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Search for a train by number and train station

To access interactive map and visualize the train journey in real time, Just click on “Display the card”.

SNCF Info Traffic: Follow your train in real time

The SNCF offers a new trains monitoring system in real time: SNCF Info Trafic. This SNCF service allows better management of your railway journeys.

A new traffic monitoring service for SNCF trains in real time

Since October 6, 2014, the SNCF has put online on its website a interactive card service tracking in real time trains circulating on the rail network. The SNCF thus intends to inform its users more precisely by providing real -time information.

This information service Real -time trains position is available for TGVs (Inoui, Ouigo), intercity trains, TER, Transilien trains, Thalys, Eurostar and TGV Lyria.

For your loved ones, finished the waiting time at the station or phone calls to find out how long you think you are coming.

How does the SNCF Info Traffic Service in real time work ?

To access this ServFree Ice of Trains Geolocation SNCF, just connect to the site and fill out the search form for a train.

The fields to be completed are:

  • The date of the train
  • Train departure time
  • the departure station
  • The arrival station
  • a city name on the journey

Service D

Once the search is launched, you get a Summary table of trains in circulation For transmitted data.

You can then visualize:

  • The train number
  • Departure and arrival times
  • the cities corresponding to the route
  • travel time
  • real -time traffic information

View SNCF delays in real time

To access interactive map and visualize the train journey in real time, Just click on “Display the card”.

Interactive card of trains in real time SNCF

There SNCF network card in real time allows you to follow the movement of the train. The card is zoomable and allows you to visualize more precisely the cities crossed. By clicking on the train icon, you will have access to a Detailed information on the route.

To directly access real -time interactive card real time, Follow this SNCF real time link.

SNCF Mobile Application Info Traffic in real time

To know the positioning of a train, information essential for geolocation, the SNCF uses the geomobile application.

This application centralizes information from many sources such as:

  • GPS fleas installed on the roofs of trains.
  • “Bréhat” beacons, placed on network infrastructure and triggered when the train passes.
  • “Sirius” tablets, used by the driver and which can help locate trains by emitting signals at regular intervals.

By operating the data to inform its users, the SNCF offers you a truly innovative and useful service.

From now on, from your smartphone you will have access to The traffic info of your main lines (TGV, TER, Intercités) and Transilian lines.

This service may alert you to SNCF disturbances In order to anticipate your journeys. The application goes even further since it will be able in real time to offer you an alternative route.

If you wish you can also ask the application to inform your loved ones by sharing your information about your trip.

To download the application, simply go to the SNCF application website

In order to understand in more detail the features of this real -time info application, you can view the video of the service.

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Search for a train

You know your train number and you want to know if it is on time ? Or do you want to see all the trains from the nearest station ?

With trainline, you can search for trains by number or by station and know where they are at any time of the day !

How to look for your train by number ?

Our traveling companion allows you to search in real time the trains of all the most important railway companions in France and in Europe. You can use our online display board:

  1. Select the “Train/bus” option.
  2. Select the railway company with which you travel (ex: SNCF, Eurostar, Thalys, Renfe . ))
  3. Enter the train number (ex: 9946)

You can now consult the timetables, stops and final destination in your train in real time. You can see where your train is right now, if he travels on time or if he has accumulated delays and on which way he must arrive ! You can now allow yourself to arrive at the stress -free station while knowing exactly where and when your train will arrive !

How to search for your train by station ?

You do not know the number of the train in question, but you know which station it will leave ? Thanks to our search engine, you can also view all the trains at the start and arrival of the station that interests you, in real time. While looking for your train on the trainline site, it’s like having the station display board at hand ! All you have to do is use our traveling companion as follows:

  1. Select the “stations” option
  2. Choose if you want to see the “departure table” or the “arrival table”
  3. Enter the “departure station” or the “arrival station”
  4. Click on the “Find Live” button “

You can see all the departures or arrivals of the SNCF trains of the station of your choice by modifying your preferences (by clicking on the “Options” button). For all trains, you can check the scheduled and late arrival time (indicated in red), as well as the number and type of train, the finish route and the destination.

How to follow your train in real time ?

With the train companion of trainline, you can know the status of your train at any time and spend the last minutes of preparation for your trip with confidence !

Thanks to our search engine, you can follow the progress of your train in real time and display detailed information on arrival and departure hours, scheduled stops, departure route and any delay or cancellation. It’s like always having your train schedule with you, without having to consult the billboard as soon as you arrive at the station ! The data is updated in real time and allow you to follow the departures and route of your train live by simply entering the number in the appropriate section.

Your train is approaching ? Download our free application to always have your tickets at hand, without even having to go home to print them !