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Yes, you can choose the department number of your choice when personalizing your license plate, regardless of your place of residence.

License plates

All motor vehicles must have license plates, except public works vehicles. These plates must be approved: Titlecontent . They must be visibly fixed on the vehicle.

The license plate must be carried out by a professional (mechanic or plates manufacturer for example). The plate must be visibly placed. It should not be detachable.

She carries the number which is registered on the gray card (now called registration certificate ) or on the Provisional Registration Certificate (ICC).

The plate must comply with an approved model: Titlecontent . The approval number must be registered there.

The plate must comply with the rules of sizes and the arrangement of the elements constituting it. These rules concern in particular the height, the spacing of letters and figures, and the shape of the dashes.

The registration number can be placed on 1 or 2 lines.

The plate must remain in good condition. The registration number must be readable. Otherwise, the owner must have them redone. If he does not do so, he can be punished.

  • “AB-123-CD” SIV plaque
  • FNI plaque type “123 AB 45”
“AB-123-CD” SIV plaque

The plaque begins with the European symbol supplemented by the letter F on a blue background. A territorial identifier: Titlecontent is positioned symmetrically to these elements.

This identifier consists of an official logo of a region and the number of one of the departments of this region.

You are not allowed to modify your plate or add an item, in particular in place of the territorial identifier.

If your plate is deteriorated or if you want to change it voluntarily, You have to contact a professional to redo it. On this occasion, you can change the territorial identifier. If your vehicle has 2 plates, the identifiers must be the same on each.

The choice of the territorial identifier is free. You don’t have to indicate your residence department there.

FNI plaque type “123 AB 45”

The plate has the European symbol supplemented by the letter F.

If your plate is deteriorated or if you want to deliberately change it, You have to contact a professional to redo it.

She will not have a territorial identifier: Titlecontent .

Which plate for which vehicle ?

  • Car or vehicle utility
  • 2 or 3 wheels or motor quadricycle
  • Trailer
  • Agricultural or forestry vehicle
Car or vehicle utility

A car must have 2 plates, one at the front and the other at the back.

These 2 plates must be identical, including with regard to the territorial identifier.

For vehicles registered with the SIV (AB-123-CD type registration), the number is reproduced on each plate in non-reflective black characters on a reflective white background.

2 or 3 wheels or motor quadricycle

A 2 -wheel, 3 -wheel or a motor quadricycle must have a single license plate, arranged in back. It should not be detachable.

The plate of a 2 wheels of less than 50 cm 3 does not include the territorial identifier. On the other hand, the European symbol and the letter F are present.

The plate must have black characters on white background.


PTAC greater than 500 kg

If the trailer has an authorized total weight in charge: Titlecontent greater than 500 kg, it must be registered.

She must have a plate with its own registration number (different from that of the vehicle which tows it).

A trailer only needsA baking sheet.

PTAC less than 500 kg

The trailer must be equipped with a license plate reproducing the number of the vehicle which tows it. The plate can, in this case, be detachable.

A trailer only needsA baking sheet.

The trailer harnessed to a 2 wheels does not need a plate if it leaves visible the plate of the vehicle which tows it. If this plate is not visible, the trailer must have a plate with the 2 -wheel registration.

Collector vehicle

The vehicle can have a plate corresponding to the typical model (car or 2 wheels for example).

However, the plate can also, to take into account the historical character of the vehicle, include white characters on a black background.

The license plate is not necessary to have a territorial identifier.

Agricultural or forestry vehicle

An agricultural vehicle or motor forestry may have onlya single license plate. The vehicle must be attached to a farm or forestry, an agricultural work company or a cooperative for the use of agricultural equipment.

The plate must be arranged obviously in back. It should not be detachable.

She must have black characters on a white background.

If you run with a vehicle that does not have a license plate, you can have a fine of up to € 750 .

The same sanction applies if the plate does not comply.

Laws and references

  • Highway Code: Articles R317-8 to R317-14 Plates and Inscriptions
  • Decree of February 9, 2009 fixing the characteristics and mode of installation of vehicle license plates
  • Decree of February 9, 2009 relating to the procedures for registering vehicles

Auto license plate

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If you are a professional, you will benefit from an exemption from VAT, thus facilitating your administrative and economic procedures.

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If you have a collection vehicle and administratively recognized as such, you can configure or redo your own 100% approved license plates ! The materials used to make them are the same as our standard plates. A premium plexi for an exceptional rendering!

How to check if you have a collector’s vehicle ? The production of the latter must be stopped, it must be over 30 years old and the mention Z on your registration card must indicate “collector vehicle”.

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Your questions about auto license plates

Can I drive with a decorative plate at the front of my vehicle ?

In France, it is strictly forbidden to roll with a numberplate decorative, even at the front of his vehicle. In order to circulate on French tracks, plates must comply with a normalized format. You can find the products concerned with the mention “approved plate” in red on our site.

The modification, painting or installation of stickers is prohibited and sanctioned with a flat -rate fine of € 375. However, you can freely choose your regional identifier when creating your license plate.

How to customize my license plate at Mesplaques.Fr ?

With, use our online configurator to customize your license plate. Choose the characters, the department number, and the territorial identifier, and make sure that the plaque meets the homologation criteria if you wish to use it on the public highway.

Can I choose any department number on my plate ?

Yes, you can choose the department number of your choice when personalizing your license plate, regardless of your place of residence.

What is the delivery time for my license plates ?

The license plates ordered on are delivered in 48 hours to your home or in relay point.

Will my license plates be resistant to bad weather ?

Yes, uses high quality plexiglass resisting yellowing and special inks to guarantee the sustainability of your plates in the face of bad weather.

How to know if my vehicle is considered a collector vehicle ?

A vehicle is considered a collector vehicle if its production has been stopped, which it is over 30 years old, and that the Z on your registration card indicates “collector vehicle”.

Can I turn my plaque if I am not satisfied ?

Yes, offers a satisfied or reimbursed policy. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it.

Does offers plates for motorcycles ?

Yes, offers license plates for different types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

How can I contact customer support if I have questions ?

You can contact customer support via the Mesplaques FAQ page.Fr. Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions and assist you in your order.

What guarantee is offered on Mesplaques license plates.Fr ? offers a 10 -year warranty on its license plates.

Which color to choose for your license plate ?

If you are wondering what color should have your license plate, several options are available to you depending on the type of vehicle and its use. Here is an overview:

  1. Standard auto license plate : Standard plates are white with black letters and numbers. On the left, you will find the European flag, and on the right, the indicator of the Member State (like “F” for France), as well as the region’s logo and the number of the department. You can choose the logo of any region, but you cannot add personalized stickers.
  2. Temporary transit: these plates are red with white text. They are intended for temporary transit vehicles in France and are generally exempt from VAT and customs duties, mainly for residents outside the European Union or in the overseas departments (departments and overseas territories).
  3. Diplomatic and consular: if the characters are in orange on a green background, the plate belongs to a diplomatic vehicle. If the characters are white on a green background, it is a consular vehicle.
  4. Collection vehicles: for vehicles (including motorcycles) over 30 years old, the plate will be black with white text. These vehicles must also have a specific registration certificate for collection vehicles.
  5. Military vehicles: the plates of these vehicles are blue with white text and are reserved for military vehicles stationed near borders.
  6. Yellow plates: if you see a yellow plate, it is probably an old format. The owner may have not yet done the necessary to comply with the new registration system introduced in 2009.

In summary, if your vehicle is standard, you will probably have a white plate with black characters. The other colors are generally reserved for specific cases. To find out more, discover our guide to find out how Choose the colors of your license plates !

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