New 4G box promo at NRJ Mobile!, Mobile NRJ 4G box: very high speed in 4G

Mobile NRJ 4G box: very high speed in 4G

NRJ Mobile offers its subscribers to Test the 4G box for 30 days In order to make an opinion. If you are satisfied, you have nothing to do, your subscription will take its course and you will be debited from the first month on your NRJ Mobile bill.

NRJ Mobile is launching a new 4G box promo today !

NRJ mobile shakes up the 4G Internet box market by launching a new promotion ! Indeed since this morning you can enjoy The mobile NRJ box for a very attractive price. 4G technology allows you to Take advantage of the Internet without telephone line. Everything happens with 4G and the installation is very easy. Don’t wait any longer to try, this opportunity could be the right one !

New Promo Box Internet at NRJ Mobile

This is the little surprise of this Tuesday morning, NRJ Mobile decided to put its 4G box on promo. Indeed, The operator offers to take advantage of its Internet box at € 24.99/month during the first three months of subscription. The 4G box will then go to the price of € 29.99/month with a 12 -month commitment. The delivery of the box is included and the rental of the box is € 1 If you subscribe to this Internet offer. The operator grants you 30 days to try the box and be satisfied or reimbursed.

4G box promo

The 4G mobile NRJ box includes 250GB that you can use every month. 4G connection is Up to 10 times faster than ADSL. The installation is very simple because you will only have to connect the box to take advantage of it. If you want to benefit from television, NRJ Mobile offers you a TV option at € 5/month . Thanks to this option you will access several television channels but also to replay and VOD services via an Android decoder.

Why choose a 4G box ?

4G boxes are aimed at people who cannot benefit from ADSL or fiber optics. If you live in a small town or in the countryside, this is the ideal offer . Connecting a 4G box is more efficient than an ADSL and Allows you to connect all your devices such as tablets or smart tv. It is also a good solution for all those want a Internet access easy to install and use.

Mobile NRJ 4G box: very high speed in 4G

The NRJ Mobile Box 4G offer is an internet box that uses the 4G NRJ Mobile network.

NRJ Mobile being a MVNO, that is to say a virtual mobile network operator, it has no shop or clean network.

The MVNO therefore rents the network of other operators for its mobile offers as well as for its 4G box offer. The NRJ Mobile offers thus use the 4G network of Bouygues Telecom.

The offer is dedicated to people who benefit from a Good 4G coverage But who live in towns or villages that capture badly or that do not capture the fixed network of one of these Internet access providers at all.

This is also a good solution for people whose home is in white areas, that is to say in areas that do not benefit from any internet connection, regardless of the operator.

NRJ Mobile therefore offers this 4G box solution to people who benefit from too slow connections, asalternative to fiber or cable. These people have a flow that does not allow them to surf the internet, whether in high speed (ADSL or VDSL) or in very high speed (thanks to fiber) and therefore to subscribe to a conventional internet offer at the operator of their choice.

To subscribe the4G Mobile Box NRJ offer, You must be part of this category of people who benefit from a weak ADSL flow and which are not eligible for fiber.

The Mobile NRJ 4G box allows you to connect in Very high speed up to 250GB per month, a substantial envelope to do internet research or to watch television, even for streaming enthusiasts.

The offer has a the theoretical maximum descending rate of 100Mbits/s and a maximum theoretical amount of rate of 50mbits/s. Although it is an internet offer using the 4G network, you can connect all your devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) in wifi or through a Ethernet cable.

The information relating to the Box 4G NRJ Mobile can be valid for September 21, 2023.

The Mobile NRJ 4G box telephone service:

There is No telephone service Available in the NRJ Mobile Box 4G. Indeed, 4G boxes are internet offers exclusively.

To take advantage of unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, you can subscribe to one of the mobile mobile non -commitment offers from NRJ Mobile.

The MVNO offers 5 mobile packages without obligation.

The television offer included with the NRJ Mobile Box 4G:

There NRJ Mobile 4G box no longer offers a TV service currently. She previously offered a television service to € 5 per month, In addition to the price of your subscription. By subscribing to the offer with TV, the subscription therefore went from € 29.99 per month to € 34.99 per month.

4K television

This television service allowed you:

  • to watch a large number of television channels,
  • to watch your videos and multimedia files,
  • Access Google Play applications such as YouTube, Dailymotion, or music applications like Deezer or Spotify,
  • listen to the radio,
  • to access the different streaming services available.

The Android TV box, also called Mi Box, is a TV decoder formerly offered by Xiaomi. This TV box allowed you to enjoy all your 4K programs, with a sound quality. She also offered a Google voice assistant accessible by voice command.

To take advantage of your half box, simply connect your Android TV box to your TV and connect it to WiFi to the 4G NRJ mobile box router.

Prix ​​de la Box Android TV La Mi Box was price of € 79.99.

What are the services available with the NRJ Mobile 4G box ? ::

NRJ Mobile customer service

When you subscribe to the offer NRJ Mobile Box 4G, You have access to NRJ Mobile customer service. This service is available, Outside holidays, From Monday to Saturday, and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 0 969 360 200 from a fixed and 675 200 From a mobile NRJ phone. The call is not surcharged from a fixed and at the cost of a conventional communication from a mobile.

For Join a mobile NRJ advisor, You can also go through:

  • Online assistance from your NRJ Mobile customer area,
  • the mobile application, available on Android smartphone or iPhone,
  • social networks like Facebook or Twitter on which the operator has a page.

NRJ Mobile customer service holds the NF certification in 15838 and generally responds to calls in less than 3 minutes.

  • to be completed on a package, an option or one of your invoices,
  • To take out a mobile offer,
  • To subscribe to the Internet Box 4G NRJ Mobile,
  • To terminate your package or one of your options,
  • In the event of theft or loss of your Android or iPhone smartphone,
  • in case of failure.

NRJ Mobile TV service (currently unavailable)

As we saw, NRJ Mobile offered a television service with its 4G box offer. The service was to pay additional, For 5 €/month and gave access:

  • Large television channels, especially free TNT channels,
  • In the service of VOD (videos on demand), to watch films and unlimited series,
  • At the service of Replay, to view the programs you have missed or those you want to see again.

NRJ Mobile 4G box: satisfied or refunded

NRJ Mobile offers its subscribers to Test the 4G box for 30 days In order to make an opinion. If you are satisfied, you have nothing to do, your subscription will take its course and you will be debited from the first month on your NRJ Mobile bill.

If on the other hand you are not satisfied, you can terminate within one month, From the day of activation of the 4G NRJ Mobile box. Following this termination, you can request reimbursement of your first month of subscription.

Please note, in this case, you are not refunded any Off -package fees or excluding consumption, nor restitution costs equipment (4G modem and its equipment). In the event of non -restitution, NRJ Mobile will charge you the equipment at the new price.

Price and commitment with the NRJ Mobile Box 4G:

The NRJ Mobile Box 4G offer is at the cost of € 29.99/month and is accompanied by a 12 -month commitment duration.

The operator also offers an offer Satisfied or refunded On the first 30 days.

For Subscribe the Box 4G NRJ Mobile ::

  1. Visit the NRJ Mobile website, 4G box section,
  2. click on I take advantage,
  3. Enter your personal information (postal address, email address, date of birth, etc.) then click on Continue,
  4. Let yourself be guided throughout the steps until payment,
  5. Validate to confirm your subscription.

Once your subscription is carried out, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then follow your order by simply clicking on the section Follow my order At the top right of the NRJ Mobile site then by communicating your information (order tracking number and phone number).

Details of the NRJ Mobile 4G NRJ offer – Valid for September 21, 2023

The 4G box alone The 4G box with TV (currently unavailable)
Offer price € 29.99/month € 34.99/month (currently unavailable)
12 -month commitment
How to subscribe ? On the NRJ Mobile website On the NRJ Mobile website

Exhaustive list of NRJ mobile 4G box offers classified by price. The referencing of these offers is free.

Characteristics and installation of equipment:

How to install your mobile nrj 4G box ?

For Install your NRJ Mobile 4G box, nothing’s easier ! You don’t need to involve an installer, simply:

  1. Insert your SIM card in your 4G box,
  2. to connect the 4G box to one of your sockets,
  3. to switch on the 4G NRJ mobile box.

Once these three stages have been made, all you have to do is Connect your devices On the WiFi network of your NRJ Mobile Box 4G offer to access the Internet. The Mobile NRJ 4G box using the Bouygues Telecom mobile network, you will have access to the 3G or 4G network of the operator.

NRJ mobile was also compatible with the SFR 4G network and the Orange 4G network Before the operator’s acquisition by Bouygues in 2020.

Before subscribing this 4G box offer, make sure you are well covered by the 4G NRJ Mobile network. To do this, go to the NRJ Mobile website, then click on I check my cover. Once redirected to the adequate web page, enter your postal address to check your network coverage.

Mobile NRJ 4G box: its characteristics

The 4G router modem supplied by NRJ Mobile is a 4G LTE Cat40 white case offered by Alcatel. The NRJ Mobile 4G box offers two local network devices, a 250 -meter cover and connects up to 32 wifi devices.

here is a Summary table of characteristics Mobile NRJ 4G router.

Characteristics of the 4G mobile NRJ router – valid on September 21, 2023

Operating system Android
Network 4G
Router name LTE CAT 4 HH40 router
Supplier Alcatel
Modem color White
WiFi cover 250 meters
Maximum number of equipment 32 devices
Frequency band 800/900/1800/2100/2600
SIM card format Micro-Sim
Internal memory 256mo
Size 134 x 134 x 31.5 mm
Weight 310g
Only 4G router price € 99.99 including € 1 eco-participation