What are the Bouygues Telecom TV bouquets?, BBOX TV Bouygues offers, bboxes and bouquets

Bbox TV: offers, channels and bouquets TV Bouygues


Bouygues Telecom also offers its TV subscribers to subscribe to channels per unit.

What are the Bouygues Telecom TV bouquets ?

Your TV channels are no longer enough for you ? Bouygues Telecom precisely leaves you the possibility of completing your TV offer with new channels by subscribing a Bouygues TV bouquet ! In order to help you find the TV option that suits you best, we have gathered in this guide the various TV bouquets that it is possible to subscribe to Bouygues Telecom.

  • The essential
  • Bouygues Telecom offers its internet subscribers Fiber/ADSL (BBOX Must And Ultym) and mobiles to subscribe to a TV bouquet, an optional service or chain.
  • Operator customers have the possibility of enriching their TV offer by opting for one of the many Bouygues Telecom TV bouquets at their disposal: cinema, sport, youth, foreign channels, channels for adults, etc.
  • The procedures for subscribing and terminating a Bbox TV bouquet are very simple and can be made at any time from your TV decoder or your customer area Bouygues Telecom.

Bouygues TV bouquet: What are the TV bouquets included in the Bouygues Telecom offers ?

The TV bouquet included in Bbox Must and Ultym offers

By subscribing to an offer BBOX Must Or Ultym, the operator Bouygues Telecom provides you with a TV decoder* which gives you access to Bouygues Basic TV bouquet including more than 180 channels ; of which 90 in Hd. Among them are TNT channels, as well as entertainment, youth, information, music and sport channels. A large number of regional and foreign channels are also included in the Bouygues TV bouquet included in the Triple Play offers of Bouygues Telecom.

*Beneficiaries of the Bbox Must ADSL offer benefit from the decoder Bbox Miami, While Bbox Ultym ADSL customers benefit from the decoder BBOX 4K. Bbox must or ultym fiber subscribers benefit from the decoder BBOX 4K.

Customers Bbox Ultym Enjoy in addition to the bouquet Enriched TV ; namely 3 additional 4K channels: TF1 4K, Ultra -natural And 4K festival. They also benefit from a valid bonus during 24 months. Among the 4 bonuses it is possible to choose, you can for example opt for the streaming service Canal + Series or for the BBOX Youth TV bouquet ; including 9 chains which offer programs adapted to children and adolescents from 3 to 17 years old.

Want a Bouygues TV bouquet ?

The TV bouquet included in the Bbox Smart TV offer

The subscribers Bbox Smart TV have access to a bouquet of 150 TV channels thanks to the service B.TV+. This service is accessible without a decoder, directly from the Samsung connected television included in the offer Bbox Smart TV.

The TV bouquet included in 4G box, 5g box and mobile offers

Failing to enjoy a TV decoder, customers with an internet offer 4G Box Or 5g box at the house of Bouygues Telecom benefit from access to more than 70 TV channels, that they can view from their smartphone or tablet thanks to the service B.TV.

For other Internet customers (Bbox Fit), as well as for mobile customers B & you And Bouygues package, Unlimited access (without data consumption) in the service B.TV is billed by the operator. The option B.Unlimited TV is proposed without engagement has € 6 per month.

BBOX TV bouquet: TV bouquets not included in the Bouygues Telecom must and ultym offers

Subscribers of a triple play offer with TV decoder (BBOX Must Or Ultym) have the possibility of completing their television offer by subscribing one or more options of optional channels.

French bouquets available as an option in BBOX offers

  • Bbox bouquet cinema : 16 cinema channels for € 7.50/month the first two months, then € 14.99 per month;
  • Bbox family tv bouquet : 40 channels broadcast programs for the whole family (cinema, entertainment, youth, discovery, music, sport and adults) for 1 € the first month, then € 14.99 per month;
  • Bbox entertainment TV bouquet : 30 multithematic channels (cinema, entertainment, discovery, music, sport and adults) for 5 €/month for 2 months, then € 9.99 per month;
  • BBOX Youth TV bouquet : 10 youth channels for € 4.99/month for the first 2 months then € 9.99 per month;
  • Canal bouquet : the 6 channels Channel + clear from € 22.99 per month ;
  • OCS bouquet : the 4 channels Ocs (cinema, series, documentaries) and SVOD’s service for 1 € the first month then € 12.99 per month;
  • Bouquet beIN SPORTS : the 10 channels bein Sports (sports meetings of all kinds) for € 14.99 per month.

All the bouquets offered are without engagement, With the exception of the bouquet Channel (24 -month commitment)).

Optional foreign bouquets available in BBOX offers

  • THE African TV bouquet makes you enjoy 9 channels to € 6.90 per month. THE Premium African TV bouquet for his part to benefit from the 21 African channels for € 11.90 per month.
African TV bouquet – February 9, 2023

Chain Channel number African TV bouquet
Gospel trace 179
Nci 702 Included
Ortb 710
Rts 711
2stv 712
Ortm 713
RTI the first 714
CRTV 715
CTV 717
RTNC 719
Canal 2 International 730
Africâble 731 Included
RTG 732
Tfm 733
Africa trace 734
Nollywood 735
Tvt 736
Sen TV 737
Sunnu Yeuf 738
HAS+ 741
November TV 742
  • THE Lusophone TV bouquet Includes 9 channels for € 7.99 per month : RTPI (532), Correo da Manha (533), SIC Noticias (534), A Bola TV (535), TVI International (536), TVI Ficcao (537), Canal Q (538), Porto Canal (539), SIC Internacional (540).
  • THE German TV bouquet includes 5 channels for € 8.90 per month : RTL Television (553), Prosiebensat.1 (554), Vox (555), NTV (556), Sat.1 (557).
  • THE Italian TV bouquet is offered to € 5.99 per month And includes 8 channels: Rai Uno (570), Rai Due (571), Rai Tre (572), Rai 24 News (573), Rai Scuola (574), Rai Storia (575), TGCOM 24 (576), MediaSet Italia (577).
  • THE ZEE TV bouquet Includes 2 channels for € 15.90 per month : ZEE TV (790), Zee Cinema (791).
  • THE Maghreb TV bouquet+ makes you enjoy 20 channels to € 14.99 per month.
Maghreb TV bouquet+ – February 9, 2023

Chain Channel number
Echourouk TV 650
El Bilad TV 652
Echourouk News 653
Samira TV 656
2m world 657
Nessma 658
Baraem 660
Jeem TV 661
Gulli Bil Arabi 662
Rotana Clip 663
Rotana Musica 664
Rotana Cinema 665
Rotana Comedy 666
Rotana Classic 667
Rotana Drama 668
Rotana Khalijia 669
Al Resalah 670
MBC 676
MBC Drama 677
MBC Masr 683
  • THE Berber TV bouquet includes 3 channels for € 5.99 per month : Berber TV (645), Berber Music (646), Berber Jeunesse (647).
  • THE Large wall TV bouquet gives you 11 channels to € 8.88 per month : CCTV4 (805), CCTV Entertainment (806), CMC (807), BTV (808), Shangai Dragon TV (809), Jiangsu (810), Hunan TV (811), TVS (812), ZTV International (813) , Phoenix Infonews (814), Phoenix CNE (815).
  • THE Lebanese TV bouquet consists of 6 channels and is offered to € 6.99 per month : OTV (624), Al Jadeed (625), NBN (626), Future TV (627), Murr TV (628), Mazzika (685).
  • THE Russian TV bouquet brings together 13 accessible channels for € 9.99 per month : Channel One Russia (592), CTC International (593), TNT (594), Vremya (595), Musika Pervogo (596), Mosfilm (597), Dom Kino (598), Dom Kino Premium (599), Damashny ( 600), Karussel (601), Tiji Russia (602), Gulli Girl (603), RTR Planeta (604).
  • THE Turk TV bouquet gives you access to 3 channels to € 3.99 per month : ATV AVRUPA (693), Eurostar (694), Turk show (695).
  • THE RTV Pink TV bouquet gives you access to 4 channels to € 14.90 per month : Pink Extra (583), Pink Plus (584), Pink Music (585), Pink Film (586).

The subscription to all foreign bouquets is without engagement.

Bouquets for adults (-18) available as an option in BBOX offers

  • THE Adult TV bouquet provides access to 2 channels to 11 € per month. By subscribing the Premium adult bouquet, You will take advantage of 7 channels to € 14.90 per month. THE Dorcel TV bouquet includes 2 channels and is offered to € 7.90 per month. Finally, the Penthouse TV bouquet benefits from 3 channels for € 9.90 per month.
Adult TV bouquet – February 9, 2023

Chain Channel number Adult TV bouquet Dorcel TV TV bouquet Penthouse TV bouquet
Dorcel TV 280 Included Included
Dorcel TV XXX 281
Xxl 282 Included
Hustler TV 284
Gold Penthouse 286 Included
Penthouse Quickies 287
Black Penthouse 288
  • THE TV bouquet 2 x gay Includes 2 channels for € 12.90 per month : Pink X (294), Manx (295).

All adult bouquets are without engagement.

Optional available unit channels in BBox offers

Bouygues Telecom also offers its TV subscribers to subscribe to channels per unit.

Chains from French bouquets:

  • Golf Channel : € 7 per month;
  • Ol Play : € 2.99 per month;
  • Fight Sports : € 2.99 per month;
  • M6 Music : € 2.50 per month;
  • TV clubbing : € 2.99 per month;
  • Melody : € 4.50 per month;
  • Tfou max : € 3.99 per month;
  • My Zen : € 3.99 per month;
  • Top Health TV : € 1.99 per month;
  • English TV : € 3.90 per month.

Chains from foreign bouquets:

  • Africa Melody : € 1.99 per month;
  • Nina November : € 2.99 per month;
  • ORTC : € 6.90 per month;
  • Star tve : € 1.99 per month;
  • Berber TV : € 4 per month;
  • Israeli Network : € 4.90 per month.

Chains from adult bouquets:

  • Unlimited x : € 14.99 per month;
  • Dorcel TV : € 6.90 per month;
  • Hustler TV : € 6.90 per month;
  • Union TV : € 10.99 per month;
  • Pink TV / Pink X : € 9 per month.

The subscription of TV channels per unit is without any commitment duration.

Optional services available in BBOX offers

Customers of an offer BBOX Must Or Ultym can also opt for a video or musical streaming service.

  • e-cinema : € 5.99 per month;
  • Netflix : from € 8.99 per month;
  • Amazon Prime : from € 5.99 per month;
  • Filmo TV : € 6.99 per month;
  • Playzer : € 1.99 per month;
  • Disney+ : € 8.99 per month.

The service subscription is without engagement.

What are the TV bouquets not included in the Bbox Smart TV offer by Bouygues Telecom ?

Bbox Smart TV

In addition to enjoying 150 TV channels, accessible thanks to the service B.TV+, holders of an offer Bbox Smart TV also have the possibility of subscribing one or more optional TV bouquets.

  • Bouquet beIN SPORTS : € 14.99 per month;
  • Smart TV entertainment bouquet : 37 channels for € 9.99 per month;
  • Youth Smart TV Bouquet : 10 channels for € 9.99 per month;
  • Smart TV Bouquet Ciné : 12 channels for € 14.99 per month;
  • Maghreb smart tv bouquet+ : 20 channels for € 14.99 per month;
  • Lusophone smart tv bouquet : 9 channels for € 7.99 per month.

Bouquets Smart TV offered as an option are without engagement.

Bouygues Telecom mobile and 4G box offers: TV bouquets not included

Bouygues Mobile

In addition to having, depending on the offer held, more than 50 Or 70 channels To be viewed from the mobile application B.TV, Bouygues Telecom offers 4 bouquets, an optional channel and a service to its mobile customers And 4G Box.

  • Youth TV bouquet : 9 channels + 2 SVOD services for € 4.99 per month;
  • TV Bouquet Pop Culture : 12 channels for € 4.99 per month;
  • Bouquet beIN SPORTS : € 14.99 per month;
  • The Fight Sports chain : € 1.99 per month;
  • Netflix : from € 8.99 per month.
TV Bouquet Pop Culture – February 9, 2023

Chain Channel number
Game One 60
Game One +1 61
Bet 63
MTV 67
ES1 68
J-one 139
Manga 145
Adult Swim 147
MTV Hits 151
M6 Music 169
TV clubbing 183

TV channels, services and bouquets offered as an option mobile offers And 4G Box de Bouygues Telecom are without engagement.

How to subscribe to a Bouygues Telecom TV bouquet ?

In order to be able to subscribe a Bbox TV bouquet Or a chain per unit, you must be the holder of the offer and be up to date in your payments.

Several possibilities are available to you to take out a Bouygues Telecom TV bouquet Or an à la carte channel.

Subscribe from my Bbox Miami or 4K TV decoder

  1. Turn on your decoder and press the key TV of your remote control.
  2. Then select the section TV subscriptions, Then go to the section All subscriptions and select the bouquet or the channel you want to subscribe.
  3. All you have to do is enter your purchase code* To validate your subscription.

*The purchase code is systematically requested when validating a purchase or subscription; It allows you to secure your transactions when you rent a film or subscribe to a chain/a bouquet. By default, the code of purchase is 0000. To modify it, go to the settings of your Bbox.

Subscribe from my standard BBOX TV decoder

  1. Turn on your decoder and press the key TV of your remote control.
  2. Then go to the section TV and select TV bouquets.
  3. After choosing the bouquet or channel you want to subscribe as an option, press OK, Then enter your purchase code to validate your choice.

You can also subscribe to a chain or a bouquet by going directly to the corresponding channel from any decoder Bouygues, Then by pressing OK and by entering your purchase code to go to subscription.

Subscribe from my Bouygues Telecom customer area

  1. Once identified on your customer area, select the fixed or mobile line concerned and click on the section Add options, Section “How to enrich my offer”.
  2. Then click on the tab TV bouquets, Before selecting the theme of your choice from Movie theater, Sport, Music, etc.
  3. Select the chain or Bouygues TV bouquet that you wish to subscribe by clicking on the mention Discover.

It is also possible to take out a Bouygues Telecom TV bouquet from the home page, selecting the section Mobile packages Or Internet box Depending on the offer you hold, then by clicking on Options for your mobile plan (Mobile packages> “Mobile packages”) Or Options for your Bbox (Internet box> “Practical”)). Once on the page in question, choose the TV bouquet or the unit channel that interests you in the section “TV bouquet” If you are a customer Bbox Internet ; Mobile customers will have to go down to the category ” Entertainment “ and select the TV bouquet of their choice. Finally click on Subscribe.

How to terminate a Bouygues Telecom TV bouquet ?

Subscription to channels and Bouygues TV bouquets East without engagement. It is thus possible to terminate at any time at no cost !

In the same way as to subscribe to an option, several possibilities are available to you to terminate a chain or Bouygues Telecom TV bouquet.

EXII from my customer area

  1. Connect to your personal space, select the line concerned and click on the section My offer and my options.
  2. Select it Bouygues TV bouquet or the channel you want to terminate, then click on Terminate.
  3. Finally click on To validate To confirm the termination.

EXERIGN from my Bouygues Telecom TV decoder

  1. Turn on your Bouygues TV decoder and press the button TV of your remote control.
  2. Then go to the section My TV options, Then select the chain or Bouygues TV bouquet that you want to terminate.
  3. Select Terminate and voila.

Whether made from your customer area or decoder Bbox, The termination of your TV option will take effect at the end of the current invoicing month.

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Bbox TV: offers, channels and bouquets TV Bouygues

Bouygues Telecom offers two offers with a Bouygues TV bouquet. These are the offers BBOX Must And Bbox Ultym. Bouygues Box TV offers include Over 180 channels of television, around thirty available in replay. These internet offers also give you access to VOD and SVOD services (on -demand video services), available as an option. What are the Bouygues Internet offers with TV bouquet ? What are the included channels and how to benefit from a b bouquet.Bouygues TV ? Here is everything you need to know about Bbox TV services as well as on application B.TV.

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�� Bbox offer from € 18.99/month !
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What are the Bouygues Box TV offers ?

Bouygues Telecom offers 3 BBOX offers available in ADSL or with fiber, but only 2 include a B service.Bouygues TV. Indeed, The Bbox Fit does not include a TV box, it is an offer double play which only offers an internet service and fixed telephony. On the other hand, The Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym are offers with Internet, fixed telephony, as well as a television service. These two internet offers include the Bbox 4k TV decoder with the Bbox Must, and the 4K HDR BBOX Decoder With the Bbox Ultym, which has a hard drive and thus allows digital recording and direct control functions.

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Subscribe to a Bouygues Internet offer

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Subscribe to a Bouygues Internet offer

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Subscribe to a Bouygues Internet offer

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Subscribe to a Bouygues Internet offer

Free Bouygues TV channels included in Bbox offers

The Bouygues TV offer includes free 184 channels diverse and varied, such as TNT’s basic chains, but also many additional channels international, regional And themes in order to satisfy the whole family.

BBOX TV generalist channels included

Bouygues TV general channels include Free TNT channels as well as 6 additional channels.

Bbox TV: Generalist Bouygues channels

Free TV TV channels Generalist bouygues TV channels outside TNT
TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal+ in clear, France 5, M6, Arte, C8, W9, TMC, TFX, NRJ12, LCP/Public Senate, France 4, BFM TV, CNEWS, CSTAR, Gulli, France Ô, HD1 , L’Equipe, 6ter, RMC Story, RMC Découverte, Chérie 25, LCI, France Info TV RTL9, Paris Première, Téva, TV Breizh, TV5 Monde, TF1 + 1

Complementary channels included in Bbox TV offers

In order to provide you with an ever more advanced TV experience, a multitude of Additional channels are also included in BOX BOX TV offers with international, regional and thematic channels.

Etb Sat, tve, tve 24 horas, record news, deutsche welle, arte, tv romania, rts sat, armenia 1, russia today, channel Algeria, echourouk tv, 2m Morocco, al aoula international, arryadia, assadissa, tunisian national television, Hannibal TV, France 24 Arab, Al Jazeera Arab, Jeem TV, MBC Drama, Dubai TV, Baraem, Murr TV, TV, Vox Africa, CCTV Entertainment, CCTV 4, NHK World HD, Bet TV, Berber TV, NetViet, KBS World

IDF1, Canal 21, Telebocal, Tvfil 78, Telif, La Local, Weo, Grand Lille TV, Alsace 20, Vosges TV, Mirabelle TV, Canal 32, TV Nantes, TV7 Bordeaux, TLM, TV8 Mt Blanc, Maritima TV, TV Sud Sud Provence, TV Sud Montpellier, Tomorrow TV, Matele, Tebeo, TVR (Rennes), LM TV, Telegrenoble, Canal 10 Guadeloupe, OM5 TV, TV crystal, BIP TV + regional channels France 3

  • entertainment : Game One, Game One + 1, Bet TV, MCM, People 24, Comedy Central, Esport
  • music : Mezzo, mcm, nrj hits, OFIVE.TV, J4T, TV clubbing, Urban HD trace, Brava HD, OKLM, Virgin Radio TV
  • sport : Ab -engines, Equidia Live, Equidia Life, Stad’Afric
  • youth : Disney Channel HD, Disney Channel+1
  • young adults : Game One +1, Gong Base, Ouatch TV
  • discovery : Souvenirs from Earth, Tropik TV, National Geographic Channel, Ushuaia TV, History, Aerostar TV
  • Art of living : Fashion TV, Fashion Television, Men’s Up, Luxe TV HD, Dog TV, VIVILTA
  • Practical and leisure : Euroshopping TV, M6 Boutique & Co, Best of Shopping, Ginx, Lucky Jack, Astrocenter, Star 24

You are looking for a complete offer with Bouygues TV ? Contact a JeCchange Advisor and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer that best suits your needs.

The different bouquets Bouygues TV offered

The BBOX Youth TV bouquet

THE Bouygues Bbox TV bouquet youth Available at € 9.99/month without obligation is dedicated to children and understands 9 television channels.

Boomerang (108), Boomerang +1 (109), Cartoonito (110), Boing (110), Nickelodeon (111), Nickelodeon +1 (112), Nickelodeon Teen (107), Nickelodeon Junior (115), DreamWorks (113) , Baby TV (114), Tfou Max (117), Gullimax (118)

The Bbox Bouquet Grand Ciné

The Bouygues Telecom Grand Ciné TV bouquet includes all the bouquet bbox cinema channels € 16.90/month as well as adult programs.

E! (73), Ciné+ Premier (75) ,, Ciné+ Frisson (76), Ciné+ Famiz (77), Ciné+ Classic (78), Ciné+ Club (79), Ciné+ Emotion (80), Action (81 ), Action Max (82), TCM Cinema (83), Paramount Channel HD (84), Paramount Channel Décalé (85), DreamWorks (113), Eurochannel (86), Syfy (95), 13th rue (96), Dorcel TV (280), XXL (282)

You want to compare box offers with TV ?

The Bbox BeIN Sports TV bouquet

The BeIN Sports bouquet is an offer entirely dedicated to football. The Bouquet Bouygues Bein Sports TV offer offers access to Ligue 1, Ligue 2, UEFA Champion’s League games as well as UEFA Europa League competitions. This is an offer without commitment to € 14.99/month which includes 10 television channels including 7 event channels:

BeIN SPORTS 1 (51), beIN SPORTS 2 (52), beIN SPORTS 3 (53), beIN SPORTS max 4 (208), beIN SPORTS MAX 5 (209), beIN SPORTS MAX 6 (210), beIN SPORTS MAX 7 ( 211), beIN SPORTS max 8 (212), beIN SPORTS max 9 (213), beIN SPORTS MAX 10 (214)

To subscribe to the BeIN Sports bouquet:

  1. Go to your Bouygues Telecom customer area and select the section “My offer and my options“”.
  2. In category “Options“, click on “See all the options available“”.
  3. Then select “TV bouquets“, Then “Sports“”.
  4. Choose the BeIN Sports bouquet of your choice.
  5. Click on “Discover“Then on”Subscribe“”.

You can also subscribe to BeIN Sports directly from your BBOX modem, from Canal 51. In the event of a problem, you can contact Bouygues by phone, online via cat or by mail.

The Bbox Canal TV bouquet

The Canal+ TV bouquet is the only proposed bouquet that is accompanied by a 24 -month commitment period. It is available from € 22.99/month For one year (then € 27.99/month) and includes the following channels:

Canal+ (4), Canal+ Sport 360 (41), Canal+ Foot (42), Canal+ Sport (43), Canal+ Cinema (44), Canal+ Large screen (45), Canal+ Series (46), Canal+ Docs (130), Canal+ Kids (106)

For Subscribe the canal offer+, Follow these few steps:

  1. In your Bouygues customer area, click on “My offer and my options“”.
  2. In category “Options“, you can select”See all the options available“”.
  3. Choose the bouquet bouygues canal+ tV program then click on “Subscribe“”.
  4. Enter your personal data.
  5. After cheating the box “I accept the conditions“, select the option again”Subscribe“”.

After validation of your subscription to the Bouygues Canal+TV bouquet, restart your Bbox modem then go to the Canal 4.

The Bbox Family TV bouquet

The Bouygues family tv bouquet is at € 14.99/month without commitment and understands 40 television channels including:

AB1 (70), District Crime (71), Trace Sport Stars (72), E! (73), TCM cinema (83), Paramount Channel HD (84), Paramount Channel Décalé (85), Eurochannel (86), Syfy (95), 13th rue (96), Nickelodeon Teen (107), Nickelodeon (111) , Boomerang (108), Boomerang +1 (109), Cartoonito (110), Tfou Max (117), Animals (126), manga (145), McM Top (170), Mezzo Live (182), Olplay (197)

Your Fiber or ADSL Internet access with Bouygues

The Bbox Entertainment TV bouquet

Let’s discover in detail the bouquet TV Bouygues fiber dedicated to entertainment. The price of the offer is € 9.99/month without commitment and includes a quarantine TV channels including:

AB1 (70), District Crime (71), TCM Cinema (83), Paramount Channel HD (84), Trek (125), All History (128), Chasse & Pêche (129), Mangas (145), M6 Music (169), MCM Top (170), Iconcerts (172), Djazz TV (181), Motorvision (195), Nautical Channel (194)

Adult Bbox TV bouquets

It exists 9 bouquets devoted only to adults:

  • Dorcel TV at € 7.90/month
  • Adult TV at 11 €/month
  • Dorcel TV channel at € 6.99/month
  • Hustler TV at € 6.90/month
  • Premium adult at € 14.90/month
  • Union TV at € 10.99/month
  • Gay TV at € 12.90/month
  • Penthouse at € 9.90/month
  • Pink at 9 €/month

What are the services offered on the Bbox TV ?

Operators’ TV offers are differentiated by the number of channels offered but also by the services included. Our comparison box TV makes you discover more. Here are all the services included with the Bouygues TV boxes:

  • Replay : to review all your favorite programs for free the next day and for 7 days. There are around thirty channels available in replay, including all those of TNT but also other channels such as Paris Première, Ushaïa, Game One, RTL9, TV Breizh, and much more;
  • 100 hour TV recorder : program the recording of your favorite programs;
  • Function “Read“: Check the direct and relaunch an ongoing program at the start to view it in full;
  • Vod : access more than 5,000 content on demand;
  • TV program : to not miss anything;
  • Applications and games To download from the Google Play Store.

To access the Service “Read at the start”, Just press the OK button on your remote control during the program broadcasting in question and select the “Read from start” option. Bouygues TV gives access to a catalog of Videos on demand (VOD) with more than 5000 programs.
You can also subscribe to one of the SVOD services offered such as Netflix, OCS or Tfou Max. We are talking about video on request by subscription because it is necessary to subscribe a paid subscription, unlimited accessible and often without obligation.

Finally, the Bbox Ultym Fiber subscribers, who therefore have a BBOX 4K, can access 3 channels 4K:

  • 4K festival
  • 4K Ultranature
  • TF1 4K

Good to know : This Bouygues Fiber TV bouquet is only accessible if you have A 4K TV.

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Application B.TV, Bouygues’ multi-screen service

L’Application B.TV De Bouygues Telecom allows you to view your favorite series and emissions directly on your smartphone or tablet thanks to the mobile application. We are talking about multi-screen Because you can watch different programs on several devices simultaneously. The application is available that you are connected to the wifi of your home or to the 4G/5G network when you are on the move. Application B.TV offered by Bouygues Telecom allows you:

  • view Over 70 TV channels
  • to access the service of Live TV
  • to use the function “Read“”
  • to take advantage of the service of TV on demand
  • to capture the compatible programs broadcast on your mobile device directly On the screen of your television
  • to consult the Program guide and of Create reminders
  • to listen to the radio and podcasts from the application