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Up to 35 % discount on the latest Samsung televisions: the beautiful baker’s recovery offer

I bought a smartphone this week on the baker’s site by asking for the withdrawal in store. I recovered the product the same day and tested it. I quickly realized that the product did not meet my expectations.

Refund of a unpacked product at Boulanger

Refund of a unpacked product at Boulanger

Message by Shao92 »Sept 13. 2015, 11:37 am

I bought a smartphone this week on the baker’s site by asking for the withdrawal in store. I recovered the product the same day and tested it. I quickly realized that the product did not meet my expectations.

Knowing that my product is always new and I have all the elements of the packaging (notice, accessories, screen protective film, plastic packaging), I filled the return form yesterday and received a answer this morning. Here are the elements that have challenged me in this answer (I pass the politeness formulas and non -important elements):

“We are committed to reimbursing you any unpacled product, returned complete in its original packaging.””
The product must be returned to the store in its original and complete state (packaging, accessories, instructions, etc.) with its bill or receipt.
Any product whose packaging has been opened will be exchanged for an equivalent product that meets customer expectations better.

Here is the answer I gave them (I also spare you the polite formulas etc):

“Here are extracts from your general sales conditions available on the baker’s I do not rely on your commercial grip “satisfied or reimbursed, we undertake to reimburse you with any unlocked product, or to exchange you any open and complete product in its original packaging within 15 days of your purchase” because it is a nonsense. We cannot realize that the product does not meet your expectations by unpacking the product and trying it.

9 refund
9.1 principle
In accordance with articles L.121-21 and following of the Consumer Code, the Customer has a period of 14 calendar days from the conclusion of the contract or receipt of his article to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to motivate his decision nor to support other costs with the exception of return costs that remain in charge.
9.5 refund
The customer will be reimbursed for all the sums paid, including delivery costs, at the latest in the fourteen (14) days from the date on which Boulanger is informed of the customer’s decision to retract. It will be made using the same payment method as that used by the customer for the initial transaction.

It is not indicated anywhere in your GTC that a unpacked product cannot be reimbursed as long as it has not returned to its original state and with its complete packaging, which is my case. In addition, I am largely on time and my product is not part of the exceptions to the right of withdrawal.

In addition, you have indicated in your message: “Any product whose packaging has been opened will be exchanged for an equivalent product that meets customer expectations better. I doubt that this approach is legal because I would be forced to exchange the product with another smartphone to the detriment of a refund, knowing that satisfaction is not necessarily the reason why I return the product and what in doubt – According to articles L.121-21 and following of the Consumer Code, I do not have to motivate my decision ?

Please check the above elements on your side and confirm that I can return the product and request a refund. “”

My questions :
– Have you experienced similar situations? If so, would you have any advice to give me when I go to store to request refund?
– Do I have to request a particular document in store to confirm that the product is in its original state? A proof stamped by the store so as not to be done upside down when I restart baker for the reimbursement?
– Can you confirm to me if it is illegal from the baker to force me to exchange the product for another smartphone?

Thank you in advance for your answers and advice.

Up to 35 % discount on the latest Samsung televisions: the beautiful baker’s recovery offer

Want to renew your TV, your video projector or your soundbar without breaking the bank ? Baker to the solution for you. The brand offers to resume your old equipment (TV, sound bars, video projector) in exchange for a reduction that can increase up to 20 % on a selection of Samsung products.

Right now, Boulanger is offering many discounts on TV and bars of his Samsung. The opportunity to save up to 28 % on certain televisions, retroprojectors and other sound bars of the latest generations, and to make very pretty business. The online merchant, however, decided not to stop there and offers a particularly interesting recovery offer.

Until November 15, if you report your old TV or sound bar in store, you immediately enjoy a discount that can go up to 20 % on a Qled or Neo Qled TV, a sound bar or a Samsung background. To know everything about this operation, follow the guide.

Samsung recovery bonus: how to get up to 20 % discount on the purchase of your new TV

What are the products eligible for recovery ?

First step essential if you want to take advantage of this operation to renew your equipment, and benefit from the reductions offered: having a product eligible for recovery. Currently, Boulanger takes up three types of products:

  • Old televisions (whatever its brand or year of manufacturing);
  • Former backgrounds (whatever its brand or year of manufacturing);
  • Old sound bars (whatever its brand or year of manufacture).

Finally, note that the reduction obtained thanks to this recovery offer does not depend on the product you bring back, but indeed the product you buy. You can therefore very well bring your old baker’s sound bar, and nevertheless get a 20 % reduction on a TV.

What is the procedure to get the bonus ?

Here are the steps to follow to benefit from this reduction of up to 20 %.

  • After visiting the operation page, select the product you want to acquire, and put it in your basket;
  • Once on the page of your basket, go to the step regarding delivery information, and choose the withdrawal in store. This step is crucial, because you will be able to hand over your old product, and therefore get your reduction if you go to one of the baker stores;
  • Once you have checked your basket well, you will have to adjust the entire sum;
  • Then go to the store previously selected with your old product, to withdraw your order;
  • It is only once the “exchange” made with your old TV or sound bar that you will get a refund equal to the reduction percentage offered by the.

Samsung innovation weeks: Enjoy an additional 15 % ODR

From October 25 to November 15, Samsung offers an ODR (reimbursement offer) on many televisions from its catalog. What get an additional 15 % discount on Neo Qled or The Frame televisions, the Retroprojectors The Premiere or the bars of its Q Series.

Once your product is purchased, you will need to go to the operation site before December 8 to fill out the form ad hoc, and provide all the supporting documents necessary for the constitution of your file. Once it has been validated by Samsung, you will receive your refund directly on your account within three weeks of.

QLED, 8K, sound bar: equip yourself Samsung at low cost at Boulanger

As part of this recovery operation, Boulanger allows you to get a discount that can rise to 20 % on a wide selection of products from the Samsung catalog. Here are four of the most interesting offers we have chosen as part of this operation.

TV Qled Samsung Qe55q80a (2021) at 764 euros instead of 999 euros

With its Qled televisions, Samsung is currently offering among the best 4K screens available on the market. And what 55 inch QE55Q80A is no exception to the rule. Thanks to its Full LED Local Dimming Full Led Lighting and Quantum HDR 1500 technology, it benefits from both deep blacks and lighting to 1500 nits, which allows it to offer a clear and contrasting image in all circumstances.

Its Quantum Processor 4K processor also works wonders to improve image quality, including on low definition content. To spoil nothing, this neat design screen is compatible with smartthings and can be directed entirely from your smartphone.

In exchange for your old equipment, Boulanger offers you to benefit from a 10 % discount on the price of this Samsung Qe55Q80A Samsung TV from 2021, bringing up its price at 764 euros instead of 999 euros.

TV Samsung the Frame Qe55LS03A (2021) at 932 euros instead of 1290 euros

Alliance almost perfect from the bottom and the form, the Samsung The Frame is a television which stands out above all by an incredible aesthetic. Extremely fine, with a customizable wood imitation frame, it is transformed into a real master’s painting thanks to art store when it is not used.

This 55 -inch screen also offers an impressive image quality thanks to its Qled 4K Dual LED technology which allows you to obtain bright colors, contrasting images and very high fluidity whatever the content, including those in low definition.

Currently offered in promotion at 1290 euros, the Samsung The Frame QE55LS03A sees its price drop to 932 euros as part of this recovery operation.

TV NEO QLED SAMSUNG 8K (2021) at 2,373 euros instead of 4000 euros

Latest innovation at Samsung, the Neo Qled allows you to obtain an image quality never seen before before. With a definition of 8K and a 65 -inch diagonal, the QE65QN800A is positioned as one of the most impressive screens available on the market. The proof, we recommend it with your eyes closed in our buying guide for the best 8K screens.

Thanks to Quantum Mini LED technology and sound quantum processor 8K, this TV is capable of displaying a clear, clear image, with an extremely precise color rendering and contrast. It also has an anti-reflection filter which allows to absorb external light so as not to alter the quality of your viewing. It also has one One Connect housing which makes it possible to remove any unsightly connection, for a refined aesthetic.

Normally sold around 4000 euros, this Samsung Qe65qn800a is currently available at 2373 euros by combining the promotion and the 20 % recovery bonus offered by Boulanger.

Samsung HW-Q600A sound bar at 288 euros instead of 399 euros

Composed of a sound bar and a wireless bass box, the Samsung HW-Q600A set is there to allow you to take full advantage of the sound of the contents broadcast on your TV. Compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS technologies: X, it offers a 3D sound that completely immerses you at the heart of the action.

The HW-Q600A can also count on Acoustic Beam and Adaptive Sound technologies which make it possible to better locate sound in space for an even further immersion. To spoil nothing, this set is designed to operate in harmony with your QLED TV, using its speakers to offer even more sound channels. Its Bluetooth connection will also allow you to broadcast all your content, Musical Playlist in mind, in a turmoil.

Usually offered at 499 euros, the Samsung HW-Q600A soundbar is currently available for 288 euros. Thanks to the recovery bonus, you can get an additional rebate of 15 %, bring down its price at 339.15 euros.

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