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Asana Rebel Avis

But in short, what is in the background Asana Rebel ?

[Test] Asana Rebel: “Yoga Inspired Fitness”


Yoga applications at home, there are literally tons on the market !

So I don’t know how to tell you what pushed me to want to test it more than another, maybe the name: “Asana Rebel”(Admit that it slams) or the incredible number of advertisements that I could see everywhere on Facebook.

In my opinion, that’s more, that’s what, advertising ..

In short, I tested Asana Rebel !

In this article Display

Presentation of Asana Rebel

First of all, let’s see who hides behind Asana Rebel (AR for friends).

HAS.R is a company very young of only 2 and a half years. I say very young compared to what the firm has already accomplished. The two co -founders, Pascal and Robin have established their headquarters in Berlin (Definitely, these Germans are strong in the healthy lifestyle, we already owe them freeletics, as a reminder), but that is not to say that they have set out to attack the local market.

No no no, they targeted a bit wider, from the outset, with a “small” country in sight: the states !

Obviously, this is not the easiest market, the United States is ahead of absolutely everything. If you want to know the fitness trends of tomorrow, you just have to look at what is a hit today at home. Suffice to say that even two years back, competition did not fail (Pocket Yoga, Yoga Studio, 5 minutes Yoga, Fitetar Yoga, Daily Yoga, Simply Yoga, Yoga poses, etc.) !

Never mind, Asana Rebel made a box there with her offer and her design thought “West Coast” And “White Clean“, Trends that greatly fascinate the manager in charge.

With a promise such as “Yoga Inspired Fitness ”, The concept could only seduce … and Bim, today, 50% of the AR market is in the US With hold well … 10 million users !

Well, that’s done, Next.

Available in 6 languages, the firm does not intend to stop there and now attacks the European market (German and French in particular) which is not necessarily obvious (contrary to what one might think), because the product n ‘is not initially designed to attract these users (so Americanized may be) to be).

But in short, what is in the background Asana Rebel ?

“Ben, uDo not apply yoga !»

Good answer, but not enough. AR aims to Create experiences with a sustainable “healthy” & “lifestyle” impact.

In this sense, the programs take up the “classic” yoga movements combined with the intensity of the fitness.

It is neither hippie plan-plan yoga from the 1970s, nor muscle savage to the freeletics ! It is halfway between the two, it is a complete experience and above all: it is more than yoga !

Ok for the theory, now it says what in practice ?

The context

So I put my skin Jean Michel Yogi To test the application for almost 2 months, for a total of almost 10 hours of yoga, about 10 times more than in my whole life so far (do not judge).

I am not at all a rebellious yoga postures !

I have already dealt with some Asanas during my life (Cobra position, especially during an episode of back pain) and … it stops there.

I have the flexibility of a brick and if you tell me “Chaturanga“, I think of Asian food, know why.

So we’re on a good big yoga noob.

But now, I don’t know why, I have always been more or less attracted to this discipline (perhaps the “yoga pants” effect ?), the flexibility that discipline provides, zenitude and all these things. I have already tested several courses here and there, without ever having really taken the time to take group lessons regularly.

So I told myself that it would be a good idea to practice from time to time in the heat of my cocoon, in a morning routine scented with caffeine, app for mano.

So, no more stupid than another type (it remains to be seen), I downloaded Asana Rebel (available Android and Apple of Course) after seeing a nth ad on FB (it was too much), and that’s how My quest started.

First steps


The first time I launched the application, I did not understand that we could use it for free (no more stupid than another I said ?…), Apparently, I am not the only one (see Screen above).

In fact, the app is directly to unlock the content by paying and I had not seen that you could simply ignore by leaving with a very small cross at the top right, if my memory is good (some users also take badly the fact of being asked directly for money before having been able to test the content).

The free version of the application currently offers different training per day, which aims to give a good idea of ​​the type of content available with a subscription. This is an excellent thing that training changes daily.

We are therefore on an application whose economic model is freemium, namely you can use it free and limited as much as you want. But if you want to unlock all the contents, It costs you € 58.99 per year.

“Changing a life for no more than the price of a cup of coffee” per month, this is the enticing promise of the app ! As life is short, I took full access to all the features of AR (it’s still better to test).

So it’s worth paying or not .

Overview of the Asana Rebel application

Application Asana Rebel

Come on, we have a little overview of the application and we cause UX (User Experience for the uninitiated).

1. Main tab: today

In this home page, Here are the blocks that follow one another during scroll ..

First block: daily news

Training specially done for yourself with the objectives defined by “the coach” (I will come back to it). At a glance, we can see the intensity of the training, the type, the duration and what we are going to work.

Second block: popular collection

Presents 3 collections and explains what each corresponds to and what are its objectives.

Asana Rebel training

You can access by a button to the other collections of the application, including:

  • Core Power : a series of 20 training functional thought to offer a full range of movements and improve performance, flexibility, strength and endurance
  • Master of All : a collection of 19 Training which emphasizes concentration and stimulates several muscle groups simultaneously
  • Ko Training : a collection of 20training thought to make you sweat and help you lose weight
  • 5 min espresso : a collection of 13 training short and 5 -minute nice thought for those who live on the go, but want to train regularly
  • Hack your senses : a collection of 8training thought to generate a feeling of serenity and to erase any superfluous tension
  • Yoga for men : a collection of 10 training Thought for men in order to gain in lean mass and increase the flexibility of the muscles (it is mainly in this one that I made my weapons)
  • Spring Detox : a collection of 16 training To welcome the new season in order to release tension in the muscles while increasing their flexibility
  • TIGHT AND TONED : a collection of 18 training Thought to burn calories and boost metabolism thanks to a combination of bodybuilding and cardio
  • Get in Shape for Summer : a collection of 13 training cardio to increase heart rate and offer maximum results in a minimum of time

All offers a Total of 123 training sessions (at a time when these lines are written), not bad ! In each collections, we have the possibility of joining the associated Facebook group, administered by Asana Rebel (ex: “Yoga for men” see screen opposite).

What to do in diversity according to the objectives of each.

It could be good to expand the collections with for example: “before going to bed“,”Discovery of yoga“,”stretch“,”morning routine“, etc..

Training block/ The best choices for you based on your activity

We can ask ourselves the question if this block does not duplicate the first, overloading the home a little unnecessarily.

Filter block

A very good idea to quickly define what we want to do among several options::

  • The benefits sought: “Fitness”, “Force”, “Flexibility”, “breathe and relax”
  • The part of the body targeted: whole body, upper body and abs, lower body and abs
  • Duration: Short or long training
  • Intensity: low average and high

Observations: this very interesting feature is reminiscent of the similar option on Freeletics, but they are in my opinion less well exploited here. Let me explain, we cannot indeed combine several filters and I find them badly disposed. I would like to see them float on the top of the application in the form of check boxes to give rise to dynamic filtering, which would have the effect of lightening the home.

Global sensations on the home

If we feel the side “West Coast” And “White Clean“So dear to AR developers, I think there is still room for optimization.

Despite its minimalist aspect, I finally find it enough, with certain blocks which seem to be duplicate. On the other hand, the blocks may not stand out enough from each other, which means that even if the options presented are good, you can quickly feel a little lost.

I would like to see a tab dedicated to training collections, in which you could rummage, filter and make your little “market”.

The reception would thus be dedicated only to personal recommendations based on what we have already done and what we are offered today according to our objectives and our constraints.

Example, if I say that on Tuesday I only have a 5 -minute niche, the Home is modulating accordingly when I log on Tuesday (it’s purely hypothetical, there is currently not strictly speaking planning function, simply the possibility of fixing training reminders).

Finally, it is not possible for a simple glance to see if we have already made a training offered or not, too bad. On the other hand, you can mark it with a heart to add it to its favorites very easily.

2. Bookstore tab


We arrive on a page where there is a little useless click, because we have that the “training” choice. This is the list of limited training during sessions.

On the other hand, no possible filters on this tab which is not used for much, Amha.

In my opinion, it lacks an essential feature, as long as talking about bookstores, it is a kind of library identifying all asanas !

I would like to be able to browse all the yoga postures according to their difficulties, learn to find out more about each with explanatory sheets, dedicated video tutorials, etc..

I would like to be able to say to myself, “Okay today I work my pose of camel”And floor on it for a few minutes thanks to the dedicated advice, without having to launch a complete training.

3. Activity tab

Asana application

We find here:

  • Our profile
  • The history of training in the form of a calendar (we know what day we trained, but not the training done)
  • A small stats section with the summary of the total number of training, the longest series and the total training duration
  • A “training history” block which lists the name of the training carried out, this time without the date

We can therefore more or less deduce what training was done what day, but it is a bit tedious.

The section of stats deserves to be expanded, I would like to see the most popular training (or collection) can be seen there, can be the calories burned if you couple with a smartwatch, etc..

Profile tab

Here we can :

  • save
  • Edit its objectives (with pro mode)
  • Connect your profile with third -party applications (Apple Health Kit for example)
  • set up training
  • Find the downloaded training
  • See past training (NB: I don’t understand all training sessions are listed at home ..))

Promotion of a session

Asana Rebel YouTube

After selecting the training we want to do, the little lady explains what we are going to see and what will be worked.

I would like to see in this part the exercises that we will have to rub, and why not, alternatives if they are too difficult.

You can also choose your music between “6 atmospheres”, I set my sights on the “Deep House”, so my “grace” is expressed on Boums Boums… it would be great to be able to pass your own playlists to the ‘Avenir (a small spotify integration with preconceived playlists ?)).

Training always follow the same template in 4 steps:

  1. A dynamic warm -up that we cannot pass (even if we have already started in a previous session)
  2. The session in question
  3. The return to calm (which we can pass)
  4. THE Savasana, short period of time during which you lie on your carpet to empty

The Off Way always accompanies the beautiful videos with clear explanations on the exercises that we are performing. I like the fact that the coach tells us which exercises work which muscles.

Sometimes I admit that it is a bit fast for me in terms of sequences, especially when I started.

I would have liked to have a backtracking, A bit like on Netflix to rewind simply 10/15 seconds and better pigeon movements, rather than rushing to try to catch up with the coach, and undoubtedly, rush my movements.

Apple yoga

I sometimes had this feeling of being a rhinoceros trying to repeat the graceful movements of the gazelle:

  • “” “Raise the left leg, go down in board, caturanga, change feet, dog downstairs“” “
  • “” “Uh … sorry ?“” “

Add to that not always very practical checks, like the Swip to the right (trying to go back a little) in full training which puts an end to the latter, you have to know ..

So there you go, quite tedious beginnings, constantly looking at the teacher and taking the phone in hand, changing it space, etc.

We end up getting used to the movement of movements and suddenly it becomes fluid, over the sessions. We look less, we assimilate the jargon, we “yogify” and we find ourselves going from cobra to dog downstairs with a certain fluidity !

There it becomes pleasant, we no longer need to run after coach gazelle, we are in tune, the tempo is good and we can really focus on the breath (it is always well recalled to pay attention to his breath).

Last little reproach, there is currently no offline fashion, difficult to take Asana Rebel everywhere with you (especially abroad).

Admittedly, there is a function to download a specific training on the phone, but the application still requires a functional internet connection to load the videos and communicate with the servers, so I do not see the interest.

The AR team is working to improve this function to offer an entirely offline version, but no date is communicated.

To summarize, here are the small faults:

  • It is painful not to see in the lists which training has already been done
  • It can be a little difficult to follow the video on the phone at the same time as you move when you are neophyte (but hey, it’s a bit like in a real course), we would like to have the opportunity to come back for a few seconds backward
  • It should perhaps be a special beginner collection with further explanations and slower sequences
  • Sometimes you can use additional equipment (optional), this could be mentioned in the sheets of each training
  • Sometimes the sequences are a little repetitive (a little too dependent on the dog downstairs for my taste, but I don’t know how it goes “in real life”)
  • No offline mode
  • not the possibility of playing your own music (a small spotify integration would be top)

These are just small details, compared to the quality and richness of training:

  • The videos are beautiful, fluid and do not suffer from any bug (even on my ichiotte 5c)
  • The movements are well explained (goals, muscles requested/stretched, etc.)
  • The emphasis is always well worn on the breath
  • When you get used to it, the explanations are clear, no need to watch the video and the tempo is good
  • The intensity is there and it is not uncommon to finish well breathless !
  • Effective, I gained flexibility and fluidity

A word on “coaching” mode

Asana Rebel training

By paying, you have access to “coaching” mode, namely that you will, during the information of your profile, to have chosen 3 objectives from:

  • Losing weight
  • Spread your strength
  • Gain in agility
  • Concentrate
  • Get an agile and firm body
  • Balance your metabolism
  • Detox
  • Relieve back pain
  • Endurance

In theory, according to these objectives, the coach will then direct you to this or that training.

Except that at present, this dimension is not very advanced (hence the presence of quotes), it is not well known how the algorithm of the said coach works or what it takes into account. I guess it is a mixture between defined objectives and past training (at the end of each session, the application collects the sensation).

This personalization aspect must be expanded in the future, it is far too thin as it is and we can barely talk about personalized coaching in my opinion.

It is clearly the Achille d’Ar heel at present, and I know that it is also an improvement axis that the team is entitled in the viewfinder, it will be in the future to harvest More data on the user and to know him better to support him more towards his objectives.

To the west what’s new on the program ?

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It is certainly not the innovations that will miss on the next versions of the application. With a recent visit by a certain Tim Cook in the studios of the German firm, one can imagine that the future is bright for the Yogis of Ar ..

I am also blowing in the headset that it would be a question of augmented reality On the horizon, a feature that would be just incredible !

Also, the content should continue to expand, with more regular training arrivals. New workouts will thus land monthly, to always bring more diversity.

Finally, Asana Rebel would like to recruit ambassadors in the person of certified coaches, to continue to design well -made workouts, working directly with them and thus providing more transparency on expertise.


Yoga application

Let’s not sulk our pleasure: The application is very good, The content is of excellent quality, the richness of the videos is crazy, and everything is perfectly fluid (despite my “smartphone” more really very smart). The explanations are clear and precise, we know what we work, when we work it, and how.

We certainly have a little trouble when we are neophytes on the first sessions, we can quickly take 2-3 postures of delay (“huh, she said what the lady ?“), But when you integrate the asanas (it comes quickly) by practicing regularly, the tempo is perfect.

Even a guy like me steep like a brick managed to take the lessons, to gain flexibility, to progress to the point of not having his nose glued to her screen to watch the teacher during the mooves … it’s a great victory.

With Ar, yoga sessions are becoming fun, and I enjoy training, it is for me what is most important.

The application is perfect for starting yoga (not that it can also be the ideal complement to your weekly collective lessons), it is an excellent gateway to the world of yoga and asanas, and training is intended Challenge, intense (get used to having the little drop of Su-Su) and not at all soft, that’s what we like !

The promise of mix between fitness and yoga is perfectly respected, all being quite similar to hit yoga lessons.

I do not honestly know if AR is the last application of yoga on the market (I have not tested other offers), but I seriously think that it can take this place by continuing to improve its features, its ux and enriching its content offer.

There is no doubt that future versions will emphasize the personalization side, to always go further in the user experience and recover more data from day to day.

Ultimately, we will be on an approach where the application will get to know you and follow you.

Pending the day when Ar is crushing all the form of competition, at only € 60 per year, the quality/price ratio cannot be better … Seriously, it is the equivalent of what ? 2 Parisian studio lessons ?…

If I made you want to become a rebel of yoga too, it’s here => https: //

For :

  • content, instructions and videos
  • The really low price
  • the diversity of training
  • Flexibility and intensity of training

Against :

  • The UX a little “bazaar”
  • The system of filters to review
  • Personalized coaching that clearly does not go far enough
  • The lack of an exercise library
  • No offline mode

Asana Rebel Avis

I have been practicing with Asana for over three years now. I feel toned and firm and I really appreciate this daily meeting. thanks to the whole team. I can’t wait to discover other videos and progress again.

Date of experience: September 22, 2023

Our 2022 transparency report is available

I find it lacking a bit of break ..

I find that there is a bit of break on intense programs. We have little recovery time
It would be necessary to alternate difficult exercises and recovery exercises
For the rest, c ok

Date of experience: September 24, 2023

I signed up at the level…

I signed up at the “intermediary” level, thinking about it being sporty. There is nothing, the positions and the speed of execution are difficult to follow. I would like to change my level to a beginner, but it seems impossible to adjust the subscription once registered. Quite disappointing ..

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

I love this app, the best never tested

I love this app, finally a suitable fitness application that allows you to move on a daily basis but at your own pace and according to the energy of the moment. Short and cumulative sessions that allow a personalized course to each use. You can also choose the level and type of activity chosen between strengthening and stretching. An addictive experience that we never tire of because we do not come out completely HS. Topissimo !

Date of experience: September 16, 2023

Answer: Asana Rebel

We are delighted to learn how much you like our Asana Rebel application ! Our goal is to offer you a personalized and flexible fitness experience, allowing you to train at your own pace. It is fantastic to know that our short and adaptable sessions as well as the variety of activities meet your needs. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact our customer service at [email protected]. We are here to help you maintain your motivation and support you in your fitness journey. Continue to take advantage of your Asana Rebel experience !

Insufficient English in French

I like the exercises offered but to take advantage of everything you have to connect in English
Everything does not exist in French and in this case we go quickly in circles

Date of experience: August 27, 2023

Exercises too fast and poorly explained

I signed up on Asana Rebel because I really like yoga and I have practiced it for several years in the studio.
Here, the exercises scroll at full speed, are not well explained, or even explained, at all.
People who do the exercises are great athletes so impossible to follow the exercises, if you are not pro and no options for postures.
The different courses are renewed very little, as well as the challenges. We quickly went around.
Please note, take your subscription via Applestore, much cheaper and you can easily block automatic renewal by terminating the subscription.
I would not recommend, I prefer by far the Fiton application which are real well -explained and diversified lessons.

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

I discovered asana reveal he.There are 4 ..

I discovered asana reveal he.4 years ago and it helped me a lot to keep my tone and my muscle building acquired when I was a finesse. In the meantime I had my second child and I stopped, I get back to it for good for a week ! The explanations are clear the.progressions adapted to the level, I love

Date of experience: September 02, 2023

Excellent application

Excellent application
The explanations are clear and precise as well as position / breathing advice throughout their realization. In 20 minutes (or less) a real sports session that makes it sweat and whose efficiency and results are quickly seen. Some postures require a little practice, but with the explanations it should be done soon without problem !

Date of experience: September 02, 2023

Asana Rebel, for super mobility

Asana Rebel accompanies me every day! In 67 years old, a great sportsman, mountain guide, my goal is to keep my mobility as long as possible in order to continue to practice my favorite activities including climbing! Asana Rebel helps me a lot in a very fun way!

Date of experience: August 19, 2023

Answer: Asana Rebel

It’s wonderful to hear that, Eric ! We are delighted to support your daily practice and help maintain your mobility. Your determination to remain active and continue to practice activities such as climbing is inspiring. Asana Rebel is there to support you in your trip in a fun and engaging way. If you need additional advice or assistance, do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. Thank you for being a precious part of our community !