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How to exchange pokemon go remote

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Pokémon Go
Exchange pokemon

Since June 22, 2018, the trades allow you with your friends to continue to Complete your Pokédex. They are made in person and in real time, so you must be Near your friend To be able to exchange Pokémon.

Each exchange made requires a some quantity of stars dust from each trainer. Depends on category to which the Pokémon belongs, the amount of stars dust is not the same. Plus your Level of friendship Between your friend and you is high, the less you will have to spend star dust.

Note : This feature is only available For trainers aged 13 and over and is unlocked only to Level 10.

Meeting with your friend

You have to find physically in the same place to exchange and 100 meters maximum distance. If this is the case, go to your friends list.

Exchange screen

To be able to exchange:

– Go to your trainer profile
– Then touch the tab “Friends”
– Select the friend with whom you must exchange

– Tap the button “To exchange”

Select Pokémon to exchange

Your friend who has joined the session to exchange, you must now Select a Pokémon to exchange. You can view Pokémon information. THE PC, IV, PV and other individual statistics are readjusted once the Pokémon is exchanged and the new values ​​appear on a smaller fork. However, capacities, sex, weight and size of the Pokémon will remain unchanged.

Finalize the exchange

Once you both chose a Pokémon, a confirmation window appears. The quantity of stars dust required to make the exchange appears. You also see the Quantity of Pokémon candies (concerning your Pokémon) that you will receive once the exchange has been made. Plus the distance between the places of capture of the two Pokémon is high, the more you will receive candy.

Distance Bonbon (s) received (s)
Between 0 and 10 km 1 Pokémon candy
Between 10 and 100 km 2 Pokémon candies
+ 100 km 3 Pokémon candies

In addition, the more you exchange Pokémon (including towards distant countries), the more likely you are to get Some medals. Just touch the button “Confirm” To finish your exchange.

Since March 2021, also note that if you are at level 31 and +, L candies can be won by exchanging Pokémon. The most distance between the places of capture of the Pokémon is large, The more your chance of receiving a candy l will be high.

Lucky Pokémon

According to research from Professor Willow, Pokémon exchanged can become Lucky Pokémon (sparkling as in the image). Luckily Pokémon require less stars dust To be recharged: they can therefore reach a high PC level faster than other Pokémon. In addition, a lucky Pokémon can be Detected by the Pokédex so that you can keep your way ! The longer a Pokémon remains in possession of a trainer, the more the probability of becoming a lucky Pokémon during an exchange is high.

Since September 5, 2018, If you exchange a Pokémon that was in your Storage space since July or August 2016, This Pokémon will become surely a lucky Pokémon !
From December 23, 2022, If you exchange a Pokémon who has spent time in the Pokémon storage of a trainer since 2016 or 2017, he is guaranteed to become a lucky Pokémon.
Be careful, if you and your friend have already obtained 15 lucky or more pokémon (10 before December 23, 2022), this guarantee will not apply !

Since April 10, 2019, If you have some of your friends with the landing “Best friends”, you have One chance per day to be able to become lucky friends (by performing certain interactions with them as an exchange, a gift, a fight of trainers or a RAID fight)) ! If this is the case, you will both receive a notification informing you that this is the case ! Thus, the next exchange that you will make with one of your lucky friends will surely give lucky Pokémon (yours as its own) ! Note, however, that you will become “simple best friends” again after an exchange allowing you to obtain lucky Pokémon for sure has been made And you will therefore have to maneuver To become lucky friends again !

Other discussion details and limits

Pokémon stats exchanged

The Pokémon you get by exchange will not have the same PV, attack and defense stats he had before he was exchanged. Thus, these values ​​will be redeem at random once it is exchanged. The bigger is the friendship you have with the player, the best will be the IV of the Pokémon received:

Landing IV PV IV attack IV Defense
Friend Between 0 and 15 Between 0 and 15 Between 0 and 15
Good friend Between 1 and 15 Between 1 and 15 Between 1 and 15
Good friend Between 2 and 15 Between 2 and 15 Between 2 and 15
Excellent friend Between 3 and 15 Between 3 and 15 Between 3 and 15
Best friend Between 5 and 15 Between 5 and 15 Between 5 and 15
If the Pokémon is lucky (before September 5, 2018) Between 10 and 15 Between 10 and 15 Between 10 and 15
If the Pokémon is lucky (since September 5, 2018) Between 12 and 15 Between 12 and 15 Between 12 and 15

Also note that the level of the Pokémon is limited by the level of its trainer. If you exchange a high -level Pokémon for a trainer that has a level lower than that of the Pokémon exchanged, He can never keep this level and will therefore be readjusted. However, the other Pokémon data, such as its attacks, its kind, its weight and its size, remain unchanged.

Daily exchange limit

You can only perform 100 normal exchanges per day (of which 1 special and whose categories of Pokémon which are part of it are listed below). This counter is Reset every day at 0:00.

Special and prohibited Pokémon

Some Pokémon are considered “Special”. They also require More star dust to be exchanged, and you cannot realize only one exchange of this type of Pokémon per day. Here are those who are part of this category:

– Pokémon Not registered in your Pokédex
– Pokémon legendary
– Pokémon chromatic
– Pokémon Purified
– Pokémon in shape Not registered in your Pokédex (Zarbi, costumed pikachu, morpheo, forms of alola. ))
Meltan and Melmetal

There is also (unfortunately) Some restrictions and Pokémon that you cannot exchange, So here is the list:

– Pokémon fabulous (except Meltan and Melmetal)
– Pokémon that you have indicated in your Favorite
– Pokémon that You have already exchanged before
– Pokémon that you have as a boyfriend
– Pokémon defending an arena
– Pokémon awaiting healing
– Pokémon No hatch (in egg)
– Pokémon Mega-evolved
– Pokémon Obscure (since July 25, 2019)

Cost of exchange

To make an exchange, you must “Pay” with stars dust. The two players must be able to pay the cost so that the exchange is realized. Here is a summary table with the number of stars dust that you will have to spend according to what you want to exchange:

Picture Landing Classic or regional Pokémon Chromatic or legendary Pokémon
Pokémon or forms already recorded in the Pokédex
Friend 100
Good friend 100 20,000
Good friend 100 16,000
Excellent friend 100 1,600
Best friend 100 800
Pokémon or forms not recorded in the Pokédex
Good friend 20,000 1,000,000
Good friend 16,000 800 000
Excellent friend 1,600 80,000
Best friend 800 40,000

How to exchange pokemon go remote ?

The exchange of Pokemon Go has been made easier thanks to the Virtual DR Location Parameter.Grounded. Define your location and move your location to anywhere !


Blandine Moreau

• Registered with: Virtual location solution • proven solutions

If you are a regular Pokemon Go player, then the title of this article will have really intrigued you. Pokemon Go is one of the most exciting and interesting virtual reality games that have gone around the players’ community. The game requires that you move from one place to another. We can’t play game inside. Trade in Pokemon Go is one of the essential characteristics. However, according to Pokemon Go exchange rules, a player must move. However, there are a few extremely useful hacks that allow you not to have to move to exchange Pokemon Go. You can do it remotely while sitting at your home !

  • Part 1: Pokémons trade comes from far away.
  • Part 2: What Pokémons can you develop with trade ?
  • Part 3: how to trade special ?

Part 1: Pokémons trade comes from far away.

One of the most practical ways to exchange Pokemon Go without having to travel is to use certain virtual location servers, just like Discord servers. Then you have to make friends with other Pokemon Go players who live in remote places. Remember that these friends must be on your virtual location server. It is only then that you can trade pokemon go with them. Therefore, make sure you have your friends on your server. One of the most popular and easiest to use virtual location servers is virtual location DR.Grounded. Thanks to him, you can move your position to any place in the world. DR.Flour is very easy to use and allows you to easily change places, let’s learn to use. DR.Fone – Virtual location, we go there ?

How to use DR.Fone – Virtual location to teleport to any place

DR.Fone – Virtual location, easy to use software that will allow you to define any arbitrary location according to your choice. Suppose you have a friend in London and that you want to exchange Pokémons with him, you can simply change your position in London and exchange Pokémons easily ! It’s as simple as that to use !

  • Change your location: Using DR’s virtual location.Flour, you can change your location very easily. You can use this function when you play virtual reality games and also to stay sheltered from child’s parents.
  • Set speed to simulate GPS location: When you play location games in virtual reality, you can also adjust the movement speed of your GPS. It will help you get better at the game !
  • Joystick simulating the movement: You can use the controlle integrated into the application to simulate movements and move on the card.

Step by step tutorial

Step 1: Launch the tool

First of all, you must install the Virtual Location DR Configurator.Fone on your phone. In the interface, click on “Virtual location” in the options that appear on your screen. Then click on “Start”.

Home Drfone

Step 2: Connect the device

Now you need to take the cable from your iPhone and use it to connect your device to the PC. Wait for the program to detect him. You may have to trust the PC if you connect the device for the first time.

Step 3: See your location

Now, on the interface, you will see a card with your highlighted location. If your location is not properly displayed, click on the “Center” option. The displayed location will then be precise.

Virtual location 03

Step 4: Activate teleportation mode

Then activate the “teleportation mode” by clicking on the illustrated icon in the image. Now enter the place where you want your false location in the upper left field to be defined. Now click on “Go”.

Virtual location 04

Step 5: Change of location

By clicking on “Go”, a pop-up window will appear to tell you the distance from the location you have chosen. Tap on “Move here” and the location will now be defined on the location you have seized. Click on “Center on” to check your position.

Virtual location 05

Part 2: What Pokémons can you develop with trade ?

Evolution is one of the most important aspects of the Pokemon Go game. You can change several Pokémons simply by exchanging them. There are several Pokémons that you can develop by using the trade. Below you will find the list of different Pokémons which can benefit from the evolution.

  • Kadabra
  • Machoke
  • Graze
  • Haunter
  • Boldore
  • Gurdurr
  • Karrablast
  • Shelmet

However, the exchange of Pokémons in Pokemon Go could be slightly delicate without having at least one close friend in the games which is also a considerable level. It is only then that you can develop your Pokémons by exchanging them.

Part 3: how to trade special ?

You need a special exchange when you want to exchange a legendary pokemon or a shiny pokemon in Pokemon Go. These pokemon are very rare to find and you will not want to exchange them very often, however, you can only exchange a rare pokemon once a day. To exchange a rare pokemon, you also have to be a big or a best friend, two of the highest levels of friendship in the Pokemon Go game. To increase your level of friendship, you must fight and exchange more and more. It will take a long time to reach this level of friendship. This can cost up to a million, this amount will however decrease with the increase in friendship levels.


Trade in Pokemon Go has been introduced recently and has become one of the most important factors in the game. Pokemon Go trade has changed the game trend. However, you can take over using a virtual locator such as DR.Virtual rental. This can help you exchange Pokémons in a transparent way with friends living in distant places. The use of the Pokémons exchange function and the evolution of Pokémons is an intelligent and practical way to progress in the game. As a Pokemon Go player, you have to try it !

Pokemon Go Echange

Players must be physically in the same place to be able to exchange. When your friend is near you, access your friends list.

2. Access the exchange screen

  • In the card view, press your Trainer profile .
  • Press the tab Friends At the top of the screen to open your friends list.
  • Select the trainer with whom you want to exchange Pokémon.
  • Push the button To exchange To access the exchange screen.

3. Select the Pokémon to exchange

Once your friend has joined the exchange session, you can select a Pokémon to exchange. Before selecting the Pokémon, you can consult the Pokémon information.

Note that PC, PV and other statistics change during the exchange. The new PCEMP PCs and PVs will appear in the form of a range of values. In addition, the exchange of certain Pokémon can affect the amount of candy necessary to evolve This specific Pokémon.

Push the button Following to continue.

4. Confirm the exchange

Once your friend and you have selected a Pokémon to exchange, a confirmation window will appear. The amount of star dust necessary for exchange will be displayed next to the confirmation button. You will also see the quantity of candies you will receive with this exchange. The quantity of candies received depends on the distance between the captures of the two Pokémon. The greater this distance, the more candies you receive.

Push the button Confirm To finalize the exchange.

Special exchanges and limits

Some Pokémon are considered to be special exchanges . These Pokémon require more star dust to be exchanged, and you can only make a limited number of special exchanges per day.

Pokémon being part of the special exchanges include:

  • Pokémon who are not yet recorded in your Pokédex
  • The legendary Pokémon
  • Chromatic Pokémon
  • Ultra-Chimera
  • Pokémon whose shape is not yet recorded in your Pokédex (like Zarbi, the different costume pikachu, Morphéo …)

Other restrictions on exchanges indicate that:

  • Exchanges are only available for trainer trainer that have reached level 10 or more.
  • Some Pokémon cannot be exchanged. Fabulous Pokémon (like Mew) and Pokémon who have already been exchanged before cannot be exchanged.
  • The trainers who connect using Niantic Kids or the Pokémon trainer club may need to activate the social features of the Portal of Niantic Kids parents or the Pokémon Club site. Learn more here .