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Testimonials: Subscription of subscriptions does not undergo the crisis

Here is a non-exhaustive list :

Spliiit review (test 2023): What is this co-abaltent service worth to pay less for Netflix, Spotify and Company ?

Netflix, Prime, Disney, Apple, if you choose to subscribe to all streaming subscriptions at a high price with 10 euros per CI and 15 euros there, your budget is starting to take a hit ! Spliiit is a platform responsible for connecting the owner of premium subscriptions online and users wishing to subscribe to the shared account to save money.

  • Excellent concept
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Management of payments and bank payment without minimum
  • Some subscriptions require sharing a common password

Spliiit saves money on the price of subscriptions of a large number of dematerialized services: online newspapers, musical streaming, on -demand video platforms like Netflix and Disney+, software based on the subscription principle and even services e-commerce such as Cdiscount and Amazon Prime.

The platform plays the role of intermediary in the connection of users, in the publication of subscription offers and in transaction management. Zoom on Spliiit, an important player in the sharing of accounts between Internet users who deserves in our opinion that we are interested.

  • Spliiit: the blablacar of dematerialized subscriptions
  • Save money on your subscription to streaming service or software
  • Pay a cheaper price by sharing the account of a stranger
  • Safety and reliability of Spliiit
  • Spliiit: save money, yes … but knowingly

Spliiit: the blablacar of dematerialized subscriptions

Launched in May 2019 by Jonathan Lalinec, Guillaume Lochard and Brice Vincent, Spliiit is a platform that facilitates the sharing of digital subscriptions between users, knowing or not. It is for this last choice that the service is the most popular. With a varied catalog of shareable accounts, there are plethora of dematerialized premium services, including many players in the streaming market as well as software of all kinds.

Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Musical streaming services: Spotify, Deezer, Apple One, YouTube Music
  • Video streaming services: Netflix, Disney+, Canal+, YouTube Premium
  • Computer security solutions: NordVPN, Cyber ​​Ghost, Bitdefender, Proton, Lastpass
  • Access to online video games: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation…
  • Software: Microsoft Office 365, CANVA, SETAPP, CLEANMYMAC X…
  • The dematerialized newspapers: Le Monde, the team, Ouest France, Mediapart ..
  • E-commerce subscriptions: Amazon and Cdiscount
  • Cloud storage services: Google One, iCloud, Dropbox…
  • Wellness-oriented applications and platforms: Headspace, Calm, Ifit
  • E-learning platforms: Duolingo, Elephorm, Lumosity, Nomad Education…

On Spliiit, a user is able to share his account with other members of the platform if he wishes and thus recover part of his subscription in the form of real money. During registration, no distinction is essential between the owner wanting to share his subscriptions and the Internet user wishing to subscribe to an offer from others. This implies that the platform can be used in both directions with one and the same account. In this same line, you recover the money from the sharing of your subscriptions to pay you monthly the price of sharing another subscription to an owner.

Save money on your subscription to streaming service or software

Depending on the service you want to share with a third -party person, the method is not always the same. There are two major methods for this. The first is to attach an already existing account of another user when the service in question allows, this is for example the case of the Amazon Prime or Spotify offer. On the other hand, certain platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ streaming services or most dematerialized newspapers do not work in this way. It will then be a question of sharing the connection password to new subscribers.

In the case of Netflix figure and therefore, when sharing a password, it is obvious that questions about the security of the account may arise. The main recommendation that could be established would be to use a single password and possibly, an e-mail address created for the occasion. Keep in mind that some of your information will be visible by all subscribers, depending on the shared account.

Once all precautions have been taken, it is time to erect the proposal to share the premium subscription. We greatly appreciate the simplicity that Spliiit brings to this task, thanks to its very understandable visual interface and the step -by -step system which accompanies us in the process.

Testimonials: Subscription of subscriptions does not undergo the crisis

From the top of its 230 million subscribers, when Netflix announces that it opens the hunt for sharing accounts, it caught up in customers. The practice was tolerated if not encouraged by the platform. This poses by ricochet the question of the future of services which made this possibility their business.

Whether called Spliiit, Diivii or Sharesub, they offer holders of a family or premium subscription-that is to say authorizing joint use by several people with each of their own account- share the cost. These platforms present themselves as such as intermediaries of connecting and payment between subscribers, rather than resellers of Subscription Sensu Sensu. Which would put them in acknowledgment with the streaming services on which they rely.

Their existence is not always known when the oldest has been operating in recent years. Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo, iCloud, Nordvpn, Amazon Premium, YouTube Premium… The big names in streaming content and many online services are there.

Cost allocation

The principle is always the same: the holder of an advanced subscription formula will offer his places available through one of these sites. We then choose as in the market to join the subscription of so and so.

If you have for example a Spotify family subscription, you have a capacity of six different user profiles. Let us put that you only use four, the two who are useless can be used by other people who will reimburse you through these sites.

In the present case, these two “co-abone” Spotify each pay 1/5 of the price of the family subscription: just over € 3 instead of € 9.99 for a solo subscription (even the student subscription will be a bit more expensive). The one who shares his subscription is reimbursed for a fraction of his monthly payment, and the site which makes everyone meet again with a small monthly commission on the payment of the co-abundant and another during the initial connection.

If a streaming service has limits in its use, the number of accounts that can be taken into account. A Netflix subscription thus authorizes 5 user profiles, but we can only share 2 or 4 accounts since this is the limit of the number of screens usable simultaneously in standard and premium formulas.

Depending on the online services, sharing an account is more or less fluid. Some will force to exchange identifiers and passwords, others can transmit access to a secondary account by a link (such as iCloud) which will create your own account. And then there are other cases, such as iCloud precisely, which imposes a period of one year before joining another “family”. From one service to another, it is necessary to check the functioning which is its own.

Several safeguards have also been provided for each other to avoid payment defects or that a subscription is required to be preceded by a notice for the co-abundant.

The system was not to the taste of Netflix, Apple and Disney+ which attacked Spliiit at the end of 2019 for brands counterfeiting and offense to their general conditions of use. The trio was dismissed by the Paris tribunal de grande instance in March 2022. Which pointed out that Apple’s general conditions did not proscribe this practice or that the customer services of Netflix and Disney made a favorable reading of the rules of sharing to subscribers which questioned them on this subject. The case is not over, it must still be judged on the merits.

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