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GPS Hiking Watch

“Building a little difficult, with many features but I do not use them all. Beautiful design “

Sports walking GPS watch

If you work daily in a sitting position in front of an office as part of your professional activity, we then recommend planning one or two hours of walking at the end of the day or during the weekend. With particularly sedentary work, it is important to find moments to practice a sporting activity in order to keep you healthy. During your sports practice, it may also be interesting to bring you a sports walking watch. Thanks to this type of watches, you can notably define routes in advance in order to know precisely the number of kilometers you will travel or the duration of your step. To start walking well, we also invite you to discover our front and pectoral lamps, our connected watches, our sports headphones, our activity trackers as well as our podometers.

How to choose How to choose a GPS watch ?

GPS Hiking Watch

Running GPS Cardio connected watch - Garmin Forerunner 45 Black

“It’s been 1 month since I regularly use the kiprun watch in a triathlon and I admit that in running I am blended, I can easily return my training with each interval and during training it reminds me when I am Not in my planned looks. Reading data after training are as precise and sufficient if we add a cardio belt.

I’m not going to talk about the bicycle because I use a Garmin counter.

But this watch has its limits, swimming … Whether in an inner or exterior basin of 25 or 50m even being careful to change the parameters it is not super precise. It adds or removes lengths. It’s a shame but hey it’s not really annoying and I won’t change just for that.

It is still a good watch that is worth trying especially for its price.””

“Very easy to use”

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Garmin Forerunner 245 gray cardio watch


“Many possible parameters, we can quickly get lost but after a few tests and failed, we learn.””

“Very happy with this purchase”

Alexandrine 01/01/0001

“A watch with very good autonomy. Purchased for the practice of fractional . The programs are quite simple to do. Telephone notifications as a bonus possibility of reading SMS on the watch dial. My husband is very happy with this gift “

“Very easy to use and very good autonomy”

“Super watch. However, fortunately we had inquired with my husband on the Internet because very poor quality advice. The person absolutely does not know the products “

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GPS connected watch - Bonism ID205G Rose


“Very good to start in connected watches, everything is clear and intuitive.
2 downsides:
– phone search does not always work, even if Bluetooth activated
– Sleep measurement does not really take night awakenings into account – it may be normal if we do not get up, that said.””

Anne Josephe 01/01/0001

“Difficult to configure but after that very good watch for the.Autonomy and waterproofing price . Solidity verified under 45 degrees. “”

“Very good look, no bugs, good screen, the features are there and synchronization works without problem ! At this price … “

“It would take more autonomy and what it does not disconnect when you are in Bluetooth.””

“Buy promo and see the price makes the job perfectly”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Multisport connected watch GPS PACE 2 - Dark blue


“The instructions are very succinct
Evil to understand certain ptograms
But if not well “

“Very complete and good quality of the information sought.
Very practical with portable connection “

“Viable and very practical watch I recommend”

“To see in the long term”

“Very satisfied, shows very light
Precise GPS. Possible to create your own running training. Autonomy of 10 days running 1 hour 3 times a week “

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Outdoor GPS Cardio connected watch - Garmin Instinct


“Sometimes I feel my phone vibrate, but the watch does not display anything, yet these are notifications that I” authorized “on my watch.””

“Very well thought out for all activities.””

“Difficulties in the altimeter. And especially for the calculation of the elevation, really not terrible for a hiking watch “

Jean Charles 01/10/2021

“Super product, really in terms of my expectations.””

“Product very useful in the military sports framework.””

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Connected GPS 900 by Coros Black watch


“Super value for money including all the outdoor sports needs without superfluous.””

“Great, very easy to set. The operation is very simple.””

“Watch that suits me perfectly, is now looking forward to using it in VTTAE”

“It is nothing more or less than a coros model with the Decathlon/Kiprun specifications. A welcome partnership which gives a watch little focused on connectivity (no music control for example) but very precise sensors, facilitated training programming and such appreciable autonomy. Several 45min cardio in the indoor cardio, a running outing of 1 hour and a marathon, connected H24 for three weeks and another 27% of battery. Screen perfectly readable in all circumstances, including in full sun. The coros application is very well done and synchronizes with Apple Health. I recommend this GPS 900 without reservation !””

“Very good value for money for my mountain biking and hiking practices”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

GPS Cardio Running Forerunner 45S white watch


“Autonomy is a little too light, it’s the only downside”

“Excellent running watch that offers an impressive amount of detailed features and data for many activities. Only downside, the somewhat brief notice for configuration and connection to the smartphone, but we find all the useful information on the web. I also recommend the app for PC which presents more clearly and in more detail the result of the activities.””

“Good product. Complies with my expectations. Small downside, the higher price with the white bracelet.””

“Perfect. Super product “

“Super produced on the other hand I cannot see the KMS performed when walking.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Cardio GPS connected watch - Vivoactive 4s white or


“Very good product not disappointed with my practical and pretty purchase”

“Very happy with my purchase, with the application works well, easy to use !””

“Good GPS watch
Health and sports monitoring ok “

“Easy to use watch and up to what it offers”

“Good product, very complete”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Cardio GPS Multisport connected watch - Garmin Forerunner 255 s light gray


“I really like. However, I note an unstable Bluetooth link with the smartphone.””

“Building a little difficult, with many features but I do not use them all. Beautiful design “

“Multisport watch that follows me everywhere, especially in running and swimming
I also like the monitoring of health and sports performance settings offered by Garmin Connect
The heart rate measurement function is rather reliable
I can’t wait to test this watch with the Decathlon Pace application !””

“Very happy with my purchase.
I only use the watch for three weeks but the measures seem to be precise and it holds the charge well. Aesthetically I find it even more beautiful in real life than in the photos.
The bracelet is a bit rigid but is still pleasant when the watch is worn.””

“Super very practical and perfect watch for sport”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

GPS watch with cardio with black ignite wrist m/l


“Some synchronizations that do not run as agreed”

“More difficult to read with bright weather. But for the rest, great watch.””

“Mitigated notice on 1 year of use. The retro lighting works when he wants or alone. A 2 hour mountain bike output with GPS and continuous cardio and imperative recharging the following day. It would be necessary to indicate the remaining number of hours rather than the percentage of battery remaining. There are a few bugs (100% load and discharges the next day, you must restart the watch or empty it completely, Polar does not detect the watch on the PC to synchronize it so restart to do) it detects all the time to raise even if she asks you “already awakened?”And if you are going to look at the comet neowise between 3h and 5h she detects one or more long interruptions of the sleep cycle and tells you that you have a Nightly Recharge index. You cannot take a nap because it indicates an inactivity. I use it for mountain biking bodybuilding and running. The touchscreen works well and the only button too. The GPS trace can be very faithful or completely next to it despite the update of satellites. Being able to configure a permanent display of the display would be good in a future software update. The characters can be small when you are in a sporting profile despite everything it is a good product value for money. My next purchase will be a tactile garmin. “”

“Good product and good autonomy. Very reactive product as a whole. Good for easy to use running.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Garmin Forerunner 55 black connected watch


“For a first watch it is not easy to take in hand. Once done it’s a treat.””

“Perfect for the desired use”

“Used for running and cycling. Very precise GPS, the application is really complete. I particularly like the race predictor.””

“Very functional, just a little concern with the cable, does not always take care of it completely but nevertheless a good product”

“Very large battery life – precise – light – waterproof – maybe lack of pre -programmed activities – good value for money”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Golf GPS watch - Garmin Approach S60 Black


“Very good product value for money”

“This watch is top
I still have to gain in manipulation and simplicity of use but it is up to me to do without the instructions.
The product remains intuitive and is very precise “

“Super functional. To try it is to adopt it!””

“Excellent powerful and very easy to use product”

“The product conforms to my expectations.
Control of different functions requires a little time.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Garmin Fenix ​​7 Silver Gray Connected GPS Watch


“Compliant with my expectations and more.””

Jean-Francois 03/12/2023

“Alright. Only one reproach: the tactile function seems sometimes burning. It must then be devoted manually with the keys and revalidate it, then it’s again ok “

“Very nice tool for sports measures, excellent GPS, autonomy of more than 15 days. ideal for training, progress and control your recovery.””

“A top watch. Allowing you to vary sports and improve with personalized coaching.””

“Very satisfied with this watch with extremely complete functions”

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“I am satisfied with the purchase of this GPS watch whether it is from an aesthetic or practical point of view with all its functions. The bracelet is very comfortable whether you wear it in water or on earth by practicing a sport that makes you sweat.””

“She does the job. The screen is a bit small and reading data during a sports practice requires a good view. Nice aesthetic.””

“Top and intuitive interface !””

“Super product, very responsive but beware no user manual delivered with it, you will have to rummage on the SUUNTO site. A downside The choice of colors is very limited on the Decathlon site is Domant “

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Running Garmin Forerunner 55 White Running Watch


“Very good value for money, ideal for cycling, jogging and hiking. Connection has the app is very easily done “

“TAF, with the Garmin follow -up. Just missing the monitoring of alpine skiing “

“Very nice watch
Two weeks without recharging, big performance for a health monitoring watch
Awesome the customization of the dial with the photos “

Ludivine and Christian 01/01/0001

“Watch for running but with multisport fashion. Sufficient battery and always the very good garmin application to put on the smartphone.””

“Perfect for replacing my Polar M430.
Super easy to use watch and app.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Multisports connected GPS watch Coros Pace 2 White


“Excellent purchase.
I had an Apple and I first hesitated to change brand, the price decided me and I am really very satisfied with this choice. She has nothing to envy my previous watch.
In addition to the excellent value for money, it is light, comfortable, easy to use and also a great battery life. I highly recommend this product.””

Charles Henry 05/06/2023

“Very nice watch easy to use and offering a lot of choices in programs for me it’s an almost perfect watch.””

“Excellent, she has accompanied all my activities for more than 6 months. A slight bug at the alarm once but which has no longer occurred.””

“Good value for money”

“I have been using it for 15 days and I am very satisfied with it. Easy to use.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours



Jerome and Manue 02/05/2023

“I am happy to have been able to replace the bracelet and thus continue to use my watch. My preceding models did not have the room available and although it was fully replaced to me it was not great for the environment.
The replacement of the bracelet is quite simple and quick.

A small downside, however, a huge box for a bracelet that would have held in an envelope.””

“My watch that I put every day has found a second youth !

“Identical to the original one”

“I bought this bracelet to replace the broken one of my watch”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Cardio GPS Multisport Connected Watch - SUUNTO 5 ALL BLACK


“Effective, interesting features and very good quality impression. Light downside on the battery, which is still sufficient.””

“Used on road and mountain bike. Watch that meets my expectations. All the data returned are almost reliable if I compare to my usual counter. Very little wait for sensor the GPS signal. Only downside, while in full effort, the dial is perfect, this is not the case on a daily basis. You have to have good eyes. Permanent retroeclairage would have been perfect.””

“Complies with descriptions and advice”

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Cardio GPS Multisport Connected Watch - Black Polar Pace


“Satisfied with my purchase”

“Super product but you have to hang on at first to understand how to make it work. Then it’s okay, I like it “

“User of Polar Watches, following a fall, I went from Vintage M to La Pacer.
I found the same features plus a few other. The 5 control buttons are used in the same way.
Cardio frequencymeter seems more precise and greater autonomy “

“Good watch for the price”

“Satisfied with this watch, corresponds to what I expected and my needs. She replaces my old 310XT.
The cardio wrist sensor is precise and more practical than a belt.
Very good autonomy.
Easy to use once the settings to be made on Polar Flow is mastered. So customizable screen displays depending on your sport are top.
I do not use the functions “sleep” and “daily activity” without interest in my eyes !
Good light even in full sun.
Find the satellites quickly. The precision seems to me at the appointment.
An IGN card background would be good to Polar Flow question of right, but easily bypassed by exporting the file to a HAD HOC site !
A lack all the same (unless I did not find how to have it) the average on the go. Function that I had on my old.
Personal choice, I immediately replaced the bracelet supplied by an easily adjustable metal bracelet for cardio measurement and which is less sweating.””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours



“Better than the SUUNTO Traverse”

“Product sought and found by the saleswoman with a good technical description and a very big smile !””

Available online delivery in less than 72 hours

Scanwatch connected GPS watch with rose or


“Very good product for cardiac follow -up and physical activity
Very useful sleep monitoring “

Very practical watch for its many features: connected watch, saturation, ECG, podometers, monitoring of sports activities, night surveillance. For me there is only a lack of tensioning!
Super practical autonomy because it holds well on 30 days without necessary recharge.
The bracelet is made of plastic but is not “junk” as much even if I will look if I can change it for a metal bracelet that will make more class.
Otherwise nothing to complain about this watch, she does her job very well and has nothing to envy to certain brands whose prices are much more expensive.””

“Pretty design, very comfortable .It is very elegant and practical with its digital crown to easily display the data.
I was afraid that the screen will be too small but no, we link everything very well on it.
The electrocardiogram or the oximeter is very easily carried out
Its great autonomy is very appreciable
I wake up much more easily with the smart wake-up ™ which will find the optimal moment of my sleep cycle.
For my daily follow -up and my sports sessions 3 times a week I find the application very well done I see my progress and it motivates !
I recommend this watch for all these functions it has nothing to envy to other brands but above all it does not make gadget we can put it with other jewelry it is very beautiful “

“This watch combines elegance and high technology. The screen is large and round, personally I have a white wallpaper, a pink entourage and a light gray bracelet.
Once the application is downloaded on your phone, just pair the watch on the phone. It is an ultra easy handling.
In a 1st step this scanwatch automatically follows our activities such as walking, cycling, running, swimming, sleep, distance, elevation (stages mounted) and calories burned like a basic watch but not only, what I will explain to you later .
The small round digital screen displays (if we have chosen it in our settings) our personalized calls for calls, messages, appointments and applications as well as our daily measurements (number of steps, distance traveled and heart rate frequency ) by rotation of the digital crown. To scroll all this information, simply press the button 1 time and run the wheel to access all features.
This watch is capable of detecting irregular heartbeat of the heart and sends a notification when an irregular heartbeat is detected.
If you activate the night respiratory scan and of course you wear your watch at night it allows you to detect any respiratory disruption thanks to the SPO2 sensor, to analysis of heart and respiratory frequencies and movements.
It also acts as an electrocardiogram on demand: a medical precision electrocardiogram can be recorded in 30 seconds.
It also serves as a medical accuracy pulse oximeter: a medical measure of your oxygen saturation rate in the blood (SPO2) is recorded in just 30 seconds.
It records the heart rate every 10 minutes for 24 hours a day follow -up. The heart rate is continuously recorded when the drive mode is activated.
It records a complete report of our nights, with our heart rate, a sleep score calculated from your sleep phases, your alarm clock, and sleeping durations, falling asleep and alarm clock.
You can also configure a silent alarm to wake you up at the best time with smart wake-up ™.
The very large plus are that all the information recorded by the watch you find it in the application on the phone in a very clear and very well explained way. On the battery side, I find it quite exceptional because it’s been more than 20 days that I have my watch on the wrist 24 hours a day and it is still at 60 % load .””

“Tester opinion
I have been testing this watch for 10 days, I wanted exactly this style of watch, which is not a connected watch with phone etc which, for me, is not useful, I was looking for a watch that is more focused on cardio, Sleep and sport.
Every morning I make the topo of my day and night of the day before, the app is used to have a good follow -up. I can see where the problem is.
The autonomy is good, after 10 days I am 40% battery without recharging.
In short, this is my well -being ally “