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Bike La Poste Electric

With the support of the Normandy region

Recy’Clo Project offers a second life to electric bikes

Recy’Clo Project, from the La Poste group, offers a second life to former electric assistance (VAE) bikes from business fleet. These professional range bikes are collected and then reconditioned in integration workshops, before being sold on the second -hand market.

After an average of 5 years of use, electric bikes that belong to business fleets or communities arrive at the end of life. Faced with this observation, the recy’clo project of the La Poste group, launched in February 2020, began to recover and recondition these bikes with the same quality and security requirements as new bikes.

Recy'Clo Project, from the La Poste group, offers a second life to old electric assistance bikes

Promoting the circular economy, RECY’CLO Project sells the bikes repeated to communities, businesses or individuals at an advantageous rate.

“”We had in our postal establishment 8 bikes with electric assistance deemed non -repairable “ Indicates Justine Démimeur, Manager Work Organization of the Beaune-Ob-Office Services Platform-Currier.

“We had the choice of breakage or to give them a second life. We opted for the second option “.

In 2020, 150 bikes were sold at an average price of € 1,190. It is possible to customize your bike, by choosing a color, a name or adding options. From taking the order on delivery, a period of 1 month is then necessary.

Today, Recy’Clo Project is developing and opens, after Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, two other reconditioning workshops, in Strasbourg and Tours. The objective is to be able to revive 3,000 bikes by making them accessible, reassuring and reliable, with a triple environmental, societal and economic dimension. RECY’CLO Project is a structure incubated by the La Poste group, winner of its intraprenariat system. Since the end of December 2021, the young company has received an AFNOR certification attesting to the robustness, reparability and recyclability of its bikes.

Our goal is to act for ecological transition and contribute to more responsible and more ethical consumption methods by promoting the circular economy, re -use and short sectors. We also aspire to contribute to social and territorial cohesion and favor local integration workshops.

Stéphane Massonnot, recy’Clo project project manager

RECY’CLO Project project manager

Bike La Poste Electric

Electrical bike La Poste

Initially manufactured by the Gitane renowned brand to meet La Poste requirements in terms of electric assistance bikes, this model has been meticulously refurbished by the dedicated team of new attitude. After five years of service, this bike has been renovated, offering a new existence and is now ready for new adventures.

New attitude is a company committed to ecological transition and the adoption of more responsible consumption. By giving a second life to these bikes, the company generates local jobs and encourages the interaction with the actors of inclusion (integration and disability).

  • Frame: Gitane La Poste, generation 2012
  • Framework and fork: Aluminum frame suitable for men and women of 1.60 meters and more, with adjustable gallows and stem, steel fork
  • Dimensions: 195 cm long, 25 cm wide, 110 cm high
  • Engine: Bafang model 8 fun, 36V (250W), tested and functional, with 65 nm engine torque
  • Speeds: 6 speeds, indexed via a Shimano Revoshift rotating handle
  • Main safety equipment: new, including teflon cables and sheaths, handles, tires, saddle, transmission (chain and free wheel), lighting, wheel catadiopter
  • Batteries and chargers: new, located behind the seatpot
  • Starting the assistance: via a rotating handle, from 0 to 6 km/h
  • PTAC: 170 kg (VAE vacuum weight, driver, payload)
  • Vacuum weight: 29 kg
  • Load recommended by the manufacturer: 25 kg at the front, 25 kg at the rear
  • Luggage rack: aluminum, front and rear
  • Brakes: front brakes with sturmey archer drum, rear brakes roller-brake shimano
  • Wheels: aluminum, with 36 robust rays and double walls walls
  • Tire pressure: 4 bars, controlled via pressure indicator valves. The tires are either Schwalbe Marthlon Plus, or Spectra Duramax (diameter 26 x 1.75)
  • Battery capacity: lithium-ion of 15.6 Ah, offering up to 80 km of autonomy (depending on the use and load of the bicycle)
  • Electric assistance: Constant on/off system, without variable assistance levels, designed to meet the specific needs of factors, offering an easy to use, simple and robust bike

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With the support of the Normandy region

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