Start -up problem Recharging battery, charging breakdown of your battery from a Renault Megane 2: Explanations.

How to manage a battery charging failure from your Renault Megane 2

Depending on the breakdowns encountered by your Renault Megane 2, there are remedies.

Start -up problem “breakdown recharging battery”

Start -up problem “breakdown recharging battery”

By J2lr Mar 19 Aug – 23:04:21

Hello to all,
I post this little message because I have a big problem with my car.
Tonight wanting to leave my barracks I found myself not being able to start:/
I explain myself I gently sit down at the wheel I insert my card in the slit provided for this effect, I press on my pretty
“Start/stop” button All the lights light up my lights lights up (because it starts to be dark) the fan begins to turn thoroughly
And nothing is an apartment
2 BIP The indicator of the key key lights up and my small screen which says “failure recharging battery”.
I rely on my famous “Start/stop” button I get out of my car the 2nd hic the fan always turns but slowdown:/
I park a vehicle next to the megane I but the clamps I try to start with a friends and the 3rd hic its does the same thing to me -‘
The pods were a little sulphate but quickly settled at a metal brush but still nothing following her, these for that that I came
advice and even help

Ah yes I forget I have a Renault Mégane 2 1.5 DCI from 5/05/2008

Sincerely Steven, thank you in advance

j2lr Pti’Neau


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How to manage a battery charging failure from your Renault Megane 2 ?

When you have a vehicle, it is important to take into account the fact that we can meet different breakdowns and incidents with the latter. As an example, and especially during the winter, many users encounters a crazy start their car, including Renault Megane 2, due to generator load problems. This concern can also appear for other reasons. That said, it happens to wonder where it may well come. In case you have battery charging defects With your Renault Megane 2, this article may well inform you about this situation.

Consult the list of all breakdowns on the Renault Megane 2

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What is the procedure for recharging a battery from your Renault Megane 2 ?

Before studying the problems of breakdown Recharge of a Renault Megane 2 battery, It is free to understand, at first glance, the recharging mechanism of a generator so that, thereafter, it becomes easier to solve the problems linked to them.

Above all, the battery of a car works exactly like a phone battery, and that, in the sense that it has the capacity to keep an optimal energy volume to allow the car to start, but also do others actions requiring electricity, such as:

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  • activation of headlights;
  • the use of radio;
  • the control of electric windows.

However, the use of electricity In all these tasks requires energy. Therefore, the reserve arrives at exhaustion in no time. In order to master this phenomenon, a piece has been put in place a little special, called alternator. The latter is able to transform the energy generated by the Renault Megane 2 engine in order to transform it into electric current, as will exactly a magnet and a coil of copper. Thanks to this invention, the automotive battery will be constantly loaded. Thus, it will be possible to use it in all normality. However, it is necessary to be aware that the mechanism which has just been described requires that the car be lit. It goes without saying, if The car is stopped, The use of the energy pumping parts will make sure to lower the energy level a little more in the Renault Megane 2. For more precision, the accumulator of this kind of car has a lifespan that can range from 3 to 5 years.

What are the best known anomalies in a battery of a Renault Megane 2 ?

After these explanations, it is easier to talk about the most frequent problems concerning the battery. In reality, if the battery of your Renault Megane 2 can no longer take care of as it should, it is that there is necessarily a concern or an accident of the electrical installation which can have various reasons.

At first glance, you may notice that Your battery is discharged, Even if you recharge it by means of a specific charger. In this case, the source of the problem is obviously hidden in terms of the alternator of your automobile which must be replaced. Indeed, since the generator of the Renault Megane 2 takes care with the specific charger, and that the car in itself starts, then the problem lies in the alternator level. This element can no longer provide its own energy.

Secondly, another dysfunction can happen in the event that from the automobile is going on one side to go out, but on the other hand not to light, despite having loaded your battery. In this context, the problem is at the level of the battery itself in itself. Indeed, if you are able to start the Renault Megane 2 while Its engine goes out in full driving, So this is the battery that can no longer keep the charge conversely.

Third, you may have changed your battery, But that this news cannot be loaded. In this case, it is not necessarily a product defect since it should not be ruled out that it is a concern relating to the alternator. More specifically, even if the battery empties as soon as you take the vehicle, the defect does not come directly from it since it is still new and that it is therefore supposed to hold its load. The alternative is that the problem is due to a faulty alternator or a mass in terms of the electrical installation from the Renault Megane 2.

The best way to adjust a charging failure in a Renault Megane 2 ?

Depending on the breakdowns encountered by your Renault Megane 2, there are remedies.

First of all, for problems that involve a defective alternator, it is possible to recover it and redo it by resorting to basic techniques. For this, it is essential touse a pressure gauge to determine if the alternator can still send electricity. Otherwise, it will be enough to replace it, for only a few hundred euros with a experienced repairer.

Then, if you have a Renault Megane 2 with a battery that can no longer keep the charge, then is compulsory to install a new one, the amount of which can go from 60 to 120 euros, And that, depending on the exact model of your engine.

Also, in the event that you have noticed a mass in the electrical harness, and that you have an alternator and a generator in good condition, then you will have to take the services of an automotive electrician so that he settles you quickly technical defect.

Finally, if by chance your renault megane 2 generator is completely empty and you want to load it, well, unfortunately there are little ways to solve this. Indeed, you can take a battery charger, which varies Between 50 and 100 euros in order to recharge it, or use cables that can provide you with energy. However, this will be enough to start the car.

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