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Seat electric scooter

See the consumption and the energy class of the following models: Ibiza, Arona, Leon 5 Portes, Leon Sportourer, Ateca, Tarraco.

Seat launches a scooter and an electric scooter

Les Mó Escooter and EkickScooter de Seat. © SEAT

The Spanish car manufacturer takes the turn of soft mobility with an electric scooter equivalent to a 125 cm3 and a scooter which offers up to 65 km of autonomy. The latter arrives in France next month while the Mó Escooter will land in October.

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While major motorcycle motorcycle brands, like Triumph or Harley-Davidson, eye the segment of expanding electric bikes, automotive car manufacturers also give in to the sirens of soft mobility. After Audi and its e-tron scooter, Seat has just announced the launch of a Mó Escooter electric scooter and an EkickSco-Road 65 electric scooter.

Image of the Futura Sciences site

The Seat Mó Escooter has a trunk under the seat that can accommodate two helmets. © SEAT

With the Mó Escooter, Seat attacks the equivalent 125 cc electric scooter market capable of replacing the car for daily journeys. Its 7KW engine (9 kW in crest) allows it to reach 95 km/h while its 5.6 kWh battery authorizes a maximum autonomy of 125 km. Removable, it can therefore be recharged at home or at the workplace via a sector outlet. The Mó Escooter offers three driving modes (City, Sport and Eco) as well as a reverse. The dashboard is equipped with two USB USB ports which allow, for example, to recharge a mobile phone. The latter can locate the scooter and monitor its battery level via a dedicated application application.

Image of the Futura Sciences site

The Seat Mó Ekickscooter will in particular attack the very popular Xiaomi electric scooter. © SEAT

The Seat Mó EkickScooter 65 sold 800 euros

With the Mó EkickScooter, Seat targets what is called the mobility of the last kilometer to make the connection between a public transport station or a car park and its final destination. SEAT offers ekickscooter 65 which, as its name suggests, offers up to 65 km of autonomy for a maximum speed speed of 20 km/h. Its 551 Wh battery recharges in 6 hours. According to the manufacturer, this electric scooter is capable of swallowing 20 degree slopes, which should largely be enough to cope with the steepest climbs that can be met in town. For very short trips and more recreational use, Seat offers an ekickscooter 25 with a 300W engine that spins up to 25km/h and a 187 Wh battery with which you can travel up to 25 km.

Seat told us that the Mó EkickScooter 65 will be available in France from July in “around 800 euros“”. The Seat Mó Escooter will be available from October but its price is not yet communicated.

Seat electric scooter

SEAT Mó 65 Electric Scooter Parked on Roadside

Person Connecting Their Seat Mó 25 Electric Scooter with smartphone app

Technology & Connectivity

Your Seat Mó. your world. Thanks to advanced technology, you never miss a moment.

SEAT Mó 65 Electric Scooter for Sustainable Travel

Move more slightly and bring the pleasure closer with the 100% electric scooter.

SEAT Mó 65 Electric Scooter With Easy Charging Through Any Convention Socket

Boosting your battery could not be easier. Just plug it into any conventional socket.

SEAT Mó 65 Electric Scooter With 3 Driving Modes

Driving modes

Move as you see fit with the 3 driving modes, Eco, City and Sport as well as using the new Eboost function. Maneuver safely with electric reverse.

SEAT Mó 65 Electric Scooter With Double Breaking System

Double brake system

Electric brakes at the rear and a drum brake at the front combine to make the stop softer and clearer.

SEAT Mó Safety Gear Cosmo TM Helmet with Bluetooth and Break Lights View 2

Connectivity app

Manage your scooter directly from your phone with the Ninebot-Segway application available in the Apple Store (IOS) or the Play Store (Android).

Person Carrying Their Folded Seat Mó 25 Electric Scooter for Easy Transportation

For infrequent use, take advantage of our sharing solutions.

Friends Looking at the Sunset With Their Seat Mó 65 Electric Scooter

Voyage lighter. Why wear keys when you can use your laptop.

The scooter that suits you

Seat Mó that move with you

SEAT Mó 125 performance electric scooter

SEAT Mó 125 Performance

For non-stop performance.

3 driving modes + reverse
Autonomy up to 133km
Zero CO2 emissions
Plant time: 6-8 hours


SEAT Mó 125

Move intelligently through the city.

3 driving modes + back-up
Autonomy up to 133km
Zero CO2 emissions
Plant time: 6-8 hours
Available in 4 colors: white, red, gray and blue

SEAT ELECTRO Urban Mobility 100% electric scooter Seat Mó 25

SEAT Mó 65

Light and compact, optimized for exploration.

Autonomy up to 65 km
Zero CO2 emission
Maximum speed 20 km/h*
Plant time: 6 hours

SEAT Mó 50 e-book

SEAT Mò 50

The best of his class.

3 driving modes + reverse
Autonomy up to 172 km
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Plant time: 6 – 8 a.m
Motor power: 4 kW

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See the consumption and the energy class of the following models: Ibiza, Arona, Leon 5 Portes, Leon Sportourer, Ateca, Tarraco.

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