Take advantage of promotions on 5G orange packages from € 16.99/month | September 2023, discover the best packages without commitment with 5G on the Orange network at Canon Price with operators Youprice, Sosh and Orange!

Which mobile package without obligation to choose to go to 5g d orange without breaking the bank

Here is a list of possible variations with a livebox and an orange 5G package:

Orange 5G package: unlimited 5g offers with and without commitment | September 2023

Orange offers 4 mobile 5G packages with or without commitment: these packages are available at prices ranging from € 16.99/month to € 64.99/month. In this article, discover everything you need to know about 5G packages at Orange: prices, description of offers and all advantages.

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5G 100GB mobile package in € 16.99/month

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What are the 5G packages available at Orange ?

If you are looking for a Orange 5g offer But that you hesitate between several packages offering 5G, know that the operator offers several 5G package ranges : Orange unlimited 5G packages, 5G packages with or without commitment.

Here is a summary table of 5G packages at Orange:

Good to know: according to a study of nperf (one of the best online tools to measure your internet debit) dating from January 2023, Orange holds the 5G network the fastest with an internet flow that reaches 339.95 Mb/s.

  • Which can benefit from an Orange 5G offer ?
  • Customers who have a Compatible smartphone to 5G technology.
  • The inhabitants of a area which is covered by the Orange 5g network.

What is the price of a 5G package at Orange ?

The price of a 5G package at Orange varies between € 16.99/month and € 64.99/month : indeed, there are several 5G orange packages depending on the data envelope, Hence the importance of knowing its monthly internet consumption To selection the 5G offer that best suits your needs.

Take advantage of promotions on 5G orange packages ! Currently, on September 24, 2023, the 5G packages at Orange are in promotions : indeed, by subscribing to a 5G orange offer benefit from a reduced price on the First 12 months.

Livebox fiber + 5G 100GB mobile package

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Take advantage of the best 5G package at Orange from € 16.99/month

The 5g orange subscription of the moment is The 5G 100 GB package. This mobile plan is very popular with Orange and acclaimed by many customers. Here’s what you need to know about this offer:

  1. This is the 5G package most economical Orange: indeed, the 5G 100 GB package is the cheapest for only € 16.99/month Take advantage of the 5G Orange network.
  2. This package is available without obligation, which allows you to be free to change or end your subscription at any time, Without paying any costs.
  3. Surf on the internet limitless : with this package you have a data envelope of 100 GB in France but also In Europe, Dom, and Switzerland/Andorra areas.
  4. Take advantage of Open Open discount ! If you associate your Livebox Internet package with your 5G 100 GB package, benefit from a exceptional reduction paying only € 36.98/month instead of € 69.98/month.

Good to know to find out more about 5G offers at Orange, you can directly reach Orange customer service: an advisor will answer all your questions.

What are the 5G Open Orange packages ?

If you are looking for an internet offer + a 5G package, Orange currently offers new internet + mobile offers 100 % customizable : So be you free to create your own internet pack with the 5G orange package you want. In addition, with the open delivery, you save money going up to 15 €/month Depending on the 5G mobile plan that you choose.

Here is a list of possible variations with a livebox and an orange 5G package:

You are not eligibly with orange fiber ? If you are not eligible for orange fiber, don’t worry ! You can combine your 5G orange offer with Orange ADSL offers without any problem.

What are the 5G orange packages without obligation ?

If you do not want to commit yourself and prefer a 5G offer without obligation, Orange offers 2 5G packages without obligation:

On the other hand, there are other solutions To access the 5G orange network without engagement : Indeed, the Low-Cost d’Orange brand currently offers a 5G Sosh package exceptional ::

Orange 5g packages in the face of the concurrence

If you are looking for Best 5G mobile plan For you, be aware that other operators offer 5G offers that might correspond to you. Here is A comparative table 5G mobile offers on the market:


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Which mobile plan without obligation to choose to go to the 5g of orange without breaking the bank ?

You want to take advantage of the 5G network of Orange without breaking the bank ? Here are the best duration -free subscriptions available to you with internet quotas of 100, 140 or 170GB. Discover the First de Youprice, the new Sosh 5G package and the Orange packages in promotion, all designed to offer you a high -end mobile experience at low prices. Let yourself be seduced by the power of 5G without committing !

5G mobile package on the orange network

The YouPrice Package: 100GB of 5G for less than 15 €

At YouPrice, you can ask to take advantage of the 5G of Orange by subscribing to the LE FIRST package at 9.99 € per month. With this adjustable package that adapts to your real data needs, you only pay what you consume, between 100 and 120 GB in France. Start at € 9.99 for the first 100 GB, then € 12.99 between 100 and 110 GB, and € 14.99 between 110 and 120 GB. 5G will cost you € 5 more per month. This non -binding package also offers you 16 GB in the EU and in the French overseas departments. In addition, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited to stay connected with ease.

100 GB package the first of youprice

Sosh’s 5G non -binding package

The 100% Digital Orange brand has been offering a new 5G mobile package for a few days at the attractive price of € 20.99. You can take advantage of 140GB of the Internet each month in France with this subscription connected to the 5G antennas of Orange. In addition, Sosh grants you 25 GB from the EU and the DOM. Regarding communications, calls, SMS and MMS are without limit that you are in France or in the countries of the EU and DOM. This non -binding package is available as part of a new membership.

5G Sosh 140GB package

Orange 5G packages without commitment in promotion

Orange offers you the possibility of accessing its 5G network at a low price and no. Opt for the 5G package with 100 GB at only € 16.99 per month, benefiting from a discount of € 15 from the first bill. This promotional offer is valid for 12 months, then returns to its base price of € 31.99 per month. Change any package when you wish, without minimum time to observe. With this subscription, take advantage of unlimited calls in mainland France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas to these areas and France. SMS/MMS are also limitless. Surf freely with 100 GB of mobile internet on the 4G/5G Orange network in mainland France and in Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas.

Orange 100GB 5G package

You want even more gigas ? Orange has the solution for you ! Opt for its 170 GB mobile plan, compatible with 5G. In promotion at € 22.99 per month for the first 12 months, it offers a generous amount of data to meet all your needs. You can enjoy 170 GB of 5G in France, as well as 100 GB of data usable in the Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra areas. This package also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from the Europe, Dom, Switzerland/Andorra areas to these areas and France. And that’s not all ! On request, you can get a second SIM card for a free tablet, an airbox or a second mobile, without activation fees.