Excluded – we have already approached the future electric Renault 5, the new electric R5 already crisscrosses the roads of Europe

The new electric R5 already crosses the roads of Europe

So in the middle of winter tests for its future 100% electric R5, Renault decided to invite us to discover a game and even try a mule of development. Earlier this month, we went to Arvidsjaur, in Swedish Lapland, to see the future star in the diamond more closely, even fifteen months old.

Excluded – we have already approached the future Renault 5 electric

So in the middle of winter tests for its future 100% electric R5, Renault decided to invite us to discover a game and even try a mule of development. Earlier this month, we went to Arvidsjaur, in Swedish Lapland, to see the future star in the diamond more closely, even fifteen months old.

It is one of the most anticipated cars in recent years and Renault is on top of it. Indeed, icon of the brand for several decades, the R5 will be reborn in 100% electric version, with a neo-retro look. As much to break the suspense immediately: we do not yet know what the serial version will look like, but we are certain that it will be as faithful as possible to the concept that we all know all. “When Luca (from Meo) loves something, he wants it, and he won’t let go. And there he liked the concept from the start ”, specifies one of the members of the development team present on site in Sweden. Suffice to say that she must be as we dream, and that’s good, since it would be difficult not to make a box with such a car. On the other hand, as soon as we arrived in Arvidsjaur, on continental facilities which develops some elements of the R5, we learned some new information on the future Renault 5.

Gilles Godinot, platform manager, started working on it three years ago. But it is only today that winter tests begin on it, just 100 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. The first results already begin to see each other since the two mules present on site are not at the same stage of development: one has already received some modifications of cartography and braking in particular, while the other is still in the same state as in its arrival in Lapland, with a “summer map”, as the engineers indicate on site.

Renault 5 (2024) prototype

A mule, what is ?

We are therefore told about mule, or prototype. In the case of the future R5, we therefore already have the platform, as it will be for the serial model (still with a few development optimizations), but with a well -known bodywork. To cover this platform, it is a Clio 5 shell, with some differences all the same. Already, there is a recharge hatch at the front, but also wing enlargeers. It is not a question of tuning, but simply a little more body to cover the tires since the R5 tracks will be wider than those of the Clio. On the other hand, the wheelbase is smaller and it can be seen at the rear where the tire is very close to the wheel passage, but quite far from the rear shield.

Inside, unsurprisingly, there are additional screens with some information for engineers, electrical boxes and emergency stop buttons everywhere. In short, no doubt: it’s a prototype. We also find the steering wheel of the new Renault Austral, a gauge indicating the level of load of the battery on the instrumentation block and some indicators indicating such as the oil level or the tire pressure, since these sensors are not connected … Nothing !

Renault 5 (2024) prototype

The first info

We still know very little about this Renault 5 whose release is planned in the first half of 2024, but its CMF-B EV platform is already well advanced. Although it uses 70% of components of the classic CMF-B (Renault Clio and Captur), it is 35 kg lighter than a Zoé. A weight saving which is already due to battery (now in 4 large modules instead of 12 in the Zoé), but also thanks to a lot of work on the engine. In fact, this one is more compact to integrate into the modular platform CMF-B EV, and alone offers a 20 kg gain.

Obviously, we learned some other information on this long -awaited Renault 5. Our journalist Etienne Bruet will tell you more about Turbo on Sunday April 2 on M6. Stay connected in the coming days, we will be able to give you the first impressions of driving that we had behind the wheel of these prototypes during the “tests” extreme cold »In Lapland.

The new electric R5 already crosses the roads of Europe

The very first electrical Renault 5 are assembled at the Technocentre, a high place of Renault Group engineering. And the little R5 zero emission is already riding !

Posted on July 11, 2023 at 3:00 p.m

Renault 5 Electric prototype

  • The small electric renault already rolls !
  • The first prototypes came out of the Renault technocentre in Paris
  • Marketing is still planned for 2024

In 2021, as part of his Renaulution project, the French manufacturer lifted the veil on a small electric R5 particularly attractive. Devocated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historic city car (and to replace the Renault Zoe), this small electric Renault 5 should arrive in concessions during the year 2024. Today, Renault confirms the development of various prototypes, which faithfully correspond to the future series model in terms of design.

Renault 5 electric: the first prototypes already roll !

The prototypes developed by Renault will obviously travel the European roads, under camouflage of course, in order to achieve the latest models. The games and outcrops of box modules and parts from suppliers are tracked down, just like the software, connection and electronic part, also tested.

R5 Electric prototype

On this occasion, the diamond manufacturer has unveiled some new images of its prototype, which seems particularly faithful to the concept car exhibited two years ago. Some will be happy to find here certain discomfort characteristic of the small R5 of the time, including a very compact template, which should be less than 4 meters.

It was the boss of Renault in person, Luca de Meo, who split a publication on the LinkedIn network, explaining that he had the chance to drive the small electric R5 on the circuit, on the side of Normandy. This one promises “A great handling, a powerful couple typical of electric vehicles, and the interior of a real “car to live”, comfortable and highly technological “. He adds : “This is what we are preparing for you, with a few additional surprises.»

R5 Electric prototype

Let us recall that if the prototypes of this future electric R5 are assembled at the Renault technocentre, in the Paris region, the serial version will be developed in the Douai factory. It will be necessary to wait a little more before knowing everything about this future star of the electric market, in particular its engines and its range of batteries, but also its price, which should be around 25,000 €.

Most recently, Renault has formalized a brand new model, with a Rafale SUV, which wishes to embody “A new breath on the high -end of the French brand“” “. On the electric R5 side, like the rest of the zero emission catalog, the vehicle should benefit from an exclusive signed sound design … Jean-Michel Jarre. Yes Yes !