Recharge solution for your home, install a charging station in house

Expert in the installation of charging stations

Of the IRVE certified installers near you: Our network of Irve and formed electrician installer formed by Chargeguru takes care of your installation everywhere in France.

Recharge solution for your home

Stop refueling, say goodbye to stress ! With the charging solution adapted to your home, your electric vehicle will allow you to experience a serene daily.

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  • The advantages of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • The important elements to choose a charging station for your home
  • The charging station adapted to your home
  • Save by recharging your vehicle at home

What advantages is there to have a charging station at home ?

A house is equipped with many electrical sockets. What is a charging station for ?

The more your electric vehicle recharges quickly, the earlier you can leave. A charging station represents a considerable time saving, in addition to many other advantages.

With a charging station at home, no need to go to fill up. You go home and recharge your electric vehicle in a jiffy.

Safety first

A traditional electrical outlet is not designed to provide a 2.3 kW charging power for several hours. In the worst case, the cable sets fire.

It is therefore better to opt for security and invest in an appropriate charging station. Only one connection and your car recharges safely, simple use for everyday life.

Faster 10 x recharging.

The recharging speed of an electric vehicle depends above all on its battery, its recharging power, but also on recharging possibilities. A classic domestic outlet can reach a power of 2.3 kilowatts – for a modern electric vehicle whose battery has a capacity of 24 kilowatt hours, this corresponds to 11 hours of waiting. A charging station offers a secure technique and high charging power.

Discover on our overview of loading times how long you can save with a charging station.

Expert in the installation of charging stations

Custom support: A terminal adapted to your needs thanks, to our recharge experts.

A robust and reliable terminal: High quality equipment and weather resistant.

Of the IRVE certified installers near you: Our network of Irve and formed electrician installer formed by Chargeguru takes care of your installation everywhere in France.

A quick and intelligent recharge: Fast because it allows regagned 40 km per hour thanks to a power of 7.4 kW and intelligent thanks to the automatic load shedding which makes it possible to avoid any disjunction.

Unique and recognized expertise: Chargeguru supports several car manufacturers such as Tesla, Volvo, BMW and many others in the installation of their charging solutions.

Thick headed

Terminal + installation, from € 950 including tax (1)

Or € 1,250 before deduction of the tax credit of € 300 (2)

(1) Price “from” for a Schneider Electric Wallbox 7.4 kW terminal including the technical study, the installation, the charging station, the electrical equipment. Price for a standard installation of the terminal on a wall less than 10 meters from the electrical panel with 1 drill. A tailor-made quote is carried out for each project. Are not included (non -exhaustive list): divisional table, energy management, complex cable path, standing, trenches, drilling on the front, upgrading to standards. Price with a VAT rate reduced to 5.5%.
(2) Tax credit available without income condition, up to 75% of the amount of the equipment, up to a limit of € 300 per load system and limited to a credit per household.
Non -contractual visual.

How it works ?

You can use a plug or terminal for recharging. With a reinforced socket, the charging time will be long enough, but this may be enough for rechargeable hybrid vehicles or if you travel short distances. For faster refills, you will have to opt for a charging station.

The plug or charging station must be connected to the electrical panel of the house with suitable electrical protections. In some cases, you will have to increase the power of your electric subscription.

Our Security Council

It is strongly advised not to recharge your vehicle on a “classic” domestic outlet which is not designed to support a high power for long periods. We recommend that you install a reinforced “green up” type socket, specially designed for recharging electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrid.

Your 3 -step project


You explain your needs to us and we offer the most suitable solution for your electric charging project


We study your project and we submit one or more quotes for the proposed solution


You choose the quote that suits you and we take care of installing your tailor-made charging solution

The Chargeguru Serenity Pack


Following the installation of your charging station, Chargeguru offers you the possibility of taking out a maintenance contract. Choose the Chargeguru serenity pack to benefit from a Priority technical assistance, of the Total support for costs related to breakdowns repair, as well as a replacement vehicle offered thanks to the AXA mobility guarantee.

The Guru Council

For the installation of an electric recharging terminal at home, call on an experienced professional electrician in this area. Chargeguru is there to support you throughout this process and recommend the best electricians in your region.

All our partner electricians are qualified IRVE (charging infrastructure for electric vehicles) to ensure you a highest quality service.

Why choose to recharge at home ?

Continuing its commitment to the development of electric mobility, Chargeguru revealed a study analyzing the evolution of electricity consumption and the recharge habits of participants. The observation ? Home recharging stands out as a truly practical charging solution, accessible to all, and having many advantages.

Find our full study just here

What savings do with my electric car ?

With an electric vehicle, you save on a daily basis. Our simulator allows you to estimate the amount of these savings.

How long to recharge a car ?

The charging time depends on the autonomy to be recharged daily and the power of the terminal. Our simulator allows you to make the right choice !



Charging stations


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