Promo smartphones and good deals July 2023, what a good plan – telephones and reconditioned computers guaranteed without bad plan

The reconditioned guaranteed without bad plan


Selection of reconditioners, reconditioning steps for smartphones and computers, we reveal how the electronic devices sold on our marketplace are reconditioned.

Good Smartphones and promotions plan September 2023

Find here all our smartphones and packages promotions. Discover our good plans, our special offers and our promotions. We find the best price for smartphones for you. Through our items find promotion on your dream smartphone and the best tips of the moment in order to save you money on the purchase of your smartphone.

The best promotions in September 2023

Coriolis 30GB mobile package image

September 24, 2023 – 11:00 am this 30 GB mobile package at less than € 8: an inevitable offer from the start of the 2023 school year

Image Pixel 7 on Rakuten

September 22, 2023 – 17:45 Google Pixel 7: Recent announcements on the pixel 8 lower it from € 170 to this merchant !

Iphone 15 image on Amazon

September 22, 2023 – 12:15 am iPhone 15: Finally ! Amazon invites you to pay it in 4 times free to receive it next Tuesday

Image Promo La Poste Mobile 4 months offered

September 22, 2023 – 10:05 PM last weekend to enjoy a free mobile package until 2024 with the promo La Poste Mobile

Image Xiaomi 12t on baker

September 22, 2023 – 7:00 Xiaomi 12T: € 170 reduction at Boulanger for this powerful high -end !

Image Plasse Mobile 40GB

September 21, 2023 – 8:00:00 PM New 40GB mobile packages from 9.99 € per month of Red by SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Sosh

Image Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on Amazon

September 21, 2023 – 17:45 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: more than a few copies for this super promo ! More than € 270 won compared to its original price

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE image on Rakuten

September 21, 2023 – 12:15 Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G: The high -end at the price of an environment thanks to 204 € reduction !

Bandyou package image

September 21, 2023 – 10:00 AM Discover the B & YOU promotions of Bouygues Telecom: from 5GB to 200GB from € 4.99

Image Xiaomi 3 Ultra on Rakuten

September 20, 2023 – 17:45 Xiaomi 13 Ultra: this very high -end flagship of Xiaomi is offered with a huge reduction !

Image Honor 70 Lite on Rakuten

September 20, 2023 – 12:15 Honor 70 Lite: it is less than € 160 at this merchant ! A reduction not to be missed on its manufacturer’s price

Image Promotions Red by SFR Packages Back to school

September 20, 2023 – 10:00 am good plans red by SFR from 4.99 €: 4 cheap mobile packages including a 40GB subscription only 9.99 € !

Iphone 13 image on Amazon

September 19, 2023 – 17:45 iPhone 13: Fall of spectacular prices on this high -end with the imminent release of the iPhone 15

Image Galaxy A54 5G on Amazon

September 19, 2023 – 12:15 Samsung Galaxy A54 5G: a very good smartphone at crushed prices on Amazon with its € 60 reduction

Google Pixel 7a image on Cdiscount Mobile

September 19, 2023 – 7:00 am Google Pixel 7A: Do not miss the € 100 reduction on this excellent Google smartphone !

Promotions of smartphones and good deals on mobile packages

Find it good plan, The right promotion that will take the plunge and acquire the phone or package that suits you best is not always easy. There are so many possibilities, moments and places to look for, that you can feel lost and not know where to watch. But, do not worry, you are where we need, we will help you see more clearly among the promotions of smartphones, or the good mobile plans. Whether with promotions directly online on e-commerce sites such as Baker, Fnac, Rakuten ; promotional sales and events with Black Friday and the French Days ; private sales; or even the possibility of acquiring reduced prices when subscribing to a new package … We will help you better locate yourself.

Good deals smartphones

On the, we are keen to help you find the phone that will be best suited to your needs, and which will accompany you wherever you go. To do this, we publish our items every day on the best smartphone promotions. You can find all the brands, Apple smartphones, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo. So do not hesitate to consult them regularly to discover the best offers ! You also have at your disposal on our site a smartphone comparator that will allow you to further refine your search criteria if you hesitate between several models !

Entrance, middle and high -end: how to recognize a good deal on a smartphone ?

The world of telephony, and precisely that of smartphones, is very often divided into three categories, three ranges which correspond to the level of performance and price of phones: therange, midrange And top of the line. Currently, it is admitted for modern phones that an entry -level phone is below € 300; that a mid-range phone is between 300 and 500 € and above, sometimes up to 1000 or even 2000 €, is high-end phones. To these price scales, are added of course the technical sheets: an entangled telephone of the range offers less good characteristics than a high -end phone (being careful of course to compare phones released over the same periods). As for a mid-range phone, it can approach the high-end by certain aspects and less by others, thus justifying a more affordable price. Be careful however, do not think that an entry -level phone, also qualified as low -end, is necessarily to be avoided … on the contrary ! Depending on your needs, a cheap phone will be able to suit you and allow you to do what you want to use it while saving money. If you don’t need high performance, for example to take photos or run heavy mobile games, but your main interest is rather to call and send messages, then a low -end phone can largely suit ! We must not understand this categorization in three ranges as a value judgment on the quality of a device, but rather as a way of seeing if the price is in line with technical performance: by knowing the characteristics generally linked to phones of These categories, you can therefore determine whether or not, a promotion phone is a real deal. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, around € 1000 is a good deal, just like an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, although this price is high, while a Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 5G at 360 € would be a bad deal currently !

Understand the technical sheet of a smartphone

A smartphone contains many characteristics that it is necessary to know well if we want to be able to determine for what extent the price of a device or not corresponds to the technology it offers us. When you find yourself in front of the file of a device, whatever your brand, you discover terms like Ram, Resolution, Gigas, etc. Even if reality is more nuanced, we can divide into two categories what is on a technical sheet to simplify its understanding. The first category that we are going to define concerns what is displayed by the smartphone: the type of screen Oled Or Amoled For example, who will play on precision, brightness and colors. ; The size in inches, but also the resolution, that is to say the number of pixels displayed on the screen, the more it is high, in 4K for example, the more the image has finesse; The cooling rate in Hz, at 60Hz, a screen displays 60 images per second, at 120 Hz, 120 images, which makes the image more fluid. In our second category, we will find what allows the device to carry out its actions: first, the Sock which is a set of elements that allow your smartphone to operate. Within it is the processor (CPU), the conductor of your phone. This processor has a certain frequency, A high frequency is often a sign of greater performance. For example, 3 GHz (Giga Hertz) is what is among the highests currently. A processor has several hearts, Unlike the frequency, the number of hearts are not necessarily a symbol of greater power, because depending on the architecture of a chip, it is possible to reach the same power with more or less hearts. It is also often indicated the engraving In the technical sheets, the more the engraving of the SOC is reduced to a nanometer, the less energy and space, to do its actions, which therefore makes it more effective. In this category, we also find the graphic chip (GPU); there internal memory Often 64GB, 128 GB or 254 GB, which determines the quantity of storage available for your data within your mobile phone; there Ram (Random Access Memory) in French The RAM, which participates in the computing power, the higher it is, the more tasks your device can perform at the same time. The battery is of course another key element, as is the operating system: Android And IOS. Although there are many other operating systems for mobiles, it is rather the version that will be important when these are mentioned, since iOS is exclusive to Apple and Android devices available on almost all other mobile. Today, iOS is in its 16th version and Android SA 13th.

Promo at Boulanger, Fnac, Rakuten… online promotions on smartphones with e-merchants !

Throughout the year, large online businesses offer promotions on many smartphones, all ranges. Amazon, Baker, Fnac, Darty, Rakuten, Shopping street, etc. You can find phones on promotion with these sites directly online regardless of the period. Most often, these are price drop, but there are many other cases that can be interesting: direct or delayed discounts; vouchers; the possibility of being able to pay in several times at no cost; launch offers in partnership with manufacturers who allow you to acquire phones that have just been released with exclusive advantages; And many other things like bonuses that reimburse a part of your costs ! Regularly, we offer the best offers we find on these sites and publish on this page !

Promotions on mobile plans

The world of packages is constantly evolving. Operators and MVNOs (virtual operators) regularly change their offers in emulsion with the evolutions of their competitors. Thanks to this, it often happens that advantageous offers at reduced prices are offered to attract new customers. This is why we hold out the day before and you keep you informed, every day, developments, promotions, or new packages, so that you can find what you will likely like. Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Free or SFR, but also their low cost brands with Sosh, B & You and Red by SFR non -binding packages, all tend to modify their formulas very regularly, why, we must not hesitate to return on often on their site. And that is without counting on the many virtual operators called MVNOs, such as Prixtel, Syma, Lebara, Auchan Telecom, Yoprice Source Mobile, NRJ Mobile, La Poste Mobile … and many others who They too offer promotions during the year.

Sales, Black Friday and French Days… price reductions for smartphones and mobile packages

The world of telephony participates every year in many commercial events such as the sales. The sales take place twice a year, this is called sales winter and spring. Whether you are looking for a new telephone device, or a cheap mobile plan, the sales allow it. It is therefore interesting to wait for them to be sure to find an offer that will suit you cheaper. Indeed, traders take advantage of these two periods to lower their prices as much as possible, but also make additional offers on their smartphones, or increase their gigas on certain mobile plans. However, the sales are not the only time you can find great offers. THE Black Friday, that we can translate from English by black Friday, is a period at the end of November when traders also make large promotions on their products. A moment not to be missed throughout the hexagonal territory, or on the internet, to find at the best price, the most attractive offers ! New or reconditioned smartphones, non -binding and inexpensive packages, you can find everything. There are also French Days, The French Black Friday. Each year, under the leadership of several major brands, traders reduce their prices and make exclusive offers to increase purchasing power, lower the price of SIM cards, Increase the number of gigas without increasing prices, offering discounts and vouchers with a smartphone.

Private operator and sales site

To buy your mobile packages, you must go directly through the operators’ site, or their shops. It is also possible to find mobile devices there. Indeed, many mobile packages, for example at Red by SFR, Sosh, etc. Allow you to acquire a new phone less expensive when subscribing to one of their packages. There are even buyout systems to be able to resell your old device, which, in a way, partly reimburses your new acquisition. It is therefore an interesting way of combining good deals on packages and mobile phones. THE Private sales brought a new way of finding good deals in the way the French buy smartphones and mobile packages. A private sale is a sale that is only offered to part of the customers, via newsletters, memberships to a loyalty program, etc. And for a reduced time. No sector escapes the enthusiasm for private online sales, including that of telephony. Every day, new offers appear in all areas. By remaining attentive and monitoring the offers, it is thus possible to achieve significant savings thanks to these.

Samsung Galaxy S23 image on Rakuten

September 18, 2023 – 17:45 Samsung Galaxy S23: € 241 reduction on its manufacturer’s price ! A breathtaking price for this high -end

Image Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 5G on Amazon

September 18, 2023 – 12:15 Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 5G: it is finally at less than € 200 ! A historically low price available on Amazon

The reconditioned guaranteed without bad plan

Guaranteed quality

Image D

On the internet anyone can sell anything. At QuelbonPlan it’s different, we only select the best French reconditioners to ensure functional and reliable products.

Personalized advice

�� Personalized advice

Choosing the right device can be a headache, the technical sheets can be obscure sometimes. Our experts are available by phone or email to support you on a sustainable purchase and adatted to your needs.

Good for the planet

�� Good for the planet

Reduce the extraction of raw materials and international transport with short circuit reconditioned. On, you support a local and ethical industry while reducing your carbon footprint.

Phone – cheaper �� Green ��

Apple iPhone 12 Mini Violet | 64GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Black | 128GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Samsung Galaxy S9 more black | 64GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Apple iPhone 12 Black | 128GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Noir | 256GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Dual Sim White | 128GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Immediate recovery

  1. Consider the device to resume
  2. Find your happiness on the site
  3. Only pay the difference
  4. Receive your new device
  5. Send us the old device


Laptop – green �� and for all jobs ��

Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13 “2020 i5 1.4 GHz | 8GB | 256GB | Intel Iris Plus

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Apple MacBook Air 13 “2020 I3 1.1 GHz | 8GB | 256GB | Intel Iris Plus Graphics

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Apple MacBook Air 13 ” 2018 I5 1.6 GHz | 8GB | 128GB | UHD Graphics 617

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

HP HP EliteBook 840 G3 SSD 14 “W10Pro Silver | 128GB | 4GB | HD Graphics 520

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar 15.4 “2016 I7 2.7 GHz | 16GB | 512GB | HD Graphics 530

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13 “2015 Silver | 256GB | 8GB | Iris Graphics 6100

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Tablet – no longer choose between performance and ecology ��

Apple iPad 6 2018 9.7 “WiFi Gray Sideral | 32GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Apple iPad 7 2019 10.2 “WiFi Gray Sideral | 32GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11 “2020 4G Bronze | 256GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France

Apple iPad 6 2018 9.7 “4G silver | 128GB

12 month warranty – Reconditioned in France
100% reconditioned in ����
60 control points

Control points scheme

They talk about us

What digital

You want to know more about eco-responsible uses ?
The blog of which good plan offers product comparisons, some high -tech articles and other thoughts on the digital responsible.


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