Paypal in the App Store, earn Paypal money: 6 combins and the best sites

Earning Paypal money: 6 combins and the best sites

You can also use it To quickly receive sums which are paid to you by third parties : Overview of the 6 best methods and reliable sites to fill the boxes on your own PayPal account.


I use this payment method on the net as much as possible and this for years . It’s really great ! Last week the PayPal litigation service set me a serious concern with Bose. I had refused a bose 900 bar at the reception because not the right color . After return and reception of the bar at Bose Belgium there was a silence of a week and an obvious bad faith of the bose stakeholders who were lying around the reimbursement of € 899 that they had collected . I reported the anomaly to Paypal which in one afternoon forced Bose to immediate reimbursement. Absolutely effective . Thank you to the super nice paypal stakeholders in addition .
You should know that when Paypal puts a supplier in the obligation to reimburse a purchase of a purchase the seller at 10 days maximum to respond if at the end of the 10 -day period the seller did not give PayPal response replaces that here to reimburse us then turns against the seller and for my part it did not drag in an afternoon it was folded.

My favorite payment method

I only use this payment method. I’m only looking for sites that offer this PayPal mode.

Corentin 76, 05/19/2023


I have been using Paypal for years without problem, I am very satisfied. Nevertheless, it lacks one thing it seems to me: the possibility of saving and using a card with dynamic cryptogram on its PayPal account ! Sometimes we have no choice on our CB and this feature is a safety option for blue cards. Since we generally have only one credit card by our bank, we must be able to use it on PayPal. Having a second credit card (a classic) is not possible for everyone. So thank you for ensuring that using this type of card is possible on PayPal. It is an essential feature these days.

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Bring money Paypal: 6 combins and the best sites

The Paypal website

Above all assimilated to a simple and secure means of payment on the Internet, Paypal is essential as a relevant solution with a view to obtaining money.

When you open an account on the platform, you can deposit euros in order to then make your purchases with. Obviously, your nest egg is not blocked: if you wish, a balance of balance to your bank current account is possible at any time at any time.

You can also use it To quickly receive sums which are paid to you by third parties : Overview of the 6 best methods and reliable sites to fill the boxes on your own PayPal account.

1. Respond to remunerated surveys

Several surveys, like Surveoo, Myiyo or Toluna, regularly offer Remained surveys in Internet users. The latter take a few minutes to answer questions about their consumption habits or the composition of their home, for example, and obtain in exchange for credits on the website. Not all websites work in the same way, but they offer the possibility of having a free Paypal payment After a while, after having accumulated several responses to statistical studies.

In some cases, just Gather a few euros to be able to have a first paypal regulation. Little by little, you can therefore add money to this account and then use it as you wish (by paying your purchases directly with PayPal or by making a transfer to your current account).

2. Take part in paid missions

More and more companies develop applications confident of remunerated missions to users : they must go to a store close to their home to take photos, share their opinion on products that they know well or even raise prices of different references in targeted brands.

Sites like Moolineo and Loonea or applications such as Bemyeye allow you to indulge in this practice. The arguments of these three platforms remain generally similar, since it is Earn easy money over your free time, without having to really work and without any skills or diploma condition.

Again, these applications include in their system a Direct settlement by Paypal. The missions are not all remunerated at the same height: the most interesting are those which require the most effort, logically. But if you start to get into the habit of doing a few small missions quite regularly, you will quickly have the opportunity to find an additional source of income.

3. Take advantage of cashback on your online purchases

The operation of cashback applications like EbuyClub and Igraal is very simple: every time you Make a purchase on a partner website, You receive a sum reimbursed on your PayPal account. The amount corresponds to a percentage of your basket, which varies according to the sales sites and the shelves. At times, cashback sites also carry out exceptional operations that allow more money to be won thanks to its online purchases.

These platforms are synchronized with your Paypal account: as soon as you have accumulated cashback money, you can use it as you wish. You should know that with all cashback providers, a minimum threshold is to be reached to request payment. On EbuyClub for example, your prize pool can be cashed for free as soon as you have accumulated an amount of € 10 (this sum includes The welcome bonus of € 7 that you will get by registering through our sponsorship link above).

4. Sell ​​the superfluous and bail out your PayPal account

More generally, Paypal is a payment method accepted on many sales sites between individuals like the right corner, ebay Or Vintéd. Just put online the Announcements of objects you want to separate, and the buyer will pay money through Paypal. For his part, he will be sure to access an extremely reliable settlement solution. As for you, you will quickly pocket money and can decide its use.

If you are looking to earn money easily on the internet, we highly recommend Create your PayPal account (via this page): It’s free, secure and it opens many doors to you. In addition, when you order products on the web, having a PayPal customer area allows you to pay your purchases without having to enter your bank details again and without giving up your data protection. Another argument that should seduce the most skeptical !

Obviously, since Paypal remains an area on which beautiful sums in euros can pass, beware of hacks: choose a password difficult to guess, do not disclose it to anyone and activate authentication with two factors to protect yourself from hackers.

5. Offer various and varied services

You are ready to roll up your sleeves to be paid up to your involvement ? Think of all the services you can perform at home with the Internet. Most of them can be paid to you directly on your PayPal account.

Among the missions for which you are likely tointervene as a service provider, We recommend in particular the Writing/Translation Web or to become of your choice: Designer, Community Manager, Developer, or even Video editor.

And why not consider putting photos or DIY creations on sale (do it yourself: “do it yourself”) such as paintings or jewelry made by you ? Paypal is often the most popular payment solution – both by sellers and by buyers – to make completely secure transactions.

We have drawn up the best home trades. Whatever your profile, you will certainly find your happiness there !

6. Earn money on Paypal without doing anything

You want to perceive money by tiring as little as possible ? As we understand you ! We have gathered these tips that should inspire you. They are not only intended for gains via Paypal, but payments often take place through this.

Monetization of smartphone unlocking ?

Some applications on your smartphone also allow you to earn money on Paypal. When you install them, they broadcast a Brief advertising that appears whenever you unlock your phone. So you literally have nothing more to do than usual.

Each unlocking generates small gains and, when you have a fairly intensive use of social networks or consult your emails several times a day, the cumulation can quickly become interesting. In many cases, the platforms offer different compensation, since you can get gifts and even reduction coupons. But if you wish, you also have access to a Payment of your point balance by Paypal, which allows you to win directly – and effortlessly – money.

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