Rio Sosh code: how to get it by SMS, call or internet?, Rio Sosh number: what is it and how to get it?

Rio Sosh number: What is it and how to get it

You are SOSH customer and want to change operator by keeping your phone number ? Since 2007, thanks to the Rio code, it is now possible to apply for portability for your number, free. Here’s how to get your Rio code at Sosh, by call, SMS or from the Internet.

Rio Sosh code: how to get it by SMS, call or internet ?

You are SOSH customer and want to change operator by keeping your phone number ? Since 2007, thanks to the Rio code, it is now possible to apply for portability for your number, free. Here’s how to get your Rio code at Sosh, by call, SMS or from the Internet.

  • The essential
  • THE Rio code is compulsory And specific to your telephone line.
  • It is essential to carry out the portability of your number.
  • You can get your Rio code by phone at 3179 or from your Sosh customer area.
  • Once your Rio code has been obtained, your new operator takes care of Transfer your entire mobile or fixed line.
  • The portability is fixed at 1 day worked.

�� What is the Rio Sosh code for ?

Acronym Rio means Operator identity statement And it is assigned to each telephone line. It is in the form of an alphanumeric code made up of 12 characters, Common to all operators:

  • The first two figures represent the operator’s identifier, for Sosh This one corresponds to 01.
  • The 3rd figure is the customer’s identifier, it differs according to the line (fixed, mobile, pro or particular).
  • The following 6 characters represent your identifier present on the customer contract.
  • The last 3 digits correspond to the Sosh control key.

As a SOSH customer, if you want to change operator while keeping the same phone number, obtaining your Rio Sosh code is an essential step. Whether it is a fixed or mobile line, it allows you to apply for Portability of your phone number with your new operator.

Unique and compulsory identifier, the Rio code considerably simplifies your administrative procedures. Indeed, thanks to this one, you do not have No need to make numbers with the various organizations to which you are attached such as taxes, energy suppliers or your bank. It also represents an asset with your loved ones. It is no longer necessary to communicate your new phone number to all your contacts. Finally, this allows your new operator to take care of termination procedures with Sosh.

�� How to get my Rio Sosh code ?

If you want to terminate your Sosh mobile package, know that you have no termination costs to be expected. Indeed, all Sosh packages are without obligation, it is therefore possible to end it when you wish. However, you may have to Set the remaining monthly payments for a mobile bought from the operator (with spreads in several times).

Also check that your phone is unlocked. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use your new SIM card. To do this, go to your SOSH customer area and select the contract concerned. Then click on the “Equipment” tab and “Impélocker your mobile”. After entering your IMEI, Sosh will send you a confirmation email. You can also join the 740 (free from France) by indicating your IMEI as well as your email address. An advisor will support your request.

Get your rio by phone

The most widespread technique to obtain its Rio code is to call the 3179 From its mobile or fixed line. This issue is free and common to all operators, including Sosh. Note that it is accessible only in mainland France and that it is necessary to use the line concerned to make the call. Being a voice server, you can contact the service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Rio Sosh code is then sent by SMS directly to the mobile concerned, or by email or mail in the case of a fixed line.

Recover your Rio code on the Internet

You can also get your Rio Sosh code online in a few minutes, from your SOSH customer area or the MySOSH application available on Android or iPhone. Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to “Manage my offer”
  2. Below, click on “terminate my offer”
  3. Click on the drop line “Keep your number with another operator”
  4. Click on “Obtain your Rio code”
  5. Inform the security code received by SMS
  6. Recover the Rio code

How to do if my line is cut ?

If you no longer have access to your mobile or internet line, you can also contact a SOSH advisor by chat, within 40 days of your termination. Some steps are to follow:

  1. Go to the Sosh website;
  2. Contact an advisor via cat dedicated by communicating your mobile line number as well as the request ” get my rio »;
  3. After 7 days, you receive an email to confirm the reactivation of your line within 48 hours (its use is limited to the Rio server);
  4. Compose the 3179 To recover your Rio code.

Remember to note your Rio number preciously ! This is not sent by SMS when your line is already terminated.

Green number to get your rio

You can also recover your Rio Sosh number by dialing the green number 0800 00 3179 since the Fixed line of your choice. It will then be sent to you by email or SMS, depending on the contact provided on your customer area.

�� How to have your Rio code from abroad ?

As previously stated, the 3179, number common to all operators cannot be reached only from mainland France. During a stay abroad, it is always possible to contact a SOSH customer service advisor through the operator’s website. At your disposal, online contact forms, online chat or even with email from your customer area. You can also call SOSH customer service from abroad by composing the +339 69 39 39 00 (the number is not surcharged, but the prices applied are those charged by Sosh from the country where you are).

❓ What to do once the Rio Sosh code obtained ?

Communicate your Rio number to its future operator

Once your Rio code has been obtained, you can head to your future operator. Inform the 12 characters when subscribing to your new box or mobile offer. The new operator then proceeds to the Termination of your SOSH subscription, to carry your number and to the commissioning of your new package. On your side, all you have to do is activate your new SIM card.

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Number portability: what are the deadlines ?

The portage of your number is carried out in 1 working day. This means that your mobile or fixed line is cut during this period. When you sign your contract, you can decide the day when portability is carried out with your new operator. Service being completely free for the subscriber, here are the stages of implementation:

  1. After receiving your new SIM card, you receive a time slot to change it;
  2. Remove the old SIM card then insert the news;
  3. After a maximum of 4 hours, you can be reached again as part of your new subscription.

The simplified procedure of portability was put in place under the leadership of the Minister of Industry. Previously set at 7 working days, the period must now respect 1 working day. A delay of the former operator gives the right to compensation for the subscriber.

Updated on 08/31/2023

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Ask for a free reminder by an orange advisor:

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Rio Sosh number: What is it and how to get it ?

The Rio Sosh number

In the event of a change of mobile operator, there is often the risk of having to change the phone number. However, this is no longer an obligation. The portability of the phone number now allows you to keep it in the event of a change of operator. To carry out this portability operation, it is necessary to Transmit your Rio code to its new mobile operator. Here are the steps to follow and respect to get its Rio Sosh number.

What is the Rio Sosh number ?

The Rio number is The operator identity statement. It is a code made up of 12 digits and which is associated with a telephone line. The Rio code is the unique identifier, it doesn’t matter whether the telephone line is fixed or mobile. All operators must associate a Rio code with each of the telephone lines they attribute.

Get your Rio Sosh code

How to get your Rio Sosh code and keep your phone number ?

Here is how the Rio de Sosh code is made up ::

  • The first 2 figures are the operator’s identifier, 01 for Orange and Sosh;
  • The 3rd figure is the customer’s identifier to separate the fixed and mobile lines or the pro lines of those of individuals;
  • The following 6 characters are the customer’s contract identifier;
  • Finally, the Rio Sosh code ends with a three -digit control code.

The Rio code changes by changing operator ?

Since the first two digits of the Rio code depend on the mobile operator, there may be changes. The different operator codes are:

  • 01 for Orange and Sosh;
  • 02 for SFR and Red by SFR;
  • 03 for Bouygues Telecom and B & You;
  • 04 For Free.

MVNO plans also have a Rio code, and the operator identifier depends on the network used.

How to get your Rio Sosh Mobile code ?

There are several solutions to obtain its Rio code. The procedure depends greatly on the type of telephone line concerned : fixed or mobile. However, in the case of a SOSH mobile line RIO code, you must have your phone available because the Rio code will notably be sent by SMS.

Find the Rio code of a Sosh mobile line at 3179

There is no concern to have: obtaining your Rio code with Sosh is a very easy approach. All mobile telephony operators have a common phone number: 3179. This number is free and is accessible at any time.

It is not necessary to note the Rio code which is then stated, since the latter is also sent by sms to the Sosh subscriber who composed the 3179. The only necessity is to call with the line number whose subscriber wishes to obtain the Rio code.

Note that the 3179 in reality allowing to reach a voice server, it can be reached 24 hours a day, and this seven days a week. It is therefore very simple to get your Rio Sosh number by phone, but this is not the only solution available.

Chatel law: termination of a mobile subscription

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How to have the Rio Sosh number by Internet, without calling 3179 ?

If the mobile line in question is not usable, there is another solution to obtain its Rio Sosh number. Just go to your Sosh customer area and:

  • access the “Contracts and options” section;
  • Click on “Manage your package and options”;
  • Go to “contract management” and click on the termination button;
  • Choose the option “You want to keep your number with another operator”;
  • Click on “get your rio”.

It only remains to verify the number of the line associated with the request and to confirm the request with the 5 -digit code received on the mobile line concerned. The Rio number is then displayed on the screen on the Sosh customer area.

Sosh customer area, a free service

By subscribing to a phone package at SOSH, members automatically have access to a free service: the customer area. The latter allows many uses, in addition to containing the operator’s RIO number. It is not possible to subscribe to options for your mobile plan.

How to recover the Rio Sosh number from a landline ?

Sosh also offers internet box subscriptions that include fixed telephony. These fixed lines also have a Rio number, and therefore thus subject to portability. Although the portability of a fixed line is more complex, so it remains possible. To obtain its Rio code here, there are two solutions again: by phone, or via customer area.

To obtain its Rio Fixed Sosh number from its customer area, you have to ::

  • Access the “Contracts and options” section then “manage your offer and your options”;
  • From the “Contract management” tab, click on “terminate your offer”;
  • For customers of the SOSH single box, open the tab “You want to keep your number with another operator” then “get your rio”;
  • For Sosh Mobile + Livebox customers, go to “keep your numbers”.

To get his Sosh fixed rio number by phone, you have to ::

  • Call 3179 from the line concerned;
  • Call 0800 00 3179 from a line of your choice.

Calculation termination costs of a mobile plan

To read also estimate the costs of termination of its mobile line

What is the user operator statement for a portable line ?

The Rio Sosh code is used for several things. The first is to allow the SOSH portability procedure of the Sosh phone number. As mentioned above, each telephone line is associated with a single Rio code. This code allows operatorsidentify a line very precisely and therefore recover the information. In doing so, the line can be very easily transferred from one operator to another.

What is the Rio Sosh code for?

In which situations can a member need his Rio Sosh number ?

The second usefulness of the Rio number is to know its end date of commitment and therefore to calculate its possible termination costs. This allows you to better prepare and anticipate a change of operator. The termination fees are associated with the packages with a duration commitment of 12 or 24 months. The non -binding packages normally involve no termination fees.

How long does the number portability service take ?

The phone number portability procedure is generally fairly fast. However, it takes a period of 3 to 10 days, a period often equivalent to the time required to receive and activate your new SIM card. On request when taking out a new offer, it is possible to request a date to carry out portability.

Termination and portability: Should you terminate your Sosh subscription ?

In the case of a portability made to move from Sosh to another mobile operator, There is no need to terminate your Sosh package. By properly making his portability request for the subscription of a package, the new operator recovers all the information necessary to do everything. This is the new operator who will take care of closing the line with Sosh.

However, we must remain cautious. The request for portability does not prevent the subscriber from having to pay termination fees if necessary. This is why at the request of the Rio code, the remaining commitment duration is necessarily given.

Advice from myLittlePackage

Subscribers who have already terminated their SOSH telephony line can always get the latter’s RIO code, but you have to go fast. The rio number of the mobile line remains accessible for 40 days. You must contact an advisor on the online expression, present in the assistance section of the operator.

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