Renault 4ever Trophy: Discover the future 4L in video, Mondial de l Auto 2022 – Renault 4th Trophy: the future 4L will be a SUV

AUTO Mondial 2022 – Renault 4th Trophy: the future 4L will be a SUV

Mondial of the 2022 Auto – Renault 4th Trophy: the future 4L will be a SUV

Renault 4th Trophy: Discover the future 4L in video

Two years after the Renaissance of the R5, Renault draws again in its past, during the Motor Show, by revealing the 4thver study which promises the return of the 4L by 2025, in the form of A small 100% electric SUV.

Zapping Auto Moto Peugeot 2008 restyled vs Renault Captur: First static confrontation !

Renault 4th Trophy – For Renault, it is also an opportunity to celebrate the 25 years of the famous Rallye-Raid 4L Trophy, which rocked several generations of students. Hence the adventurous look with this Renault 4 modern times with generous ground clearance to face the most hostile terrains, while each rim incorporates a compressor in order to re -inflate the tires, independently.
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The Off-Road character is also highlighted by its carbon gallery hosting a spare wheel, or by the shovel and the desensabling plates housed on the glass of the tailgate. We also notice very generous wing extensions that the future of production model will give in part, like the imposing rocker panels surrounding the 360 ​​° car.

All codes of the original 4L

In short, the perfect little panoply of adventurer. But this study does not forget to renew the stylistic themes dear to the 4L as its rounded hood which overlooks a horizontal grille encompassing the round headlights with Matrix Matrix technology. Expensive equipment that will probably not be applied in series. On the flanks, we find the flat surfaces of its grandmother, as well as the famous third side window in the form of trapeze, in a more contemporary reinterpretation. This is also the case of the slightly tilted flat tailgate, as well as the emblematic capsule -shaped lights that adorn this stern.

The electric equivalent of Captur

Unfortunately, this 4L of the future does not yet reveal its cabin and only delivers part of its technical sheet showing a 42 kWh battery to supply an electric motor delivering 100 kW, or about 140 hp. Characteristics probably faithful to those of the final model which will rest on a slightly elongated platform (4.16 m) of Clio (CMF-BEV), for the sake of economy. There was no question of this future 4L to take up the technical base of the electric mega (CMF-EV), far too expensive.

What international influence ?

With regard to its final name, the mystery remains. But we already know that she will give up the surname 4L. She will probably prefer that of Renault 4, for the sake of harmonization with the Renault 5. Two models that will share the same production line in the north of France to form a 100% electric shock duo hoping to shake up the market by surfing on nostalgic fiber. But, if their success is ensured on the French market, what will be abroad ? One can legitimately wonder if the international public will be sensitive to this resurrection of Franco-French models missing from the catalogs for over 30 years. Is not the Fiat 500 or the mini who wants.
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Mondial of the 2022 Auto – Renault 4th Trophy: the future 4L will be a SUV

Renault sees the future with the eyes of the past. After the R5, the French manufacturer will revive another popular city car in its history: the 4L. Presented in the form of an electric SUV concept, it takes its first crowd at the Motor Show.

Mondial de l

It is in old pots that we make the best jams. Like Mini and Fiat, Renault revives the old glories of their ashes. After lifting the veil on the R5, the diamond firm attacks another icon in its history: the 4L. Sold in more than 8 million copies in 60 years of career, this popular all-handed car will regain service in 2025 but this time in the form of a SUV.

Mondial of the 2022 Auto – Renault 4th Trophy: the future 4L will be a SUV

If Renault has chosen the name Trophy, in other words the Rallye-Raid version, for this first concept of 4L, it is no coincidence. It is above all to press the positioning of its next electric city car. 4.16 m long, the future 4L will have the appearance of an SUV and will be placed above the R5 which will be a pure city car less than 4 meters.

Mondial de l Mondial de l

To imagine what the expected 4L will be for 2025, you have to clean up on the attributes dedicated to all-terrain. According to designer Gilles Vidal, the front, the cabin and the rear part will be quite faithful to the concept.

Admission of Delphine de Andria, director of the Renault electric city car program, so it is over for Twingo ZE and especially the ZOE, electric car best sold by Renault. The two models will end their careers a few months after the respective launches of these two new features. Renault’s proposal for city cars will therefore be very complete in 2025, with two 100% electric models (R5 and R4), thermal but also hybrid with the Clio/Captur tandem.

It’s over for Twingo Ze and Zoe

Mondial de l Mondial de l

Measuring less than 4 meters, the R5 will ensure the role of “sedan” within the future RENAULT electric city range while the 4L, a little larger (4, 16 m) will position itself as a versatile SUV.

The 4th Trophy concept exposed for the first time to the public on the occasion of the Auto Mondial, gives some reading tracks on the face of Future 4L. Gilles Vidal, the style boss wanted to keep the main character traits of the original car found on the front, the silhouette (rounded) and some details like the trapezoid crash at the back, the vertical tailgate and the rear capsal lights.

At the Paris Motor Show, the 4th Trophy is closely followed by the Turbo 3rd

The trophy concept rims equipped with The hood dug to improve cooling is completely removable

To honor its name, the concept is dressed in extreme 4×4 artifices with a hood made up of a huge air intake, massive body protections and a gallery supporting a spare wheel. Among the nice details, we note the shovel and the desensating plates on the tailgate or the rally car rims equipped with a compressor that allows to inflate or deflate the wheels to play on grip.