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Unlike the download speed, the remitzing outlet defines the volume of data that your device can send on the internet. It is calculated in the same way and is therefore measured with the same units.

Speed ​​test – Internet debit test

A Internet debit test is used to measure the speed and quality of the connection of your device to the Internet. The flow test is carried out by a multitude of consecutive tests which analyze separate aspects of your Internet connection, whose ping(latency), the test of downspout and the test of ascending flow. Each of these values ​​represents the characteristics of your connection which are exposed in more detail below. You will better understand the final results of the fiber flow or adsl flow test test. However, before you get there, it is important to know how to realize each internet speed test.

How to do a downhill flow test?

The measurement of the downhill flow is made by opening multiple connections to a server. A large file is then downloaded simultaneously from all these connections. This approach guarantees that the whole bandwidth is used, and that the maximum test flow is reached and measured. Calculation of data flow from the elapsed time allows you to obtain the rate available for data download. This methodology is the same, for the ADSL Mire test, the fiber test or any other internet connection test.

How to make an ascending connection speedtest?

The ascending flow test is measured by reversing the method used for the downhill internet speed. Thus, multiple connections are open to a server dedicated to ADSL test or fiber. Then a random file is created on your device and sent to the dedicated server. Again, sending through all available connections allows you to saturate the bandwidth and measure its maximum capacity. The measurement of the amount of amount vis-à-vis the elapsed time makes it possible to determine the ascending connection rate to set up data.

How to do the ping test on your internet connection?

During the ping calculation, the device sends a small packet of data to the remote server. When the server receives this package, it sends it back to your device to make the full round trip. The time taken by this package to finalize the journey is called latency or even ping. To measure the ping with precision, several ping tests are carried out successively. The result of this test is therefore an average of latency tests.

All these operations are automatically managed when using Speedcheck. However, there is a crucial element that must be taken into account when testing internet debit. Always choose the suitable tool. Indeed, it depends on the device used: computer, tablet or smartphone. To check the debit on computer, use your browser and this site. On mobile, use our speed test iOS and Android apps. Especially if you perform a bandwidth test on Wi-Fi. Mobile devices browsers are generally not very successful. Hence the interest in using a dedicated mobile application in order to have specific ADSL Debit flow results or fiber flow test.

Important connection measures

What is the download speed?

This is the internet data receipt of data from the Internet to your device. This measure is a division of the total data rate of data received by the past duration. Thus, the unit of this measure is a data fraction in time. Often the download debit is marked in megabits per second (MBPS or MB/S). However, there are other units such as kilobits per second (KBPS or KB/S) or megaoctet per second (MO/S).

What is the speed of televersing?

Unlike the download speed, the remitzing outlet defines the volume of data that your device can send on the internet. It is calculated in the same way and is therefore measured with the same units.

What is the ping (latency)?

The ping or latency is defined as the period of a signal caused by the duration necessary for the latter to reach its destination. It therefore represents the time that it takes to a database to make a return trip to the network via the server. Since it is a value of time, it is measured as such. Generally, the ping is measured in milliseconds (MS) and indicates the responsiveness of your connection.

Why should I test internet flow?

Simply because testing its connection allows you to make sure that your Internet service provider actually gives you the ADSL or fiber speed for which you pay and (b) to have an estimate of applications that will normally work on your network.

What is the speed of your Internet connection?

You should know that different internet speeds are suitable for different use scenarios. Therefore, it is according to the expected use that the DEBIT test allows you to know “what is the speed of my internet connection”. While web browsing is satisfactory with a few megabits per second; Streaming on Netflix in 4K will require at least a speed of 25 Mbps. On the other hand, playing online depends mainly on the ping; The smaller it is, the better. Finally, publishing content on the Internet, such as putting videos on YouTube online, is dependent on your remoteness speed.

Internet test

Measure the loading latency during sending
Always display the data
Enregus. the config. for this device

What fast measurement.com ?

Fast.com gives you an estimate of your current internet speed. In general, you can get this speed from the main Internet services. These use servers distributed all over the world.

Why fast.Com is it mainly focused on download speed ?

It is particularly important to know the download speed for internet content consumers, which is why we want to make fast.com a simple and easy way to achieve it.

What about other elements (ping, latency, jigs, etc.)) ?

When you click on the “See more info” button, you can display the shipping speed and latency (Ping). Fast.com provides two latency measures of your Internet connection: in the event of loaded or not busy traffic. The difference between these two measures is sometimes also called “bufferbloat”.

How are the results calculated ?

To calculate the speed of your Internet connection, Fast.com performs a series of shipments and downloads to and from the Netflix servers, then calculates the maximum speed that your Internet connection can provide. You will find more information on this subject in this article in our blog.

Fast speed test.does it work all over the world ?

Fast.com tests internet speed on any device (smartphone, laptop or smart TV with browser), around the world.

Why does Netflix offer the fast speed test.com ?

We want our users to be able to assess the speed provided by their ISP in a simple and fast way, without advertising.

What to do if the speed is not the one for which I pay ?

If the results obtained via the Fast tool.com and other tests often indicate that the speed is lower than that for which you pay, you can talk about these results to your FAI.

Internet debit test

Know in detail (Upload, Download, Ping) The speed of its ADSL, fiber, 4G or 5G internet connection by the ADSL & Fiber zone flow test.

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What is the speed of your Internet connection ?

A speed or speed test test measurement, analysis and compares the flow rates of an internet connection on PC/Mac, Mobile or Tablet (Wifi, CPL, Ethernet – Public, Private). Neutral, independent and free, this debit test is compatible with all Internet operators (Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange, SFR. )). From ADSL & Fiber zone, you can test your fiber optic, ADSL, or 4G fiber flow.

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Operator tests

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Test your fiber eligibility

Take stock of your situation by also carrying out a fiber eligibility test. This free test lets you know if your accommodation is eligible for fiber optics. You will also access the full list of Fiber box offers Available at home.

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Locate Internet network failures near you

Your internet debit is sometimes low and you meet connection problems From your home ? A key network failure may be your supplier. Our breakdown tools lets you know if a incident has been reported on the network of your operator.

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Consult the fiber coverage card in France

A good flow depends on good fiber blanket. Thanks to our fiber coverage barometer, discover the state of the coverage of your city, department and/or region from the fiber card and follow its deployment.

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What is the fiber coverage in your city ?

Compare the best Internet offers at the moment

You are dissatisfied with your current Internet box ? You have the possibility of Discover all Internet offers, fiber or ADSL, available on the market right now since our online internet box comparator completely free. Price, debit, commitment: Choose your criteria Using filters to find the offer you need.

Measure your adsl, fiber, 4G and 5G speed

  1. What is a debit test ?
  2. What information does a debit test ?
  3. How to use a debit test ?
  4. Which box or mobile offer to choose after having passed a debit test ?
  5. What is the ping ?
  6. What is Download speed ?
  7. What is the upload rate ?
  8. What is the difference between Mbit/s and Mo/s and between Megabits and Megabytes ?
  9. What is very high speed ?
  10. Is the adsl & fiber zone flow test free ?
  11. Why the results vary between two flow tests ?
  12. What is the difference between a flow test and an eligibility test ?
  13. You find a strong drop in your flow for a few hours or days ?

What is a debit test ?

A flow test, also called bandwidth test, measures the actual speed of your internet connection. It thus informs of the quality of your ADSL or fiber optic fixed connection. You can also pass a 5G speed test for free. A speed test can help you identify the causes of slowdowns that affect your internet line.

What information does a debit test ?

A speed or speed test test measures the speed of an internet connection in downhill debit (Download) and amount of amount (upload), the speed of your bandwidth ADSL, fiber or 4G mobile. Speed ​​test allows you to know the real flow of its line and ping.

How to use a debit test ?

To pass our flow test, nothing could be simpler. Just click on the “Start the flow test” button. The results will appear automatically, in a few seconds.

Which box or mobile offer to choose after having passed a debit test ?

A flow test allows you to estimate the quality of a fixed or mobile internet connection. By coupling the results of the debit test with those of the eligibility test, ADSL & Fiber zone offers you a series of mobile and/or internet box offers adapted to your situation. You will be able to choose from a range of appropriate offers, a cheaper mobile box and/ or mobile package subscription with better speed.

What is the ping ?

The ping (Packet Internet Groper), also called “latency”, corresponds to the data transmission time between a device and a server. Expressed is milliseconds (MS), it translates the speed, responsiveness and reliability of a fixed or mobile internet connection.

What is Download speed ?

The Download speed corresponds to the speed observed during the data transfer in the downstream direction, which is therefore carried out from the server to the user (computer or smartphone). It is expressed in Mbit/s. Concretely, it notably translates the speed with which you browse on the internet or download files.

What is the upload rate ?

The upload debit corresponds to the debit noted during the transfer of data in the amount or ascending direction, that is to say of the user (computer or smartphone) to the server. It is expressed in Mbit/s. This is this debit on which the speed of sending emails or photo sharing depends in particular on a social network.

What is the difference between Mbit/s and Mo/s and between Megabits and Megabytes ?

The results of a flow test are generally expressed in Mbit/s. But beware: it can sometimes happen that the flows are indicated in MO/s. It is therefore essential to know the relationship between these two elements: 8 Mbit/s correspond to 1 MB/s.
Another confusion to avoid: megabits and megabytes. A “byte” is an English term designating an byte. 1 megabytes = 1 megaoctet = 8 megabits.

What is very high speed ?

Whether for the ADSL, fiber or mobile 4G fixed, an internet connection is qualified as very high speed if its Download speed is greater than 30 Mbit/s.

Is the adsl & fiber zone flow test free ?

Like all the tests offered by ADSL & Fiber zone, ADSL, fiber and mobile flow tests are completely free. You want to know the quality of your fixed internet connection ? Pass our ADSL flow test, which also exists in fiber optics version.

Why the results vary between two flow tests ?

The flow of an internet connection is influenced by multiple parameters. It may notably vary depending on the time, the number of users on the network. For these reasons, the results between two flow tests often vary slightly.

What is the difference between a flow test and an eligibility test ?

A flow test measures the speed of an ADSL internet connection, fiber optic or 4G mobile. A fiber eligibility test lets you know if your accommodation is eligible for this technology.

You find a strong drop in your flow for a few hours or days ?

We invite you to contact your operator. The problem undoubtedly comes from the network. If this is the case, your operator will inform you of any breakdowns and cuts on the network. You can also consult our breakdown card.