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The Frame

3. Click on “Art” in the navigation column on the left

Samsung creates original Art A new collection of contemporary art in art store

After joining the masterpieces and collections of the greatest world museums in art store, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Creates a new space dedicated to original creations: Original Art. Subscribers to the Samsung art service, available on The Frame televisions, will have access on July 1 to a selection of exclusive photographs captured by artists from around the world with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the reference smartphone in photo.

Highlight a new generation of artists

Samsung has created the original Art Selection to highlight a new generation of vogue talent on social networks and offer them a new international scope. Samsung also wishes to offer owners of the Frame and photography fans a new catalog of modern works to dress their interiors.

Franco-Cambodian photographer Vuthéara Kham is the first to join this selection imagined by Samsung Electronics France. The work of the artist who marries landscapes and street scenes has been meeting real success for several years on social networks. The original photographs created and selected for The Frame tell the nostalgia for childhood to the Cambodian and Norman influences of the artist, mixed with impressionist inspirations.

“” The photographs accompanying this series were taken during my bucolic walks in my Normandy in Gréville-Hague, Giverny, Granville, the bay of Mont Saint-Michel but also in Paris in the garden of Albert Kahn and finally in Cambodge in Battambang, the my mom’s native province. “Explains Vuthéara Kham.

The unpublished and exclusive works taken using the ultra galaxy s23 by Vuthéara Kham will be available from July 1 in Original Art. The work of several other photographers and content creators will join the program by the end of the year.

The Frame, an art gallery open to its interior

Designed as a painting, The Frame turns into a real decorative object when it is in standby. Thanks to art mode [1] and art store, the television then displays a work of art with absolute realism. Permanently seeking to enrich the number of works available, Samsung Electronics has unveiled collaborations with renowned museums as the Louvre in Paris, Prado in Madrid and the French publishing house of art photographs Yellow Korner. The Frame now brings together a catalog of more than 2100 works of art with ultra-realistic rendering.

Thanks to the Samsung Electronics ecosystem and the SmartThings Application [2], The Frame owners can also integrate their own photos on their Frame TV via the application in their phone or via a USB key.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, ultimate partner of high quality photos

The Galaxy S23 Ultra pushes the limits in terms of photo and video. It has 3x and 10x optical zooms as well as an incredible 200MP pixel sensor optimized. This is the most powerful photo module ever integrated on a galaxy smartphone. Enough to take exceptional photos and videos whatever the light conditions. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best ally for impressive and realistic shots.

For the second consecutive year and on the occasion of the release of the Galaxy S23 Series, Samsung invites users of Galaxy smartphones and tablets to participate in the photographic competition “Picture the Future” [3], open from March 13 to September 15, 2023.

*Art Store is not available in Monaco. Works and photographs of art store are likely to change without notice. Art Store requires a subscription to € 4.99 per month or € 49.99 per year

[1] Art (Smart Service) mode and the graphic user interface (GUI) can vary depending on the model and the region.

[2] All devices must be connected to Wi-Fi or another wireless network, and saved with a single Samsung account. Availability may vary depending on the country, the region, the service provider, the network environment or the device, and may change without notice. Compatible devices must be purchased separately to access the smartthing services.

The Frame

Congratulations on your new The Frame !

Obviously, this requires a great work of art. This is why we are happy to offer you two months free subscription to art store. Below are the instructions to activate art store and access no less than 2,000 works of art. There is therefore always a work of art that corresponds to your style and your mood. Take advantage of the greatest works of art in the world now in your living room !

This is how you activate art store:

1. Connect to your Samsung TV with your Samsung account to take advantage of the 2-month trial period.

2.Go to the home page of your Samsung TV

3. Click on “Art” in the navigation column on the left

4. Select a work of art from the “featured artworks” or the “global top 20”.

5. Press “free trial” and choose the free monthly subscription (worth € 4.99/month). You can also choose the paying annual subscription.

6. Choose a payment method for the two -month trial period (credit card or paypal).

7. After clicking on “Accept and pay”, you can take advantage of 2 months of free art store.