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Free tango for PC, iOS, Android Apk

Take part in Enjoy competitions directly from your app ! Try your luck and win one of the gifts put into play !

My tango application: consumption, invoices.

With the new Mytango application, all your needs are now at hand.
Consult your consumption in real time, follow and adjust your payments or even develop your offer: all this is now possible in the blink of an eye from your application.

Download the My Tango app for free is available on App Store and Google Play.

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My tango: all your needs at hand

Check it consumption of all your mobile lines

Set your bill and follow your payments

Manage your Easily approaches

Find it answer To your questions 24/7

Do evolve your offer

Install the app now

To connect to the My Tango application, use the same identifiers as on your customer area If you don’t have an account yet, you can create it directly in the application.

The My Tango app in detail

Keep control of all your mobile lines

Wherever you are, consult and master real -time consumption of all of your mobile lines. You plan to travel ? Limit your data consumption in roaming.

Set your bills and follow your payments

Consult, download, manage and pay your invoice directly from your application. Anticipate the payment of your future monthly payments or even modify the mode of receipt of your invoices.

Develop your offer

Complete or modify your offer in a few clicks: Change a package, smartphone and even subscribe to new options.

Manage your procedures easily

Recover your PIN, PUK code, block communications on each of your mobile lines or declare a change of email address in two stages three movements !

Direct access to your loyalty program

Take part in Enjoy competitions directly from your app ! Try your luck and win one of the gifts put into play !

The answers to your questions 24/7 !

Get the help you need thanks to the FAQS and our cat, you will be put in touch with an advisor if your request requires it. Access the forum and ask for help or share your knowledge with the Tango community.

It’s simple: this is the essential application for any tango customer !

FAQ Application My Tango: your questions, our answers

FAQ Application My Tango: your questions, our answers

How to create an account on My Tango ?

To connect, use the same identifiers as on your My Customer If you don’t have an account yet, you can create it directly in the application with your Tango mobile number. Your identifiers are the same for your My Customer and for your My Tango app.

What are the functionalities of the application ?

The My Tango app offers many possibilities but your features depend on your profile: administrator or user. If you do not know who is the account holder or if you want to modify it, contact our customer service.

  • As’administrator (holder of the account and the main line), you will have access to all the functionalities of the application. You can consult invoices, take steps on all your mobile lines and your account, etc. If you do not know who is the holder of the account and the main line or if you want to modify it, contact our customer service.
  • Inasmuch as secondary line, You can access your consumption, your options, recover your PIN/PUK codes and consult the APP ASSIST.

How to access the detail of your consumption ?

  • Total data consumption :: Available directly on your home screen, click on this insert to discover the detailed distribution of your data consumption in National and Roaming, included and off -subscription.
  • Data consumption of your subscription:: Drag the main insert to the left to consult your consumption of your data pack included in your subscription.
  • Consumption of “voice and SMS” unit consumption :: Drag the insert again to the left to access your consumption of the call and SMS unit package included in your subscription
  • Global traffic :: On the home screen, you can also access the details of your overall consumption by clicking on “See my global traffic“”. This screen will give you the details of your data consumption, voice and SMS included in your offer and off subscription.

How to pay your bill from the app ?

Go to “invoices”. At the top of this page is your “amount awaiting payment”. Click on “Pay” then follow the steps until your balance settlement.

If you ask yourself other questions, please refer to FAQ on our forum>

Free tango for PC, iOS, Android Apk

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Tango is an application resembling the famous Skype messaging customer. It allows the user to make calls for free via his iPhone.

Demo tango on smartphone with AppSTV

Main features

  • Visioconference: not only can the user make video calls, but he will also have the opportunity to invite several friends to a discussion. Note that the voice call is a native function of the application.
  • User account: Like most messaging customers, creating an account is mandatory for any user. The advantage when you have an account is that you can call friends using Tango on platforms other than IPhone (for example Android, iOS . )).
  • Contact: what differentiates Tango, is that only friends who use the same application can be called. To this end, these contacts will automatically appear on the discussion window. The user will also be able to send emails to other contacts to offer them to use Tango.
  • Games: apart from the possibility of calling, we can also do other things with this application. Its publisher accompanied it with several allowing the user to have a good time in front of his smartphone.


  • The application can be downloaded for free.
  • It is possible to send text messages for free.
  • It is multiplateform.


  • Nothing special to report.

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