RCS message – Definition of expression – Orthodidacte dictionary, RCS: All about the system that replaces SMS on Android

RCS message is what

Be careful, however, the data harvest is only legal on the net if your interlocutor agrees and is aware of your project. In addition, this does not urge you from your obligation to ensure the safety of this information to avoid leaks.

RCS message

A RCS message is a message exchanged on mobile by users, which is based on the RCS protocol. Launched in 2008, this messaging protocol is intended to replace SMS and MMS. We meet the expression RCS message mainly on phones operating under Android. Unlike SMS and MMS, which pass through the cellular network, RCS messages go through the Internet (to be short). Some limitations are thus lifted. The RCS protocol allows for example the correspondents to discuss in groups, to send files, to submit audio messages, to make visio calls, etc., In what is called a RCS cat . This protocol seeks to compete with messaging systems like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which users have adopted to bypass the limits posed by SMS and MMS.

What are the RCS letters ?

In the expression RCS message, the acronym RCS corresponds to Rich Communication Services, “enriched communication services”.

RCS: Everything about the system that replaces SMS on Android

With the Rich Communication System (RCS), Google intends to seduce WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and WeChat users, with a more modern SMS successor. It was so much because the texts had not changed an iota on Android from the HTC Dream !

Google RCS SMS

What is RCS ? This is a whole new communication protocol which simply aims to replace the traditional SMS with a much richer and more complete text and image message transfer system, like the iPhone system on iPhone on iPhone.

That the RCS will change compared to SMS ?

The biggest difference between the RCS and the SMS is that the RCS is based on the data network and no longer the cellular network. Thanks to data the RCS will be able to offer everything allowing competing instant messaging.

For the user, it will ultimately be much easier to transfer different types of files, such as full resolutions or GIFs. It thus allows you to circumvent the limitations of MMS which enormously compress the images.

You can also know what time your recipient has opened your message and when it starts to answer you, As is already the case on Facebook Messenger or Skype. And yes, these three annoying small points leaping advertisers of an imminent reply have not yet said their last word !

Google is gradually putting the RCS system in terms of iMessage

If the comparison between RCS and Imessage was originally quite superficial, it is clear that Google is increasingly like RCS to its alternative on iPhone on iPhone. Google tests for example reactions by emoji under each message. There is also talk of the upcoming arrival of conversations’ turnover encryption.

You will understand, the impact that this change will have on our communication methods is potentially very strong. Provided that you have not already anchored your habits on the most popular alternatives on the market. The RCS aims to be active in all Android smartphones.

It will therefore no longer be necessary to download a third -party messaging application to connect to the people you meet. Nevertheless for the time being, if the RCS operates well on certain smartphone, in particular all Samsung smartphones, it is not natively active on smartphones of other manufacturers.

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What are the advantages of the RCS messaging system for companies ?

SMS is no longer the flagship communication method. For customers and employees, companies from the latest generation must go through a RCS messaging system.

Octopush offers an application that will seduce all users. But before that, return to the advantages of the Rich Communication System for companies.

The RCS messaging system: Offer a better customer service experience

The RCS messaging system works like any messaging service. It is an online cat that allows you to send a message to all your customers, a bit like bot cats on online professional sites. However, you will go through a mobile application here to send your messages.

This messaging protocol works with all devices. Which is practical to communicate effectively with your customers, but also to support them in a personalized way. The requirements in this area have evolved more in recent years.

In addition to the online chat online chat application “Imessage”, you have the RCS Google which offer interesting features to guarantee maximum conviviality in your communication protocol by Android Messages. At Octopush, we offer you a RCS Universal Profile system which will allow you to communicate with your customers, regardless of the brand of its smartphone. Our application can be synchronized with a “Web message” service. Which will be perfect to guide your users on your site and provide them with the best possible customer service experience.

Note that now, the quality of customer service has impact on the reputation and visibility of a company. To be competitive, RCS can therefore be a good idea. Not only does it help you be more responsive, but it also adapts to all your customer profiles.

What are the advantages of the RCS messaging system for companies?

RCS message: possible for bidirectional exchanges ?

The RCS messaging system makes it possible to carry out bidirectional exchanges. That is to say that the application of SMS RCS Chat can send and receive messages at the same time. In addition, it works on any terminal. What is practical.

You will no longer face problems due to a difference in mobile operators. The message goes through the IP addresses. This is the case for SMS sent to Google than via a mobile communication tool.

You have the option of consulting messages on all RCS applications and on any terminal. Just connect to your account. Not only do you avoid data loss, but in addition, you will be more responsive. Which will also guarantee you a brand image with customers and employees. Speed ​​is an essential criterion used by Internet users to choose their service provider today.

Offer personalized and secure exchanges to your customers

The requirements of Internet users in terms of quality of service and support have evolved. Now they are looking for personalized exchanges to feel valued. A RCS messaging system will allow you to.

Like on a WhatsApp discussion, you will be able to change your tone and your speech as well as your customer communication style to another. A personalized service that will help you be more convincing. This is why Rich Communication is now one of the digital marketing systems for major brands.

In addition, online data security is always a subject that is at the heart of the debates. To cut a better market share, you must ensure that Internet users’ data on your site are protected. This applies to bank information as for the content of the messages they can send you. RCS Google messaging will meet this requirement.

Indeed, with a RCS SMS service, you avoid going through mobile operators like Bouygues Telecom. These will no longer be able to check your content since everything goes through an online IP address. This will also be the case for the French authorities. Discretion will be guaranteed despite the absence of end to end encryption in this type of service. What to put everyone in confidence.

Offer personalized and secure exchanges to your customers

Send many media thanks to the RCS messaging system

RCS is the SMS successor. It is prized as well by simple individuals and by the majority of companies. For good reason, the cat features are more interesting.

The Rich Communication System works like Skype. It is above all a messaging protocol. Nevertheless, it allows you to do much more than send messages. Contents can be media: photos or videos, even sounds.

The RCS protocol offers the same options as online messaging services. However, in this case, you do not have to connect to a site to send messages. This can also be done via an application of Google messages. It will be simpler and more practical.

You will therefore access emojis, GIFs and other effects that are now part of written communication. Which will help you bring a little more personality and conviviality to your content.

In addition, you have finished with the character limits imposed by telephone operators. It’s more practical for corporate communication. You can send a letter, a letter or a 500 -words text in one go if necessary. You will not have to decide on the information to be sent in response to a request.

Harvest data and monitoring of your customer interactions

In order to refine your marketing approach, you need to know your customers. There is nothing like it to do this than interacting with them. RCS Application Messages, will allow you to be done in a friendly atmosphere. Exchanges will be more fluid with known applications and used by everyone.

The message application from Google and RCS in general retains traces of past conversations. This is one of the cat features. You will have archives to be able to improve your marketing approach and your speeches in the future, but also to be sure to meet the expectations of your customers.

With the right information, you will have less trouble presenting the right arguments. What convince Internet users to use your services and therefore increase your turnover.

In addition, data security is already optimal with the RCS service. You will therefore prevent your customers from going through a VPN for a discussion between France and the United Kingdom for example. It’s more practical to collect information.

Be careful, however, the data harvest is only legal on the net if your interlocutor agrees and is aware of your project. In addition, this does not urge you from your obligation to ensure the safety of this information to avoid leaks.

The RCS messaging system offer better customer service experience

The RCS messaging system for better image in general

RCS is the new SMS. The messaging application may also become the new standard in terms of communication. More and more individuals use it for the benefit of the default cats of smartphones. By adapting you, you will improve your image in general.

Android messages messages can communicate with each other. Which will allow you to more easily reach customers or potential prospects. It is easier to communicate from one IP address to the other than via a phone number.

In addition, this means that you are open to change. You adapt to the new standards and requirements of the current company. Which will appeal to generation Z, but also a larger market share.

Reduce your communication costs

Finally, go through an Android application for messages will reduce your communication costs. You can contact people in France or abroad for the same price. In addition, you will no longer have to pay a special package for SMS or pay a message at a time. You will only need mobile data to send and receive messages.

Companies are now one of the biggest consumers of messages in France. This is an integral part of their marketing protocol. SMS make it possible to seduce and retain customers in all conviviality and simply. In any case, it would be more profitable for you to pay an internet package than an SMS formula among operators. Like VoIP calls, profits would be around 60% on average. You are convinced ? You are looking for a RCS messaging protocol ? You can count on Octopush to help you. We offer a system that adapts to all smartphones and all user profiles. It is effective and efficient. What allow you to communicate effectively with your customers and employees

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