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10 Best Talkie-Walkie applications to transform your phone into Talkie-Walkie


You can deploy and manage Walkie Talkie from the Teams administration center. Talkie-Walkie is supported on Android devices with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and iOS devices.

Talkie-Walkie application in Microsoft Teams

The Talkie-Walkie application in Teams provides instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication for your team and is available on Android and iOS. Talkie-Walkie allows users to connect to their team using the same underlying channels of which they are members.

Only users who connect to the talkie-talkie in a channel become participants and can communicate with each other using PTT. Users continue to receive transmissions until they Press Stop Listening. Talkie-Walkie supports communication in standard open channels. It does not support or works on shared and private channels.

With Talkie-Walkie in Teams, users can communicate safely with a familiar PTT experience without having to transport large radios, and Talkie-Walkie works anywhere with Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

Talkie-Walkie is currently not available in China.

Conditions required for licenses

Talkie-Walkie is included in all Teams paid licenses in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions. For more information on obtaining Teams, an activated box how to get Microsoft Teams ?

Deployment of Talkie-Walkie

You can deploy and manage Walkie Talkie from the Teams administration center. Talkie-Walkie is supported on Android devices with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and iOS devices.

Deployment is a three -step process. You must perform the three steps so that your users have access to the talkie-talkie.

Step 1: Check that Talkie-Walkie is activated in your organization

You control if the application is available at the organizational level in the Manage applications of the Microsoft Teams Administration Center. To verify that the application is activated in your organization:

  1. In the left navigation pane of the Teams administration center, go to Applications> TeamsManage applications.
  2. In the list of applications, search for the Talkie-Walkie application, select it, then check that the tipping button State is defined on Allowed.

Step 2: Create and assign an application authorization strategy

Control users of your organization that can use Talkie-Walkie by affecting application authorization strategies in the Teams Administration Center. For more information, see managing application authorization strategies in Teams.

Make sure Talkie-Walkie is an authorized application in the application authorization strategy and that you assign the strategy to all users who need a talkie-walkie.

Step 3: Use an application configuration strategy to pin Walkie Talkie to your users

Step 3 depends on the license available to your users.

License E: Use an application configuration strategy to pin Walkie Talkie in Teams

Application configuration strategies allow you to personalize teams to pin the most important applications for your users.

To pin the Talkie-Walkie application to your users, you can modify the global strategy (by default on the organizational level) or create and award a personalized strategy in the application configuration strategy. For more information, see the article Manage personalized application strategies and settings in Teams.

Screen capture showing the addition of Talkie-Walkie to the list of pinned applications in the Add Pin Applications

License F: Use the Personalized First Line Application Experience to pin Talkie-Walkie and other applications in Teams

The personalized first -line application experience in Teams pinning the most relevant applications in Teams for users with a license F. Pinned applications include Talkie-Walkie, Shifts, Tasks and Approaches. By default, this feature is activated, which offers your front -line employees an experience ready to use adapted to their needs.

Applications are pinned at the bottom of applications at the bottom of TeamS mobile customers, where users can access it quickly and easily.

To find out more, especially on how the experience is operating with the application strategies you define, see customizing team applications for your front line employees.

Network considerations

Talkie-Walkie in Teams requires internet connectivity. The following network conditions are required for optimal experience.

Measure Mandatory
Latence (RTT) < 300 ms
Jitter < 30 ms
Loss of packets < 1%

As indicated, the quality of the media in real time on an IP network is strongly affected by the quality of network connectivity, but especially by the quantity of:

  • Latency : time required to obtain an IP package from point A to point B on the network. This delay in the propagation of the network is essentially linked to the physical distance between the two points and the speed of light, including a greater overload taken by the different routers between the two. The latency is measured in a return time (RTT).
  • Gigue between arrivals : average variation of the time between successive packets.
  • Loss of packets : the loss of packages is often defined as a percentage of lost packages in a given time window. The loss of packets directly affects audio quality, small lost individual packages that have almost no impact on burst to back to back that cause a complete audio cutting.

The expected use of Talkie-Walkie data is around 20 ko/s when sending or receiving audio. In the event of inactivity, the expected use of Talkie-Walkie data is negligible.

Also keep in mind the following points:

  • Talkie-Walkie must operate properly in low bandwidth situations, or in situations where the user’s phone is connected and operates. Talkie-Walkie does not work when there is no connectivity at all.
  • If users use mobile data to communicate in Teams, Talkie-Walkie uses the same method.

Talkie-Walkie devices

First-line workers often need to speak and receive Talkie-Walkie calls, even when their phones are locked. This experience is possible via specialized devices with a dedicated PTT button.


  • Wireless helmets (iOS and Android)
    • Blueparrott
      • B450-XT, version 1 microprogram.07
      • C300-XT, Version 1 microprogram.30
      • Perform 45
      • Klein Electronics
        • 3.5 mm
        • USBC

        Robust Android phones

        • Crosscall Core-X4, Core-M5, Action-X5, Core-X5 and Core-T5
          • Manual configuration: with Teams installed, access to Settings>Buttons. On the dedicated button (1 or 2), select Long support, Then choose PTT application. Select the blue wheel next to Personalized, Then select Teams.
          • Manual configuration: with Teams installed, access to Settings>Programmable keys. Choose The PTT key Or Press a long time (depending on the device), then select Teams.

          Important customers who use Honeywell CT30 must upgrade to the Android version: A11 HON4290 MR14.

          • Manual configuration: with Teams installed, access to Settings>Advanced features>Xcover/active touch. Activate Check the Xcover key with the application and select Teams.
          • GPM configuration
          • Manual configuration: once Teams installed, go to Settings>Programmable keys. Choose Select the PTT key application, Then Select Teams.
          • Manual configuration: with Teams installed, the dedicated PTT button (left_trigger_2) works with Talkie-Walkie by.

          These devices are not certified Teams. They were validated to operate with Talkie Walkie Teams.

          Bluetooth devices

          If your users use Bluetooth accessories, make sure that your mobile devices management solution (GPM) does not block Bluetooth devices.

          On the devices running Android OS version 12 or subsequent, Bluetooth authorizations are required and location authorizations to connect using the Ble battery are no longer necessary. If “proximity authorizations” are not granted in terms of teams, a user receives a prompt of Bluetooth authorizations. This prompt is displayed, whether a Bluetooth accessory, such as a helmet, is connected or not to its device. If a Bluetooth accessory is connected, press To allow To connect Talkie-Walkie to the Bluetooth accessory.

          Obtain information on the use and performance of Talkie-Walkie

          The Talkie-Walkie performance and performance report in the Teams administration center gives you an overview of Talkie-Walkie activity and performance in your organization. The report provides information such as the number of PTT transmissions made and received, the activity of the channel, the duration of transmission and the details of the device and the participant.

          Data residence available

          Talkie-Walkie customer data for tenants while the European Union (EUDB) data limit and in the United Kingdom are stored in EU data centers. All other tenants have their customer Walkie customer data stored in data centers located in the United States. Tenants do not have a choice for the specific deployment region for data storage.

          To be considered a tenant in the EUDB

          The tenant must have a default geographic area In an EUDB country/region or select a country/region in the country/the EUDB region as residence when registering.

          How can I determine the location of customer data ?

          End user experience

          To find out more about the end user experience, see:

          Send comments or report a problem

          To send comments, select Help at the bottom of the navigation bar in Teams, then select to report a problem. Select Other, Then enter your comments or details on the problem you are experiencing. Indicate at the start of your commentary report that you send comments on “Talkie-Walkie” so that we can easily identify problems related to talkie-talkie.

          Authorize users to provide comments

          Users of your organization can join newspapers when sharing comments to Microsoft, if you activate the strategy to define if users can send comments to Teams to Microsoft.

          10 Best Talkie-Walkie applications to transform your phone into Talkie-Walkie

          Transforming your phone into talkie-talkie is really cool, no ? We offer some applications to help you do the same.

          You have noticed many Hollywood films in which the actors communicate with each other by Talkie-Walkie. And if you are a child from the 90s, you have certainly bought or thought of buying a talkie-talkie. However, as mobile phones have replaced many things, they have also replaced talkies-talkies.

          Best Talkie-Walkie applications

          But as any incident has two stories, even mobile phones have developed enough to allow you to experience talkies-talkies, even today, thanks to talkie-walkies applications.

          Today we are going to discuss what Talkie-Walkie applications are, their operation and the best of them.

          What is an application for Talkie-Walkie ?

          What is the Talkie-Walkie application?

          Talkie-talkie applications are applications designed to perform tasks exactly as their name suggests. They work as real devices and allow you to listen to the channel of your choice. In addition, the most positive point and the reason to use Talkie-Walkie applications is that you can also use them to connect with your friends, even in the 2G Internet era.

          So, if you like travel and hikes and want to stay in touch with your friends even in a bad network area, then Talkie-Walkie applications are made for you. These applications meet all your communication needs, such as sending messages, leaving a voice message and talking to your friend.

          Talkie-talkie applications may not offer absolute frequencies, but they allow you to experience the old retro way of speaking worldwide.

          What are the reasons to use Talkie-Walkie applications ?

          In addition to personal uses, you can also use Talkie-Walkie applications in offices and businesses to connect with your colleagues and more, because these applications are profitable, faster and simple to use. You can send SMS and talk to your colleague in a few seconds, without waiting for him to pick up the phone. You will find below some of the main reasons why people use Talkie-Walkie applications.


          Talkie-Walkie applications offer a quick and easy way to communicate with other people, especially when it is not practical or sure to send a phone call or send a text message. For example, we can use Talkie-Walkie applications by driving to avoid letting go of the steering wheel or when working in a noisy environment where phone calls or SMS may not be heard.

          Group communication

          Talkie-talkie applications allow you to communicate in a group, which can be useful in situations where several people must communicate simultaneously. For example, a group of hikers can use a talkie-talkie application to stay in touch while they are on a path, or a team of colleagues can use a talkie-walkie application to collaborate on a project.

          Handsome communication

          Talkie-talkie applications can be used in hands-free mode, which can be useful for people who need to keep their hands free for other tasks. For example, a cooking person can use a talkie-talkie application to communicate with other people without having to interrupt what they do.


          Talkie-talkie applications can constitute an economic alternative to traditional talkies-talkies, the purchase and maintenance of which can be expensive. Users can simply download a talkie-talkie application on their smartphone and use it to communicate with other people without having to invest in additional equipment.


          Talkie-talkie applications allow private communication between users, which can be useful in situations where confidentiality is important. For example, companies can use Talkie-Walkie applications to communicate sensitive information without fear that it will be heard by other people.

          Funny and social

          Talkie-Walkie applications can also be used for fun and social communication with friends and family. For example, you can use Talkie-Walkie applications on hiking or camping to stay in touch and share your experiences, or during a music festival to coordinate meetings with friends.

          Google Play Store and Apple App Store offer many Talkie-Walkie applications. But finding the one that best suits your preferences is like finding a needle in hay. To help you get out of this situation, we have listed some of the best applications you can install now to transform your phone into Talkie-Walkie.


          Heytell is one of the most used and appreciated Talkie-Walkie applications, with simple and basic features. While all new applications get your life complicated by trying to be the best, Heytell is an application that keeps the same old retro vibrations.


          Heytell is an excellent application if you claim to be on a secret mission with your friend, go on a trip or look for an ice cream at midnight with your brother or sister.

          It is a multiplatform application that allows you to connect with your friend or partner, regardless of its operating system. Heytell allows you to connect with up to 7 people at a time. It is therefore ideal for traveling with family or friends.

          The use of Heytell is free. However, you can make in-app purchases and add-ons to obtain additional features such as a voice changer, no advertising, define alert tones, and more.

          Even if Heytell uses less internet data, the quality is not compromised. Heytell offers users a 16 kHz superior audio quality. In addition, the application also informs you of the location of your friends. You can know where they are talking about.

          Platforms – Android and iOS

          Talkie-Walkie Bidirectional

          Staying in touch through calls and texts is good. And if I told you that you can stay in touch with a group of friends with a talkie-talkie application ? Yes, the Two Walkie Talkie application can help you do it quickly, because this application allows you to have cats and group conversations simultaneously.

          Two-way Talkie-Walkie

          Two Way Walkie Talkie is an excellent application if all your close friends are far from each other but wish to stay in touch. You must have a powerful internet connection to use the Two Way Walkie Talkie application. After installing the application, users can contact themselves by inviting themselves or joining your “channel”

          In addition, users do not need to make in-app or additional purchases to take advantage of the features. The Two Walkie Talkie’s application also allows you to organize group discussions with your friends, share positions in real time, and much more.

          Platforms – Android and iOS


          The next application on our list does not need to be presented because it is already popular among users. Voxer is a talkie-talkie application that has been part of smartphones since 2011. It is entirely a messaging platform with the touch of a talkie-talkie, because this application allows you to send texts, videos and photos, which is quite different from other similar applications.


          Voxer also allows you to share your live position and make group cats with a maximum of 20 users at no additional cost.

          However, there is a premium version that allows you to access other features such as live talkie-talkie, administration or personalization of groups, and much more. Voxer is considered one of the most suitable applications to offices. Not only because of the free instant voicemail function, but also because this application allows users to organize videoconferences.

          Platforms – Android and iOS


          Zello is a talkie-talkie application that allows you to connect with people who are not only in your contacts, but also with those who are near you. Most users love the Zello application because of its alert function in an emergency.

          This is one of the favorite applications of travelers for various reasons. A secure means of communication is essential for a serious or occasional specific situation, and Zello can serve this means effectively.


          This application allows you to choose specific people to send notifications in an emergency in one click. In addition, the application includes other essential functions such as audio recording, transcription, location, group discussions, etc.

          But what differentiates Zello from other applications mentioned here are its public channels. As we said before, Zello does not limit you to your contacts. You can also connect with other people with common interests through public media. You can therefore create your own public channel and say what you think, or click on other public media to listen.

          Platforms – Android and iOS

          Online Talkie-Walkie

          If you are looking for a basic and simple Talkie-Walkie application, it is the most suitable. The Online Walkie Talkie application is a mobile version of the traditional talkie-walkie.

          Video Youtube

          This application is much simpler and aesthetic than the other applications mentioned here. The use of the Online Walkie Talkie application is simple, because you do not need to create an account, a username or register to be part of its user base. Just install the application, create your channel and inform your friends of the existence of the track to start a conversation.

          Online Walkie Talkie also suits you if you don’t have many friends. This application allows you to connect with strangers, to join public channels, etc. The premium version of the application has even more to offer you.

          If you want to stay in touch with your friends for personal reasons or to carry out a project, you can use its private channel function to create a single communication network.

          Platforms – Android and iOS


          Call Without Internet is a free talkie-walkie application that allows users to make calls free and internet without internet. Yes, you read correctly. The Call Without Internet application allows users to make calls between two or more people if the devices are connected to the same network sector.

          Talkie-Walkie applications are not reserved for adults; Children can also use them to talk to their friends, play games, etc. This is why the developers have designed a talkie-talkie application adapted to children.


          This application is suitable for children because it does not require personal information, registration or telephone number to connect with users. Call Without the Internet is very practical if you don’t like to shout in your home or play games with your friends.

          Platforms – Android

          Ptt Walkie Talkie App

          You can find a solution if you are tired of making calls and having problems slowness of the Internet and Network. PTT Walkie Talkie is similar to the Call Without Internet application, because it allows you to transform your phone into Talkie-Walkie without using the Internet.


          The application allows you to make calls to your friends or groups of friends without internet connection. You must make sure that your devices are connected to a standard Wi-Fi network, regardless of the Internet. The use of PTT Walkie-Talkie is easy and secure because it does not access your personal information and does not require recording.

          Overall, if you want an application to stay connected with your colleagues and friends around your location, you can easily count on this application. Ptt Walkie Talkie is a free application. But it is limited to Android users.

          Platforms – Android

          Talkie -Walkie – Communication

          Walkie Talkie – Communication is an Android and iOS application that allows you to connect with your friends using the same radio frequency. The “Push-to-Talk” button makes communication even easier and faster.


          The application offers a decent and user -friendly interface. In addition, Walkie Talkie – Communication allows you to connect with other users worldwide for a more efficient experience. In addition, you can customize your avatar, talk to your friends or loved ones without worrying about borders, and more.

          Platforms – Android and iOS


          Walkietooth is a typical application of Talkie-Walkie which allows you to call, send messages, send voice messages and make videoconferences in a single application. While all applications depend on wifi and radio frequencies, Walkietoth offers something different.


          Walkietooth allows you to call between 2 or more people via WiFi Direct, Bluetooth and WiFi access points. Walkietooth may not have the advanced features of other recent applications. But it is much more reliable and practical to use because it displays fewer ads and is completely free.

          Platforms – Android

          Talkie -Walkie – Push to Talk

          To finish the list, our latest application is Walkie Talkie – Push to Talk. It is one of the best Talkie-Walkie applications, as it offers many essential features. This application allows you to combine intimacy and pleasure. Like other Talkie-Walkie applications, this application allows you to chat with a single click with a high quality vocal service.


          But what makes it more unique than the others is its freedom of use. The Walkie Talkie – Push to Talk application allows you to create and reach public limits of members of members. In addition, you can also manage the people who follow you and listen to you by putting them into mute, blocking them or signaling them if necessary.

          In terms of operation, the Talkie-Walkie is suitable for most Internet users. The Walkie -Talkie application – Push to Talk depends entirely on an internet connection, whether 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G type.

          Platforms – Android and iOS


          Talkie-Walkie applications are fun to use; Whether it is to pretend to be a spy or an American police officer, we can have fun as we want. But today people have started using these applications even more efficiently. It may be to connect with colleagues in a click or to stay in touch with friends. Today, we have made sure to present you the best Talkie-Walkie applications with various features so that you can find the best.

          You can also explore the best weather apps for iPhone to get specific forecasts.

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          Best Talkie-Walkie applications

          1. Heytell
          2. Talkie-Walkie Bidirectional
          3. Vox
          4. Zello
          5. Online Talkie-Walkie
          6. Internet
          7. Ptt Walkie Talkie App
          8. Talkie -Walkie – Communication
          9. Walkietoth
          10. Talkie -Walkie – Push to Talk