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Mad Sport bike

Course I Its topology will have variable repercussions on battery life. Assistance is adjustable on 4 levels. The best way to find SN ideal setting is to do tests yourself.

Sport +

Sport +

Sport + is made for the city, but also for your biggest walks, thanks to its fluidity, it takes up what made the success of the sport model, and makes it even better.

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Long autonomy

Sport + has a removable 475Wh battery for an average autonomy of 100km.

475Wh refers to the capacity of its battery and the energy tank of its assistance, not that of its engine.

Integrated into the frame, our battery is better protected in the event of a shock, provides an additional rigidity and better distribution of the masses.

Noted that the bike is gaining dynamism, the battery recharges 80% in 1h30 and completely in 2h30.

100km of average autonomy

Calculate my autonomy

Central engine

Sport + has an MFC central engine with a power of 80nm, this engine is developed and designed in France in Machecoul in the Loire-Atlantique.

Thanks to its power, this engine propels you to new adventures with ease and speed. Whether you are on steep roads or need a boost for long distances or on large slopes, this powerful engine will meet all your needs.

With a robust and reliable design, this engine ensures optimal performance and efficiency. Thanks to its central position, it offers a balanced distribution of weight, which improves the stability and maneuverability of the bicycle. You will feel in total harmony with him, taking advantage of a fluid and pleasant driving.

Power guaranteed rapid acceleration and effortless climbs. Whether you want to explore winding trails or simply move to town, this engine will instantly meet your needs by providing powerful assistance, precise.

The engine is designed to be silent and energy efficient. It respects the environment by reducing sound emissions and allowing you to enjoy every moment.

Designed & Assembled in France

With an ultra-performance test laboratory and modernized production tools, the factory applies each protocol to the Valomad. From design to final expedition, all manufacturing stages are strictly controlled.



Tubular aluminum mudguard

Brooks Cambium saddle

Very light 18kg

Shimano Tiagra derailleur

Central engine

Removable battery

Technical characteristics


Aluminum, half-receiving (62 cm)
Shimano Hydraulic “flat move”
Brooks Cambium C17 All Weather


Rechargeable, integrated, removable 37V 12.8Ah lithium-ion battery, 475Wh communication UART
Mini color LCD screen with 4 assistance levels

Elite range

Elite range daily use Shimano 504Wh Removable Shimano Steps E6100 Rims 28 “Aluminum Aluminum Continental Tires Contact + Unconnected Handle Ergon Grip 1 Comfort NBRS 8

Sport +

Sport + Daily use Removable Lithium -Ion Battery Integrated and Removable 37V – 12.8Ah – 475Wh – Com. UART Central engine engine 80nm Mach 1 WTB rims WTB Horizon Huruminium hanger, Half-Relevé (62 cm) Brooks Rubber NBRS Brooks Handle 10 Discover it

V2 range

Range V2 Daily Use Removable Battery Lithium -Ion Rechargeable without 36V memory effect – 12.8Ah – 460Wh Ultra -compact rear engine Mach 1 Trekking Tires Black Trekking Rise Rising Aluminum 62 cm Handle Leather Brooks Nbrs 10 Discover

Customer Reviews

As in the opinions of other users I regret the absence of fixed lighting connected to the battery I had a Peugeot electric bicycle for my 70 years with a Nexus hub this one for my 80 years is in line with my expectations with The dimensions swallowed without slowing down. The rear mudguard was poorly fixed and made noise alone noted I had to deflate to remix it. I have not yet found the right pressure to amortize the defects of the cycle paths when you drive between 25 and 30

After 2 weeks of daily use to go to work, I am convinced that I have made the right choice.
The +:
– Efficiency: you can use it without assistance on the dish without problem if you want, the bike remains rigid and well balanced: we advance very well. I have a strong rib on the return, and there I use the “boost” mode: too good even with the full races in the bag!
– Repairability: the bicycle only uses standard quality components and very well chosen; They are easy to change if necessary. (super saddle / seatpost / handles). Without being an expert mechanic, I will have no problem with maintenance.
– Quality: the bike seems very robust and well constructed, it inspires quality (with a super design in +)::
– No manual for the screen. Impossible to know if the adjustment of the wheel perimeter is well done for example.
– The mountain bike pedals: with city shoes, you can easily feel the pins through the sole; It’s not very comfortable, I will change them.
– When you drive at 26 km / h – easy with this bike – you slightly feel the assistance stop / restart, while the rest of the time you don’t feel it at all (it is very progressive). But frankly it’s a little problem. I got used to it very quickly: either we stay at 25, or you really have to press at 27 and +.

Very recent purchase of a sport + for very urban use. No hindsight yet for autonomy, I measure 1.92 for 100 kilos. It sneaks very easily in town, or the absence of suspension is in my opinion not a problem. The engine is reactive to get out of trafficking. Racked look, the finishes are neat

Super electric bike. I find the pleasure of going to go by bike on the steep and dangerous roads on the seaside. A super powerful engine and a boost mode that makes you take off.
In short, very good value for money !
Only downside concerning the level of the rather unclear battery in the sense that we do not really know the remaining autonomy .
Other than that to buy your eyes closed.

The opinion of our experts
3. Considering that you are on a route with 25% ribs

The autonomy of an electric bike depends on three factors: cyclist weight, level and frequency of use of electrical assistance, route.

Weight I Our bike weighs only 20 kg thanks to its aluminum structure. With an 80 kg cyclist, the whole will be 100kg, hence the influence of the weight of the user.

Electric assistance I Its use can propel the bicycle up to 25km/h (legal maximum authorized by European legislation). Beyond, assistance is cutting. With a permanent adjustment on half of the available power, the autonomy may be doubled.

Course I Its topology will have variable repercussions on battery life. Assistance is adjustable on 4 levels. The best way to find SN ideal setting is to do tests yourself.

Mad Sport bike+

The Mad Sport+ // Source bicycle: Louise Audry for Numerama

The MAD (ex-Vélo Mad in France bicycle) released an excellent revision of its first urban bike, correcting youthful defects in their initial attempt. The Mad Sport+ bike is an excellent urban bike, full of style and very dynamic. Sport+ can highlight a large couple (80 Nm), which allows it to start quickly with each stop. We also appreciate the insurance sold in an additional pack by the brand, which allows it to leave it all over town without asking a question. At € 2,290, it is clearly an electric bicycle model with a quality quality/price ratio.

Mad Sport+ bike at the best price

€ 2,390 On the Mad Bike

Our verdict on the Mad Sport bicycle+

We liked

  • Its reliable and solid components
  • Its “prestige” finish
  • Perfectly accompaniment of the acceleration engine

We liked it less

  • The lights not connected to the battery
  • The saddle a little hard for long outings
  • Slightly smooth tires for wet floors

Mad Sport+ bike: the characteristics

Couple 80 nm
Engine MFC
Sensor Couple
Speeds 10
Materials Aluminum
Style Urban
Assistance modes 4
Sizes M, L
Removable battery Yes
Power 250 W
Battery 460 Wh
Autonomy 70 km
Weight 19.5 kg
Release date 07/01/2021