and will decompress it.

Tap q [Enter] (unless you want to read the license)

At the end, type there [Enter].

Here, Teamspeak is installed on your machine, all you have to do is throw it !



Next to the file .Run previously executed, must be a “Teamspeak3-Client-Linux_” folder containing different files.

We move in then we execute the script

CD Teamspeak3-Client-Linux_ ./


Simply delete the Teamspeak3-Client-Linux_ file (and possibly the ~/.TS3Client, if you want to delete local configuration files).

Known problems

No sound (neither entry nor exit)

Teamspeak uses oss as sound system. To give it back compatible With Pulseaudio or Alsa, we will have to use the programs made available.

For this two methods: create an alias or modify the launchers. The modification of the launchers will be compulsory for each launcher, while the alias is effective without further modification. To create an alias, edit the file ~/.profile To add this line at the end of the file:

alias teamspeak = '[command]'

The [command] is that indicated below, depending on the sound system you use.

With Pulseaudio

You have to install the package pulseaudio-utils which will install (among others) the PADSP program .

The order to launch will then be the following

Padsp Teamspeak

If the sound is chopped with PADSP, it is possible to temporarily deactivate Pulseaudio and let Teamspeak access directly to the sound card using not . On the other hand, no other application can access the sound card at the same time (Teamspeak will be the only authorized application to produce sound).

The launching command will then be the following (being careful to leave the dashes)

Notuspender - Teamspeak

With Alsa

You have to install the package Alsa-OS which will install the AOS program .

The order to launch will then be the following

AOSSE Teamspeak

No sound (if you use Wine)

If you use Wine at the same time as Teamspeak, it may not work, a little for the reason mentioned above. To do this refer to the Wine_Teamspeak page which details this solution a little more.