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Pure air³ 2023 electric scooter

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Opinion on Pure Air Go

Pure Electric recently completely revamped its range of award -winning electric scooters, not only has the brand updated pure air and pure air pro, but it has also introduced a new entry -level model.

Thus, following the examination of the pure pro (2021), we examine the pure air go, a new electric scooter which, in our view, could be ideal for beginners.

Pure Electric considers pure air Go as the start of your electric trip. It is designed to be affordable, while offering everything for which the brand is known, namely a solid design, water resistance and local support.

If you are looking for an electric scooter with everything singing and dancing, we recommend that you read our Pure Pro (2021), but if you are looking for a completely competent electric scooter and which will not ruin you, the pure air go could be done for You, especially since he borrows some clever tips from his more expensive brothers and sisters.

As mentioned in our other pure air criticisms, which distinguishes pure electric from other brands, is that Pure is a British company and has built this electric scooter taking into account “typical British and European weather conditions”. This essentially means that it can be used in the rain, with IP65 water resistance, without breaking.

Here is the official pingtwitter verdict on the pure air go…

Pure Air Go electric scooter test: Design

We are big fans of the original design of the pure air go. It is utility and industrial, almost like a bicycle with fluid steel tubes. While some electric scooters are only clones of the Xiaomi M365, it is more original.

What is even more impressive is that this design is also used for pure air (2021) and pure air pro (2021), which are both more expensive, you know it is robust and well built.

The pure air go has a rod hinge that locks in place with a U -shaped support and a screwed cap. It is quite simple to use, but not the fastest solution, we prefer by far the locking system by faster click of the pure pro, but obviously, certain reductions must have been made in order to save money.

As we mentioned earlier, the pure air go has an IP65 water resistance index. This is done by completely sealing electronics inside the footrest and means that it can be used in wet weather, which is essential if you plan to use it in the United Kingdom or Northern Europe in winter.


Being designed and created by a British brand, you will also get superior manufacturing quality. It certainly looks like a solid and well -built kit.

It is designed to securely transport a maximum load of 120 kg. It is more than most scooters, and it means that it should not have any problems carrying you, as well as a heavy bag in town.

The bridge is wide with great grip, which offers great stability and confidence when driving.

Of course, this additional engineering involved in waterproofing has a slight drawback, and it is the weight. The pure air go weighs 16 kg (35.3 lb), which is slightly heavier than its rivals, but slightly less than the existing entry -level model. Lexiaomi 1Spese 12.5 kg (28 lb), for example.

Pure Air Go electric scooter test: Performances

Although it is an entry -level model, the pure air go is not to be outdone in terms of performance. The power comes from a 350 W engine mounted on the rear wheel, designed to provide decent acceleration in urban environments.

This 350 W engine was in fact used the last year Pure Pro (2020) and is a large upgrade of the 250W engine of the previous entry -level model.

The engine mounted at the rear releases the front wheel to manage your steering commands.

We found that he was gaining speed and that we did not feel breath when he reached his maximum speed. The small 350 W engine may seem very slightly undefined during the rise of steep slopes compared to the new 500 W engine of the pure pro.

Specifications of the Pure Go electric scooter

Maximum speed:15.5 MPH / 25 km / h
12.4 miles / 20 km
Engine: 3
50 watts
Water resistance:IP65 index
10 inches, filled with air with anti-hassle liquid
Maximum charge :
Removable battery:
Yes (required tools)
Speed ​​parameters:

Legally, top speed is limited to 15.5 MPH, which seems fairly fast.

The accelerator is really easy to control with your thumb and is very responsive, allowing you to precisely modulate the speed at which you are going.

When it comes to stopping Go, just press the anti -locking electronic brake. The single lever brakes the two wheels, making this electric scooter very easy to master – right hand to go, left hand to stop.

The pure air go is equipped with large tires inflated with 10 inch air. This is a major advantage compared to the Xiaomi range which is equipped with 8.5 -inch tires. We found that larger tires offer safer and more comfortable driving, and that they are easier to remove and maintain.

These larger tires are particularly important when used on unequal roads, as they can better manage larger bumps.

The main drawback of obtaining Air Go rather than air or pro. The pure air go will transport you on around 12.4 miles / 20 km, while the air will take you to 18.6 miles / 30 km and the pro a huge 31 miles / 50 km.

Overall, we were very impressed by the performance of the pure air Go, especially given its ultra-earning price. It is quite fast, efficient and comfortable, thanks to its large tires.

Pure Air Go electric scooter test: Other features


A screen is integrated into the handlebars, allowing you to monitor speed, battery level and speed adjustment. It is a fairly simple screen, but it is bright and very easy to read with a quick look down.

The pure air go is also equipped with integrated front and rear LED lights to help you see where you are going by low light. These are activated by default, as it also makes you more visible in traffic.

The wide and bright front beam allows you to drive your electric scooter at night with confidence, while the multifunction rear light allows others to see you more easily (this is still improved by lateral reflectors).

Like the rest of the pure air range, the pure air go has been designed to be easy to maintain at home.

Home mechanics should find that 10 -inch larger tires are easier to change and pure has ensured that the tire valve is easily accessible, making them simple to inflate.

Of course, if you don’t want to maintain it yourself, you can bring it in one of the Pure Electric stores. If a room is to be replaced, you will not have to wait for it to be shipped from China, because all the parts will be stored in the United Kingdom.

Pure Air Go is even compatible with the Pure Smartphone Companphone Application. This can be used as a larger dashboard, provide you with more precise autonomy and driving details, or lock and unlock the engine. It is an interesting feature to have in the entry -level model.

As for more expensive brothers and sisters, the application is not essential. You can take the electric scooter out of the box and roll without ever configuring it.

Pure Air Go electric scooter test: Verdict

Pure Air Go is certainly one of the best electric scooters you can buy if you start your electric trip. Its performance and construction quality are better than its rivals, while the range is comparable to that of models at similar prices.

The highest point here is IP65 warranty water resistance, which, if you plan to use your electric scooter in all seasons in the United Kingdom, is a necessity.

However, the pure air go is not perfect. Like the whole pure range, it is heavier than its competitors.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Pure Air Go is not the “ultimate” electric scooter on the market (you will want to consult our electrical electrical e-scooter scooter). It is not the fastest and it does not have the longest autonomy, but if you are looking for an affordable, safe and reliable electric scooter with decent performance, then the pure air go is perhaps for you.

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Pure air³ 2023 electric scooter

Pure Air³ black electric scooter

Pure Air³ black electric scooter

Pure Air³ black electric scooter

Pure Air³ black electric scooter

Pure Air³ black electric scooter

Pure Air³ black electric scooter

Pure Air³ black electric scooter

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Less weight but more capacity. The pure air3 has all the premium features of the range & the same design solidity, for an incomparable price.

Pure air³ electric scooters have been designed for easy repair.

  • Description
  • Features
  • Guarantee
  • Delivery & feedback
  • Notice

Distance that it is possible to browse with a single load. This data is for information only and can vary depending on several factors, such as the inclination of the terrain, the driving style or the outside temperature.

Capacity of the electric scooter to mount ribs or slopes. We tested the models and have given them the notes of “average”, “good” or “excellent”.

Good ability to mount the ribs
Waterproof, can be used in the rain and through puddles

Pure air³: Premium features at an incomparable price.

  • Powerful engine new version of 550W (peak).
  • Up to 30km of autonomy.
  • Large 10 “tires without visible air chamber, puncture resistant, for comfortable driving and without stress.
  • The rain will not stop you: waterproof model in accordance with the IP65 standard.
  • Design designed to last: robust chassis, large steering column and latest generation components, to offer you the most durable scooter to date.
  • Active handlebar stabilization technology: gently brings the handlebars back to the central position after a turn. Maximum control even on difficult road.
  • Maximum visibility from any angle: bright front lighting of 150 lumens, indicators, rear stop light and position lights.
  • Ultimate braking power: reliable brakes and perfectly sheltered from road and dirt elements, to offer you better performance.
  • Regenerative rear brake that recharges the battery during braking.
  • Long journey regulator (to be activated from the app).
  • Simplified driving screen: newly revamped screen that quickly displays important information.
  • Designed to be worn: it is easier than ever to take the scooter, thanks to the new locking system.
  • Perfectly protected brakes, safe from dirty dirty, for optimal protection and reliability.
  • Our lightest scooter: 15.9kg
  • Maximum driver weight: 120kg
  • Dimensions folded (height x width x length): 46 x 55 x 113cm
  • Connection with the Electric Pure App.
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • Valve pump and extension
  • Management game screws
  • Allen wrench

SKU: SCPUR0017-00001 – Black

Do you want more ? Discover the pure air³ pro, with a powerful 500 W engine and a battery with a range of 40 km to allow you to drive longer between two loads.

Distance that it is possible to browse with a single load. This data is for information only and can vary depending on several factors, such as the inclination of the terrain, the driving style or the outside temperature.

Speed ​​regulator

Speed ​​regulator. Allows you to maintain a constant speed without having to press the accelerator.

Waterproof, can be used in the rain and through puddles

Pressure to which it is recommended to maintain the tires of your inflatable tire scooters. Correct pressure will reduce the risk of accident and puncture and maximize your grip and autonomy.

Pre-inserted anti-criminal prevention liquid

The scooter is delivered to you with a fluid inserted into the air chambers of the tires, helping to reduce the risk of punctures. Can apply to inflatable tire scooters only.

Maximum climbing gradient in coastal

The quantity of load supported by the battery, measured in watt-hour (WH) and its ability to hold the charge in time, measured in Ampère-Hour (Ah). At equivalent voltage (V), the higher these figures, the greater your potential autonomy will be.

Battery voltage
Battery recharge time
Battery certification
Lithium-ion battery designed in accordance with European regulations
Battery unit assembled by
Battery charger included ?
Battery charger input
100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 2.5 a
Battery charger outlet
Management stabilization
Stabilization of the Pure Control ™ direction
Secure rod blocking point ?
46 cm (h) x 55 cm (i) x 113 cm (l)
115 cm (h) x 55 cm (i) x 113 cm (l)

The maximum weight supported by your scooter, your equipment included. Do not respect this limit may be dangerous and cause damage not covered by the warranty.

Fire before 150 lumens
Powerful rear stop light
Front and rear reflectors
Perfectly integrated mudguard
Handlebar indicators at 180 degrees
Speed, driving mode, battery, bluetooth, maintenance
Smartphone application
Digital locking with PIN code via the pure app application.

We use fully recyclable packaging, plastic without. Pure encourages waste elimination.

Thanks to the use of Tubeless tires, we no longer need air chambers, which reduces waste from the punctured air chambers that are dump.

As a company manufacturing products with lithium-ion batteries, we are well aware of the damage that can be caused by the inappropriate elimination of these components. Pure Electric encourages recycling and appropriate treatment of all batteries at the end of the life of your scooter or if the battery is replaced.

Guaranteed information

2 years warranty : By buying your pure scooter, you have a 2 -year manufacturer’s warranty valid from the date of receipt of your product. Any repair under warranty is subject to the use of the product as recommended by your user manual. Do not forget to keep your proof of purchase.

The warranty covers use in light rain and crossing puddles on the ground, but not soaking in water or exposure to high rain for prolonged periods. Use under these conditions cancels the warranty.

What is the guarantee excludes ?
Consumable items are not included in your warranty. They are described below:

  • Airweaves
  • Tires
  • Rubber footrest
  • Handlebars
  • Brake cables
  • Brake pads
  • Paint
  • Rubber caps

Terms & Conditions:

Opening, dismantling or modifying the scooter will invalidate the warranty.

This includes but is not limited to:

I) Modification with unauthorized or non -original parts or by an unauthorized person.

II) The use of tires of a third party, including full tires.

III) Modifying any software or hardware that is part of the scooter

The guarantee is zero if:

  • The required repair concerns consumable items not covered by the warranty.
  • The part which is sent for repair or maintenance presents signs of improper use or of manipulation contrary to the instructions described in the manual, in particular but without limiting itself: inappropriate use, an inadequate maintenance or storage, signs of damage caused by an accident. Any of these signs may lead to cancellation of the complaint under the guarantee.
  • The reparation work requested is required because the scooter was damaged during an accident or by negligence/ intentionally.
  • In the event of opening, disassembly or modification of the scooter with parts not authorized or not of origin or by an unauthorized person.
  • The required work is intended to repair normal wear and tear, superficial or aesthetic damage.

How to assert your warranty ?

To assert your warranty, contact our customer service on [email protected]


** Free delivery from 100 €.

€ 10 shipping costs for orders less than 100 €.

Orders placed after 1 p.m. Friday will be shipped on Monday.

Scooters and accessories

All scooters are delivered in 1-2 working days, from Monday to Friday only. Deliveries in Corsica can take more time.

Electric assistance bikes

All bikes are shipped within 3 days of order, deliveries will take 5 days and take place from Monday to Friday only. Deliveries to Corsica can take longer.

Signature upon receipt of delivery

All deliveries require signature upon receipt of products.

Please refer to our page About delivery.


Satisfied or refunded : With Pure Electric, you have 30 days ** to change your mind since receiving your order. To benefit from it, contact our customer service on [email protected]

Premium features. Designed for maximum ease.

Embark power, while confident.

Rapid acceleration fueled by our lightest engine (550W peak) providing up to 30km* of autonomy, for easy and comfortable driving.

*Depends on the weight of the driver, the climbing ribs, the conditions of the road and the time he makes.

Invile confidence. Whatever the route.

A little helping hand at each turn, thanks to our active handlebar stabilization technology which gently brings the handlebars back to its central position after a turn. You direct everything in control, even on difficult coatings.

The safe and reliable drum brakes give you incredible performance. They are perfectly protected from road dirt to save you maintenance and avoid repairs.

See perfectly and be seen, thanks to the powerful fire of 150 lumens, the indicators and the improved stop fire.

Robust design. To last.

Reliable design thought to take you wherever you want, it rains or the sun is shining. 10 ‘without visible and particularly resistant air chamber protects you against puncture and give you more comfort on difficult floors. In addition, the rain will not stop you, thanks to a design resistant to IP65 standard water. The robust chassis, the large steering column and the latest generation components combine to offer you our most sustainable scooter model to date.

Compare with other brands

Engine power

Engine power
Maximum autonomy*
Maximum autonomy*
Waterproof (IP65)
Waterproof (IP65)
Visible airline tires
Visible airline tires
Active stabilization of the handlebars
Active stabilization of the handlebars
Speed ​​regulator
Speed ​​regulator
Maximum charge
Maximum charge

*Do not forget not that the autonomy depends on the road taken, the temperature, and your weight. If you swallow the slopes in cold weather on an irregular road, the autonomy will be less than if you drive on dish in good weather.

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