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Wetransfer Pro in 2020 – 4 tips to use it as a pro. Guaranteed article without affiliate

First, you register and select the subscription option . Honestly the € 120 subscription are really worth it ! We hesitated at first but we don’t regret it.


Wetransfer is a large file transfer service that offers a free version open to all users for limited shipments. The pro version offers you up to 20GB and storage space.

  • Online service
  • MacOS (Mac App Store)
  • Android
  • iOS iPhone / iPad

Why use wetransfer ?

What are the new features of the latest version of Wetransfer ?

With which os wetransfer is compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Wetransfer ?


Wetransfer is an online service for sending large files for free online files. Without creating an account, it is possible to store on the Wetransfer servers a file of a maximum size going up to 2 GB. It is then possible to share it with any contact easily by sending the link by email.

There is no limit on the number of files sent each day, everyone can use the service at will. However, the files can only be recovered for a period of seven days, after which they are automatically deleted.

Using a paid account, the Wetransfer license allows you to send files of a size of 20 GB and manage a cloud storage space of 1 to. Transfers can then be protected by password and you will be free to set their expiration date.

In addition to the website, you can also download one of the mobile applications (for Android, iPhone, iPad) or free extension for Google Chrome.

Why use wetransfer ?

Wetransfer offers a free service for personal use that allows occasional users to use the service when they wish. This free license allows you to send files whose size goes up to 2 GB without having to create an account.

The problem with large files is that email service providers do not manage them all in the same way. Thus, in general the attachments exceeding a certain size are refused and you cannot send them to your interlocutors. It’s quite boring, especially when you want to send a large number of high quality photos, or a large PDF file, or several heavy documents at once.

Wetransfer works in a very simple way: you choose the transfer (s) to transfer and the transfer method (by direct sending of the e-mail link up to 20 people or copy of the link you will transfer as you see fit) and here. The files are temporarily stored in a cloud space on wetransfer servers and are available for download for anyone with the link (for 7 days).

Wetransfer Transfer

This free system can also work with the creation of a wetransfer account. The difference lies in access to the statistics of your shipments. Indeed, from your account, you can see the list of shipments you have generated, you can recover the download link to return it, you can delete a lot, etc. For each batch, you can see how many times it has been downloaded since you created it.

Wetransfer Transfers Management

As you understood, Wetransfer also offers a professional version that allows you to send larger files and benefit from a much more important disk space. With a pro account, you can also manage your profile in a much more advanced way, in particular with the configuration of an URL leading to your profile (which you can share with who you want). On this page, users (whether or not they have a wetransfer account) will be able to send you files up to 20 GB.

You can also configure the wallpaper of your profile, either by providing an image or a video (JPEG, PNG, MP4). You can load several files, because the wallpaper works in slideshow mode (as on the Wetransfer home) with a change of image every 30 seconds. This allows you to communicate with your customers by adding advertising for example. In the same way, Wetransfer Pro will allow you to create funds for your emails (letter paper).

In addition to these customizations, which are interesting for businesses, Wetransfer Pro offers you 20 GB transfers at once, a storage space of 1 TB, and above all, the possibility of protecting your transfers by password. The subscription can be taken for one year (cheaper) or per month.

What are the new features of the latest version of Wetransfer ?

Wetransfer is working to improve the conditions of use of its users. The last big evolution comes from the pro version which offers more storage than before.

With which os wetransfer is compatible ?

Wetransfer’s online service is accessible from any internet browser and any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or mobile device (Android, iOS).

MacOS users can also download an application for their Mac which will allow them to directly manage their transfers.

There is also a mobile application of Wetransfer for Android (smartphone, tablet) and for iOS (iPhone, iPad). You can also download the Google Chrome browser extension.

What are the best alternatives to Wetransfer ?

Many file transfer services exist. Here is a small selection.

Completely free, open source and requiring any registration, here is the online file transfer service created by Framasoft: Framadrop. The system uses your IP address to recognize you from once on the other. So you can see the list of your shipments by clicking on my files. Just like on Wetransfer, Framadrop offers, from this list, to delete a transfer and to see how many times it has been transferred. You can choose the lifespan of the files: from 24 hours to 60 days or deleted after the first download. Transfers are encrypted.

Big files is also a free service. With this service you can send files up to 10 GB in one go. If that is not enough for you, several types of subscriptions exist which allow to increase the size of the shipments, and to remove advertisements. You can send the e-mail download link directly from the interface, or recover it and share it.

Swiss Transfer is also a free service with a paid extension. Based in Switzerland, it offers the transfer of large files up to 50 GB. The files are available for download for 30 days. Sharing can be done by link or by e-mail. It is possible to encrypt via end -to -end encryption, in premium version only.

Just like the others, Transfernow is a free service for shipments to 4GB. The data is available for 7 days. TransferNOW also protects your shipments by a password. There is a paid offer that allows you to switch to 20 GB per sending, manage shipments and create a address book.

Wetransfer Pro in 2020 – 4 tips to use it as a pro. Guaranteed article without affiliate !

Francis Mahut

Wetransfer Pro in 2020 - 4 tips for

We Transfer Plus has become a transfer pro. What changes ? Wetransfer Pro ! 4 tips to know [Update of 09/15/2021]

The great advantages of the pro version:

  • A business page and especially a domain name to you as
  • Until 50 emails per sending. What make large distributions
  • 1 to (or A terra-octet) To send your files in storage space. It’s a lot. The equivalent of 1.538 CD-ROM .
  • A Fine control on the expiration of links : a few days forever. Tip: we personally put a “forever” expiration. Nothing more frustrating for a partner to receive a dead link (or for you even when you do a search in your old emails sent.
  • Up to 200 GB per sending. Either 300 CD-ROM suddenly ! Ouch ! In symmetrical 1Gbps fiber connection, this represents a duration of less than 40 minutes of upload
  • The possibility of protecting by password Your shipments

And at Eficiens ? Our opinion on Wetransfer Pro

We use the WetransferPro agency in French (pay version of Wetransfert – Download from the publisher’s website) for almost 5 years. Indeed, the transfer system, without being revolutionary does its work very well. Reliability, performance, universality. But, it is possible to go further.

In 2021, this remains the best large file transfer tool for a very reasonable cost.

First, you register and select the subscription option . Honestly the € 120 subscription are really worth it ! We hesitated at first but we don’t regret it.

Wetransfer Pro disadvantages

  • The expiration date of downloads that has gone to one year
  • An iOS /Android application not always easy to use
  • Wetransfer blocking in certain large accounts (in particular banking sector)

Wetransfer Plus

1️⃣ TIP 1: think about Customize the home page French Wetransfer-Pro. This page that your visitors will have in front of your eyes for a (long) download is also A communication vector. You must therefore regularly change the visual and the link. You can integrate a fixed image, a video, an animation.

2️⃣ TIP 2 : Use especially exchange via simple link. (for that you have to go to the settings). In a social network world, using a link is much more intuitive than sending an email. This link will then be copied/glued to an instant messaging, an SMS, a WhatsApp.

Wetransfer Plus Setup Alt

You can have up to 5 wallpapers including a rather successful video wallpaper. You just have to respect the size and weight / video weight criteria:

  • JPEG, PNG or MP4
  • 5 MO Max. By video or image
  • 1920 x 1200 pixels for images
  • 1920 x 1080 pixels for videos
  • Wallpapers change every 30 seconds, longer videos than 30 will be cut

Wetransfer wallpaper

3️⃣ TIP 3: think about putting the expiration time “never”. There is nothing more frustrating for your link receiver than finding it in 3 or 6 months, and having a link that no longer works. Of course, you may have great reasons for exposing your sharing. In this case, say it clearly to your interlocutor (see the visual just above).

4️⃣ TIP 4: Use the WETRANSFER app. On iPhone or Android, it can be used. It allows you to share dozens of photos or videos in a few clicks. From a recent iPhone version, you can even preview almost all of the content.

Note: Don’t be mistaken on spelling. The official name is Wetransfer pro. The analysis of our analytics requests showed that some wrote it we transfer pro, weekend, weekend, ouitransfert (!), wetranfer, we tranfer, we trasfner or wetrasfner. Definitely, it might be necessary to think of a name change !

The bonus: our transfer calculator transfer on wetransfer (or elsewhere)

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