PUK Code Lost: What to do?, PIN code and PUK code: where to find them and how to use them?

Find out how to find and use your PIN and PUK code code

In addition, you can also see on the side of the plastic support of the SIM card. The PUK code is registered there.
You have neither kept nor the other ? Do not panic, there are still solutions to find this famous PUK code:

PUK Code Lost: What to do ?

Everyone knows what a PIN code is, this 4 -digit safety code that is asked for when you turn on your smartphone. But what happens when you don’t remember it anymore ? You must enter a second code, the Puk code. Phew, relief you say, but what to do when you have also lost your PUK code ? How to find the PUK code of its SIM card ? Where to find this PUK code ? Here is everything you have to do in the event of a lost puk code.

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  • The essential
  • A PUK code is made up of 4 to 8 digits and serves as security in the event of a forgotten PIN code or telephone flight.
  • You can find this PUK code On the papers you received by mail after your mobile subscription.
  • If you are no longer in possession of these documents and in the event of a lost PUK code, you have other means to Find your PUK code.

What is a PUK code for exactly ?


A PUK code is a security code Composed of 4 to 8 digits depending on operators.

Puk means in English “PIN UNLOCK KEY“, that’s to say “PIN code release key“”.

Indeed, the PUK code is used as a last resort, to unlock your phone, when you forgot your PIN code and you have entered 3 bad attempts.

By entering your PUK code, you can unlock and reactivate your SIM card chip.

The primary goal of a PUK code is to ensure your safety and protect your privacy, especially in the event of theft or loss of your smartphone. Thanks to the PIN code, no one can access the data of your mobile and without your PUK code, it is impossible to unlock it in order to use it.

Puk lost code: where to find the PUK code of its SIM card ?

Normally, the PUK code of your SIM card is registered on the plastic support that you receive by mail after your mobile subscription.

This is the part that keeps your SIM card, part that you remove in order to detach the chip that must be inserted into your smartphone. You should read, on this SIM card support: PUK XXXXXXX.

You have found the support of your SIM chip ? Just enter the series of figures registered on the keyboard of your smartphone under the registration PUK code ? Your SIM card will be automatically and immediately unlocked and you can then change your PIN code.

Be careful, in case of lost puk code and 10 erroneous attempts, Your SIM card will be definitively blocked. To be able to use your phone again, you will be obliged to order another, for fees.

How to find the PUK code of its SIM card without its support ?

You can no longer find your contract or support for your SIM card ? You ask yourself How to find the PUK code of your chip ?

It is possible to find a Lost PUK Code, Online on your operator’s website. This is completely free. To do this, go to your operator’s customer area.

You can also reach your customer service by phone or request help from an advisor directly in the store. However, this service can sometimes be billed to you.

here is path to follow Depending on your mobile operator.

If you have subscribed to the mobile offer of another supplier, the procedure is more or less always the same, go to your customer area, identify yourself and then let yourself be guided. You can also go to the different forums or the FAQs to be helped.

Find PUK SFR code: by phone or via the application

customer service

here’s how Find the PUK code From its SIM SIM card by phone:

  1. Just call it 963 From an SFR mobile or the 06 1000 1963 From your landline phone.
  2. Depending on the announced services, you should type the 1 key twice in a row then press the # key.
  3. On the keyboard of the fixed or mobile phone you use, enter your phone number (the line of your mobile, whose SIM card is blocked).
  4. Your PUK code will be communicated to you, all you have to do is enter it on your mobile (the one that must be reactivated).
  5. You can also type directly on your keyboard *05* The Puk code *Your new PIN code*(2x in a row) Then #.

To call the SFR customer service, you can ask a friend or someone around you who also has an SFR package without a commitment to lend you his mobile. Indeed, your phone being blocked, you will not be able to call yourself.

The call is free If you call with an SFR mobile and is billed the Price of a call to an SFR mobile if you use your landline phone to make the call.

To find your PUK SFR code, you can also go to theSFR & me application ::

  1. Identify yourself on your SFR customer area.
  2. In category Mobile assistance, meet in Faq.
  3. Click on Unlock your SIM card.
  4. Once in possession of your PUK code, all you have to do is enter it on your phone.
  5. Again, you can also enter the following series: *05* The Puk code *Your new PIN code*(2x in a row) Then #.

Your mobile being blocked, you must access the SFR & me application from your tablet or the phone of a friend or a family member.

You no longer remember your SFR identifiers ? You can find them on your contract but also on your various SFR invoices. This is your mobile number and the password that you yourself chose when registering. You can also click on Forgot your password ? If you can’t get it back.

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How to find the PUK code on its Bouygues customer area ?

To find the Puk Bouygues code of your SIM card and unlock your mobile, simply go to your Bouygues Telecom customer area:

  1. Directing to the section My mobile.
  2. Select the tab Emergencies and troubleshooting.
  3. In the section EMERGENCIES, click on Manage my SIM (or ESIM) card.
  4. Select the option PUK code Among the three proposals (PUK code, replace my SIM card, activate my SIM card).
  5. Then enter the code registered in your phone to reactivate your SIM card and use your Bouygues package again.

Where to find the PUK code of its SIM card ? There are other means, which may however be billed to you:

  • From the Bouygues application: in the section Assistance, Click on the tab Unlock my sim.
  • Via Bouygues customer service: a PUK code request will be billed for € 7.50.
  • By going to Bouygues Telecom store: you can find your PUK code with the help of an advisor. This service will also be billed for € 7.50.

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Puk lost code: where to find the PUK code on its free customer area ?

SIM card

If you are one of the free customers, here is How to find the PUK code of your SIM card.

At the time of subscription of your Free mobile plan, you have received Free identifiers. This is the phone number of your fixed line and the password you have defined. These identifiers allow you to connect to your free customer area.

Once connected and identified, here are the steps to follow in case of lost puk code:

Your PUK code will be displayed on the screen and will be sent to you by email. All you have to do is enter it on your blocked phone. In the event of a problem, you can also contact Free Customer Service.

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Find Puk Orange code: how to do ?

You hold an orange plan or a Sosh mobile offer ? You have four methods To find your PUK code at the operator:

  • On the support of your SIM card.
  • From your customer area or your Orange application.
  • Via Orange customer service, from a mobile phone or a landline.
  1. Identify yourself to connect.
  2. Go to the section Mobile then click on Manage and troubleshoot.
  3. In category Emergency and troubleshooting, Select the option Blocked SIM card – Obtain your PUK code.
  4. When the box Get your PUK code is displayed, click on Show the PUK code.
  1. Click on key 0 then say PUK code.
  2. Type 2 to validate your wish to obtain your PUK code.
  3. Enter your password (this is a 4 -digit code).
  4. Your PUK code is you Communicated by the voice server. Remember to bring a paper and a pen.
  1. Compose the 0 800 100 740 (free call).
  2. Enter the Blocked Line Mobile Number.
  3. Choose Get your PUK code.
  4. Enter your password 4 -digit.
  5. Your PUK code is also communicated orally by the voice server. Note it To type it properly to unlock your SIM card.

Updated information on September 22, 2022.

To connect, simply enter your identifiers (email address or mobile number and password). If you no longer know your password, you can define a new one thanks to the password reset form proposed by Orange.

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How to change your PIN code ?


Now that your SIM card is unlocked, you must Enter a new PIN code, which you will remember, which you will seize with each start of your phone. It is possible to choose a new 4 to 8 -digit PIN code.

For Change your PIN code, Follow these few steps that explain the procedure for iPhone and Android:

  1. For Change your iPhone pin code, in the Settings, Go to the section Cellular data then click on Sim card pine. Enter the PIN code of your choice, twice in a row. Try to choose a simple to remember pine code but that is not too easy to decipher such as 0000 or 8888 for example. Click on Modify pine Then OK In order to confirm your new PIN code.
  2. For Change your Android pin code, Go to the settings and the easiest way is to type SIM in the search bar (magnifying glass icon). Following your Android model (Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei. ), you will have to click on Define SIM Lock, Set SIM 1/SIM 2 SIM card lock or even Lock the SIM card. As for iPhone, all you have to do is click on Modify the PIN code of the SIM card and follow the instructions to change PIN code.

Know that it is also possible to Disable your PIN code, Simply by setting the option in your settings. However, it is not not recommended, Because if it turns out to be very practical in case of forgetting, do not forget that its primary function is to protect you. Without Pin Code or Puk code, everyone can use your phone.

Frequent questions

How to find your PUK code without support for your SIM card ?

It is possible to find a lost puk code, online on your operator’s website.

How to change your PIN code ?

You have to go to the settings of your phone, on “PIN of the SIM card”, then enter your new PIN code, and click OK in order to confirm the new PIN code.

What is a PUK code for ?

A PUK code ensures your safety and protects your privacy, especially in the event of loss or theft of your smartphone.

Updated on 07/07/2023

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Find out how to find and use your PIN and PUK code code

Your phone asks you a PIN code, but you can’t remember it ? If you decide to choose a code at random and in the third attempt you still fail, it is a PUK code that the phone will demand. And it will not unlock as long as you do not enter the code in question.
So what do we mean by PIN code and PUK code ? Where to find them ? How to use them to unlock your phone ?
Discover everything you need to know about the subject in what follows.

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A PIN code: what is ?

First, Pin is the English acronym for personal identification number. It can be translated into French by personal identification number. If we are based on this development, the PIN code can be defined as a number to identify a person. However, it takes something even more important.

Concretely, the PIN code corresponds to a code composed of 4 digits. It is associated with a SIM card and works as a password that allows you to unlock it. When the SIM card is inserted into a phone, when it starts, it will require the PIN code, otherwise the device will remain inaccessible.

By default, the PIN code of a new SIM card is often defined to 0000. However, in some operators, we prefer to put the code 1234 by default. In both cases, this PIN code is to be changed when you receive the SIM card and start using it.

Indeed, the PIN code is used to protect access to your phone and SIM card. It helps to protect your personal data from indiscreet people. This code will also protect your data if you are ever stolen your phone. When it started, it will not unlock without this famous PIN code.

There is also what is called PIN 2 code 2. Its role is the same as for the PIN code just. Only, this second code is used to secure more specific features such as photo gallery, directory, messages, etc.

How to change the PIN code of your SIM card ?

Configuring a PIN code on your phone is not compulsory. Nevertheless, it is recommended if you want to establish a minimum of security on your device.

As explained above, this code prevents intruders from accessing its content. And of course, the standard pin code 0000 Or 1234 does not allow you to guarantee effective protection. It must be changed and choose a safer code. A 4 -digit combination that no one can guess. In any case, you will have to avoid choosing your date of birth.

Once you have found the right PIN code, just go to the “Security” tab of your phone settings to modify it. Do not forget to note it somewhere. You may not remember if you are one of those users who never turn off their laptop.

If you think a person knows your current PIN code, immediately change it in your phone settings. It is possible to modify it as many times as you want if the security of your personal data or your services is threatened.

Forgotten pine code: where to find your PUK code ?

It has been a long time since you have turned off your phone and now that you do it, this one asks you a PIN code for restart. If you remember the 4 -digit combination you have chosen for this code, just enter it and the phone will unlock. Otherwise, you can try your luck and try up to three different codes before the SIM card is blocked and now requires a PUK code.

What is a PUK code ?

Puk is an English acronym for Personal Unlock Key. In French, it can be translated as a key to personal unlocking and this definition describes its role.

Indeed, the PUK code is used to unlock a blocked pin code. After three wrong attempts, the phone will ask you for this code. It consists of 8 digits. It will be enough to enter it so that the phone unlocks and gives you access to the services offered by your mobile package.

Where to find the PUK code ?

After purchasing your SIM card, it will be delivered to you with a letter containing a certain number of information such as the PIN code (standard), the IMEI and also the PUK code. If you have taken care to keep this letter, it will be enough to read it to discover your PUK code.

In addition, you can also see on the side of the plastic support of the SIM card. The PUK code is registered there.
You have neither kept nor the other ? Do not panic, there are still solutions to find this famous PUK code:

  • Contact your operator’s customer service

The PUK code can be obtained from the customer service of your operator. Just make the request by phone, email or any other means made available by the operator to contact him. In order to obtain it, you must obviously provide your personal data. When calling, also keep your SIM card in your hands. The customer advisor may ask you to read the figures registered on it.

  • Connect to your customer area

You cannot reach customer service ? No need to wait longer ! You can just as easily find the PUK code without the help of a customer advisor to your operator. Just your customer area. It can be accessible from the operator’s website or from its application if it has some. In general, the PUK code hides in the “Troubleshooting”, “assistance” or “emergency” section.

  • Go to the nearest shop

You bought your SIM card in stores ? If it is close to the place you live, you can go to request the PUK code of your blocked SIM card. Here too, you must have an identity document and any other document to justify the property of the SIM card.

Finally, once you have discovered the PUK code and unlock your phone, you must change the PIN code so that it does not happen again.

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