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Free registration

Connect to your XX account or register for free. It only takes a few minutes, everything you need is an email address.


Get a quote

Indicate us the motto you want to transfer, the amount you want to send and the destination.


Add your recipient

Provide payment information from your recipient (you will need details such as name and address).


Check your identity

For some transfers, we may need identity documents to confirm that it is a question of you and protect your money.


Confirm your quote

Confirm and finance your transfer with a bank account, a credit card or a debit card and you have finished!


Follow your transfer

See where your money is and when it comes to your recipient. Benefit from live chat assistance, telephone and e-mail.

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Way to send ways to receive

Send money to more than 200 countries in more than 100 currencies


Payments by direct debit or automated compensation chamber (ACH) take funds directly on your bank account.

Bank transfer

Banking transfers will move money by transferring from your bank to ours. We usually receive money in 24 hours.

Debit or credit card

Card payments generally take less than 24 hours. However, card payments lead to a small supplement.

Connect the world

Money sending destinations

Send money to the United Arab Emirates
Send money to Albania
Send money to Argentina
Send money to Australia
Send money to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Send money to Belgium
Send money to the barbade
Send money to Bangladesh
Send money to Bulgaria
Send money to Bahrain
Send money to the brunei
Send money to Bahamas
Send money to Canada
Send money to Switzerland
Send money to Chile
Send money to Colombia
Send money to Costa Rica
Send money to Cape Verde
Send money to the Czech Republic
Send money to Germany
Send money to Djibouti
Send money to Denmark
Send money to the Dominican Republic
Send money to Spain
Send money to Fiji
Send money to France
Send money to Guatemala
Send money to Greece
Send money to Hong Kong
Send money to Honduras
Send money to Croatia
Send money to Haiti
Send money to Hungary
Send money to Indonesia
Send money to Israel
Send money to Italy
Send money to India
Send money to Jamaica
Send money to Jordan
Send money to Japan
Send money to Kuwait
Send money to Sri Lanka
Send money to Lithuania
Send money to Madagascar
Send money to Mauritius
Send money to Malawi
Send money to Mexico
Send money to Namibia
Send money in the Netherlands
Send money to Norway
Send money to Nepal
Send money to New Zealand
Send money to the Oman
Send money to Peru
Send money to the Philippines
Send money to Pakistan
Send money to Poland
Send money to Portugal
Send money to Romania
Send money to Serbia
Send money to Rwanda
Send money to Sweden
Send money to Singapore
Send money to Thailand
Send money to Tunisia
Send money to Türkiye
Send money to Trinidad and Tobago
Send money to Uganda
Send money to the United States
Send money to South Africa
Send money to Malaysia
Send money to Ireland
Send money to Austria
Send money to Finland
Send money to Monaco
Send money to jersey
Send money to Slovakia
Send money to Luxembourg
Send money to Cyprus
Send money to Ghana
Send money to the Malta
Send money to Latvia
Send money to Panama
Send money to Ecuador
Send money to Slovenia
Send money to Montenegro
Send money to Estonia
Send money to Palestine
Send money to pomegranate
Send money to the antigua-et-barbuda
Send money to Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines
Send money to Swaziland

Frequently asked questions

How do I Send Money Internationally?

  1. Log in gold register for a free profile.
  2. Select ‘destination country’ for your transfer.
  3. Enter the Amount in ‘You Send’ Or ‘Contaper Gets’ For Currency Conversion. For specific love, complete ‘container gets’ first.
  4. Choose A Payment Method: ‘Direct DEBIT (ACH)’, ‘Debit Card’, ‘Credit Card’, or ‘Wire Transfer’. For urgent transfers, use flow or credit card.
  5. Send to container’s bank account, or IF available, arrange cash pickup or Send to a mobile wallet.
  6. Provide Content’s Details and Transfer Reason.
  7. For Bank Transfers, Await A Confirmation Email with our bank details to make the payment.
  8. Send Your Money!

How Much dues it cost to transfer money through xe?

The cost of Sending Your Money To Another Country Changes Based on How You Choose To Pay, The Type of Money You’re Sending, and where you’re Sending.

If you use the Xe app or go online, you can see the exact cost before you send your money. Becaus we use live exchange rats, the cost of your transfer might change before you finish the transaction. If That Happens, We’ll let you know right away.

In some country, People have to pay a fee when they use a credit or debit card for their money transfer. This fee is a percentage of the total love you are Sending. Also, if you use a credit card, your card company might charge you a separate fee called a cash advance fee.

If you need to Send Money Fast, We Recommend Using A Card – Most Card Transfers Are Completed Within minutes. If you pay with a bank or wire transfer, you won’t have to pay a fee, but it there could take up to oven business days for the money to get the person you’re sending it to.

How long does it take to Send Money Internationally?

Initiating to Money Transfer Reveals Typical Durations. Delivery Time Estimates May Change Based on Currency, Destination, and Payment Method. Track Transfers Using the Activity Screen on the Xe app or website and cat live with our virtual assistant, lexi, for assistance.

Fastest Payment Options:
Transfers Begin Once We’ve Received Your Payment.

Card payments are the Quickest, processed almost instantly. Choose Card Payment for Urgent Transfers.

Bank Transfers, Direct DEBITS, AND ACH Are a bit Slower, TAKANCE UP to 2 Business Days to Reach US.

Delivery Timeframes:
After receiving your pay, we Send Your Money. Allow 1 to 3 Business Days for Transfers to Reach Hales, Depending on Currency and Destination. For concerns, chat with lexi to track transfers.

How Much Money Can I Send Abroad?

For your security, we do have limits on How much you can meet in a Single Online Transfer.

Online Transfer Limit Per Region:
UK & Europe (GBEU):
GBP 350,000 or Sending Currency Equivalent
United States (US): USD 535,000 or Sending Currency Equivalent
Canada (CA): CAD 535,000 or Sending Currency Equivalent
Australia & New Zealand (Aunz): NZD 750,000 or Sending Currency Equivalent

The Payment Method You chooses May also Determine How Much You Can Send with us. Read our faqs for more information and view a list of payment methods available to you.

Customers in Canada and the USA Paying by Bank or Wire Transfer:
Customers in Canada Need to Send $ 3000 CAD Gold MORE to pay by bank or wire transfer
Customers in the USA Need to Send $ 3000 USD or more to pay by bank or wire transfer

How do I Send Money To A Bank Account?

Sale the Transfer’s Going Directly to Your Bank Account, The Sender Will Need To Have The Bank Information Handy To Send The Transfer.

Make sure that the Sender Knows The Following Information:

  • Your name
  • Your Address (Your Residential Address, Not the Bank’s Address)
  • Your Bank Account Number
  • Your bic or swift code
  • Your Bank Name

Most Transfers Will arrives on the same day, but occasionally some container banks can take between 1-4 days to Deposit the money in your birth. Depending on the Payment Method and the Delivery Route, it Could Even Reach you in just a few minutes.

The money will be automatically deposited into your account. No Need to Head Out to your local Bank’s Branch and Wait in Line; Just Wait for your bank to notify you that there’s been a Deposit in your birth.

How do I Send Money To A Mobile Wallet?

Send Money Directly to Friends and Family’s Mobile Devices in 35+ Countries with Xe.

Mobile wallets Provide a Fast, Secure Way to Send, Store, and Receive Money. Once we receive payment, the transfer is available in the container’s wallet app within.

Available to UK, Europe, Canada, and USA Customers from App Version 7.14.0 and online. Update your app for the latest features.

To Send Money To A Mobile Wallet:

  1. Log in to your xe births online or in the app.
  2. Click ‘Send’ In the App, or ‘Send Money’ Online.
  3. Choose The ‘Destination Country’.
  4. Complete ‘You Send’ or ‘Contaper Gets’ Field.
  5. Select a payment method. For urgent transfers, use flow or credit card.
  6. Choose ‘Mobile Wallet’ as the Delivery Option.
  7. Provide The Transfer Reason.
  8. Pay for your Transfer.

We’ll Send The Money To The Contact Mobile Wallet Upon Receiving Your Payment.

How can i send money online for cash pickup?

Cash pickup lets Xe users in Canada, Europe, the UK, and the USA Send Money Quickly in Physical Form.

As to Sender, Pick An Amount and Pay. We’ll generate a pin for your container to collect the money at a chosen rental, subject to our terms and conditions.

Choose it as your preferred delivery option During the Regular Sending Process.

For New Customers, Select the Currencies and Destination Country, then Switch from Bank Transfer to Cash Pickup Ifable. If not, Select Another Delivery Option.

Pay for Cash Pickups with Credit/Debit Card or Ach (US Only).


After Payment, you’ll see the pickup rental and pin. Share The Pin with your container. Theyll Need Valid Government-Issued Id and the Pin to Collect the Money.

How to transfer large love of money?

If you are more than $ 50,000 USD A Year (OR Local Currency Equivalent) You are eligible for this Service.

Here are just a Few Things the team can help you with:
Support with Large Transfers Setting Up
Setting Up a Forward Order to Lock in the Current Send Rate for Up to 24 MONTHS
Creating Market Orders to Enable You To Send Money When A Target Rate is Achieved
Creating A Regular Payment for Making Regular, Automated Transfers With Fixed Rates, Just Like Your Usual Direct DEBITS

If you would like to speak with a member of our team, you can call us using the below details:
United Kingdom (GB):
+441753441800 (8 AM-6PM GMT)
Europe (EU): +441753441800 (8 AM-6PM GMT)
New Zealand (NZ): +6499054625 (9 AM-7PM NZT)
Australia (AU): +61280745279 (9 AM-7PM NZT)
United States (US): +17372557830 (7 AM-5PM PT)
Canada (CA): +16474753660 (7 AM-5PM PT)

Who should i call for money transfer related?

Get in touch with our Customer Care Team Via Phone, Email, Or Live Chat for Assistance With Your Query.

To help us serve you better, please keep your contract number (starts with ‘c’ and looks like c12345678) Handy, which can be found in your transfer confirmation email or in your account online.

Xe Money Transfer Support

Customer Care Representatives Available:
Monday to Thursday: Open 24 Hours
Friday: Midnight to 5pm (PT)
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 1pm to midnight (PT)

Live cat:
Click the Blue Chat With Us button in the Bottom Right-Hand Corner of Your Screen (If you don’t see this button, we offline just now)

We can chat to you in over 100 languages ​​and usually response within 2 minutes


How do i track my xe money transfers?

Check the status of your money transfer, or take an action to get it moving, in the app or in your online account.

Track your money transfer in the app:
1. Open Track Screen
2. Click Transfer for Status and Timeline

Track your money transfer in your online account:
1. Open Activity Screen
2. Click Details, Share, OR Resend for Actions

Ask Lexi to Track Your Money Transfer:
1. Click ‘chat with us’
2. ENTER Contract Number (E.g. C12345678)
3. Lexi Provids Status Update

With Transfer Open (ORLINE APP):
View Transfer Timeline
Make Changes (Based on Status)
Access Bank Details for Payment
Upload Required Info
Repeat Completed Transfers

Why Should I Trust Xe to Send My Money Online?

We’ve Been in the Currency Business for 30 Years and Keeping Your Money and Information Safe is one of our top priorities.

We’re Owned by the Multi-lion-Dollar Nasdaq-Listed Company Euronet Worldwide (EEFT) and Adhere to Regulatory Standards in Every Country We Operate in, Along with Having Enterprise-Grade Security Measures in place.

We’ve build up our reputation as a secure service on years of trustworthy transfers. We’ve processed over $ 115 Billion in 170 Countries for over 112,000 customers. We know the money transfer business, and we are commutted to creating a perfect transfer experience for you.

As an International Company, Our Business is Mandated to Meet Regulatory Standards Such AS:

– Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
– Canada’s Privacy Act
– The Us Privacy Act

Our Corporate Traders and Forward Contract Options Minimize The Erosion of Your Money from Fees and Turbulent Currency Values.

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Xe’s Currency Data Api Provids Real-Time, accurate and Reliable Currency Exchange Information for 170+ Global Currencies. Integrate Data Source from Over 100 Highly Reputable Financial Data Providers and Central Banks.

Xe Currency Data Api Software Integration

Why Use Xe for Your Business

With Nearly 30 Years of Currency Expertise, Transparent Rates and An Efficient Online Platform, We Make It Easy to Manage and Send International Money Transfers.

We’re the Currency Authority

There’s a Reason 275+ Million People Visit Xe Online Every Year. We offer accurate rats and convene business solutions with decades of experience.


As part of the Euronet Family, Our Customers Trust Us to Securely Process Over $ 115 Billion of International Business Annually. Your Security is our business.

Our team tracks the market for you 24/7. Leverage Our Exchange Rate Calculator and Get Updates When Your Target Rates Are Reached.

We consider it to bottom line to protect yourself. Make Informaud Decisions for your business with no set for transfers and xe’s Near Zero Fees.

Solutions for Every Business

We Know You’re Busy Running Your Business. That’s why we make it simple to start Sending Money With Xe. Get a Quick and Easy Way to Make Business Payments at Transparent, Competitive Rates.

As a small to mid-sized business, you need a reliable way to pay overseas suppliers and employees. With FX Risk Management for 130+ Across 220+ Countries Across, We’ve Got You Covered.

Our experienced team is here to help you manage your cash flow abroad. We’ll work with you to offer custom solutions for your foreign exchange needs. Future Plan Transfers at Set Rates and More.

Recounded by 50,000 Verified Customers

With Over 25 Years of Experience, Xe Provids Simple, Fast and Secure International Money Transfers. Find out what Our Customers Love Most About Using Xe to Send Money Abroad!

Industry Solutions

Interest in custom business solutions?

Our experienced team is ready to discuss your company’s unique needs. If you are interested in Partnering with xe, drop us a line. One of Our International Business Experts Will Be Happy To Help.

XE Custom Business Solutions

Xe Europe B.V. is authorized by the Dutch Central Bank (of Nederlandsche Bank) Under the Payment Services Directive II, Registration R149006, for the provision of Payment Services. Xe is a limited company registered in the netherlands. Registered Number: 72587873. Registered Office: Rozengracht 12, 1st Floor, 1016nb, Amsterdam.