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Photoshop on the iPad

As on a computer, this function works by selecting the subject of a gesture, AI takes care of the rest.

Photoshop on iPad 3.6: New self-filling tools and background supress

Adobe has just unveiled the Update 3.6 of its application Photoshop on iPad. This spring update comes to bring new long -awaited tools to the photo retouching app on tablet, available for more than 2 years now. On the program, the function Filling according to content, there background removal in a gesture and the automatic correction of color, contrast and levels in one order.

Filling according to the content finally available

Here is a flagship feature of Photoshop on a computer that arrives on iPad. With this May 2022 update, the iPad version now has the “Content-wave Fill” which allows you to fill a selection with surrounding content, assisted by AI Adobe Sensei.

It thus becomes possible to Delete the unsightly elements of a photo, Like annoying tourists, a task on a garment or in the sky, or even a trash can have forgotten during framing.

More seriously, this function is based on the Subject selection technology and Photoshop mask which allows you to remove the background thanks to a very clean cutting.

As on a computer, this function works by selecting the subject of a gesture, AI takes care of the rest.

Automatic settings

If Photoshop is prized for its many stripes to impact many parameters on the image, some automatic modes are now available on tablet. We find the automatic correction modes of color, contrast and levels which allow you to start the very simply photo retouching process.

Finally, Photoshop allows access to Over 20,000 Adobe Fonts fonts and to load your own fonts. It is also possible to rename your files stored in the cloud, even open, and to synchronize them on demand.

Finally, Photoshop on iPad allows See annotations and pins left by other users in the Comment tab.

The new version of Photoshop on iPad is Available today on the App Store. This requires a Creative Cloud subscription, for example with the photography offer, or can be used via a subscription on the App Store-even if the price of € 10.99 per month is prohibitive compared to the offer including Photoshop + Lightroom on all platforms.

Photoshop on the iPad

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