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Just take a quick capture, add a message and choose the time length that it will be visible to your friends. That’s all.

Snapchat 12+

Summary :Snapchat and a social network you can send messages to call video calls to the vocal … When you start snap chat you have a skin a character that you can personalize or basic his represents you (not obliged but good) so with the skin you unlock Stikers where there is your dcp skin you can also send photos of your photo gallery there are mini games I find his draw for the little ones but each his taste so you regional the game and you can also commit with The person you can put your avi your emotion on the message that the other person sends you his super cool we also have camso there is head and fon like stikers we can also create GRPs of several people example You take Marie Léna and Jade you can create a GRP with that the only donation on snap you can also take video photos with filters and send them to your story or t friends��‍♂️ you can also see the story of friends and famous person there is also a button and its leads you to video like Tiktok SA is called spotlight if you are bored I advise you you can also see The location of t friends ��‍♂️ In short snap c well but respect the user rules reads well I find that its super ���� I strongly recommend you

Definitively blocked account

5 star to be put forward nothing more !! My snapchat account was definitively blocked by individuals hacked my account and we break the rules of snapchat I can no longer access it I have my snapchat account since 2015 !! I lost all my memories memorized ect it is an unsecured application I really do not recommend !! If I could note zero star I would have done it !! Friends to me who had watched my story told me that there were bizarre publications I tried to get into my account to see but impossible it was my favorite application ! But now I now hate it impossible to reach the Snapchat team . I would have liked to have contact with the Snapchat team because as I said I have my account since 2015. I have never violated the rules if there is ever a way to recover my account I ask the Snapchat team to do the necessary thank you for your understanding. And I would also like to make a suggestion that of deleting the report option because everyone can afford to report anything and anything. Your reporting option is not good. Because everyone can report an account for anything and anything and you will blocked the account.

Yaya Le Chocolala, 02/04/2023


Snapchat is a social network that I really appreciate, only problem I was but really really disappointed because some of my souvenir photos have been deleted and it is unfortunately not the first time that it happens. I was really very angry especially for this time when these memories were important to me, I am extremely disappointed … I am in the current one that when there is a kind of “clock” above the photo/video that means that the video or photo is not fully saved on the application and that it is not necessary to uninstall the application, because these will necessarily be erased, but there in no cases I uninstall this application so I do not Still not understand … Really disappointed, knowing that for me it is an application deserving 5 stars because it works very well, but because of this problem I lose memories without any reasons, which annoys me a lot knowing that these memories were quite important … So I am forced to remove a star despite the fact that it is a very good application.

If you could create a space where deleting them put inside to be able to recover them, it would be extremely good and it would recover the lost memories.

Confidentiality of the app

Snap developer, INC. indicated that the processing of data as described below could be among the practices of the app in terms of confidentiality. To find out more, consult the developer’s privacy policy.

Data used to follow you

  • Contact details
  • Identifiers

Data establishing a link with you

The following data can be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Purchases
  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Contacts
  • User contents
  • Research history
  • Identifiers
  • Use data
  • Diagnostic

Confidentiality practices may vary, in particular depending on the features you use or your age. Learn more


IPhone compatibility requires iOS 12.4 or later. iPod touch requires iOS 12.4 or later.

French, German, English, Arabic, Bengali, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Danish, Spanish, Filipino, Finnish, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Malaysi, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Dutch, Ourdou, Pendjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

Age 12+ rare/moderate scenes of consumption or reference to alcohol, tobacco or drugs for rare/moderate scenes of vulgar or blasphemous humor rare/moderate scenes of sexual or nudity rare/moderate scenes reserved for adults (Suggestive)

Position even when it is not open, this app can use your geographic position and reduce the autonomy of your device.


Snapchat is an application that keeps you in touch with friends and family with its interactive multimedia messaging system. Share your events live or save them as video messages that automatically disappear without leaving a trace after a few seconds.

Just take a quick capture, add a message and choose the time length that it will be visible to your friends. That’s all.

That said, to make someone receive your snaps, they will need to have the application installed too. As an additional security measure, as soon as you send a photo and someone takes a screenshot, you will be notified, so you will always know who is in possession of which photos.

In the past, Snapchat was simply a means of, in short, sending coarse photos that could be easily erased. Fortunately, now this popular messaging platform has evolved to represent what seems to be a major component of the future of social media: ephemeral video messaging.

In conclusion, Snapchat is a very useful application for staying in contact with friends in a quick, simple and visual way. After all, why send a lot of texts when you can express it with a single photo? A photo is worth a thousand words.

Review by Andrés López translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Required conditions (latest version)

  • Requires Android 4.4 or more

frequently asked Questions

What is Snapchat and what is it for ?

Snapchat is a social network and a messaging application that allows you to share images and videos (called snaps) with your friends. What is interesting in Snapchat is that all the content disappears after being viewed.

What are the risks linked to the use of snapchat ?

The content you send to Snapchat is deleted after a few seconds. That said, the person to whom you send it can make screenshots, so pay attention to what you send.

What does Snapchat mean in Spanish ?

Snapchat in Spanish is a mixture of the words “snap” and “cat” in English. The word “snap” has several meanings, but here it means immediacy. On the other hand, the cat refers to the ability to speak to other people.

What can I do on Snapchat ?

On snapchat you can send and receive images, videos and text messages with your contacts.

How can I save a snapchat video in my gallery ?

When you save a video on snapchat, you can save it in Memoirs, which adds it to your gallery. To save the contents of other users, you will have to use a screen recording application.

How to download videos from Snapchat ?

To download a video from Snapchat, you can use the screen recording function provided with your Android device.

How to download videos from Snapchat on Android ?

You can download your snapchat videos by saving them in Memories. If this is a video that was sent to you, you can use screen recording applications or the integrated screen registration function of your Android.

How can I save a video on my smartphone ?

You can save a snapchat video on your smartphone if you saved it in Memoirs. You can also use the screen recording function provided with your Android device.

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Operating system Android
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