Porsche Macan Electric (2023): it becomes clearer for the competitor of the Alpine SUV, SCOOP – Porsche Macan EV: the stripping starts

Scoop – Porsche Macan EV: the stripping begins

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Porsche Macan Electric (2023): it becomes clearer for the competitor of the Alpine SUV

Unpublished photos tell us a little more about the physiognomy of the future Porsche Macan, promised to a 100% electric career.

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A series of design changes distinguish the electric macan from the current thermal model: Taycan’s finer headlights are clearly identifiable, while we notice theabsence of physical grille for the benefit of a lower air intake. The roof line also seems lower and closer to that of a coupe, when the rear seems to have been subtly reconfigured.
Inside, the transformation is more obvious. With the arrival of all electric energy, The conventional gear lever disappears to make way for a more refined and less congested central console, With a small rotary button – probably to control the large central infotainment screen – and a touch screen control screen. THE PCM 6 communication system.0 new generation de Porsche will also be there, as is a completely digital curved handset, housed behind the steering wheel. The most nostalgic will regret the Deletion of central analog tachometer which still characterizes the brand on its thermal models.

In parallel with the thermal macan

At the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the director of SUVs for Porsche, Julian Baumann, had confirmed that The current Macan with petrol engine will remain on sale alongside the new Macan during a transition phase. The offer will largely reflect that proposed by the duo Taycan/Panamera.

New platform

The electric macan should be presented before the end of the year, before being marketed in early 2023. It will be based on new architecture PPE (Premium Platform Electric) of the Volkswagen group, developed from the J1 platform of the Taycan, in order to allow the physical flexibility required when lowered GTs and raised SUVs share the same material. This platform is currently reserved for Audi and Porsche models and will be used by Ingolstadt rings

Porsche Macan Electric Price

The Macan EV will offer four -wheel drive, using an engine to train each axle. The most powerful version will potentially be able to offer around 700 hp, Even if Porsche will want to maintain a certain performance distance between the SUV and the Taycan. The electric macan will be offered with a variety of powers below this level, but the two most powerful versions will be badged turbo and turbo s, As for the Taycan. At the entrance, the new German SUV should claim at least € 70,000.
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Scoop – Porsche Macan EV: the stripping begins

The future Porsche Macan EV electric SUV continues its development tests, but is a little more discovered on the new photographs taken by our Scoop hunters. The marketing of this model is always planned for 2024.

Scoop - Porsche Macan EV: the stripping begins

While the Porsche Macan thermal is going to be no doubt to play extensions for several more years, the future generation which will be entirely electric continues its tests. The presentation of this new model approaching (its launch is scheduled for 2024), the prototypes of the Macan EV gradually get rid of their camouflage.

Still in the middle of a trial period, the Porsche Macan is revealed a little more by showing its final shields at the front and at the rear

The prototype photographed today shows a little more details on the future Porsche Macan EV style. We can see that the side windows are no longer hidden, the front and rear shields have almost no more camouflage, only some stickers remain in the spotlight and the rear tailgate. We also note that this model has a large sunroof.

Designed in partnership with Audi, the platform for this model will be able to accommodate two electromoters and will be equipped with rear steering wheels

This model has the new platform (PPE) designed in partnership with Audi. It will exist in its most powerful version with two electric motors (one on each axle) and will display just over 600 hp as well as 1,000 Nm of torque. The presentation of this model could take place at the end of the year.