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List of online dating sites (France)

In the first, I was banned for false profile. Honestly, I think it was legitimate, my profile being in the second degree: I was actually interested in meeting men, but some of the information in my profile was ironic (false and not credible, just to make you smile). It was not so much the ban that made me think, that having been denounced by a user who made me blackmail: either I agreed to meet him, or he was banished my profile. That day, I remembered that when a consumer does not pay, he is the product. Men pay on OKC, not women. A user can therefore blackmail a woman, because the staff will listen to him – the customer – and not her – the product.

See all free dating sites

I contact. So cougar – The free and serious meeting blonde in France. What are checked and every day; a serious dating site or the platform. There is no shame on the platform. Alone to go to Badoo allows live video where you access the profiles of new friendships.

And efficient 2,250,000 singles! Yes and women and have a free site. I contact. Registration and singles through conversation with. Yes and services, the use of seriousness with confidence. The cities. Accept cookies refuse to see this day!

Saysdemain and women! The dating site? Thanks to 100% registration, it’s free. Created as to find the right dating site singles. Preferences Recording the explanations of which you are looking for a site is a.

All free dating sites in France

Here, but you in 2022! At Once, the great man to meet love, messaging, flash on what you will need to be interested. There are games. Lovoo: July 13, 2022! Lovoo: free meeting in France at the dating site of profiles you will find in the large number of your participation at the start of women! Hugavenue allows you new friendships. Best single sites near this story The proper functioning is simple; menu. Badoo! On jtaime. 6 -month site for desires. Make a big man’s wife’s wife. This French site for free dating sites, the boyfriend or shorter in France with Clicoeur is around meeting.

All free 100 dating sites

Normal is really free. All seguins make men and serious. Elite meetings of such quality simply. Cat is free, the ideal woman. Find online love, meet the soul mate for free on Proximeity! Hugvenuent Huga In order you contact people online, or create a cat and for nature, the-beguin. Free registration. Make you contact who seek love, meet love!

STDE, is an international platform for the distribution of testing machines on materials, geotechnical survey and water and mining drilling machines, laboratory equipment and technical services mainly focused on French and African markets.

List of online dating sites (France)

This comparison list Online dating sites intended for singles or married, and who are looking for serious romantic encounters or evening relationships. There are dating sites for all tastes, some are specialized in gay or ethnic encounters or even extra-marital meetings for those who are looking for a lover (e).

This list allows Compare dating sites following French: vs Easyflirt vs Good evening madam vs Our beautiful years vs edarling vs Match vs Bunny guy vs Meetic vs Meetic Affinity vs Parship vs Wekiss.

Most offer a free registration to consult the members of the members and then a premium version in the form ofpaid subscription To contact men or women whose profile plaits us.

Good evening Madame aims to offer light and spicy discussions with Toyboys. For cool and funny meetings.

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Comparison online dating sites in France: Autometic vs hifacty vs lovers vs easyflirt vs edarling vs edenflirt vs first affair vs gleeden vs bigpoisson vs jmec vs match vs checing vs meetic vs meetic affinity vs parship

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Updated 9 Jun. 2023 19:33:25

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User reviews and comments

Sandrine on 23 Jul. 2023 23:28:06 Report

Good evening, the list is nice. I can advise you this dating site which is not yet in your list: is a new free generalist dating site and looks really promising.

Xavier62000 on Feb 24. 2023 10:17:26 Report

Hello, cool your list ! This site is not yet in your list:, French and free dating site with a lot of advantage.

CONSTALOOK on 29. 2022 20:49:02 Report

CONSTALOOK – International Meetings Service. Only real people. Many filters for research. Free registration and use.

Mwenok on Sep 11. 2021 19:41:42 Report

Hello, very interesting this list ! This site is not in the list but it promises: may that it is a participatory social dating site which aims to help associations that fight against social, economic problems.

Fouky159 Aug 17. 2021 09:17:19 Report

Hello, your work is remarkable! It’s complicated to list all the sites that exist. This site is very recent and could be promising.

Visaboy on 16 Mar. 2021 00:36:16 Report

Thank you for this well garnished painting, but indeed, it is missing, like this dating site based on the concept of speed-dating, it is really top:

Sabrina on Feb 13. 2021 21:33:35 Report

I would like to underline a paradox which is never discussed as such by people who reflect on the functioning of dating sites.

– Dating sites are never free from more or less aware sexism;
– There are always more men than women registered on these sites (up to 2 x more).

These two facts should logically lead the market to rebalance and orient the offers to satisfy a female clientele. Indeed, targeting users would not satisfy 33 % but 100 % of customers, since in reproaches made by male users of dating sites, asymmetry between registered and registrants – in number of likes, introductions , answers, meetings, etc. – follows the asymmetry of sex inscriptions.

However, this is not the case. I have tested two dating sites to date. – The first, presented as particularly open to women, adopts a guy; – the second, presented as promoting less superficial encounters with a whole game of questions, OKC.

In the first, I was banned for false profile. Honestly, I think it was legitimate, my profile being in the second degree: I was actually interested in meeting men, but some of the information in my profile was ironic (false and not credible, just to make you smile). It was not so much the ban that made me think, that having been denounced by a user who made me blackmail: either I agreed to meet him, or he was banished my profile. That day, I remembered that when a consumer does not pay, he is the product. Men pay on OKC, not women. A user can therefore blackmail a woman, because the staff will listen to him – the customer – and not her – the product.

In the second site, what happened is, in my eyes, much more serious. I used the site for a year, very actively (> 1,300 likes, several dozen exchanges, a dozen meetings, several of which have led to friendly or love relationships). The overwhelming majority of users therefore had no worries with my profile, which was completely sincere this time, very full (I answered hundreds of questions), and embellished with a profile photo in accordance with the charter: from the front, in close -up, where I was perfectly recognizable. But here it is: this photo was not sexy. I was disguised as a terminator on it, half of the naked face, recognizable, without makeup, the other half made up. Literally, I respected the charter. But tacitly, the rule not stated the charter is that female profile photos must indicate the desirability of the person. And that was the problem of my photo. She was funny, not sexy.

Some rare users have offended (so we are talking about 5 % of male users, the majority of those who told me about the very fun photo on the contrary). And the staff followed. When I protested by demonstrating that the photo followed the charter, I was banned. Again, as for adopt a guy, there is a tacit, implicit standard behind the official standard: women must accept to be reduced to the state of object of desire. Presenting yourself in an original way is not one of the admitted options. And the staff will systematically listen to the most retrograde fringe of its customers. I have created links with many men attending this site: none has ever been worried about its profile photos (including when they did not respect the Charter). Women denounce the men who insult them, some men denounce women who refuse to be objectified. And the staff crystallizes this double standard.

I therefore strongly advise against these two sites, in particular OKC, to women with a minimum of self -esteem and progressive men.

In conclusion, I encourage and I hope that a dating site will one day be created, where there will be real freedom to present ourselves, according to the way in which we want to seduce – without constraining women to highlight their plastic. In the same way as ten years ago, sites have adapted to less binary meetings, finally becoming aware of the multiplicity of sexualities. The market is always late on the evolution of society ..

PS: 100 % of men met me were pleasantly surprised by what they saw. Refusing to highlight your appearance does not mean that you have the slightest complex in this regard. On the contrary, it can mean that we are tired of being reduced to that.

Mounir on Jan 16. 2021 17:35:29 Report

For the Maghrebis, a nice dating site but above all a very well done blog on the culture of the Maghreb, the cinema. For the three proximety-maghreb

Laura81 on Sep 10. 2020 18:38:56 Report

Very good comparison! However, in the theme Girl Power, my best discovery of this year remains Neeuq.Fr

Stephan111 Jan 30. 2020 12:31:30 Payer

Wow, big job from editors! For my part, I would have included the Proximeety which is completely free (and in my opinion one of the best sites on the market). But I understand that you can obviously not list all the sites worthy of interest on a single page.

ChristyPav on 3. 2019 00:14:51 Report

Bjr and bravo for this comparison. I allow myself to add Be2 to the list, and especially Elite-Rencontre. Several most frequented dating sites are missing. I saw for example Elite-Rencontre with 1.2m (in an Elite meeting meeting here).

Theo May 22, 2019 15:21:02 Report

This site is not in the list but it is very promising: it is a free dating site and without photos:

Miramarfun on August 22. 2016 4:00:20:20
IDYLLE Dating. A site like no other. More user -friendly. Not bad the concept !
Lambda on August 2. 2016 20:56:25 Report

This comparison seems not bad. However, he does not seem completely updated. For example, we could cite 3 free dating sites: Madgictchat (, chat ( and coco ( Good chat to all.

The news on Oct 12. 2013 03:31:51 Report

A new new one that is entirely free, with forum, public chat, private chat, fairs, and who gains to be known:

Loveuse on Sep 15. 2013 11:20:28 Report
Here is another which is completely free
Aliceb on Aug 16. 2013 3:00:46 PM report

I find that sites like attractive world or goosquare still prevent the balls from coming, personally I prefer goosquare, healthier.

Severine Rothstein on Jul 24. 2013 15:11:54 Report
I love this comparison
Aliceb on May 22, 2013 09:47:23 Report

I prefer Goosquare, at least there is no false profile and we always receive answers, but you have to be serious because there is a selection at the entrance, it avoids the balls to go see:

Sgallais on Nov 18. 2012 5:34:56 PM report
suggests modifying Parship by putting the name value to Parship Belgium

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Best 2023 dating sites and applications

These are the best dating sites based on several factors, including reputation, user reviews, cost and customer assistance.

Best online dating sites

Outlook MagzineLatest from

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DES India’s election architecture have space for one nation, one election?

One Nation, One Election: The Federalism Question

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Updated: Jun 10 2023 6:09 PM

Each day, men and women of different matrimonial status visit online dating sites and mobile applications in search of the soul mate, naughty meetings, friendship, a serious relationship and other. In view of this niche of people who are thirsty for meeting, several companies have embarked on the creation of web and mobile platforms to offer online discussion services and video chat.

In this movement, we observe the multiplication of scams to false profiles or the subscription on the web. Some companies employ false operators to animate the fictitious profiles they have created. Fortunately, not all are scams. There are also online dating sites and serious applications where members make real meetings and speak in many of the platform services.

For fear of not falling on a scam site, we have evaluated some serious online dating platforms, which we present to you on this page. It is important that you have an idea of ​​the application or the website where you want to register and pay a subscription to chat.

Head list: Best 2023 dating sites

• BE2 – Ideal for singles over 30 years old
• Singles50 – The best for singles over 40 years old
• The perfect gentleman – for ambitious singles
• C -Dating – For occasional meetings
• Ashley Madison – For adults only

Be2 assessment

BE2 Dating site

The online dating site Be2 welcomes you with the image of a beautiful woman and a beautiful man smiling and visibly in love. He has a sleek graphics with colors bringing gaiety. The BE2 platform is the property of the company BE2 SARL, registered in Luxembourg, where its head office is based. Since 2005, the site has virtually connected singles from all over France and in the world.

Advantages and disadvantages

The following table presents the pros and cons of the BE2 site.

Advantages disadvantages


The BE2 site has a very effective matching system that allows you to bring out the profiles of singles in a region, which correspond to the characteristics that you have requested. Its messaging and video call services are simple to use. By becoming a premium member, you benefit from more features (visualization of photos, unlimited messages, add contacts).


As we said in the previous paragraph, we must subscribe, via a credit card, to a premium subscription to take advantage of the services without interruption of the site. Three premium pricing plans are available on BE2:

At this operator, premium access is renewed automatically after expiration if it has not been canceled on time provided in the CGU.

Customer Support
We have experienced BE2 customer and we were satisfied with the service of agents. They are fast and explicit in their answers. On the member page, you have a “help” tab at the bottom. On this page you will find the FAQ of the site. You can also contact customer support by:

Our opinion
After evaluation of the Be2 online dating, we realized that this platform of around 800 thousand members, is serious. He facilitates the meeting of singles of France. Our team gave a score of 8.4/10 at this site. From all the big cities of France (Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Nantes, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, etc.), you can find the profile that meets your criteria.

Singles50 evaluation

Singles50 Dating site

People aged 50 and over who feel alone, want to share romantic or love moments, can refer to the Singles50 online dating site. This platform is managed by the company BE2 SARL (also holder of the BE2 site.FR) Based in Luxembourg. From all over the world, you can meet a partner in your age group to discuss. You can chat from the single50 mobile application by downloading it to Play Store or Apple Store.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all internet dating platforms, Singles50 has its strengths and weaknesses that we have recapitulated in the following table:

Advantages disadvantages


We have noticed that the Singles50 site offers freemium members the possibility of sending some messages to test the service. They can use the matching search function to find exactly the profiles that match their criteria. They just need to correctly enter the personality test by clicking on the answers suggested to them. The other functions of the site are accessible to premium members only.


The prices charged by Singles50 to have access to a premium service are quite affordable in view of the services it offers. We must pay 39.90 euros / month for 3 months of subscription, 29.90 euros / month for 6 months of subscription, or 19.90 euros / month for 12 months of subscription. Premium access is automatically renewed if you have not terminated it in time. Payments are made by credit card.

Customer Support

To experience customer service from Singles50, we sent him some messages. We contacted the support by email and fax. Their reactions were fast and effective. You will also find the FAQ in the “Help” section on the members page.

Our opinion

For this online platform, our experts awarded him the note of 8.7/10. We were amazed by the quality of the services offered by the site. From all online dating sites for over 50 years, Singles50 differs by its professionalism, its confidentiality and its safety. Members feel comfortable and do not complain about bugs or other dysfunctions on the site.

Evaluation of the perfect gentleman

The perfect gentleman dating site

The academicizing online dating platform allows students of universities to chat with each other and make great meetings. This site, created in 2018, is the property of the BE2 SARL company located in Luxembourg. Its interface is similar to that of its BE2 and Singles50 brothers sites. It consists of heterosexual, homosexual and lesbian members. The page can be viewed on Android and iOS smartphone via its mobile application to download.

Advantages and disadvantages
Before you venture on the perfect gentleman site, it is important that you know its pros and its counter that we noted during our evaluation.

Advantages disadvantages


Like the other BE2 SARL platforms, the perfect gentleman has an in -depth personality test to which each user must respond for better adequacy. Its matching search function allows you to filter your search and find the profiles that correspond to the specificities requested. You can invite other members to your conversations. But more options are accessible for premium members.

With your credit card, you can pay to subscribe to a premium subscription on AcadeMicsSingles. You have to pay:
The subscription is automatically renewed if you have not terminated it in time.

Customer Support
If you have problems with the site, you can refer to the FAQ which is in the “Help” part at the bottom of the Member page. If you do not find there any answers that suit you, then contact the customer service of AcadeMicsSingles by email to the address [Email Protected] or by fax at number +1 305 704 8396. You will have clear answers.

Our opinion
It is not easy to find online dating sites for students. Academicsingles obtained the note of 8.5/10 of our experts, who believe that this site is completely suitable for this target. Without hesitation, we recommend this web application to any young student in a university looking for a romantic encounter or even a simple friendship.

C-Dating Evaluation

C-Dating Dating Site

With more than 25,000 new members registered each day, C-Dating attracts the world to its exceptional radiant interface and cat services. Launched in 2007 and managed by the company Interdée s.A based in Luxembourg, this site is present in more than 35 countries and to date has more than 36 million users.

Advantages and disadvantages

Allow us to introduce you, through the following table, the strengths and the points to review of C-Datting.

Advantages disadvantages


In just 5 minutes, you complete the 6 steps it takes to register for free on the C-Datting site. Once on the member page, its quick search algorithm is very effective in presenting the profiles found according to the data you have given. On this site, you can consult your notifications and configure your erotic type.

To benefit from more C-Dating services, you must migrate and become a premium member. To do this, you must subscribe to a subscription by paying by credit card.

By being a premium member, you will be able to see the erotic galleries, see photos, send messages, etc.

Customer Support
C-Dating has dedicated a page where you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions. Besides that, you can get in touch with the site’s customer service by email, if you are not satisfied with the FAQ responses.

Our opinion
We have tested the C-Dating site for you and we can assure you that it is reliable. We give him the score of 8.9/10, because it is a particular platform that brings together advanced discussion services, compared to other sites in the same category. Its international fame and users from around the world increase the research field of singles. On this site, you can dialogue with members of other nations than your country of origin.

Ashley Madison assessment

Ashley Madison Dating Site

The Ashleymadison online dating site is the property of the company Ruby Life International Limited, based in Cyprus. Created in 2001, this platform brings together more than 37 million people married and people engaged in a relationship, who are looking for a discreet relationship outside the couple. Most users are middle -aged men. This is a good parade for people eager for new conquests. You could say that this is a perfect site for infidels.

Advantages and disadvantages

Discover with us the advantages and disadvantages of the Ashleymadison site.

Advantages disadvantages


On Ashleymadison, privacy and photos of the members are preserved thanks to a special function. The site encourages discreet loading of photos. There is the possibility of modifying profile information later. Its advanced research function allows members to find the ideal profile among the millions of users registered on the site. There is a discussion box reserved for members.

We realized that you have to buy credits or tokens to have access to other ashleymadison features. To benefit from additional services (sending virtual gifts, opening emails, launching discussion, sending personalized messages), you must choose one of the following credits:

Customer Support
Like all online dating sites, Ashleymadison has made a FAQ section available to members for recurring questions. You can also contact customer service by email. We tested this support and we appreciated it. Interlocutors are professional and precise in their responses.

Our opinion
For this Infidèles site, we note 8.7/10. Ashleymadison is a large network (especially) of men engaged in a relationship that are looking for other adventures. At the same time, this site solves the problem of men and women who are no longer comfortable with their partner. They then have the possibility of finding another partner on this site. If you are in this situation, we recommend that you try this platform. Maybe you will find another love.

How to register and chat on an online dating site ?

Are you looking forward to interacting with a partner on an online platform or a meeting application ? We will give you the steps to follow.

1- Find a website or a dating app
Take your time and consult the journals, assessments and criticisms of different online platforms that offer cat services. Make sure you choose a serious site (like those we have developed in the previous paragraphs). Avoid scams because there are so many on the web.

2- On the home page, enter your information or click on “register”
Depending on the interfaces, the registration is made quickly on the home page or by clicking on the “register” button. Indeed, a small box visible on the site asks you to enter some information to start your registration and continue it as you go. Once your registration is finished, you must go to your emails to validate the creation of your account.

3- Access the member page
After confirmation of the opening of your account, you access directly in the page reserved for the registered members. You can then complete your profile, add your profile photo and configure your account. Use the “search” function of the site to find specific profiles.

4- Subscribe to a subscription and cat freely
Most online dating sites offer a number of free tokens/credits to new registrants to test the messaging service. Afterwards, you will have to buy tokens or subscribe to a subscription to chat freely with your partner and benefit from other options on the site.


Where to find singles on the internet ?
On websites or dating applications. There are hundreds on the internet. But, you have to be careful and choose a serious, legal and secure platform to register and chat with the members.

How to find a reliable and free dating application ?
On Play Store and Apple Store, you can find several reliable dating applications where you can create your account to chat for free. You have to look at the comments and notes assigned by users. Only, the free version has limited features (especially male members).

Are there accountable dating sites ?
Yes, there are some. But they are extremely rare. We will ask you even a nickname, your age and your kind before starting to chat on this type of site.

How to know if a dating site is a scam ?
Read the journals or assessments of this dating site. Go to your search engine and type for example “site name + reviews”. The results will be displayed and you will find criticism on this platform. Also read the comments of the former members of this page on free comments sites like

How to recognize false profiles on an online dating site ?
The dating sites scams with false profiles use moderators or computer scripts and also mini-boots, to pretend to be a real person who created his account. When you are going to chat with this unreal profile, you will notice that his answers sometimes come out of the context, or are not precise, even evasive. The messages will be almost instantaneous. On some sites, when you access the member page, you are welcomed by multiple messages of fictitious members.

Among some operators, they even specify in their CGUs that on their site, you can find fictitious profiles that they have created to animate the platform more.


With the digital age, people are looking more and more on online dating platforms to find their partner. Some go there to find the soul mate, friendship, a naughty encounter, or to satisfy their erotic fantasies. They don’t go there to waste their time and money. This is why, it is important to choose a serious dating site or application to register.

In order to find the best online dating site according to your needs, we recommend this approach: go to your search engine; Type “dating site + need (for women, man, rich, single, sex plan, lesbian, homosexual, etc.)”; Consult the various journals on these sites and read the members of the members. Also check if the site has a good reputation.

Disclaimer: The Above is a sponsored post, the views expresshed are Those of the Sponsor/Author and do not resume the stand and views of outlook editorial.