Paypal, payment in 4 times impossible without fees. Opinion – Why Paypal refuses to offer the costs? ��., Paypal payment 4 times: payment in several times, refused, simulation

Paypal payment 4 times



Paypal, payment in 4 times impossible without fees ?… Opinion – Why Paypal refuses to offer the costs ? ��

Payment in 4 times at no cost, notice
Paypal refuses to offer the costs, why

New, Since April 2021,
For merchant sites and customers,

that’s it Paypal deletes costs
payment 4 times at no cost; impossible ?

All purchases between 30 and 2000 € are eligible (before, in 2020, Paypal offered your customers an ease of payment, to pay in several times, under conditions in 3 times or in 4 times; but with fees of 2, 1%). There is no more additional cost.

It was not important as a cost (capped at € 20) but
This explained why
Some simply refractory customers refused paying credit and agios.

Then a payment staggered in 4 times,
Proposed by Paypal
really at no cost;
Without interest,
For these customers,
that makes the difference.

Offer your customers the freedom to pay at their own pace
Offer your customers the freedom of payment when they can.

  • The conversion rate
  • The average basket
  • Upsels
  • The CA

Paypal compared to banking consumer credit,
can offer interest 0 interests
Fractional payment does not correspond Not exactly to a credit but
to one Easy payment because of less than 90 days, It is an alternative mode of settlement. Fractional payment, ease of payment escapes regulations on consumer credit (Lagarde law).
The financial institution is not required to do a prior analysis of the borrower’s reimbursement capacity.
The Customer is not required to provide supporting documents relating to their financial situation: Revenue Proofs.

Paypal, a known and recognized brand:

  • more than 400 million active customers
  • Over 30 million merchants
  • Over 20 years experience
  • more than 200 markets around the world

It’s still little known and
Not everyone has the right

(You therefore benefit from a competitive advantage if
Your site is eligible for 4 x without paypal costs)

Merchant, if you are eligible you are privileged, in my opinion
and customers who can benefit are real privileged

Paypal can refuse payment of the 4 times free of charge

Which can take advantage of the staggered payment 4 x at no cost at Paypal ?

The service is granted in France for certain professionals
using Paypal to market their services in 4 times.

A real advantage, especially for small traders
which cannot necessarily afford to offer themselves this guarantee.
The Trusted Third Party Paypal therefore takes over.

Advantages for merchant sites
And customers

For the merchant,
no risk. Only profits.

It is transparent for the seller,
(who knows that the customer paid in 4 times at no cost with Paypal).

Protection of the seller, it is Paypal who makes the bank,
Because the seller is credited Immediately the entire total sum.
Your customers pay in several times, you are paid immediately.
“It’s all profit” �� for the seller.

By selecting the 4x payment at no cost ��, the Customer concludes a contract with Paypal.
It is Paypal who settles the merchant,
It’s Paypal “who delights” (it rhymes),
Paypal assumes and covers the risk of fraud by paying the sellers in advance,
while customers pay over time.
she is not beautiful life ?
https: //

To the customer,
In practice: 4 times over 3 months

4 times over 3 months,
He pays divided into four identical monthly deadlines,
… Over 3 months in fact
because The first deadline is immediately taken At the time of purchase,
Then the other 3 times are 30, then 60 days and finally 90 days (3 months) after.

Do not confuse with Paypal advertising – “there was 4 times payment in 4 times free of charge”.


Of course,
No question for the Paypal platform to risk unpaid 4 times:
Only active users have access to this functionality,

Only some Paypal users can access payment in 4 times free of charge,
certified users, “customers on which we have enough information to offer this service without
Whether there is a risk for them or for us, “explains Francis Barel, director of Paypal in France.

You just have to choose to pay with Paypal when you shop online,
to connect to your PayPal account, and you will see a payment option in 4 x,
If you are eligible and this purchase is admiral,

In this case, the 4x payment button automatically appears
This is possible when the option appears at the time of payment of the order.

Why does Paypal make no more advertising ?

My opinion: Yes Paypal makes YouTube advertising,
I see regularly
Paypal paid advertisements and other credit organization
In Insearch format
” above ” …
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Payment facilities in 4 times at no cost or with costs

Two conditions,

Pay in 4 times at no cost at Paypal is reserved
at the right merchant sites,
Marketplaces like Amazon, Cdiscount…
And to good customers

�� A double condition to bring together:
The seller and the client �� must be eligible for the 4x times at no cost at Paypal.

If one of the 2 parts, the seller or the customer is not eligible, the 4 x payment button at no cost will not appear on the Paypal account of the Customer when purchasing.

4 times at no cost,
How to know if you are eligible ?

The 4x is not a right
nor an obligation to be proposed
and accepted by Paypal.

When processing your request,
Paypal assesses your financial situation,
the information provided,
as well as information relating to your use of Paypal and
to your history with Paypal.

Paypal and Banque de France algorithm

This procedure by the Paypal algorithm is automated and
based on PayPal internal data as well as
on the data contained in the incident file
reimbursement of credits to individuals (FICP) of the Banque de France.

If your request has been rejected for internal reasons,
This means that some of the conditions mentioned above are not met.

The Paypal algorithm calculates whether the payment credit in 4 times free of charge at Paypal will be accepted or not.
The customer can very well be accepted once, and
… Refused for the following payment
pending, if Paypal considers that the outstanding credit is too large,
without explanation or justification.

Payment in 4 times at no cost at Paypal remains at the discretion of Paypal,
that is to say that it can be refused by Paypal without having to justify why.

As it is Paypal who takes the risk of credit,

So pay in 4 x at no cost at Paypal is a favor

not a right,
An ease of payment granted according to the rules of the Algo de Paypal.

Paypal only offers 4 x at no cost to the best sites,

It is not an obligation but a privilege, in my opinion

And second condition,

immediately check
If for you too ?
If Paypal considers that your account is eligible
You will see and can
Click on a button:
like these

Pay in 4x – It’s that simple :

Payment in 4 times without paypal costs can be refused ?

Why Paypal no longer offers me payment in 4 times ?
Why I can’t pay in 4 times at no cost ?
Why Paypal does not offer me payment in 4 times ?
Why the payment in 4 times impossible on Paypal ?

Paypal 4x payment can be rejected for multiple reasons,

The Paypal account does not have sufficient funds to pay the first quarter of the sum,
The buyer must therefore feed the pending account.

The Paypal account is not connected to a current account or a bank card,
The buyer must go to his PayPal personal space to record one or the other.

The bank card payment ceiling has been reached, pending, the buyer must increase it with his bank.

Payment in several times is not governed by the Consumer Code,

Good news,
Paypal will no longer apply late penalties if
You miss a monthly payment when paying in 4 times.

Before, “if you miss the reimbursement of a deadline, delay fees of 8 %
of the amount of the failed reimbursement, the more the costs of provision of the associated loan, are applied to you. »»

Paypal reserves the right to refuse payment in four times without having to justify yourself.

Paypal announces that the “4x payment solution is now free of charge

For its 12.8 million active consumers in France ”.

If your 4x payment request is approved, you conclude a contract with Paypal. This means that Paypal is the lender.

Which purchase amounts are eligible for a 4x payment ?

4x payments at no cost are granted for eligible basket values ​​between 30 and 2000 €.
You will increase the conversion of your important baskets.

Paypal payment 4 times

Paypal offers its customers an ease of payment in 4 times from 50 € up to 2.000 €. Previously, the costs were 2.1% of the amount of the purchase, and capped at € 20 per purchase, now this service is completely free.

Payment in 3 times or more

From 50 to 75.000 €. Immediate response. Without engagement. 100% online

Payment 4 times Paypal

Paypal is an American online payment platform available around the world. Thanks to payment in several times, consumers can stagger the cost of a significant purchase in 4 identical monthly payments.

Paypal payment characteristics Paypal

  • Amount : For purchases between 30 € and 2.000 €
  • Costs : None
  • Payment : 25% of the amount The day of the order, Then 25% to 30 days, 25% to 60 days and 25% to 90 days

In addition to this feature, customers benefit from a purchase protection guarantee if the product delivered does not comply with the description.

How to use PayPal payment in 4 times ?

The steps are very simple, whether we are already a customer or not at Paypal.


Save your bank account on your account


Confirm your bank card


Select payment in 4 times


Choose PayPal payment after validation of the basket on the merchant site


Finalize the purchase after receiving authorization

Paypal customers

  1. Save a bank card on your Paypal account by following the instructions and then confirm your bank card
  2. Choose PayPal payment after validation of the basket on the merchant site
  3. Select payment in 4x (it appears if the card holder and purchase are eligible for staggered payment)
  4. Finalize the purchase after receiving authorization in a few seconds

The non-clients paypal

  1. Create an account on the PayPal website
  2. Save your bank card or the bank account which will be attached to it via the portfolio tab and then the Save a bank account, then follow the instructions
  3. When paying on the merchant site, select Paypal then “payment in 4x”

A timetable is immediately available in the Paypal application to follow his budget.

Bank card additioning procedure

A deduction of 25% of the amount of the so-called “pre-authorization” transaction is made on the bank card used. It is deleted upon delivery of the order and the collection of the first monthly payment.

Each of the 4x transactions appears in the customer’s paypal activity flow, “Purchase” section.

Paypal payment in several times

Paypal 4x payment is relatively recent and yet already present on 70% of e-commerce sites available in France.

Paypal payment 4 times which sites ?

Examples of known brands:

Comparators: credits, banks and investments

A credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.