Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Price, release date, all information is there, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Release date, price, technical sheet, all info

Z Fold 5 Release date

Photo quality should therefore be there, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its X10 optical zoom should remain the brand’s “photophone”. Compared to the Z Fold 4, we can however expect some improvements in photo thanks to hardware and software optimization.

Galaxy Z Fold 5: Our first impressions on the folding monster of Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

After spending a few hours with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, we share our first impressions on the largest of Samsung folding smartphones. Unless it is a small tablet ?

During its Galaxy Unpacked 2023 summer, Samsung presented its new Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. The latter may not benefit from a new screen like his little brother, but nevertheless has serious arguments to argue. Release date, price, technical characteristics, we tell you everything in this handling.

New hinge and slimming cure for the Galaxy Z Fold 5

Amoled Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 screenDesign Finese Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5Galaxy Z Fold 5 Samsung Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 dimensions

One of the first things we notice on the Z Fold 5 is that Samsung has integrated a new hinge that allows him to close completely flat. A “small” change which has great consequences on the delicacy of the product (13.4 mm against 15.8 mm on the Galaxy Z Fold 4), but also on its weight.

Be careful however, despite a diet that made him lose 10 g, his 253 g does not make it a light smartphone. What we can tell you is that the smartphone seems robust.

From the chassis protected by a Gorilla Glass Victus 2 glass via the Armor aluminum frame, water tightness (IPX8) and the solidity of the hinge (200,000 openings and closings minimum), this 5ᵉ iteration of the Galaxy Z Fold inspires confidence. Samsung perfectly controls his subject and the finishes are impeccable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 external screenCharniere Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 camera block handling external screen samsung galaxy z fold 5

When folded, the elongated format of the external screen and its 6.2 inch diagonal offer him pleasant grip. AMOLED technology is obviously there, and the screen refresh rate goes from 48 to 120 Hz.

Once the smartphone is unfolded, the large 7.6 -inch screen always has its effect. This year, Samsung has revised its brightness upwards to reach that of the Galaxy S23 Ultra (1750 CD/m2 against 1200 CD/m2 on the Z Fold 4).

Add to that a variable refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz and you have a really comfortable display to consume all your multimedia content. Yes, the fold is always visible and does not seem to evolve, but does not interfere with the use.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 stylus shell S Pen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 stylus

We would of course have liked thinner screen borders or a location dedicated to the stylus, but it will be necessary to wait for that. The format of the S-PEN has also been reworked so that it is easier in the new shells of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Unfortunately, Samsung’s S-PEN is still sold separately.

Interface: The age of maturity for the Z fold

Who says big screen says large display surface. On this point, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 always gives the possibility to display up to three windows at the same time and to resize them on the fly.

Samsung does not want to change a team that wins and has rather chosen to improve certain features according to the feedback made by users of previous models.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 spots barSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 screenSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 internal screen Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Photo Samsung

Thus, one of the first novelties of the interface concerns the famous taskbar, introduced last year with the Z Fold 4. It is now possible to display four recent applications instead of two previously. It is practical, but it does not revolutionize the way we use it.

On the other hand, being able to copy and paste from one application to another using two fingers is one of the most interesting innovations. The automatic display of the preview of the photos you have just taken with the possibility of sorting them on the fly also saves a lot of time. Even if it’s still a little cliché, we can here talk about an interface (oneiui) that wins in maturity.

Another important point that we may not talk about enough concerns the software support proposed by Samsung. Indeed, the Z Fold 5 will receive major updates from Android for 4 years and security updates for 5 years. A longevity of which no folding smartphone, except for the Galaxy Z Flip 5, can boast.

Power, autonomy and camera: what to expect ?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 camera moduleSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 selfie photoSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 selfie camera Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 camera

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 being equipped with the last high -end chip from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, accompanied by 12 GB of RAM, you will not have to worry about the performance of the smartphone. With this configuration, the smartphone will be able to run all the play store games in the best conditions. We will see during our test if it is done with good management or not of heat.

One of the biggest question points concerns the autonomy of Z Fold 5. Samsung does not change the capacity of the battery, which stagnates at 4,400 mAh, nor the load speed which caps at 25W.

The company mainly focuses on the optimization of the new chip to gain efficiency and thus improve the endurance of its product. The brand has already done so with the ultra galaxy s23, so there are reasons to hope. However, it will still be necessary to check all this in use.

On the camera side, do not expect drastic changes. Samsung is content to renew the configuration of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is also found on the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus. Thus, there is a high-angle module of 50 Mpx, an ultra-large 12 Mpx angle and a 10 Mpx telephoto lens which allows an X3 optical zoom.

A word also on the 4 Mpx camera module under the external screen. Although discreet, it remains visible. We took a few selfies with it, and the quality unfortunately leaves something to be desired. Fortunately, the 10 MP selfie camera from the external screen is much better.

Photo quality should therefore be there, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its X10 optical zoom should remain the brand’s “photophone”. Compared to the Z Fold 4, we can however expect some improvements in photo thanks to hardware and software optimization.

What prices and what release date for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ?

Colors Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Let’s finish with the painful with the Price of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. As we could fear, they are on the rise. Thus, the basic model with 256 GB of storage is sold 1899 euros, or 100 euros more than the Z Fold 4 when it was released.

For the version with 512 GB of storage, you will have to pay € 2039 and for version 1 TB, it will be € 2279. Elitist rates that only some wealthy professionals or technophiles will be able to offer.

During the pre -order period which takes place from July 26 to August 10, Samsung offers an offer with € 100 of recovery bonuses and a doubling of the storage if you buy the product directly on the official website of the brand.

There Galaxy Z Fold 5 release date is therefore officially fixed at August 11, 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: release date, price, technical sheet, everything we know about the new foldable

Premium folding smartphones lovers can rejoice, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 arrives ! While other manufacturers embark on this segment, Samsung remains a safe bet for consumers looking for a device with controlled design.

Galaxy Z Fold 5

  • When the Galaxy Z Fold 5 comes out ?
  • How much is the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ?
  • What are the novelties of design of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ?
  • Brighter screens ?
  • An ever more efficient smartphone
  • A little slightly weak autonomy ?
  • Is the Galaxy Z Fold 5 good in photo ?
  • Is the Galaxy Z Fold 5 supplied with an S Pen stylus ?
  • What version of Android for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ?
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Undisputed and pioneering leader on the foldable screen smartphone market, Samsung is launching a new generation of its flagship range with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. With its expertise and user feedback from previous models, the South Korean manufacturer still improves its formula with this product which becomes more and more mature, reliable and efficient over the years. While competition is intensifying, between the marketing of the Find N2 of Oppo and the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 in some countries, the announcement of the Google Pixel Fold, and the future launch of a OnePlus Fold, the fold of Samsung still retains a good lead over his rivals. Release date, price, design new features, technical specifications, software, here is everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5.

When the Galaxy Z Fold 5 comes out ?

The presentation of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 took place the July 26, 2023, During a Galaxy Unpacked conference held in South Korea. Generally, Samsung opens pre -orders in the process for a period of about two weeks, then the smartphone is finally marketed and available from merchants. Although some brands offer delivery before this date, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be officially available on French stalls From August 11, 2023.

If the Galaxy Z Fold 5 promises to be the summer star at Samsung, the manufacturer has also launched the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Always on August 11, we can also get our hands on the tablets in the Galaxy Tab S9 series, as well as on the Galaxy Watch 6 connected watches.

How much is the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ?

Samsung unveiled the price of its Galaxy Z Fold 5 during the Unpacked event on July 26. The tumor announcing a slight drop in prices was false. On the contrary, Customers interested in Samsung’s new star foldable will have to pay more. While the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was sold 1799 euros in 256 GB version and 1919 euros in version 512 GB in France at its launch, it will be necessary to pay 100 € more with equivalent storage to acquire the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in its 256 Go version. The 512 GB version costs that the equivalent Galaxy Z Fold 4, at 2039 €.

What are the novelties of design of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ?

If design becomes a less and less important argument on traditional smartphones as they tend to all resemble each other, it is still essential for folding smartphones, which have not yet conquered the confidence of the general public. With this generation, Samsung perfects the design of his smartphone, thinner and lighter, as we could see when taking charge of Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5.

The first major improvement is made to the hinge. This is much better integrated into the body of the device, which theoretically allows it to make the fold in the middle of the main screen unfolded much more discreet. To do this, Samsung would have opted for a new type of hinge, baptized “Dumbbell” internally, which has already proven itself at Oppo, Xiaomi, and more recently Google. The new version also has the advantage of closing the screens completely, without there being no day between them. Once completely folded, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is only 13.4 mm thick.

Galaxy Z Fold 5

Although this new hinge provides resistance and protection against the terminal water, it does not allow us to certify the waterproof dust smartphone. The device therefore retains the IPX8 protection index already present on the previous generation.

If Samsung ensures that The hinge of Z Fold 5 will be able to support around 300,000 Opening and closing operations (instead of 200,000) before deteriorating, the Korean giant does not yet seem to have found the formula against dust intrusion into the screen. According to rather reliable sources, The villain fold will always be present.

Finally, let us add that, if the hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 improves the experience once the smartphone is fully folded or unfolded, the hands -free flex mode could suffer and become more complicated to set up. This is very practical to view videos comfortably or to use your mobile as a laptop.

During the last CES, Samsung Display made a demonstration of a foldable screen at almost 360 ° with a few privileged. Such a screen would allow you to do without external display, since it would be possible to fold it outwards to find a classic smartphone format. The second half of the screen at the rear could have a use, for taking photos for example. For the moment, this is only a prototype. This design could be offered in the future, but it is not for immediately and the Galaxy Z Fold 5 does not take advantage of it.

Galaxy Z Fold 5

Three colors are available for the device: blue (icy blue), cream (cream) and black (phantom black). The fingerprint reader does not move. It is always integrated into a button on the edge of the device. The speakers benefit from an improvement to produce better quality sound.

Galaxy Z Fold 5

Brighter screens ?

Samsung is betting on screen diagonals similar to what we already know for its Galaxy Z Fold 5, namely a size of 6.2 inch for external display and 7.6 inches for the internal poster. After having already made an important modification on the hinge, Samsung therefore remains wise on the screens, when one could hope to win a little surface on the external screen. It will be necessary to wait for the Galaxy Z Fold 6 to see a change of scale on this point. The secondary screen of the South Korean smartphone adopts a ratio closer to that of the Pixel Fold, which puts on the width more than on the length, at 1812 x 2176 pixels for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 against 1840 x 2208 pixels for the smartphone google.

The two screens are of course based on AMOLED technology and have a frequency of refreshment of 120 Hz, Variable from 1 Hz for main display and 48 Hz for secondary display. Benchmarks will confirm if, as the rumor announces, they are actually brighter than those of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The external screen enjoys a Gorilla Glass Victus 2 coating to protect itself from shocks, falls and scratches.

An ever more efficient smartphone

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, personalized and engraved in 4Nm, as for the Galaxy S23. This year, Samsung would not plan to provide the version more than the best SOC of Qualcomm for its folding mobile, believing that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 improved specially for Galaxy smartphones already gives them an advantage on the competition equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 standard. SOC is provided with a modem ensuring connectivity on 5G mobile networks.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 External screen

On the memory side, no change, we keep the 12 GB of RAM which are more than enough for all uses, including the multitasking. The storage space depends on the configuration chosen: 256 or 512 GB, via UFS 4 technology.0. A version embarking 1 TB of internal memory was available in certain markets, we will see if France is entitled this time.

A little slightly weak autonomy ?

One of the reproaches that could be made at the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was its limited autonomy, his successor should not manage to do much better on this aspect. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is once again powered by a battery of a capacity of 4400 mAh. We can hope that the optimizations of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip will make the device more economical in energy, but we should not expect a particularly substantial difference.

Recharge does not move either: until 25 w wiring, which remains limited for a premium smartphone compared to the performance delivered by the Chinese brands in parallel, and the charger is not included in the box. We are also waiting for a wireless recharging up to 11 W with the right station and an inverted wireless charging function to restore juice to wireless headphones or other compatible accessories.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold 5 good in photo ?

The capabilities of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in photo were quite convincing and the optics of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 should not evolve much. THE 50 MP main sensor opening at f/1.8 (Samsung ISOCELL GN3) is associated with an ultra-angle of 12 Mp to F/2.2 and a telephoto of 10 Mp at F/2.4 With an X3 optical zoom. Some reports claim that a design constraint would have prevented Samsung from improving photo sensors on this new generation. In particular, it would have been impossible to include larger and heavier sensors without having to revise the entire design and balance of the device.

Galaxy Z Fold 5

The smartphone offers two head cameras for selfies: one of 12 Mp with the external screen, when the mobile is folded, and another 4 MP concealed under the internal screen for unfolding use. Photo processing could be improved thanks to the new chip, but you should not hope for a spectacular leap in photo quality compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which was, we still recall, a good photophone.

Regarding the video, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can film in 8K at 30 images per second and 4K at 60 fps.

Is the Galaxy Z Fold 5 supplied with an S Pen stylus ?

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is compatible with the use of Samsung’s house stylus, S Pen. The accessory is however, however not included with the smartphone and must be purchased apart. If it is not delivered with the device, it is certain that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 does not have a specific location to store and recharge its S Pen. The absence of such a port also keeps the end terminal.

The S PEN allows you to write manually, draw or annotate documents on the screen, but also control the smartphone remotely to switch the camera, pass a slide during a presentation, or go to the Next music of a playlist.

What version of Android for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 ?

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 is delivered under One UI 5.1.1, Samsung software overlay, based on Android 13. This version offers a fluid, intuitive and customizable interface. Many features make it particularly suitable for operating the foldable screen of the device, in particular with regard to the multitasking and automatic adaptation of screens to the mode used: open, closed or flex.

The manufacturer is increasingly responsive in view of the software monitoring of its high -end smartphones. He promises 4 years of major Android updates and five years of safety patches.

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