Quick electric scooter: the top 5 speed | E-watts, what are the 3 fastest electric scooters on the market ?

What are the 3 fastest electric scooters on the market 


In addition, security is an important element of a quick e-spec and a lot of attention has been paid there. Indeed, thanks to the brakes hydraulic disc, You will be operational in no time in an emergency. So you don’t have to worry about it when you run fast.

Quick electric scooter: the top 5 speed

A quick electric scooter is often suitable for riders looking for performance and adrenaline. How to choose it, what are the advantages and disadvantages and what are the best models ? In this article we help you see more clearly to make the right choice.

There are fast electric scooters that go to speeds that are still unthinkable 3 or 4 years ago. Real survitamin racing cars exceeding 100km/h of top speed. In this article, we will see the legal framework in which it is possible to use them, the advantages and disadvantages of a quick electric scooter, the top 5 quick scooters then how to equip yourself with this kind of electric scooter safely.

At what speed can we drive legally with a quick electric scooter ?

To start, any electric scooter in France will be sold to you at 25km/h as the law. Whether your scooter is fast or not on paper does not mean that you can drive at full speed out of the cardboard and even less on the public highway.

The rule is simple, on the public highway your quick scooter must be restrained at 25km/h and thereby understands a hardware and non -software clamping. To put it simply, if you can unbridle your electric scooter by driving, this does not comply with the law. Exit therefore clamping on the LCD or the famous unlocked boxes which are obviously prohibited.

To use the full power of your electric scooter, it will be necessary to do it only on private ground.

However, a rapid electric scooter does not only have its advantage its top speed, it can also be useful on the public highway while remaining in legality, which we will see now.

Advantages of fast electric scooters

An electric scooter has several advantages. Obviously the first is its speed, but not that.

To go fast, this kind of scooter has a suitable chassis, with beautiful ergonomics especially at the level of the deck to install the feet. There are also quality suspensions, however, take into account that the suspensions on a quick model are generally stiff enough to hold the road well.

Who says speed also says powerful motors. A fast electric scooter therefore also benefits from a large torque exceeding 10000W of engine power for some. A large couple results in strong accelerations, which in town is not negligible.

To have so much power, this type of scooter is made with a quality battery, having a large discharge capacity, oversized wiring and a quality BMS. The battery being the most important element of an electric scooter, it is always good to have a quality and efficient model.

Regarding autonomy, saying that this type of battery allows great autonomy is partly false. Indeed at 25km/h the autonomy of a fast electric scooter will be large, however by using it at its full capacity you will quickly see that the autonomy melts as snow in the sun.

The last advantage is in grip, because yes, with a scooter that can reach 100km/h or more it is still preferable to have a chassis that holds the road. The manufacturers are aware of this, the chassis generally has a fairly low center of gravity, with firm suspensions and 11 ″ wide tires.

Disadvantages of a quick scooter

A quick electric scooter also has several drawbacks. First of all, the price, because yes often it will play on your decision. A quick model consists of a large battery and high -end engines as we have seen, which is the heart of the scooter but also the most expensive on the latter. It is clear that a quick electric scooter is not what can be called affordable with prices being generally between 4000 and 7000 €.

Autonomy is the second weak point of a quick scooter. So yes, if you learn to manage your acceleration phases, and you are not all the time the autonomy will be good. However with a rapid electric scooter, in general is to have fun and roll quickly, which consumes a lot of autonomy and drastically reduces wrinkles of wrinkles.

Comfort on some models is quite archaic. And in itself it is quite normal, on a scooter that goes to this kind of speed, we avoid having soft suspensions that could create wolf or rebounds at high speed. Small thought of F1 of 2022 with their very porpoise concerns :).

The last drawback is none other than the weight. A large battery and large engines as well as a suitable chassis this obviously weighs a lot of weight, generally for a fast scooter model we quickly find ourselves above 40kg, which becomes problematic if you live in an apartment without elevator.

The top 5 fast electric scooters

Now let’s see what are the best fast electric scooters. Our choices fell on the fastest models, but which also have certain important characteristics such as a balanced chassis, suitable tires, a quality battery ..

The Weped SS-T electric scooter

Weped SS-T

Weped is a Korean brand that has its own style. We like or we do not like but in general this scooter does not leave anyone indifferent. The Weped SS-T is equipped with a 72V45AH battery promising 150km of autonomy at reduced pace. With its 10000W engines this fast electric scooter offers a top speed of 110km/h.

The advantage of this scooter is in addition to its power on its very low chassis and its 130mm wide 11 ″ tires, which offers a huge contact surface with the ground and therefore allows great stability.

However in terms of drawbacks, the Weped SS-T has a weight of 52kg, which remains relatively heavy for an electric scooter.

The Weped SS-T is offered at a rate of € 5,290.

The nami burn-e electric scooter

Nami burn-e electric scooter

Nami Burn-e is the first born of a new brand of electric scooters, owned by a former employee from Kaabo. It is also the first model to be released with a tubular chassis guaranteed for 3 years, offering solidity to all events. The Nami Burn-e is equipped with a 72V35AH battery offering on paper an autonomy of 130km. With its two 3000W La Nami engines offers a top speed of 105km/h.

The advantage of Nami is based on its chassis and suspensions. Despite its height, it is a quick electric scooter, however its ground clearance and its adjustable suspensions also allow it to be used in all terrain, which is interesting to take advantage of it on any type of land. In addition, it is possible to choose the tires that it wishes when purchasing and there are among the tires offered the famous PMT Made in Italia tires which are the reference for wrinkles on road.

In addition unlike many electric scooters, the Nami Burn-E offers an IPX5 degree of sealing.

This fast scooter displays a weight of 47kg. It is offered at a price of € 4,490.

Bronco vnom electric scooter

Bronco vnom electric scooter

Bronco vnom is a second electric chassis electric scooter. Just as Nami its big advantage lies in its ability to be used on all types of terrain. However, the Bronco Vnom has more powerful 65A controllers, offering larger acceleration with a top speed of around 120km/h.

In addition, the Bronco Vnom is offered with a 72V32AH or 72V50AH battery. With the latter the Bronco Vnom offers maximum autonomy of more than 150km on paper.

On the other hand in terms of weight, the Bronco vnom is not to be outdone with 54kg displayed on the scale, which make it a heavy electric scooter.

Bronco vnom is the first quick electric scooter to offer a top speed with such a high autonomy and the possibility of using it on any type of terrain.

In addition, this quick scooter is offered at € 3,390 for its 72V32AH version and € 3,999 for its 72V50AH version, which make it the best value for this ranking.

The Rion Re80 electric scooter

Electric scooter Rion Re80

Rion is an American brand offering fast electric scooters typed races. The Rion RE80 is made with an entirely carbon chassis, PMT SLCK tires and Magura hydraulic brakes. The top of the equipment for a weight of only 25kg.

The Rion RE80 is all that is expected of a quick electric scooter with its 125km/h at top speed, its chassis with a very low center of gravity, its extreme weight of 25kg and Slicks tires for extraordinary grip.

However, this rapid electric scooter has only a small 80V18Ah battery offering a maximum of 30km of autonomy. In addition, this scooter is reserved exclusively for road use with its chassis.

It is noted that Rion scooters are produced in very small quantities, it is not uncommon to wait more than a year after ordering a rion.

In addition, the price is up to the materials used, count around 8,000 € to acquire it.

The Dualtron X2 electric scooter

Dualtron X2 electric scooter

The Dualtron X2 manufactured by the famous Korean brand Minimotors is an imposing scooter with large Tubeless 13 ″ wheels. Its big advantage lies in its comfort, especially thanks to its two huge adjustable shock absorbers, but also thanks to its ultra -wide deck. In addition, the Dualtron X2 is clad with lights, on the sides, on the steering column and fitted with a hyper powerful LED lighthouse all fed by a 60v3ah battery in the column.

Regarding speed, the Dualtron X2 displays a 110km/h Vmax, moreover its 72V42AH battery allows autonomy of up to 200km. It is therefore the most comfortable rapid electric scooter and having the greatest autonomy of this ranking.

However, this also has consequences, first of all on the weight, displayed at 66kg, and which necessarily affects performance, not so much at top speed but especially in acceleration which will necessarily be less lively as for the other models presented in this classification.

The Dualtron X2 is offered at a price of € 6,290

Protections recommended when using a quick electric scooter

Finally, let’s conclude on a little awareness. A quick scooter is necessarily dangerous, especially at speeds exceeding 100km/h. Remember that it is not a motorcycle, your center of gravity is much higher perched and the wheels much smaller. Two crucial points which are the source of many facial trauma. We advise you to equip yourself with a helmet, if you have not already done you can read our item on the electric scooter helmets this will surely help you make the right choice.

In addition to the helmet, motorcycle type equipment is strongly recommended, first of all the shelled gloves, which will protect your hands during a fall. We usually fall the first head with scooter and we have the reflex to protect ourselves with our hands so protect them too ��

Personally I also use a backbone with shoulder and elbow protections, it is totally personal but protecting your back and the vital joints is rarely a bad idea.

My last protection advice is to use knee protectors that also protect Tibias. During a fall, the knees are strongly affected in general, which can become extremely disabling in the event of a serious injury.

Here we have finished with prevention, hoping that this article will have helped you see more clearly on fast electric scooters.

What are the 3 fastest electric scooters on the market ?

Thanks to technical progress, many manufacturers have been able to set up electrical travel which has become more and more trendy. Electric scooters are a perfect example. The battery and the autonomy of an electric scooter vary depending on the model. You will thus find the waterproof models, those designed for the city and the all -terrain models.

Contrary to what one might think, the possibilities to reach very high level of speed with an electric scooter are not negligible. However, the speed depends on the model and the terrain on which you drive your scooter. For example, on large traffic lanes, you must respect the speed delimitation. In this guide, you will find several information related to electric scooters. These include the average speed of an electric scooter, the better electric scooters up to high speeds, the advantages and disadvantages of such devices, safety measures and many others.

What is the average speed of an electric scooter ?

Electric scooters are made with their own basic speed. During driving, the latter may vary depending on several criteria. For example, you have the weight of the scooter, the driver’s weight, the autonomy of the machine and the road to which you drive. However, the best -selling models in stores and sales points have a speed varying from 25 km/h to 35 km/h.

On the other hand, other electric scooters can reach 85 km/h. However, the average speed of an electric scooter is equal to that established by French law. These are 25 km/h, a fairly minimal speed for lovers of strong sensations. So, it is normal for you to want to get a quick electric scooter. However, this desire has several significant advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of a quick electric scooter

Driving a rapid electric scooter has several advantages, namely the feeling of speed, speed, economy and many others. However, we must not forget the drawbacks that can hide behind a considerable driving speed. These are accidents, the destruction of the engine, the slowness of the recharge time, etc. Discover below the advantages as well as the disadvantages of owning and driving the fastest scooter.

Advantages of a quick electric scooter

The feeling of speed is the very first advantage of a quick electric scooter. Indeed, the adrenaline rise caused by a high speed on such a small machine can make you quickly addictive. This feeling of speed is not an evil in itself, because in addition to speed, the electric scooter is a clean means of displacement that does not pollute the environment. It should also be noted that the design of new fast models is neat and attractive.

In addition to the comfort provided by an electric scooter in general, fast models also allow you to save time and energy. The places where vehicles, motorcycles or scooters do not pass, electric scooters circulate there without difficulty. With a quick model, you have no speed change to do, which leads to better driving experience. In addition, battery technology is very advanced, which allows a strong energy saving. A fast electric scooter also helps you to avoid situations such as traffic jams, puncture of tires or even technical problems that arise suddenly on vehicles.

Also be aware that you don’t need to go regularly to a garage for technical visits or for an interview. You can easily maintain your electric scooter yourself. However, having one of the fastest models on the market is also full of several drawbacks.

Disadvantages of a quick electric scooter

Roll at high speed exposes the driver to the risk of accident. Indeed, a rapid electric scooter is extremely silent, which means that other drivers or passers -by do not hear you coming. You can easily hit a pedestrian causing an accident.

On the other hand, a high regular speed can destroy your battery, which, over time, leads to the reduction in the autonomy of your scooter. In addition, a quick electric model requires a powerful battery and therefore a fairly expensive model. This also forces you to give a lot of time to recharge your electric scooter.

Top 3 fastest electric scooters

Each electric scooter model has been designed with its own speed. To this end, we present below, the three fastest electric models on the market: Dualtron X2, Ultra II and Dualtron Storm.

1. The Dualtron X2 electric scooter

The Dualtron X2 is the most powerful electric scooters. This machine guarantees very high performance. Indeed, this scooter can provide a power of up to 8,300 W. This power helps you easily climb the slopes. It also has two engines which allow it to reach 110 km/h. Its battery has a capacity of 72 V 42 Ah with a range of 200 km. Regarding braking, this machine is provided with ventilated and hydraulic disc brakes. This allows you to brake quickly if necessary.

The fastest scooter Dualtron X2 has a weight of 66 kg. She cannot bear more than 150 kg of load. Finally, in accordance with the laws in force on electric scooters, the Dualtron X2 is restrained at a speed of 25 km/h. Clearly, this monster is intended for the bravest who are looking for thrills.

2. The Dualtron Ultra II electric scooter

Ultra II belongs to the Dualtron range. It turns out to be reliable and quite versatile. This model can deploy a power of 6,640 W. With this power, this electric scooter is considered the queen of all-terrain. Its battery is at lithium 72 V 35 Ah. This requires 11 hours for full battery recharging. However, its autonomy can reach 120 km with maximum speed of 100 km/h. At the brake level, you will find a Nutt hydraulic system in 160 mm.

In addition, this scooter has adjustable suspensions on 45 levels. The aesthetics are improved and designed to seduce fans of the range. Therefore, an LCD screen is present on the handlebars and footrests are present at the back of the scooter. LED bands are also placed on the gallows and the sides of the tray. This scooter has a weight of 40 kg and cannot bear loads exceeding 150 kg.

3. The Dualtron Storm electric scooter

The Dualtron Storm is the most advanced version of the Dualtron range. The Dualtron Storm was launched in 2021. She is quite neat, sporty and modern. According to the designers of this model, the aim of its creation is to offer incredible power to users. This is why this scooter can provide a power of 6640 W. This allows this model to be the ideal choice for walks and long journeys. On this model of electric scooter, you will find a steering shock absorber, a heat sink as well as a fast charger.

Indeed, this advanced Storm model has a 72 V LG battery and 31.5 Ah. Speed ​​lovers can reach 100 km/h with a range of 100 km on the Dualtron Storm electric scooter. The latter has a fast charger thus reducing your recharging time to 6 a.m. (compared to 9 p.m. before) before). In addition, several options accompany this model of electric scooter. For example, you have the Fingerprint which allows to fight against thefts. With this kind of security, you need your fingerprint before starting the machine. The scooter is also fitted with an anti-hack tire.

Finally, the Dualtron Storm has a weight of 46 kg and cannot bear more than 150 kg of load. For safe braking, this model has a hydraulic nutt system. It must be understood that the Dualtron Storm electric scooter is the most modern on this list.

What security should you take by driving on a fast scooter ?

With electric scooters, you can reach very high speeds. It is then necessary for you to respect certain safety measures. The latter ensure your protection, but also that of other road users. First, you need to know your scooter model. This involves mastering the operation and characteristics of your scooter. So you will know when recharging your battery or when it will leave you in full circulation.

It is also necessary to respect the speed limitation authorized for scooters. The port of helmet is also essential, whatever the land on which you are. If you want a high speed experience, you must go to the appropriate land. Thus, depending on the land on which you will roll with your scooter, the safety measures may vary. For example, slippery gravel and areas are grounds that can easily drop you. In this case, the port of helmet, gloves and an adequate combination is highly recommended.

Furthermore, before taking the road, you must check your tires. It is important to have good air pressure. It makes your trip pleasant. You must also control the level of your battery. The best would always have a full battery before hitting the road. The brakes of your scooter must also be in good condition.

Finally, when you are in circulation, it is important to respect the rules of good conduct. This is essential because they limit the risk of accidents as much as possible. In some cities, there is an age restriction for scooter driving. In some cases, your machine must have insurance and registration. You have to take into account all of this when traveling. Take the time to know and master local legislation on electric scooters.

Where is it possible to ride so quickly ?

Private slopes are the most suitable for driving very quickly with a quick electric scooter. These are places with fewer frequentations. These tracks allow you to reach very high speed levels without risk of creating accidents with other users. It is however important to protect yourself during your shopping on these journeys.

On the other hand, cycle paths and roads are also tracks where scooters can roll. But remember that the legislation limits the speed of electric scooters to 25 km/h in town. The pedestrian zones are also authorized, but limited to 6 km/h.

What to remember ?

Having a rapid model of electric scooters has several advantages and disadvantages. To better take advantage of it, you should go to the places suitable for high speeds. The speed of a scooter also depends on the model you have.

As a result, the three fastest models of the market on the market are Dualtron X2, Ultra II and Dualtron Storm. Finally, it is important that you respect the necessary safety measures without forgetting that the average speed of an electric scooter is 25 km/h. There are also other powerful scooters such as the Rion or the Dualtron Thunder. They have good value for money and have wheels large enough to circulate everywhere. There are also trottinodromes so that powerful scooters can roll at full speed on large circuits. This could be a gift that you can offer to an electric scooter follower.

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The electric scooter first appeared on the market as a practical tool in a campsite, for example, or was considered a toy. However, this era is already far behind us since Extremely fast electric scooters are also under development. Worden haveikkeld.

Today, the technology of electric scooters has improved considerably. This is therefore reflected in the performances where top speed and autonomy are higher..

In some cases, maximum speed and autonomy are even so high that the electric scooter can be classified in the “extreme” category. But what is currently the fastest electric scooter and what is its maximum speed ? We will tell you more on this page. Discover below the fastest electric scooters of the moment:

How fast can we drive an electric scooter ??

If we look at the rules applicable to electric scooters in the Netherlands and in Belgium, we see that, legally, we can only drive 25 km/h with an electric scooter. For speeds greater than 25 km/h, wearing the helmet is compulsory, at least in Belgium. Electric scooters with saddle are allowed to roll up to 45 km/h here, but they must be insured and the driver must hold a AM driving license.

In the Netherlands, electric scooters are not all authorized to circulate. Indeed, the scooters must be approved by the RDW, which examines certain security requirements. Once approved, the scooter-electric is placed in the category “Special moped” Or “Electric moped“”. Thus, most electric scooters, which you can buy in the Netherlands, are limited to a speed between 25 and 30 km/h.

Safety first

Whether you drive a very fast electric scooter or a scooter-electrical scooter whose maximum speed is 25 km/h, in both cases, you must pass your own Security first. When you participate in traffic, security for yourself and for others is always a priority.

Even if it is not compulsory to wear a helmet for electric scooters on an electric scooter which does not exceed 25 km/h, it may be wise to do so. Mainly because you are in a fragile vehicle and you are not properly protected.

Now, when you are going to take a look at an extreme electric scooter, you must always think of the way of doing it as possible as possible. Nowadays, there are electric scooters that reach speeds of point of more than 100 km/h. In this case, you must therefore buy a very good helmet and possibly other protective clothing to ensure your safety.

The 8 fastest electric scooters of the moment

We met Many different types of electric scooters in our field. This includes certain extreme variants. These rapid electric scooters reach unprecedented speeds and have great autonomy.

As some scooters-electrical scooters reach extreme speeds, they must also be Robust construction. There is no need to worry about it, because the selected-electric scooters selected in our list are Equipped with all security requirements. So read the rest to find out which model can boast of being the fastest electric scooter.

The fastest electric scooter 2021

1. ER-11 PRO (FLJ SK3 PRO)

The ER-11 PRO (FLJ SK3 PRO) can officially be called the fastest electric scooter of the moment. With an unprecedented (unlimited) topical speed of 120 km/h, You pass by everyone and everyone. In addition, you can travel to 120 kilometers With a full battery, which means that you can theoretically ride at full speed for an hour.

Decide the power you use thanks to Different driving modes. The scooter-electric being equipped with two motors with a power of 3,500 watts, It is possible to drive in single -engine or twin -turn mode. You want to save energy ? So ride in single -engine mode and enjoy your trip longer.

Despite the high maximum speed of 120 km/h, you don’t have to worry about safety. Indeed, this model is equipped with Hydraulic suspension brakes and a Large and solid space for feet. All you have to do is put on a helmet and monitor traffic.

The fastest

2. ER-11 (FLJ SK3-2)

The ER-11 (FLJ SK3-2) is the little brother of the aforementioned “pro” variant and can also present itself as The fastest electric scooter from the moment. Thus, the two models only differ in the gadgets and the accessories added, but offer exactly the same performance.

Thanks to two 3500 watts engines, a combined power of 7000 watts is produced. This allows you to reach a top speed of more than 120 km/h. You can also travel to 120 kilometers With a full battery with this model, which allows you to take advantage of the scooter-electric long.

Therefore, should you find the food greater than gadgets and accessories ? So this model suits you better. So you pay a little less, But you are equipped with all the essential elements, such as power, autonomy And Safety measures.

Fastest electric scooter test

3. Zero Z11X Extreme

If a quick electric scooter is all you are looking for and you don’t care about gadgets and accessories, the Zero Z11X Extreme is an appropriate candidate for you. With ER-11 models, this model shares first place for the fastest electric scooters on the market.

Thus, the maximum extreme speed is to 120 km/u with two hub engines delivering a combined power of 3200 watt deliver. Although it is not an extremely high output power, the relatively low weight Extreme speed can still be reached.

Thus, the Zero Z11X Extreme is also equipped with the necessary security measures. These include powerful shock absorbers front and rear, Hydraulic disc brakes, And 11 -inch solid tires. Zout what you need to do yourself is to make sure you wear a helmet and handle power safely !

The fastest lesser scooter

4. ER-14 (FLJ E2)

L’ER-14 (FLJ E2) is perhaps not the fastest electric scooter on the market, but it is the one whose design is the most robust. Thanks to Its robustness, You will not have to worry about your safety when you reach the maximum speed. Indeed, the electric scooter remains stable to the ground with its weight of more than 72 kg.

Thanks to the combined power of 8000 watts, produced by two 4000W engines, You can reach a maximum speed of no less than 100 km/h. Another advantage of ER-14 is that you can travel to 250 kilometers With a full battery. When the battery is empty, you can recharge it completely in 8 hours.

In addition to the design and weight, the measures of additional security have been taken to ensure your safety. For example, the E-STEP is equipped with brakes has hydraulic disc, hydraulic suspensions at the front and rear, and all-terrain tires 14 inches for better grip on different fields.

The fastest electric scooter

5. ER-13 (FLJ E2)

A quick electric scooter is not necessarily dangerous, and ER-13 (FLJ E2) only proves it too well. With its design compact, But above all robust, you will ride comfortably on the roads. Here, the road tires of 13 inches combined with front and rear hydraulic suspensions ensure good handling.

The handling of the electric scooter is very important because you can reach a maximum speed of more than 100 km/h. This is due to both 4000W engines which, together, produce a power of 8000 watts. Added to that, the 60V battery, 80Ah offers no less than 200 kilometers.

In addition, security is an important element of a quick e-spec and a lot of attention has been paid there. Indeed, thanks to the brakes hydraulic disc, You will be operational in no time in an emergency. So you don’t have to worry about it when you run fast.


6. Kaabo Wolf King

THE Kaabo Wolf King has long been the quickest electric scooter on the market, but unfortunately it had to give up its place. However, this does not mean that its qualities have deteriorated. For example, this model always reaches a high top speed of no less than 100 km/h thanks to its combined power of 6720 Watts.

In addition to high power, great attention has also been paid to the autonomy of the E-STEP. It is thus possible to travel until 150 kilometers with a single battery. Do you want to use the whole range ? It is then important to drive in single -engine mode. You can then accelerate slower and drive slower, but enjoy it longer.

Because the Kaabo Wolf King can reach an extremely high speed, the security of the pilot was of course taken into account. With completely disc brakes hydraulic and shock pearl suspension, You move comfortably and safely. Nothing can stop you !


7. Zero 10x

You are looking for a Comfortable and fast electric scooter ? Then Zero 10x could be a model suitable for you. Indeed, the 10x is built not only for its speed, but especially for its convenience. Great attention was therefore paid to comfort and at the stability.

Despite his compact design and its taking hand, you reach a top speed of more than 60 km/h. Opt yourself for the Version 60V ? You can then reach a maximum speed of more than 75 km/h. For this reason, this model deserves a place in our top 8 of the fastest electric scooters.

The Zero 10x is Available in 3 variants who differ by their scope And their speed. So discover for yourself what you find important in the choice of an electric scooter and determine the model that suits you best.


8. Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro+

THE Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro+ may not be the electric scooter faster, but it is certainly one of the best in terms of value for money. With a combined power of 2,200 watts, You will reach a top speed of more than 60km/h

For an electric scooter, 60 km/h is already very fast, which is why the robustness and the comfort of the scooter have also been taken into account. The robust, but compact design of the Wolf Warrior X Pro+ ensures a comfortable handling. Here, the robust all-terrain tires of 10 inches contribute to what you can roll wherever you want.

In addition, this model has a Solving shock absorbers and disc brakes hydraulic for An unprecedented control. Indeed, in an emergency, you will be immobilized for you in a few seconds, regardless of the speed at which you drive.


As you have read, there are Several models of e-seps are part of the electric scooters the fastest currently available. There are also other fast electric scooters which also reach reasonable speeds. Unfortunately, these models failed to be part of the list.

But now you know what the Top of the top in The world of electric scooters. Should we still look for an extreme electric scooter ? Do not hesitate to reread our top 8 or to discover the models in our online store. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service team to get additional help and advice. It is The NR1Trottte-Electrique service.Fr !

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