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ICLOUD personalized domain: how iCloud functionality works

Website addresses with extension .com are the most used on the internet, by far. But what does say ” .com ”and for how long this first level is there ? In this article, you will learn what the field means .com and why it is so popular. In addition, you will discover how to record your first area .Com easily.

Synchronize your iCloud calendar with Outlook for Mac

For the moment, Outlook for Mac does not support Caldav Carddav Internet standards. This means that Outlook for Mac does not synchronize your calendar or your iCloud contacts when you add your iCloud messaging account. That said, there is a way to synchronize your iCloud calendar with Outlook to Mac: you can subscribe to your iCloud calendar in Outlook on the web (Outlook web access), and once you have done this, the iCloud calendar with subscription Synchronizes automatically with outlook for mac.

Icon Share the calendar in iCloud

  1. Open a browser window and connect to your iCloud account.
  2. In iCloud, click on Calendar.
  3. Click on The Share icon The calendar next to the calendar you want to configure in Outlook and make sure that public calendar is activated.

Noticed : If public calendar is Activated, you must see the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the calendar.

Public calendar parameters in iCloud

  • Click On copy the link.
  • In another browser window, connect outlook on the web.
  • At the bottom of the navigation pane, select Calendar. Calendar button screenshot located at the bottom of the page
  • On the toolbar, select Add a calendar >From the Internet. Screenshot add a calendar
  • In the Subscription dialog box On the calendar, glue the link you copied in step 4. In addition, enter a unique name for the calendar, such as “iCloud work calendar”, then click on Save. The iCloud calendar must be listed under Other calendars In Outlook on the web. ICloud calendar appearing in other calendars in Outlook for the webWhen you have the same account added on Outlook for Mac, this subscriber calendar will also appear in Outlook for Mac Calendar.

    Noticed : Synchronization of the iCloud calendar in Outlook on the web with other users can take a few minutes outlook for Mac. Do not forget that you have to restart Outlook for Mac so that the synchronized calendar appears.

    ICloud calendar in Outlook 2016 for Mac

    • The account that is outlook on the web must also be added to Outlook for Mac. This account can be your school account or Office 365 or Exchange or any other outlook account (for example,,
    • For more information on the synchronization of iCloud messaging, see adding a messaging account in Outlook.

    Web iCloud

    ICloud beta connection page

    Step 2: Show the settings of the “personalized email domain” ¶

    Push the button ” ICloud settings “On the iCloud connection screen, then” iCloud+ functionalities “. Then go to “personalized email domain”:

    ICloud settings

    Step 3: Specify the domain and select the type of messaging account in

    You can then choose “use a domain you have”. In this third step, you also decide whether the new domain of your iCloud account should be available exclusively for you, “Only you”, or also for your loved ones, “You and other people”. After making your choice, enter your own mailbox that you want to connect to iCloud and continue the configuration process by clicking on ” Continue »».

    ICloud email: configure your own mailbox

    Step 4: Add the existing email addresses in

    You can then add the existing email addresses you want to connect with this personalized field. Then confirm this address, then validate it via the email received on the address in question. You can also add them after finishing the configuration.

    Step 5: Update the registrar settings in your field in

    You must now adjust some settings in your domain supplier account. More specifically, these are the settings for MX registration, TXT recording and CNAME recording. With some suppliers, iCloud mail automatically helps configuration. If you connect to your supplier, the input adjustment will be done automatically for you. Otherwise, add your DNS records by hand.

    iCloud Mail: Domaine registrar settings

    The Domain Connect protocol is an open source standard that helps developers connect their fields to external services and easily manage their DNS settings. Discover in addition on the subject by consulting our dedicated article of Digital Guide.

    Step 6: Finalize the configurationoff

    In the last step, press ” Check To finish the connection of your personalized domain on iCloud and confirm that it worked. If the configuration has succeeded, you will receive a confirmation email.

    Each field recorded at Ionos automatically has the CNAME-DNS recording _DomainConnect, which makes it possible to simplify the connection of your field to external services. We explain the most important points for _domainConnect to you.

    Record a field: how does it really work ?¶

    The above link between the iCloud email and your personalized domain is, as already mentioned, possible that if you have previously bought a domain. This is also called the recording of the domain, which you can choose to do with a registration office or a service provider. The following instructions very briefly sum up the process:

    1. Decide Registry Office or supplier with which you wish to record your domain.
    2. Think about a significant name And to an appropriate domain extension for your field, which you can use later, for example, as a basis for your personalized messaging field with iCloud.
    3. Use the supplier checking tool chosen to check the Availability of the desired domain.
    4. Order or Save the field if it is available as desired.
    5. Check the purchase of the domain within 15 days.

    A detailed guide to the procedure for recording a field including many useful tips and tips is provided in our article “How to buy a field ? »».

    • 09/22/2023
    • Domain advice

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