Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the super versatile supercar – Turbo test of 11/12/2022, Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo – Porsche Middle East

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Your central control unit is dedicated to the management of audio, navigation and communication functions: communication management (PCM). The PCM display on the 10.9 -inch central screen of the dashboard is individually configurable, so that the most important functions are directly accessible.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the super versatile supercar – Turbo test of 11/12/2022

There is in the Porsche range, an unwavering model … A self as surprising as it is intriguing. It’s the surprise guest at Porsche, the third version of the Porsche Taycan !

The 100% electric sedan that has caused so many ink to flow in the brand purists, then broke into a Taycan Sport Turismo hunting station wagon, add a reasonable dose of all-terrain and you get this Taycan Cross Turismo , and for once I’m going to spoil: as for us, she will surprise you !

But is it really the Swiss knife that I described to you in the introduction ? To test our Taycan Cross Turismo direction the city which offers the most varied playground in the world: Los Angeles !

Here the automotive culture is omnipresent, and the Porschiste a real army !

Even the strange color of our test model does not mingle ! If it keeps its promises the Turismo cross should feel like a fish in the water !

And precisely, first test: that of the family break … very far from the image we have of a porsche. For this towards Santa Monica, one of the Mecca of surfing ! But to go surf it will first have to put a board in our … break !

The trunk contains 39 l more than a taycan sedan and the passengers have 47 mm more high at the back, normal that our surf board comes out without problem, it is therefore, against all odds, a car family or leisure !

But Los Angeles is immense and it is necessary to drive more than two hours to get out of what to check if as to announce if the Cross Turismo is indeed a luxury GT, at the height of the prestige of the Porsche logo…

And it only takes a pressure on the accelerator to physically feel its other face: the Turismo Turbo S cross, this is only a name, in 100% electric it obviously does not have a turbo, but it develops 750 hp, and offers Supercar performance… 2S9 from 0 to 100 km/h in Boost mode… Barely 6/10 more than Bugatti Chiron, in other words a pocket handkerchief… it is not a hunting break is … a fighter plane !

But hey going quickly in a straight line is one thing, but it eats the battery at the speed of lightning, it’s time to stop ..

A large load power it allows you to recharge faster, but it does not obscure the weak link in the Turismo cross and Taycan in general, only 419 km of autonomy in WLTP for the turbo S, count rather in the 320 km in reality, and even less if you have fun with … as we are going to do ! And despite its difficult access, our Taycan allowed us to achieve our goal: one of the most improbable circuits in the world: the Apple Valley Speedway, a tarmac track, you have seen it, in the middle of the desert !

His name is Dai and was crowned drift world champion in 2011, we came to attend his training to ask him for a little favor, how much the Turismo cross can be fun on a track !

I told you the Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S is a car that looks like any other, it amazed us on all the tables except the autonomy. And it is a real Porsche, to be convinced it is enough to give its price … 191,374 € without the options !

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Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, the super versatile supercar -.

There is in the Porsche range, an unwavering model … A self -surprising car.

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Two vehicles which reflect the future and which nevertheless reveal their souls instantly . The and the cross accelerate the very look at the stop.

outside .

Air Curtains.

Lateral air intakes in front of the front wheels, called Curtains Air, still improve aerodynamics by guiding the air entering like a curtain over the wheels and thus minimize turbulence.


Just above are the 4-point LED matrix headlights, which combine all the lighting functions in an aerial composition.

¹ Optional available. Standard on and s.

Automatic handles.

The silhouette is characterized by a dynamic and flat “flyline”. Automatic deployment door handles open the vehicle equipped with seats in the low and sporting position.

Panoramic glass roof.

The roof is offered in 2 options to choose from. On the one hand, the profiled aluminum version with a hollow in the middle inspired by motorsport. On the other hand, a panoramic roof, which creates a feeling of open and aerial space.


The rear design impresses, thanks to its full light banner and the “Porsche” signature made up of letters in relief in glass appearance. Above is the ATERodynamics Active System (PAA), in the form of a three-level rear spoiler.

exterior cross .

Cross design equipment .

The lower parts of the front shield and the rear shield as well as the side skirts are made in a specific design. The external appearance is properly completed by wheel-pods and independent wheels conceptions.

Ground clearance.

With a 20mm ground clearance greater than that of, cross shows that its versatility goes beyond daily life, even when stopping.

All-terrain pack.

The optional all-terrain pack further increases additional 10 mm ground clearance at the “average” chassis level with integrated all-terrain shutters for the front of the front shield, the side skirts and the rear diffuser.


The profile not only reveals the emblematic “flyline”, but also the rear in the cross design with a rear spokesal spout in black (shiny finish), a large tailgate and a flat rear telescope – with more height under pavilion for passengers back. This is particularly interesting given the panoramic roof in extra-large fixed glass integrated in the shape of the vehicle.

Panoramic roof in fixed glass.

It stretches far beyond the rear seats and offers a fascinating view of the moving sky. Optionally, the pavilion ramps that can be ordered also allow you to install a very practical roof trunk.

Optional rear bike carrier.

The rear bicycle carrier, available on request, allows you to take up to 3 bikes for excursions to the countryside in the countryside. A damping system depending on the weight guarantees – even at full load – gently folding, and therefore comfortable access to the trunk.

The 100% digital interior of the range offers a very refined style that can be equipped up to 4 screens. Their interface is intuitive and direct maximizing the ease of use.

16.8 -inch curved screen.

The typically arrangement is focused on the driver. In the center of all attention is the instrument handset, made up of a curved screen of 16.8 inch and external control panels with Direct Touch Control, allowing the lighting and chassis functions to be adjusted.

High head display.

In addition, optional head -up display projects the most important driving information directly in the driver’s field of vision.

Optional compass module display.

If you look right in the cross, you will discover another analog strong point: the optional compass module on the dashboard.

Management Management (PCM).

Your central control unit is dedicated to the management of audio, navigation and communication functions: communication management (PCM). The PCM display on the 10.9 -inch central screen of the dashboard is individually configurable, so that the most important functions are directly accessible.

Central touch console with 8.4 inch screen.

It gives you access to navigation, the media, the phone, the settings and Carplay via a deactivable menu bar. In addition, it allows you to open the trunk and the loading shutters. The loading of loading with battery load can also be displayed on this screen.


Porsche - 20 inch

20 inch “aero” rim

Porsche - 20 inch

20 inch “sport aero”

Porsche - 21 -inch

“21 -inch rim painted in body color Manufaktur

Porsche - 21 -inch “Mission E Design” rim painted black (shiny finish) Porsche exclusive Manufaktur

“21 inch” rim painted in black (shiny finish) Manufaktur

Porsche -

Rim “” 21 inch Manufaktur

Porsche -

“21 -inch rim painted in aurum (satin finish) Manufaktur

Porsche -

“21 inch” rim with Manufaktur carbon aeroblades

Porsche -

21 -inch “RS Spyder” rim with specific GTS paint in satin black

Here you will find information on tires.

The interior in detail.


From the outside, there is no doubt about the fact that it is a . And inside, you clearly find the genes in the new . The interior architecture is sporty, refined and clear; The gaze is attracted by the slender design of the central console which seems to float. The innovative cockpit screens are clearly oriented towards the driver, and keep an eye on the most important information, even in dynamic driving.


The rising central console highlights the driver’s deep and sporting sitting position. This settles on seats that can be adjusted in 8 positions (or up to 14 or 18² optional) equipped with narrow headrests. In addition, the emphasis is also placed on the quality of the materials. You can choose the leather Club Olea, tanned in a sustainable way or leather equipment with high-quality microfiber-tex-tex as well as innovative 3D textile material.

¹ standard on the .
² standard on S and GTS.

Multifunction sport steering wheel.

If the steering wheel multifunction of series with energy recovery key is not yet sporty enough to your liking, you can optimize sports sensations using the Sport GT Multifunction wheel optional optional.

¹ in combination with the sport chrono pack; standard on S and S Cross .

Durable materials.

The floor mat and carpets inside are made from Sustainable Econyl thread. It is a recycled fiber made from recycled fishing nets, among other things.


The optional room lighting that illuminates the interior. You can, of course, adjust the brightness and color according to your tastes.

Advanced Climate Control.

The innovative air conditioning system Advanced Climate Control (2 or 4 zones) is neither visible nor tangible – it is the logical evolution of classic automatic air conditioning systems. Aeeration nozzles without strips are controlled electrically via communication management (PCM) with online navigation¹ and allow guidance and precise distribution of air.


* Determined values ​​according to the compulsory legal measurement method. Since September 1, 2018, vehicles have been approved according to the WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure) standard). Insofar as WLTP values ​​are given in the form of values, they do not relate to a single vehicle and are not an integral part of the offer: they have the sole objective of allowing comparisons between the different types of vehicle. Some options and equipment may vary certain vehicle parameters such as weight, rolling resistance or air resistance and, in addition to weather conditions, traffic conditions or driving style, can vary consumption consumption fuel, electricity, CO₂ emissions and vehicle performance.

Discover the performance

Porsche - Full D

Full of emotions and avant-garde.

What was already valid for the legendary model 356 of 1948 is even more so for the new and the new cross: a concept of vehicle which embodies a change of automotive era needs a labeled soul .

Battery and transmission.

Performance battery.

The enormous battery potential draws the “Push” cells, chemically optimized to reach maximum performance and large autonomy: 33 modules with a total of 396 elements (cells) are available in the large version (Plus Performance Battery). The Plus Compact Performance Battery, which is used as standard equipment in and the 4S, draws its energy from 28 modules comprising a total of 336 cells.

The model, S models and GTS models as well as all cross models have the performance battery more series.

In addition, the battery is based on 800 volts technology instead of the usual 400 volts. Result: better performance during load and driving with, at the same time, a decrease in the cable section, which has a positive effect on the total weight. Cooling ensures that transmission is optimally supplied with energy in all situations. And thanks to a particularly solid battery chassis, a particularly high level of security is ensured even in the event of an accident.

Installed in two places.

The key for the design of an exceptional transmission resided in the coherent pursuit of the purpose approach: no compromise with regard to the perfect interaction between the different components of the transmission. Thus, a permanent excitation engine is installed in two copies on all 4S ,, S, GTS and Cross models – one on each axle – and the performance battery moreun. Result: superior driving dynamic and an all -wheel drive which can be adjusted optimally in the different driving modes to find the ideal compromise between efficiency and dynamics.

¹ available as an option for the and the 4S. Standard on cross models .

2 -speed gearbox.

A latest generation automatic gearbox, on the rear axle, offers much more dynamism. The first ultra short report benefits the initial acceleration, while the second long report retains acceleration reserves.

Overboost power.

The interaction of the engine components guarantees driving values ​​that seduce both technically and emotionally: with up to 761 hp (560 kW) of Overboost power. With the Automated Departure Function Launch Control, the two engines catapult the S from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. Reproducibility is high: successive multiple accelerations are possible, up to a maximum speed of 260 km/h.

Energy recovery.

For the recovery of all models, we have developed the Recipation Management (PRM), which consists of a recovery of braking and deceleration energy. The system has an innovative operation and can regenerate up to 90 % of braking energy. The recovery of deceleration energy can be adapted to your own preferences, and the recovery of braking energy guarantees maximum efficiency. Thus, during active braking, recovery is activated first, the mechanical brake occurs only in the event of a greater braking power – it is intelligently controlled by the braking system capable of managing interaction. You thus considerably improve the endurance of your vehicle and part of the kinetic energy is transformed into additional kilometers of pure driving pleasure.

With a very high recovery power of up to 275 kW, the energy can be reinjected into the battery. Or more specifically: on a daily basis, in sports driving for example, you get up to a third of your autonomy only by recovery. By an energy recovery system, during a deceleration phase of 200 km/h at 0 km, electrical energy can be recovered for additional autonomy of up to 4 km.