SFR 4G box: everything you need to know about the operator’s offer, SFR 4G box: Price, reviews and tests of the 4G case of the operator

SFR 4G box: all about this 4G router

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4G+ SFR box, the return to very high speed

Some households in France are still struggling to have a sufficient internet connection at home via an adsl box. There 4G+ box of SFR presents itself as the solution for individuals with too slow internet flows in order to Take advantage of a high speed internet connection at home with the 4G/4G network+. Who can take advantage of it ? What are the advantages ? How to subscribe ? Jchange tells you everything about the offer.

What is the 4G+ SFR box ?

The SFR 4G box is a modem that allows you to enjoy high speed internet at home via the 4G or 4G+ mobile antennas network of the operator.

This SFR 4G+ router allows you to benefit from a speed up to 220 Mb/s. This SFR 4G box for individuals thus offers an SFR flow 10 times faster than the ADSL thanks to the power of 4G+.

Each month, you have a data envelope of 200 GB of Internet For all your uses. Be careful, it is not a unlimited box 4G SFR subscription. Beyond the 200 GB included with the new 4G box, the flow is reduced. You still have the possibility of recharging from 50 GB or 100 GB until the next invoicing date from your customer area.

Another service included, with the SFR 4G box as well as with an ADSL SFR Box offer or an SFR Fiber box offer, you benefit from Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile In France and Dom.

Note, however, that this is not a SFR TV box offer. You cannot therefore access SFR TV with a SFR 4G box.

In addition to the 4G SFR TV box part, another important information, namely, the SFR 4G box allows you to take advantage of the Internet services at your address and not on the go as with an SFR internet key.

To facilitate your search, you can compare the different 4G box subscriptions available on the telecoms market thanks to our 4G box comparison.

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How 4G+ SFR box works ?

Regarding the operation of the box, after inserting a SIM card and electrically connected your 4G modem, You can use it instantly without commissioning delay To surf the internet.

You just need to connect all your devices via Wi-Fi or even via Ethernet ports.

This SFR case incorporates a 4G modem which allows you to decode the signal from mobile antennas and connect to the Internet. The 4G router makes it possible to distribute the Internet connection to several devices via Ethernet ports or the Wi-Fi network.

Regarding the fixed telephony part, the SFR 4G box incorporates an outlet to connect a phone. You can thus benefit from Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile in mainland France and DOM via the fixed phone connected to the 4G box+.

What are the advantages of 4G+ SFR box ?

It has many advantages for households that do not have a quick internet connection with a conventional box. This solution makes it possible to benefit from a high speed internet connection at home via the 4G/4G network+.

With this 4G+box subscription, the flow can reach up to 220 Mb/s for download and 50 Mb/s upload. The 4G+ box of this operator incorporates a data envelope of 200 GB. In the event of exceeding your package, SFR informs you by notification and your connection is restrained on the 3G network until the next invoicing date.

Another advantage, the 4G+ box offer is not a simple internet offer without telephony, the latter integrates Unlimited calls to fixed and mobile in mainland France and DOM via a fixed phone connected to 4G box. In addition, you have 10GB storage thanks to SFR CLOND SERVICE available.

What are the conditions of eligibility for the SFR 4G box+ ?

All households in France cannot claim a 4G+ box offer from the SFR operator, to benefit from it, you have to:

  • Have a low ADSL flow, namely less than 10 Mb/s;
  • not be eligible for very high speed;
  • Have good 4G coverage.

Another exclusion to the SFR 4G+ Box+ offer, the saturated areas, that is to say the dense areas in connected equipment.

To test your 4G SFR Eligibility box, nothing more simple, go to the operator’s website or contact SFR customer service. You just have to enter your postal address or your fixed phone number.

Once the SFR eligibility test is carried out, according to the results of your test and the various technologies available in your accommodation, do not hesitate to oppose the various box subscriptions available to your address via our internet offer comparator.

You can also directly subscribe to SFR after doing the SFR 4G Box Test eligibility Using your landline number or address.

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What is the price of the SFR 4G+ Box ?

The SFR BOX+ BOX+ subscription is available at € 35 per month SFR box without commitment with the rental of the SFR Box included. This operator applies service opening costs of € 19 as well as termination fees of € 19.

Good to know : this 4G+ BOX offer of SFR being labeled “Digital cohesion” By the state, you can benefit financial assistance on service opening costs. This state aid linked to the “digital cohesion” system is subject to conditions, subject to geographic eligibility and reserved for any new subscription by a customer who has not yet benefited from this aid from the.

Just like with a classic SFR box or fiber box, with the 4G+box, you can benefit a discount up to 10 euros per month on your SFR mobile package As part of a subscription SFR Box + Mobile.

How to subscribe to the SFR Box 4G offer+ ?

To subscribe, you must first check the eligibility of your accommodation. Once the eligibility test is carried out, you can place your order on the operator’s website or by contacting SFR customer service at 1023.

How to terminate the offer ?

With the SFR 4G+ Box+ offer, you benefit from a “satisfied or reimbursed” 30 -day trial period. This trial period begins the day after the signing of your contract and lasts 30 consecutive days.

In the event of termination during this period, the SFR supplier reimburses you with the opening costs of service, namely € 19 as well as the price of your subscription paid the first month.

Another indication, this refund comes within 60 days from the return of your equipment.

Good to know : the Box SFR termination of the 4G subscription as part of the operation ” Satisfied or refunded “ must be requested by the subscriber to customer service. To do this, the subscriber must contact SFR at 1023. The termination service can be reached 6/7 Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In the event of termination after the “satisfied or reimbursed” period, the offer being available without obligation, You can terminate your subscription at any time. However, there are termination fees of € 19.

To make your termination request, you must contact SFR customer service at 1023 (choice 1). Other information, you must indicate the contact number starting with 06 mentioned on your contract. Once your request is taken into account, do not forget to return your equipment.

In case of address change, just ask for a SFR MOVEMENT or to test your SFR eligibility again to find out the different technologies available in your new accommodation.

Consumer opinion

What are consumer opinions on the offer ? The services offered overall satisfy users of the 4G+box, value for money.

Recall that this subscription incorporates additional services compared to competing offers available on the market.

Users can indeed take advantage with this 4G box subscription+ From unlimited telephone to fixed and mobile by plugging a phone on 4G box as with a conventional box. This offer also embeds the SFR Cloud service with 10 GB of storage as well as an application TV.

For the technical part, this modem which uses the 4G or 4G+ mobile network is recognized in the SFR 4G boxes Notice for its Simplicity of installation. This allows you to connect all your devices in a few minutes via wifi or Ethernet ports.

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However, the offer does not include unlimited data. Consumers have a monthly volume of 200 GB. If you go beyond this envelope, this operator does not apply billing outside the package but your flow is broken in 3G.

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4G+ SFR box: all about this 4G router

4G+ box of SFR

The SFR 4G+ box is an internet subscription without obligation, reserved for customers whose home offers a low ADSL connection, but good 4G coverage.

The operation of the SFR 4G box is simple, the internet modem uses the 4G/4G mobile network+. To benefit from it, you have to live in a Unbacking zone where the maximum possible internet flow is less than 10Mbit/s. Saturated areas are not eligible.

The 4G Box SFR subscription is available at the price of 34.99 €/month and understands 200GB of Data in 4G+. Beyond that, a notification is sent to you to inform you that the speed of your Internet connection is slowed down to the next invoice. You can recharge your box 4G+ SFR subscription if necessary with packs of 50GB or 100GB additional.

Unlike other SFR box offers, the 4G Box SFR does not use the fixed network. Internet connections do not So do not go through the Fiber or ADSL network of SFR, But by its 4G network.

What are the Internet flow rates of the SFR 4G box ?

In terms of flow, the SFR 4G box offers 42 Mbit/s in 3G, 75MBIT/S (800mHz frequency), 112.5mbit/s (frequency 2600MHz), 150MBIT/S (frequency 1800 MHz) or 260Mbit/s in 4G (Associations Frequency 800 and 1800MHz) in downward speed and up to 50Mbit/s when. The price of the offer remains the same regardless of the flow.

As for a conventional internet box, to find out if you can Subscribe a SFR 4G box And to what speed you can claim, above all you need make an eligibility test. Note that this offer is valid only at home, to the address you indicated when taking out your contract.

You want to test your eligibility for the 4G+ SFR box ?

You want to test your eligibility for the 4G+ SFR box ? 09 87 67 96 18

You want to test your eligibility for the 4G+ SFR box ? Test free of charge at the SFR 4G+ box thanks to your postal address ! Test my eligibility

What are the characteristics of the SFR 4G box+ ?

The SFR 4G box works with the B525 MODEM-ROOS of the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The latter has 4 Ethernet ports and uses the network WiFi B/G/N/AC On frequencies 2.4 and 5GHz. Thanks to this 4G modem-router, it is possible to share a connection 2G/3G H+ 42MBIT/S or 4G/4G+ 300MBIT/s via the wireless network. The 4G+ SFR box router also has a USB 2 port.0 as well as two RJ11 telephone ports.

In case of non -return or damage to the equipment, SFR invoices costs amounting to 150 € TTC. Of the opening expenses of service in the amount of 19 € you will be taken from your second invoice.

Find the technical characteristics of the 4G+ SFR modem box:

  1. WiFi: Yes
  2. WiFi standard: 802.11ac
  3. Signal range: up to 250 meters
  4. Ethernet ports: 4
  5. USB ports: 1
  6. RJ11 ports: 2 (RJ11 cable not supplied)

What are the telephone services with the SFR 4G+ box+ ?

The 4G+ SFR box includes unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France and to the French overseas departments (excluding special numbers and limited to 200 different correspondents each month).

To take advantage of this SFR fixed line, just connect your fixed phone to the RJ11 port of the SFR 4G box.

Is it possible to watch TV with the 4G+ SFR box ?

The SFR Box SFR offer is a Internet subscription alone. This means that no TV decoder is provided when subscribing. However, as a SFR customer, you can benefit from 160 TV channels on PC or Mobile. To do this, you can go to the site https: // TV.SFR.Fr/ From your computer/tablet or download the app SFR TV In order to watch all your live television channels.

How to terminate your SFR 4G Box subscription ?

The 4G+ SFR box offer is marketed with 1 month of “satisfied or refunded” trial “. You can terminate the 4G+ SFR box within 30 days of your subscription by contacting customer service at 1023. Oventure, subscription and rental costs of the 4G+ box+ will be reimbursed within 60 days after restitution of the material.

To terminate the SFR 4G box after 30 days of testing, you must send a termination letter to SFR and return the box by Colissimo.

4G+ SFR 2023 box reviews: what are customers’ feedback ?

SFR customer reviews on the 4G+ box seem mixed. Indeed, some point the finger at the poor connection and coverage of the 4G network of SFR and the difficulties in terminating the offer without commitment.

1 hour on the phone to terminate a 4G box while since June 1, 2023 it should be able to be done online in the customer area. Termination fees on a non -binding offer that we never talk about.

Opinion signed J -Baptiste P – June 26, 2023

I continue to be taken when I returned my 2 4G boxes more than 3 months ago . The SFR sales department is particularly incompetent. Today my situation is still resolved.

Opinion signed Nicolas – December 13, 2022

Other customers are fully satisfied with the 4G+ SFR box and highlight the quality of the service for a very attractive price.

Looking for a new Internet supplier to have a better speed, the SFR 4G box seems to meet my expectations with a Mbit’s debit much higher than ADSL for a monthly subscription price equivalent to my current package. Furthermore, I benefited from the aid of the government.

Notice signed Sabri n – 06 November 2022

You wish to subscribe a 4G+ SFR box ?

You wish to subscribe a 4G+ SFR box ? 09 87 67 96 18

You wish to subscribe a 4G+ SFR box ? Test your Eligibility for the 4G+ Box of SFR And subscribe your subscription without obligation Test my eligibility