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The Pokémon Go 20 Tips and Secrets Pokémon Guide


Here is the photo using all the shadows of the Pokémon. So, you can know directly which Pokémon is near you.

Pokémon Go Tip

Welcome to our complete Pokémon Go tips, free Pokémon game on smartphones and tablets. On these pages you will find all our guides and tips of the game developed by Niantic.

OUR Complete guide filled with tips and advice for Pokémon Go will help you be the best trainer in this apparently simple and yet rich and rich game. Pokédex, strategies, eggs, study missions. Our complete waterpiees, tips and files guide you in Pokémon Go.

Study mission guides

  • Field study missions: operation and list of all objectives and awards
  • Capture mew – Special study mission “A fabulous discovery”: objectives, rewards, tips, guide
  • Capture Celebi – Special field study mission “Time ripple”: objectives, rewards, tips, guide


  • 1st generation Pokémon (Kanto region)
  • 2nd generation Pokémon (Johto region)
  • 3rd generation Pokémon (Hoenn region)
  • 4th generation Pokémon (Sinnoh region)
  • Pokémon available only in certain regions


  • Common eggs (2.0 km)
  • Unusual eggs (5.0 km)
  • Rare eggs (10.0 km)
  • Lock the eggs quickly (update)


  • Objects of evolution and the chances of obtaining them
  • Easily obtain objects of evolution (Improving, Metal Skin, Draco School, Roche Royale, Pierre Soleil. ))
  • Nanab berries
  • Nanana berries


Pokémon Go Plus

Pokémon GO 2nd generation gold silver

  • Lists
    • What are the 2nd generation Pokémon available ? The list of 92 2G Pokémon available
    • What are the 2G Pokémon absent from Pokémon Go ?

    Legendary Pokémon: how to capture them ?

    • How to capture mewtwo ?
    • How to capture Entei ?
    • How to capture Electhor ?
    • How to capture Sulfura ?
    • How to capture Lugia and Artikodin ?
    • New Pokémon
      • How to capture all the Évoli Évolitions ?
      • Choose the evolution of beginning in kapoera, kicklee or tygnon
      • Where is CORAYON ?
      • What are the best arena defenders ?
      • Who are the best arena attackers ?
      • Pokémon exclusive to certain regions
      • New interface
      • More candies by capturing an advanced Pokémon
      • Daily Pokemon Go quests
      • Zarbi: a reward if we capture all its forms
      • Pokémon Shiny (chromatic) in Pokémon Go 2G ?
      • Pokémon Shiny arrived: how to find them


      • Levels and experience
        • How to gain levels quickly ? The most effective method !
        • How much experience to set up level and what awards ? What objects unlocked at what level ?
        • What XP gains for which actions and what benefits to go through levels ?
        • Progress free of charge without spending money
        • Develop a Pokémon just while walking
        • How to give birth to perfect Pokémon ?
        • Pokémon assessment: what do the sentences of team leaders mean ? (IV of Pokémon)
        • Fight in arena
        • Best Pokémon to attack arenas
        • Easier training and defense of arenas
        • News Arena November 2016
        • How to capture a wild Pokémon
        • How to capture metamorph ? (Maj #3)
        • Pokémon capture rate and chances
        • How to improve your chances of capture ?
        • Capture wild Pokémon more easily
        • Experience points even when the capture fails !
        • Bonus for 100 catches of the same Pokémon
        • Use of the new radar system
        • How to rename your Pokémon ?
        • Choose the right team
        • Have Pikachu as a starting Pokémon
        • Different attacks for Pokémon of the same species
        • At what level do we capture the best Pokémon ?
        • What is the most powerful Pokémon offensively ?
        • Find a particular Pokémon / Application Pokémon Go card
        • Avoid accidental transfers of Pokémon
        • Success / medals to unlock
        • Capture medals and bonuses
        • Teams (clans)
        • Get Poképieces
        • Star dust – Cost of developments (refilling)
        • Team leaders
        • Halloween event bonus
        • Valentine’s Day Bonus

        Christmas Maja 2016

        • How to get Togi, Pichu, Magby, Elekid, Toudoudou, Lippouti, Mélo ?
        • How to capture the Christmas Pikachu ?
        • How to have Togetic in Pokémon Go ?
        • Christmas Raichu, the Secret Pokémon of the Shift of December 2016

        Manage your Pokémon

        • How to develop a Pokémon
        • Capture or evolve ?
        • Treat your Pokémon
        • Close distances and Pokémon
        • The size and weight of Pokémon
        • PCs (combat points)
        • How to fight ?
        • How to optimize the evolution of its Pokémon and make them as powerful as possible ?
        • What are the most powerful and most interesting Pokémon to boost ? (Tier list)
        • Choose to develop Evoli into Voltali, Aquali or Pyrol ?
        • How to save battery ?
        • IVs in Pokémon Go
        • Migration of Pokémon Pokémon /
        • Know your best Pokémon among many of the same species

        Rumors / Trivia

        • First appearance of metamorph
        • When we can capture metamorph ?
        • Play Pokémon Go and chase the Pokémon for a good cause
        • “Transfer” several Pokémon at a time ?
        • An artikodin found in Ohio ?
        • How long does it take to earn 1 million XP points ?
        • Play Pokémon Go by plane ?
        • Hatch the exclusive Pokémon to certain continents without going there ?
        • Pokémon Go on virtual reality headset ?
        • Pokémon Go, download record in 2016
        • Respect for public space: justice gets involved
        • Watch out for the law when playing in Russia
        • If Pokémon Go was prohibited for under 18s.
        • Pokémon sneakers to be well equipped to hunt


        • Causes and types of banishments (bans)
        • How to debannir your Pokémon Go Account ? (Soft-Bans and Hard-Bans)
        • Risk of banning in the event of use of third -party applications (PNGNEXUS, GO STATS. ))


        Tables and statistics

        • Pokémon statistics (endurance, attack, defense)
        • What are the best attacks ? The complete list of stats of basic attacks
        • What are the best special attacks ? The complete list of all special game attacks
        • How to get a Pokémon at more than 1000 CP with certainty ?
        • What are the 10 worst Pokémon of the game ?

        Pokémon Copain/Companion

        • Pokémon Copain: how to have one, what are they for ?
        • How many kilometers to get a candy of his boyfriend Pokémon ?
        • Having Pikachu or Evoli on his shoulder ! (Pokémon Copain)

        Troubleshooting & Bugs

        • Improve Pokémon GO graphics (60 FPS passage)
        • Pokémon Go updates
        • How to download Pokémon Go ?
        • Solve the problem “GPS signal not found”; “Unable to detect your location” (MAJ)
        • List of compatible devices
        • What phone to buy to play Pokémon Go ?
        • Accelerate the download of the map
        • Check that its Pokémon Go application is virus without
        • Bug of the 3 Footprints of the Radar in Pokémon
        • Disappearance of high grass, parks and roads
        • Deletion of problematic arenas and Pokétops
        • “Pokévision” stop
        • Alternatives to Pokévision and other useful services
        • Bug of improbable and inconsistent catches
        • Play Pokémon Go on Windows Phone Windows 10
        • Bug of defenders in the arenas
        • Play Pokémon Go on Android Rooté smartphone
        • Connection problems (game launch)
        • Tadmorv: attention, danger !
        • Bug of Poképièces related to reimbursements
        • Arena bug at levels 39 and 40
        • Why some Pokémon lost or won PCs in November 2016 ?
        • Giant Pokémon Bug


        Source code information

        • What is the maximum level in Pokémon Go ?
        • Use a incense well
        • What are the Pokémon unavailable in France / Europe ?
        • What are the rarest Pokémon ?
        • How long should you play to be maximum level ?
        • Pokémon exchanges in Pokémon Go
        • The 2nd generation Pokémon (Héricendre, Germignon, Pichu. ) December 12 ?

        Where to hunt ? Pokémon Go’s tourist guide !

        • Where to hunt in France and in the world. Pokémon Go: the tourist guide !
          • Ile-de-France
          • Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
          • Normandy
          • Pays de la Loire
          • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
          • Hauts-de-France
          • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
          • Large east
          • Center-Val de Loire
          • New Aquitaine
          • Occitanie / Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées
          • Brittany
          • Other countries

          Legendary Pokémon (Archives)

          • Differences between legendary and mythical Pokémon Pokémon
          • A date for the distribution of legendary in France ?
          • Capture Mew, Mewtwo, Artikodin, Sulfura and Electhor
          • Mew, Artikodin, Electhor, Sulfura, Mewtwo: Legendary Statistics
          • Special captures of legendary Pokémon
          • Why Mewtwo is not available in Pokémon Go ?

          Pokémon Go: All the new features of summer 2017 (archive)

          • New arenas
          • Raid Coop fights
          • Pokémon Boss of Coops raids: all the opponents to face
            • Raid level 1 pokémon
            • Raid level 2 pokémon
            • Raid level 3 pokémon
            • Raid level 4 pokémon
            • Pokémon Boss of Raid Level 5 (legendary)
            • Golden Framby berries
            • Rare candy / super candy
            • CT immediate attack
            • CT Special attack
            • Raid pass
            • Legendary raid pass

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            Pokémon Go +20 Master Guide and Secrets

            You have surely heard of Pokémon Go, the new application that is a hit right now. It is for this reason that RLBT has prepared tips and tricks to play it better and evolve faster.

            1. What do the steps say in Pokémon Go ?

            The steps allow you to know if you are far away or not from a Pokémon. Unfortunately, Pokémon Go does not indicate in which direction to you. We must then try the different directions to see if the number of steps decreases. The easiest way is to play as a team so that everyone goes in one direction and spending the message to others.

            2. When to play ?

            To catch different Pokémon, and especially rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you have to play at different hours of the day. Already, to avoid servers, you must avoid playing at the same time as the United States, that is to say, avoid the end of the evening with us (France) and the night. However, it seems that there is more chance of finding rare pokémon in the evening.

            3. What are the eggs for in Pokémon Go ?

            Eggs must be incubated, and basic, you have an incubator. You have to work the distance indicated in order to hatch them. Which means that you can incubate the eggs only one by a. The incubators are available for purchase to be able to incubate several eggs at the same time. There are three types of eggs:

            • 2km common (it can contain a pikachu)
            • 5 km moderately rare
            • Rare 10 km

            Pokemon Go Eggs

            The longer you have to walk the more the Pokémon will be rare.

            4. How to catch Pikachu ?

            In Pokémon Go, we leave you the choice between the three different Pokémon Starter. A fourth choice may appear, you will understand it is Pikachu. To do this, you have to walk a little more, the Pokémon Starter Ré will appear, then after two or three times Pikachu will appear.

            5. When the Poké Stop regenerated ?

            They regenerate every 5 minutes. The easiest way is to continue walking to go to other Poké Stop, making a loop. Thus, the Poké Stop will have had time to regenerate.
            For infirmation, the Poké Stop give Pokéball, eggs and various potions, more XP points.
            The Poké Stop having pink leaves revolving around them indicate that someone has activated a lure. This lure attracts Pokémon to Poké Stop, so you can go and capture the Pokémon.

            You can easily find the Pokéstop thanks to the application previously developed by Niantic: Ingress.

            6. What are raspberries for in Pokémon Go ?

            When you have reached level 8 in Pokémon Go, you will start to find raspberries in the Poké Stop. To use them, you must select them during a fight in your backpack. They allow you to occupy the Pokémon. So it will be easier to catch it since it will not move during this time.

            7. When to launch the Pokéball ?

            In Pokémon Go, you have to launch the Pokéball using your finger towards a Pokémon. When you put your finger on the Pokéball, you can see a circle that appears on the Pokémon, which decreases then that increases. You have to launch the Pokéball in this circle, the smaller it is the more likely you are to catch it. Obviously when the circle is very small, it is difficult to target it.

            8. What do the green, yellow, orange and red circles mean in Pokémon Go ?

            The color lets you know if the Pokémon is hard or not to catch. The green circle represents the simplest Pokémon to catch, orange for the means and red for the hardest. Besides, there would be a special purple circle to catch Mewtwo.

            9. Have the rotating pokéball

            It is possible to give an effect to your Pokéball, which will also give you an experienced bonus. To do this, you have to run the Pokéball before launching it then it will turn. Little advice: it must be launched in a corner, because its trajectory will be curved.

            10. Group

            At a time when I write this article, the game is not yet available in France, but it is used by a lot of people. Playing in a group is the solution to succeed, whether it is to find the Pokémon or take the arenas of Pokémon Go.

            The member of a team can, for example, activate a lure so that his teammates can benefit from it. You will not be surprised to see people coming to Poké Stop, there are really a lot of people on Pokémon Go.
            The ideal is to join the Facebook group associated with its team:

            • Intuition team (yellow)
            • Wisdom team (blue)
            • Bravoure team (red)


            Already 10 tips, it deserves a short break. You can choose where I go next year to write new good plans and of course catch other Pokémon:
            [Youtube https: // www.Youtube.Com/Watch?V = t650iwysibc]

            11. What are arenas or gym in Pokémon Go ?

            The arenas are generally the large squares of cities. They almost all belong to a team. Some are still vacant, if you are lucky, you will fall on it. You can access the arenas after reaching level 5.

            After selecting your Pokémon, the fight begins. If you win, you will have control of the arena and you will gain full of experiences as well as objects.

            12. How to have Poké Pieces for free in Pokémon Go ?

            To obtain parts without having to go through the box, you must have arenas. Because when you have an arena, you win a room every 21 or 24 hours.

            13. Catch all Pokémon

            You have to catch all the Pokémon even those you already have, you will win experience points and candies. Pokémon caught in double can be transferred to the teacher in order to win candy and subsequently develop your Pokémon.

            14. Intelligently use the lucky eggs

            As a reminder, lucky eggs make it possible to double experience for 30 minutes. The tip to quickly increase the level rise is to use them at the same time as a lure or an incense.

            15. What are the incense for ?

            Incense in Pokémon Go are used to attract wild Pokémon near you. Many people do not know it, but incense does not only work in one way. The tip is in the lines of the application code, it is written:

            • 1 Pokémon every 5 minutes if you don’t move.
            • 1 Pokémon all 200m per minute

            You will understand, walking or by bicycle you will catch Pokémon quickly and above all mount levels fairly quickly.

            16. How to quickly level up in Pokémon Go ?

            To quickly level up, you have to assemble several things:

            1. Prepare eggs ready to hatch
            2. Have Pokémon ready to evolve
            3. Utt a luck egg
            4. Activate incense using my method explained in point 13, activate lures
            5. Activate one or more lures on Poké Stop
            6. Make small laps near Poké Stop

            In 30 minutes, you can gain a lot of experience points. In the end, it does not require a lot of investment in terms of objects.

            17. What is the maximum speed of Pokémon Go ?

            The tip to quickly hatch your eggs is to move forward quickly. However, Niantic (the company developing Pokémon Go) has set up a limit. According to the members of Reddit, it is not necessary to exceed 10.5 km/hour to promote the hatching of Pokémon eggs. If we go above this speed, we will always see the Pokémon, but the eggs will not accumulate distance.
            Following the various updates and tests using a bot, it is confirmed, you should not exceed 10.5km/h to incubate the eggs.

            18. Equip a rescue batteryPokemon Go Battery

            Pokémon Go consumes a lot of battery. If you want to stay in the game, there are not 15 solutions, buy a portable battery. It costs between 10 and 15 € on Amazon. I had tested the Xiaomi which is very good and inexpensive. Otherwise there is this one that I recommend, the brand is recognized for its reliability.

            [Button Open_New_Tab = “True” color = “extra-color-2 ″ hover_text_color_override =” #fff “size =” medium “url =” https: // rousseauxlesbonstuyaux.com/Open/Amazon-aukey »Text =» My favorite battery »color_override =» »] Top sale of external batteries.

            19. What does white circles mean in Pokémon Go ?

            White or small wave circles, call them as you want are in fact Pokémon who have not appeared. It is either due to a server overload (most likely for the moment) or on the side of your internet connection.

            20. What is the Pokéball bracelet ?Pokémon bracelet

            This little Pokémon bracelet is actually the Pokémon Go Plus. It will be sold later and will allow you to be notified of what is happening in the game. Instead of having to always
            Look at your screen, you will be informed by a vibration and a bright flash if you cross a Pokémon.

            21. What is the maximum level ?

            The maximum level of Pokémon Go is currently 40, to be seen in the next application updates (logically extended to 100).

            22. How to save battery in Pokémon Go ?

            Pokémon Go Economy Energy

            The emergency battery may not be enough. The trick is first to deactivate augmented reality. In addition to no longer having the camera on, it will be easier to target the Pokémon.
            There is another tip, in settings, activate the energy savings. Once the phone is oriented downwards, the screen will blacken.
            That is to know, Pokémon Go uses Google Map, saving an area for offline (offline) will save battery. This will prevent the application from connecting all the time. This information is actually false.
            Another technique that goes with point 22 is when Pokémon Go requires access to the camera, you “refuse”. When a Pokémon appears, you
            Fed a white background. This is the RLBT tip to save battery.

            23. RLBT’s secret boot

            There is a technique that I found, I don’t know until when it will work, but for the moment it works. With this one I can catch Pokémon with me easily. Here are the steps of the trick:

            1. Go to your settings then application
            2. Select Pokémon Go
            3. Force the stop if the button is not grayed out
            4. Delete data (in the storage pane)
            5. Wait at least 15 minutes (this may vary)
            6. Relaunch the application and connect with the same account

            Once the trainer is repositioned on the map, one or more Pokémon should reappear in less than a minute. I did it at least 10 times and it worked for me.
            It may be necessary to clean residual files using an application like cleanmaster.

            24. Bike

            As I said before, you shouldn’t go too fast for Pokémon Go. The ideal is therefore to play by bike, but with one hand and look all the time laptop all the time is a hassle. The technique is to take a bicycle phone support.
            It is not very expensive like this (€ 10.99) and it will serve you for more times. The top of the top remains this one with pocket and waterproof for your famous battery.

            25. What a Pokémon for this shadow ?

            Here is the photo using all the shadows of the Pokémon. So, you can know directly which Pokémon is near you.

            What Pokémon Go

            26. Weaknesses / super efficient Pokémon Go ?

            If like me you have forgotten your Pokémon multiplication table a bit here is a reminder with all the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon Go:


            27. How to calculate the IVS (individual values) of his Pokémon ?

            So already a little reminder on the IVS, the Pokémon have 3 stats: health, attack, defense. Each type of Pokémon has different basic values ​​that do not change. For example, all Aquali are basic: 260 HP, 186 ATK, 168 DEF.
            A bonus from 0 to 15 is assigned to each of them, for each Pokémon and randomly. These are these bonuses called IV. They represent the genetic disagreement, in which a certain Pokémon is just genetically higher than others of the same type. A Pokémon with a bonus +15 at 3 stats (15/15/15) is considered 100 % perfect. Pokémon IVS remain them even when you develop it. For example, when the IVs are added, an aquali may have: 260-275 HP, 186-201 ATK, 168-183 DEF. A perfect aquali will have 275 hp, 201 Atk, 183 DEF.

            Pokémon with higher stats will have higher PCs. This means that the Pokémon with higher IVS (and so stats) will have higher CP than that with IVs lower IVS, even when they have the same level. This is one of the best tips from Pokémon Go.
            For example, an aquali level 20 with the worst IVS (0/0/0) would have 1387 cp. But an aquali level 20 with the best IVS (15/15/15) would have 1610 cp. End of the recall, this is finally the tool to calculate the IVS of your Pokémon: Google Doc All you need to do is enter the name of the Pokémon (in English) that you have in column B, then its PC/HP as well as its cost in Star dust to increase it. Finally, in column F put “True” that if you have already increased this Pokémon. The IVS will appear in H/I/J and the percentage of perfection in m. You will have understood the trick, the higher the percentage, the better the Pokémon is.

            28. What are the strongest attacks by Pokémon Go ?

            After finding the Pokémon with the best IV, it must ideally have the best attacks in order to be the best Pokémon. Precisely, it is possible to consult all the attacks for each Pokémon here. All the attacks that a Pokémon can have, the damage of each attack as well as the DPS (damage per second) of these (basic attack and special attack)

            29. How to see all the Pokémon on the card ?

            Several sites have been developed to find out where the Pokémon are near us. Pokevision is connected to the niantic API and lets you know where Pokémon are in real time. It is not a community card.
            EVERYONE, it will not display all Pokémon but it already gives you a good idea and can allow great discoveries.

            30. How to gain experience in Pokémon Go

            You will find below the table describing all the events allowing to win experience points:

            XP gain Action
            10 Curved ball bonus
            10 Pretty ! launched bonus
            50 Great ! Launched bonus
            50 Pokéstop Interaction
            100 Captured Pokémon
            100 Excellent! Launched bonus
            100 Catch 100 Pokémon of the same species
            200 Incubate an egg (2 km)
            500 Incubate an egg (5 km)
            1000 Incubate an egg (10 km)
            500 Add a new pokemon to the pokedex
            500 Develop a pokemon
            0-50 Trace an arena
            100 Beat a Pokémon to an arena (by Pokémon)
            50 Defeat an arena

            This article is often updated with new 100% tested and verified tips. Add it to your favorites ��
            If you have other tips, let’s go in comment. Same if you have a question.