Snapchat and its alternatives., The best applications like snapchat

The best applications like snapchat

Main characteristics of the Clipchat application:

Snapchat and its alternatives.

The world of smartphone is booming and, with it, the field of mobile applications. In fact, the content of stores offering these applications increases each year, which creates a fight between developers to launch the most innovative and convincing applications for users. Among the applications that are all the rage, is Snapchat, the application which uses a concept well differs from other applications.

Snapchat is an application for messaging and sending photos. By using this application, users can take photos, save videos, add text and images, and send them to a recipient list. These photos and videos sent are called “snaps”. Users define a time limit after which these messages will be deleted after reading the receiver. You can specify the duration of the message, which can be between 1 and 10 seconds.

Currently, the Snapchat application is supported by iOS and Android operating systems. The Snapchat interface, both in the Android and iOS version, consists of a large circular button in the center of the lower part of the screen, flanked by an image of a frame on the left side and D ‘A two -dimensional strip table on the right side.

The large circular button is the button on the camera. Press the button once and the application will take a photo. You can then start editing the image with the application of texts and/or images before sending it to a recipient list. If you keep pressing the central application button, you can save a short video lasting 10 seconds. As with photos, the text can be applied to the video before being sent to other users. The recorded images and videos can be saved by the sender before being sent by pressing the white arrow in the lower left corner.

The two -dimensional strip table on the right side of the user guide the user to his contact list, which allows users to see their Snapchat friends and find contacts from their phone.

The square on the left side of the interface leads the Snapchat user to a menu which indicates to the user the snaps received and transmitted to the other Snapchat contacts. The user will receive notifications from the Snaps received. To view images or videos sent by the application, keep your finger leaning on the image or the video.

During the display, the recipient must hold the finger on the device’s touch screen, which prevents the user from taking a screenshot. Despite all the sender is informed by Snapchat if the beneficiary takes a screenshot.

Snapchat can establish the list of user friends via the contacts present in the smartphone.

At the beginning of October 2013, Snapchat released the Snapchat “stories” function that was announced under the slogan “This is a matter of time”. The function itself allows you to create sharing links that can be displayed many times for 24 hours. The “stories” can be shared with user contacts and content is kept only 24 hours before being deleted.

This application was a pioneer in this new field; However, other applications were quick to copy this new trend and integrate this functionality into their directory. This is why today we can find a list of applications that can replace Snapchat.
Some of these alternatives are as follows:

Designed as an alternative to Snapchat on Facebook, it allows users to send messages, videos or photos to their contacts; These messages are eliminated after 10 seconds. Among the features included is the possibility of denouncing the recipient if it abuses the application, because when a screenshot is carried out by the recipient, the sender is informed of it. This application only works for iPhone.

Main characteristics of the Facebook POKE application:

• Contact a friend by message, photo or video.
• The user can decide how long your friend will see his message.
• If the user holds long supported, he can access his friends’ messages.
• In the messages we send we can give our location.
• The user can see when his friends have made screenshots of the content he sends.

Clipchat is a new revolutionary way to share your best moments in a simple way. Save 5 seconds’ images or video clips and post them to share them with your contacts. Messages can also be sent in private form to your friends. Clipchat can be linked to your social media accounts to find friends and follow other clipchatters.

Clipchat is essentially an application comparable to Snapchat in its functions, but it includes additional options such as the display of the number of messages sent (and to whom you send them) and other details. The files sent are deleted from the device during shipping, and when the recipient saw the message, it is deleted from its terminal and clipchat servers. The application is available in the Apple Store and on Google Free Play.

Main characteristics of the Clipchat application:

• Feed: Easily send images or videos to your feeds to all your followers to see them.
• Self -destruction: shared clips disappear forever once they have been seen.
• Pixelization: the unique pixelization effect means that the preview of clips is fun and secure for everyone.
• Safety: Industrial quality encryption makes your content entirely private.
• Style: the appearance of the application is elegant.
• Quick: answer the clips of your fans and share them with a single touch.

Squawk Messenger

The application itself recommends using more informal messaging and is another way of sharing the content of your messages. The most important feature of this application is the editing of messages once they are sent and the possibility of deleting content with bomb messages.

With Squawk you can do everything you can’t do with other text messaging and all this in one application. Send animated stickers, memes, selfies, images, leaked photos, gif, emoji, text and voice messages to your friends or groups of friends. You can have fun by sending secret messages that will disappear and choose funds for each conversation. It is very fast, easy and free to share your funniest, silly, ridiculous, private, happy and sad moments with friends, in a different way.

Main characteristics of the Squawk Messenger application:

Destruction of messages: self -destruction of messages does not only concern secret agents. The application controls which messages will continue and which will only appear for a moment by converting text, photos, audio and stickers in bomb messages. The bombs can be opened and displayed in the normal flow of a conversation inside your cat. We all have things we want to share, but that sometimes we don’t want to write.
Personalize the appearance of your squawk: choose your own cat wallpapers, colors and names of cat bubbles to convert the messaging space of each conversation into a unique place. It’s super fun. Everything you change is seen by all other members of the conversation.
Change the messages after sending: Squawk comes with a very interesting option called “modify” that is not found in the apps for sending raw text or other cat applications. If it is used wisely, it will keep you out of the correction of your messages forever.

Wickr -Top Secret Messenger

This application is characterized by the fact that it offers in all messages of military quality cryptages (AES256, ECDH521, RSA4096 TLS) for which it does not even have the keys, in addition to allowing to determine how long the recipient has to display the message before it is deleted. It deletes all the metadata files sent, the files are deleted safely and it meets the criteria necessary to transmit highly secret files, according to organizational criteria like the NSA. This application is free and available in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Main characteristics of the Wickr -Top Secret Messenger application:

• Send and receive text messages, voice, photos, videos, and PDF files.
• Control: the sender controls the data and decides who sees, what is seen, where and for how long.
• Confidentiality: only the recipient sees the data, no intermediate servers.
• High level of encryption: Application developers stipulate that none of them have the keys, each message has a double of the key (ECDH521, RSA4096, AES256, TLS).
• recipient: each message can only be read on the device in which it was sent.
• Anonymity: it does not require personal information on the user or on the actions of the user.
• Proxy: the application supports the IP between the transmitter and the receiver.
• No metadata: support metadata (location, time, and identification questions) are deleted.
• Elimination: secure file shredder deletes unwanted files that have been extracted from your device.
• Integrated: you can send PDF files and Dropbox and Google Drive images.
• Tested by Veracode, Stroz Friedberg in Def Con, and now CCN.
• Easy: takes less than a minute to start, easier than an email.
• Free: Save money on text messages.
• Cross platform: Android and iDevices messages (-5s iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4-5, iPad 1-Air).

Confide allows the exchange of all kinds of personal information. Available for iOS 7, it deletes all messages when closing the application and also warns you if a screenshot is carried out. Only available in the App Store.

Main characteristics of the Confide Application:

• All that users send by messages will be deleted forever.
• This application prevents users from making screenshots of the content received.
• The application also allows you to send files by e-mail.
• All the content you transmit through messages will be encrypted so that it is entirely private.
• The user will know if the recipient has read his message thanks to the function of reading accused.
• This is a free application.


The best of Instagram and Snapchat are brought together in Wink. You can: keep your privacy, automatically delete messages, send photos and discuss with more than one contact at a time. The application is compatible with iOS and Android so that it will be easy to find it on Google Play.

Wink is a private chat application with a fun presentation. Everything you like about Snapchat and Instagram in a single application. Say hello to your friends with photos.

The main characteristics of the application:

• It is fun, faster and with more texts, SMS or MMS.
Send a photo message . is completely free!
• Use one of your images. Take a new photo as with Snapchat or select one of the photos already taken.
• Send images to more than one friend at a time. Take advantage of group conversations around your photos.
• No need to invite your friends, as with Snapchat, Kik, Line or Messageme. Start a conversation with one of your contacts. You can send messages to a phone contact immediately.
• Your photos are private. Choose exactly who can see and comment on the photos. No one else will be able to see or comment on these photos. Perfect for things you don’t want to see on Facebook.

The best applications like snapchat

The best applications like snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications with millions of active users. It was accompanied by unique stories allowing users to share their daily activities with their friends. Quick advance until 2023, there are many available applications that share many features with Snapchat, and we have selected the best for you. Here are the best applications like Snapchat for Android.


Instagram - Application like snapchat

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best applications like Snapchat for Android. Like Snapchat, Instagram also includes a story function, allowing users to share their activities with their friends and have fun.

In addition to that, Instagram also allows users to share their photos and videos with the community. In addition, it allows you to send messages and make video calls. Overall, Instagram is a very similar application to Snapchat, and you should try it.



Facebook is another very promising application like Snapchat for Android. Like Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook also offers Facebook stories, which you can share with your friends, and the stories will disappear after 24 hours.

In addition to that, Facebook also has groups you can join and have fun. In addition, if you have skills or talents, you can create a Facebook page and share your skills with the community. Facebook is completely free, but there are advertisements.

Wickr me

Wickr me

Snapchat is an excellent messaging application, and like Snapchat, Wickr Me is also a very promising email application that you can use. It is essentially a messenger focused on confidentiality that allows you to communicate with your beloved via a secure channel.

Like Snapchat, Wickr also has messages that disappear, but the right thing about this application is that it allows you to define the duration, and after the time defined, the message will disappear, which is quite great. Wickr is also completely free, without any condition!

Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is an online streaming application that shares many similarities with Snapchat. Like Snapchat, Bigo Live is also accompanied by thousands of creators around the world who will demonstrate their skills live.

On this platform, you can also have a 1-to-1 video chat, and if you wish, you can also have a group in a group. So, if you want to make new friends or entertain yourself, Bigo Live is a solid option for you.


B612 - Application like Snapchat

B612 is one of the best applications, like Snapchat for Android. It is essentially a beauty camera, but it also has interesting features similar to Snapchat.

To start, it includes facial recognition stickers where the camera detects your face and transforms it into a cute animal. In addition, it includes real -time beauty effects, which you can use to improve your facial expressions and look cute.

Sweet Snap Face Cam

Sweet Snap Face Cam

Sweet Snap Face Cam is another very promising application like Snapchat for Android. Like B612, Sweet Snap also shares many similarities with the snapchat.

It includes live stickers, which is a functionality similar to Snapchat filters, and it also adds the different shapes to your face in real time. In addition, it includes a beauty camera, which improves your general face appearance.



Wire is one of the best applications like Snapchat for Android. Like Snapchat, you can use the Wire to send messages to your friend, but the best thing about Wire is that it comes with end -to -end encryption. This means that your communication will be completely encrypted and secure.

In addition, it also allows you to have encrypted voice and video calls. In addition to that, you can also share the files via the secure channel, and only the person you send will have access to the file. Wire is also completely free to use Messenger.


Messenger - Application like snapchat

Messenger is the official messaging application for Facebook, and this is an autonomous application that you can use for communication. Like Snapchat, Messenger also includes a history function, which you can use to share your friends’ activities.

It also allows you to communicate with your friends via text, vocal notes and video calls. The application also supports videoconference and allows you to add up to 8 people. Messenger is free, but there are optional integrated purchases.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is one of the best applications like Snapchat for Android. It is essentially the combination of WhatsApp and Snapchat. You can only add friends by their phone number and you can not search anyone without their phone number.

In addition, with regard to features, Marco Polo includes camera filters and vocal effects, which you can use to make your unique photos and videos. You can also create groups and have fun with your friends. The best thing about Marco Polo is that it is completely free and that it does not collect any of your information, which is a plus. It comes with certain integrated purchases, but this is entirely optional.


Snow - Application like snapchat

Snow is one of the best applications like Snapchat for Android. The main asset of snow is that it comes with AR Makeup filters, which allow you to add the unique makeup to your face.

It also includes thousands of stickers, which you can add to your photos to give them a unique appearance. In addition, it allows you to modify the photos directly from the application. Snow is also completely free, without any condition!


That’s all, guys. These are the 10 best applications like Snapchat for Android. Most of these applications share certain features with Snapchat, and that is why they appear on this list. Now you tell us what application of the list looks (or sounds) the most in Snapchat? Let us know your answer in the Comments below section. Do not forget to consult our guide on the 10 best selfie applications for Android.