5G SOSH package without obligation at less than € 21 | Best price, Sosh finally offers a 5G package: 140 GB at € 20.99/month on the Orange network

Sosh finally offers a 5G package: 140 GB at € 20.99/month on the Orange network

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5G SOSH package without obligation: subscription, price and coverage 5G

Launched in June 2023, the 5G SOSH package is an offer that seduces a large number of users thanks to its flexibility and accessibility. Indeed, by opting for 5G SOSH, you benefit from a non -binding offer that allows you to stay free in your choices while enjoying a latest generation subscription on the Orange network at less than € 21.

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What is the price of the SOSH 5G package without obligation ?

  • The advantages of the 5G Sosh package
  • The price of the 5G SOSH package is € 20.99/month and is therefore particularly attractive, and remains competitive compared to what is done in other operators.
  • The operator offers its SOSH package without a commitment 5G. This free termination formula allows the user to change the offer or cancel their contract at any time, without additional costs.
  • The 5G Sosh package offers much more than a simple internet connection. He understands :
    1. 140 GB mobile data in 5G to surf with exceptional connection quality.
    2. Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from Europe.
    3. 25GB usable from Europe, DOMs and some countries abroad.

Sosh is not only focused on 5G. The operator also offers a range of 4G packages at competitive prices. These packages include varied mobile data options, unlimited calls and SMS/MMS. Sosh’s 4G packages are a viable alternative for those who do not yet have 5G coverage in their region.

Why choose 5G Sosh ?

5G SOSH represents the new major evolution of the mobile network. Thanks to its data transmission speed up to 100 times greater than that of 4G Sosh, 5G opens the door to a multitude of new applications and services.

But why choose 5G at Sosh ? Here are three main reasons:

  1. Connection speed: One of the main advantages of 5G is its speed. This allows you to download movies, series, play online or even streaming in very high resolution almost instantly. It is a key factor for a fluid and without interruption user experience.
  2. Reduced latency: 5G significantly improves the network’s response time (latency). This improvement is essential for applications such as online games or virtual reality.
  3. Massive connectivity: 5G at SOSH can connect many more devices simultaneously compared to 4G. This facilitates the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), making it possible to connect all types of devices, from smartphone to PC via the car.

In this context, 5G in Sosh takes on its full meaning. As an operator recognized for its ability to innovate, SOSH quickly adopted this technology to offer its customers a Exceptional mobile experience. THE Passage to 5G at Sosh means for users a significant improvement in their connection quality, with access to more varied and more efficient services.

How to subscribe to the 5G package of Sosh ?

Subscribe to a 5G SOSH subscription is simple and quick which can be made entirely online or by phone. Here are the steps to follow to get there:

    Visit the official SOSH website and navigate to the page dedicated to mobile packages.

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After finalizing your subscription, You will receive your new SIM card by mail in the following days. Once you have received the SIM card, it will have to be activated by following the instructions provided with the card.

Good to know, however, to take advantage of 5G, you must not only Subscribe to a 5G SOSH subscription, but also have a 5G phone. If you have such a device, 5G activation is generally done in your phone settings. The process for Activate 5G Sosh is therefore dependent on your device.

Sosh 5G package options

With SOSH, your 5G package can be completed by a set of options to make your mobile experience even more complete. These options cover a wide range of needs, from the safety of your device to access to content of entertainment, through additions of data and International Options. Here is an overview of these options:

Category Option Description
Security Mobile insurance excluded web Control the risks and your budget by ensuring your phone. Enjoy 1 month offered
Orange safety suite Protect your data and your privacy
Mobile parental control Secure your teenager’s mobile
Internet Internet Fair Use Add from +2GB to +50GB, only once or every month, usable in France as in Europe (for 20 GB and more) packages)
Multi-Sim Share your package on another equipment (tablet, airbox, smartphone. ))
Airbox Sosh option (with multi-SIM) Up to 10 wifi -covered equipment with Airbox Sosh
Entertainment Deezer Unlimited access to your music without advertising
Video Games Pass Exclusive access to a selection of games
Ocs The 100% cinema and series bouquet on your smartphone, tablet or computer
Basic TV bouquet More than 70 generalist and thematic TV channels live
Movie The best of cinema on mobile and tablet, selected for you
International 8 p.m. to Europe and USA/Canada From your mobile in France, call Europe and North America
1 hour option to world Call all countries of the world (outside Tunisia and Madagascar) from France
5 am to Orange Africa mobiles +3 p.m./month from mainland France to Orange Africa mobiles until 05/31/23
5 -hour option to Asia, Türkiye and Russia Call these regions from France
Calls to Orange Tunisia mobiles Call Orange Tunisia mobiles from France
Morocco option Call to mobiles and fixed in Morocco from France
World pass 50Mo, 15min, 30min or 1 hour calls from the 4 corners of the world
USA/Canada Pass Advantageous prices for your calls from USA/Canada
Pass Evasion 1 10GB Internet or 2 hours of calls from + 60 countries
Pass Evasion 2 5GB of internet or 2 hours of calls from 16 countries
Pass Evasion 3 1GB of internet or 2 hours of calls from 13 countries
Calls & SMS Voice messaging option by SMS Transform your voice messages into texts for easy consultation
Report of credit Report the unused minutes of your limited package to optimize your budget
1 hour of additional calls Add an hour of additional calls to your package

These options and pass offer you more internet, without obligation. They can be used in France, as in Europe, under the same conditions as your main package. They can allow you to listen to more music streaming or watch more HD videos each month:

  • Monthly options
  • Option + 2 GB each month: € 5 per month
  • Option + 5 GB each month: 10 € per month
  • Option + 50 GB each month: 25 € per month

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The 5G Sosh package cover

Sosh, based on the orange network, first mobile operator in France, assures an excellent 5G cover on the territory. The 5G SOSH coverage is constantly expanding. This is explained by a continuous deployment of 5G infrastructure by Orange, its parent operator.


To respond to the question When is 5G at Sosh ? You have to return to date from the end of 2020. Indeed, it was during this period that 5G was officially launched in France. Sosh closely followed the movement by quickly offering compatible 5G packages.

Comparison of the SOSH package to its competitors

This comparative table of 5G packages highlights the key characteristics of each package, such as the price, THE Data volume Included, the Additional options and the commitment conditions.

Sosh finally offers a 5G package: 140 GB at € 20.99/month on the Orange network

You can now take advantage of the low -cost 5g orange network by taking advantage of the new 140 GB of Sosh package. Currently on promo, the offer is offered at only € 20.99/month, but only for new customers.

Sosh finally offers a 5G package: 140 GB A 20.99 EUR/month on the orange network

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S OSH, the low-cost and non-commitment operator of Orange, finally markets its very first 5G package. And as we expected, the offer presents a rather attractive data/price report. For 140 GB of data provided, the subscription will be billed at 20.99 euros per month. The price is attractive with regard to the quantity of data included. Unfortunately, the offer is valid for any new subscription, which means that current Sosh or Orange customers cannot benefit from it.

That the 5G SOSH package contains ?

This SOSH package includes 140 GB of data, a comfortable envelope which should guarantee great freedom of connection, even for those use their smartphone intensively. The fact that the mobile package is 5G compatible also makes it possible to surf at very high speed, especially in dense areas where the average speed reaches the 217 Mbit/s (Arcep data October 2022). It is more than enough to take advantage of all your web applications, social networks and streaming platforms.

Note that the 140 GB envelope can be used in full in mainland France. The package can obviously accompany you in Europe and in the French overseas departments, but with a limit of 25 GB. The flow will be reduced beyond. Regarding calls and SMS/MMS, everything is of course unlimited, in France as from the Europe and DOM zones (excluding Switzerland and Andorra).

In short, if you are looking for a cheap 5g package that allows you to profit from the very good orange network, this Sosh mobile package is a very good deal, especially since its price is not doomed to the end of a year. You can subscribe to it now on the operator’s website. The SIM (or ESIM) card will cost you € 10 and you can keep your current phone number for free.

In short, here is what to remember from this Sosh package:

  • 140 GB of data in mainland France
  • 25 GB of data included from Europe and the DOM
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS from Europe and the DOM
  • Orange network coverage
  • Without engagement