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No more cousin cousin of Vélib ’, Motto goes upmarket and now offers for € 75 per month a design and connected bike and the associated maintenance and repair services.

Motto Two

The Motto Two is an electrical assistance bike designed for city trips that is offered in the form of a subscription (6 months, annual or without commitment). It has a 250 W engine with a torque of 50 Nm, 3 assistance modes and is suitable for people between 1.60 m and 1.95 m. There are 2 “sport” and “” comfort “versions in 2 versions. It is made available with a 24/7 concierge service that insurance for theft and breakage.

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In Paris, many companies have positioned themselves on the niche of electric bikes by monthly subscription: from swapfiets to dance via Motto, even Veligo on the scale of the region region. A formula that seems winning, as the number of customers tends to grow over the months.

For example, Véligo will add several hundred models to his park in July 2023 to meet the high demand. For her part, the young Pushes Motto continues her little way a year after her launch in Paris. As a reminder, its offer revolves around two models: sport and comfort.

A smaller battery, but still so enduring

One opts for a more sporty closed setting, the other for an open setting easier to ride. All for 94 euros per month without commitment, 84 euros per month in the event of a commitment of 6 months or 79 euros per month with a one -year commitment. As it stands, this price grid will not change.

On the other hand, Motto brings several improvements always welcome to his models. Starting with a new battery twice as much smaller and half less heavy, for a similar autonomy – about 70 km, 50 km with the sport mode according to our colleagues from Numerama. This accumulator with USB-C included can also recharge a phone.

Mechanical disc brakes could hitherto be ticked: it will now be from the past, since the new Motto are now based on necessarily more efficient hydraulic disc brakes. For safety and your ability to brake and stop, it is important.

The brand also tells us that the dimensions of the handlebars have been reviewed: it is now narrower. This is interesting here to better sneak between cars for example, or make overtaking on a narrow cycle path. Ball tires have also been added to better erase the road roughness and add a dose of comfort.

Identical torque and engine

On the application side, Motto has completely revised its design. The company promises better access to customer support or more detailed statistics. Of course, the 24/7 concierge service is still relevant, as is the insurance for theft and breakage.

For the rest, nothing changes: 250 W engine at the rear, torque of 50 Nm, single speed, belt transmission, 27.5 inch tires. The saddle is obviously removable. So here we are dealing with small touches improvements, which remain interesting, a fortiori When the price does not evolve.

Your electric bike
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Motto bike

Subscription available from 65 €/month.
Anti -theft, GPS, alarm, insurance, repairs within 48 hours at the place
of your choice, everything is included.

A service
all inclusive

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Motto rolling woman

Motto, this is a complete subscription that allows you to fully enjoy your bike, without hassle !

  • Your high -end electric bike
  • Flight & breakage insurance
  • Home assistance & repair in 48 hours
  • Integrated GPS & Antolle
  • SP Connect phone support location

Our tops

Motto models

We ourselves our bikes ourselves. They are designed to suit everyone.your, whatever your lifestyle.

At your own pace

Two Motto users in the street

At Motto, we like to have the choice, so why not leave it to our subscribers.e.s ? It is you who choose your subscription time: without commitment, 6 months or 1 year. All, infinite renewable !

  • Commitment from one month
  • Same guarantee regardless of the subscription
  • Addition/deletion of accessories
  • Service always all-inclusive

A service

A man next to a Motto bike

Offering a quality service is at the heart of our concerns: this is why our team strives to answer you and find solutions as soon as possible.

We take care of everything, and you take advantage of your freedom.

Motto test: Should you crack for the new electric bike by subscription ?

Motto test: Should we fall for the new electric bike by subscription?

Available for a few months in Paris, Motto is the youngest of electric bicycle rental services by subscription. Our grip of the Motto One, a design and connected electric bike.

Swapfiets, Redwill, Dance … Bike rental services are blooming in major French cities. Among the latest born of this spring of cycles, the Parisian Motto. This young French company is actually made up of the Bloom team, which had offered a bike from self-service rental services (the ‘fusion’ of French start-ups Smoove and Zoov-many o here) in 2021. A life -size experiment which made it possible to better understand the expectations of users, and which led to a brand new copy with Motto.

No more cousin cousin of Vélib ’, Motto goes upmarket and now offers for € 75 per month a design and connected bike and the associated maintenance and repair services.

Efficient design

Appointment is made at the Paris service showroom. On site, the chic industrial atmosphere is reminiscent of the WeWork premises contiguous to this address on rue du Temple, in the heart of the Marais. The perfect row of brand new bikes makes you want and we look forward to taking charge of the beast.

Motto claims to be premium and a first glance at the bike in our test abounds in this sense. The design is sleek and our comfort model (for its open frame easier to step up) is reminiscent of the Vanmoof X3 – there is worse as a reference. The LED row on the handlebars is perfectly integrated and strengthens the technological side of the bicycle. To perfect it all, the assembly seems serious. In short, the design developed internally of this Motto One has everything to please and should trigger a lot of favorites.

A beautiful bike is good, but what about the technique ? Rather stripped, this comfort model does not forget the essential: disc brakes (mechanical), belt transmission, smartphone support, crutch, mud guards … and that’s all. The designers went to the essentials and that’s good. On the motorization side, the rotation sensor engine (the pedaling rotation movement triggers it) is integrated into the hub of the rear wheel and allows you to get rid of speeds. It develops 50 nm of torque. It is a bit weak but consistent with the weight contained in the whole. The 36 V battery is skillfully integrated into the seatpost. This allows you to remove it to load it at home (unlike the Vanmoof model). Reverse of the medal, a slightly unsightly connection and above all poorly placed under the pedals (where dirt tends to accumulate) which tarnishes a design that lets appear almost no wire.

An evolutionary application

The owner’s turn would be incomplete without presenting the Motto application, essential to operate the bicycle because it allows the engine to be started, adjust the level of assistance (3 levels) and consult the level of load of the battery.

Other functions are present or will be deployed in the coming months: geolocation, speed, alarm, etc. A bit like a Tesla, Motto offers scalable features thanks to the connectivity permitted by the application. A bike that is therefore intended for an audience that does not go out without its smartphone. Otherwise, it is impossible to use it.

On the handlebars

From the first laps, the bicycle is rather easy to handle, especially since there is no speed to set. Nevertheless, its main faults appear fairly quickly: a little too firm comfort, a driving position too bent and a direction limited by the architecture of the bicycle. This last point is surely the most problematic. Impossible to completely turn the handlebars (certainly because of the integration of the wires) which considerably reduces the robbery. In short, to make a U-turn, you will have to do it in several times if you have a reduced space. Those who see the glass half full can argue that it is for the benefit of security by making it possible to avoid too ambitious turns. But for an urban bicycle it is still a somewhat disabling limit.

For the rest, the motto bike is rather convincing. Assistance is effective even if it is a bit weak in the steepest ribs (a boost function triggers using a button on the handlebars must allow you to remedy that). The autonomy announced at 80 km with a load also seems coherent. After a course of twenty kilometers, we had 70 % of autonomy left. The belt transmission and the rear light whose lighting intensifies to report braking are two small more than we would like to see more often on urban bikes.

Proposed at € 75 / month without commitment, Motto’s electric bike is part of the intermediate range of bicycle services by subscription. Everything is included in this price, namely flight and breakage insurance (with franchise), maintenance and repair within 48 hours. Home interventions are free, apart from the delivery of the bicycle which will cost you € 65.

3 questions at Driss Ibenmansour, CEO of Motto

You are already on another bike prototype, can you tell us more ?

The bicycle currently available through our service is a co -developed bike with Rayvolt Bike, a Spanish company. The design was done internally but Rayvolt helped us on the technical design. Today, we want to fill up on feedback from our users on the bicycle with the idea of ​​improving it. A new version could be released next year.

No other planned models ?

In parallel with this project, we also think about a longtail bicycle (extended frame editor’s note) to transport your children or more business. But we will first offer accessory a luggage rack and a child seat on our bike.

As a French start-up, you are not tried to surf the “made in France” with a tricolor bike ?

We chat with French assemblers, because it is difficult or even impossible to wear entirely in France. Today the bicycle is pre -assembled in Asia. Our goal is to do the full assembly in Europe. In France, it is complicated because with our owner design and our small volumes, our request is not necessarily adapted to local industrialists.

Motto One electric bike – test of the test

  • Weight: 25 kilos
  • Frame: ALU 6061
  • Tires: 27.5 “
  • Engine: Rayvolt – 50 Nm – 250 W
  • Battery: 504 Wh / 36V – 14 Ah
  • Autonomy: 80 km
  • Successful design
  • Possibilities brought by connectivity
  • Ease of use

We liked it less

  • Maneuverability in town
  • Firm comfort
  • Available only in Paris

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